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Powder Game

Powder Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by DAN-BALL. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The player element is amazing and is probably what makes this game unique. Its truly an amazing game based on physics and elements.
This game. Is simply mind-blowing. I loved how I could make a little arena full of fighters, and have acid under the platform as they fight. This game is LEGENDARY! No other powder physics game compares to this, thank you so much for this game! :D
Works perfectly, and has a wide variety of items and options to experiment with. My only issue is that the particle limit is q bit limiting at times.
too many ads, reset one too many times? ad, want to load, save, or do anything that isent directly in front of you? ad, and when you boot up the game it makes this horrid sound and stops my music, with no option to turn in down or off compleatly
This was fun! I really loved this cause you can have players and save your stuff I liked this a lot!!!
I think there should be a bigger text option for those who have difficulty reading the text, even with DanBall menu skin.
This is a great sandbox game! This game lets you unleash your inner creativity/imagination, but only using 40,000 dots. With this game, I made experiments, drawings, and even platforming games with these items without hassle. To prove it, I uploaded one recently as of writing this (and got 3 votes)! Anyways, this game's totally recommended for everyone. Much love from the Philippines! Edit: Now I get it how the rating system (for user-uploaded builds) works. It's much of a like-dislike ratio.
Awesome and unique and gameplay , its must be a powder but its really fun ! 5/5 for time killer. It also removes my stress when I'm on my work. It makes the game smoother overall nice gameplay. Once I've seen the reviews. A Dumb kid ones said "This was a copy of Game called "Powder Toy" But powder toy was made 2016 but this Realistic and stylish app was made in 2013! SO THE POWDER TOY! Simply copied this game.
hi i love powder game and I've been playing it sence 2014 or 15 and got to friends hooked on it but to things the gsne should definitely have are backing soda and vinegar witch on contact will start to fizzel and grow then after awhile it will fie down and just be a wihte liquid, maby make it abit blobby and when u add more backing soda it will fizzel up again. and please make powder game 2 accessible for Google play store or add the stuff from it and if possible please and more save spots thank
Powdergame is a satisfying game,and all I really want is more elements.Like wood,clay,etc.also,I want to be able to mix elements together to make new things completly.like sand and fire make glass,and glass and glass make glasses.Otherwise,very good game.
This is an amazing game with tons of elements and fun physics. The only thing they really need to update is the way you control the player. There should be a button to use your ability instead of using the joystick and they should remove being able to die from your own ability.
Really good game,my only problem is the restriction of dots you have,since you only get 4000 you can't do a bunch of they made it either infinite or increased the number of dots that would make the game alot better.
I love this game but the only downside is that you can only place a limited amount of particles and the amount isn't even enough to fill the box, I feel like I would play this more if I could have a bit more fun with it but the limited particles is putting me off. Apart from that love playing the game
Loved the game as a kid, love it now! So much fun, I showed my son and he immediately spent a few hours experimenting in it. Thank you so much Dan-Ball, you are an amazing developer. I'd love to see stuff from Powder Game 2 added to the app version, like fish and crystal. Thanks again for the brilliant game!
Its great in the past since i play it witjlh my friend sp i can 2 player but now we have to take turns doing it i dont know why thoa upsate sucks
it's a really good and addicting game I love it if you guys do and update make more things to play around with and also when you use drag stone gets turned to powder and glass explodes, anyways it's a really good game
Really fun game, it has entertained me for years. I just wish they'd finally update it and added the elements from powder game 2. This last update has given me hope that the game hasn't been abandoned and the support for Android 10 makes me think the developers are still not done. Please please add more elements, I need it. I've had this game through three different phones and I've waited patiently for the day they finally updated it. Don't let us down!
love is soooooooooooo much. great game and great time killer. all the effects are so fun. Download this great game. i promise it will be great
This game is amazing the type of things you can do like combing different materials to make something new or explosive and also has AI what you can kill or make eachother fight but i hate how in any game people complain about ads the developers need ads for money otherwise they cant make more games for users to play. But overall this game is fantastic
i always have this game in the back of my mind just remembering like, "man when i was playing this with my friends like 4 years ago, it was the best" and i always want to experience a game like that.
This was/is one of my favorite online games when I was a preteen like 10+ years ago. It has been kept up with & updated over the many years and now its playable via this app. Powder Game is the OG simulatuon game of its kind, and it's a creative, experiment game that is simple to use. DAN-Ball has been making great games like this for at least 10+ years now, if I'm not mistaken, so check their apps/games out in this app store and on DAN-Ball's website. -5 Stars from the longest playing user ever
Amzing. I love how realistic this game is, my cousin first showed it to me and I was immediately interested. Once I downloaded it I was literally on the game for an hour. There definitely needs to be more games like this.
OH MY GOD!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE ON APP STORE!! I'VE PLAYED YOUR GAMES SO MUCH WHEN I WAS A CHILD!! Today I became a developer myself and still have no idea how you manage to build all these awesome games 😅
Been playing this since I was 10 on the PC, unreal time killer, just wish they updated the game to add more combinations and a higher cap on how much powder you can use!
I was looking for a game like sandbox evolution because i feel like sanbox evolution is way too money dependent Then i found this game which is free and almost never gives ads. This game is simple but still has original gameplay mechanics. The only complaint i have with this game is the fact that there is a limited amount of objects at once. I would be willing to pay like 3$ or something to access more elements and to be able to have more objects on the screen. This game is awesome to pass time
This game is frickin' amazing. Its a simple concept for a simple game, and yet you can do so much! My only issue is, remove the dot limit please god my game can run 200k dot
Love it! If you are still able to add things could you add everything left out from powder game 2? Like fish and bamboo and stuff like that. Brilliant time waster
This game you get to experiment and do lots of things to work out what happens in it I love it and reccomend it don't complain if it gets glitchy you obviously have a bad device of so the best love the modes
I am so happy they finally added it to android why didnt they do it sooner this game keeps me sane it just so amazing
I grew up playing Dan-Ball games on school and home computers, so I have a huge soft spot for The powder game but the controls and dexterity/accessibility don't do the website/computer game justice.
I love how you can kill the birds and the amount of lag it does whenever i spawn in a lot and i laugh as i see the birds freak out or run into fire. I wish there where more creatures but its pretty funny.
Improve the Explosions! Do it the same as the real explosives! for example: A fire has spawn after the Explosion! Improve all and make it all a reality! Take it all Necessarily as you are the only one who is responsible to the game's better and future! ALMOST FORGOT THAT GIVE IT ALL WITH SOUNDS! Its boring without sounds 😔😑
Some say it's easy to use, some say it's addictive, some say it's a great way to pass time and others say it's relaxing... But you know what? I say this app is awesome because of ALL of these above mentioned reasons! Request to make a SECOND Powder Game.
Well. It is a really good powder game. But one thing. You should add a remove upload button. Ive been wishing this since i made a mistake. I would greatly appreciate it if you add it.
I love it, but give us a way to remove ads for good- watching videos is a start, but it's still annoying and ruins the experience
Wonderful making of the game and perfect if you want to just mess around or make insane projects. The handling is good and can really get you thinking.
Neat physics simulation game, but needs more features. Simulation is nice and smooth with few issues, and includes several different elements to experiment with. However, other options from the HTML5 version have yet to be added. I would love to see some new background options and possibly new elements.
Good game i just wish they wouldmake it were you would have a bigger capacity and were they could have a button to getrid of wind
I love this game! However, after last uptate, game crashes when I try to save. Marry late Christmas, and please attempt to solve the issue.
People are saying: "You just place sand and water to see em' fall down." If you said that in teh reviews then leave. Whats wrong? You dont understand? UNINSTALL IT IF YA HATE IT! DONT SAY THAT TO DAN-BALL! HE PROBABLY TOOK A YEAR TO MAKE THIS SO BE KIND!
i love this game. it would be cooler if you added liquid nitrogen, liquid methane, a sword, and a gun. if you do add them make the gun if you put the size on 9 the gun is automatic and can break through metal. make the laser also do the same thing
I use this all the time (up to 5 times a week). I love all the items you can use, but I do wish there where guns, grass, dirt, brick, wood, other weapons, and other solid objects. I want weapons so if you select fighter or player another select screen where you can pick your weapon and still a lazer, acid, etc.
I've had this app on multiple devices many times, and i think it's one of the best of it's type on the app store. Unlike some of the 'better' ones, there is barely any lag unless you have alot going on, and ads are not always in your face. Sadly it hasn't been updated for a few years so I don't expect anything else to come for this app.
I love this game. It is very addicting. It keeps me active. But 1 thing I have been wishing for you to add, MORE ANIMALS!!!! -love, Ethan
it is pretty bad. the stupid ad banner blocks the whole bottom of the screen, theres no way to clear the screen (belive me i looked), the stupid thing lags every time i place fire with virus like its saying "this is cool! but you cant see it!" 0/5 stars
i love this game. its amazing, all the fun i can have with it. i don't need to buy elements, i can just go and play. but, some things get in the way, like how it wont save settings every now and then. this could be fixed with a file called "settings", in which, it contains the settings. also, i would like to disable the wind that affects things. when i explode nitro, i want the shockwave to go through ice, then not make the water fly all over the place. i want the water to sit there. i would like a setting where i can just disable air movements. i also want another particle setting, where i can increase it to infinite.
very fun to experement with! i like to do alot of things, like test what would happen if ants are put onto a line of tube. turns out they can build very interesting things before despawning! :)
It has been such a joy to revisit this game every time I have. I've been playing this for years now, with it being a source of joy in many boring classes involving computers, and to have it on mobile is just fantastic!
Once i started playing this game when i was 6 it was amazing and i loved it so i want you guys to update the game for more elements and stuff and this is 5 stars you made my day better and i hope you have a good day and life
its a great game. i give it five stars cause of its great quality. i have a great idea for the game. add something like magnets to attract the powder/dots. if you do i would be really happy.
i like it but your very resricted on how much stuff you can use, making very boring, and destorying the point of the game.
Its one of my favorite games to pass the time with, my only real complaint is could you set the particles to infinite cuz you can do a lot of cool stuff i just wish it was infinite. Maybe more elements too! Like wood,and spiders would be cool too. I love this game ether way
I love this game! The amount of detail in a sandbox game about dots is phenominal! Like how the dot "Birds" will have flying collections of dots. I know there's already a BUNCH of variations and types of dots, but is it possible to add more? Or maybe a gamemode where you use different types of dots to accomplish different tasks? (New game???) It's not like I DON'T enjoy the game, but after playing it for about a week straight, it gets kind of old. But thanks for the cool game anyways!
Been playing this game since 2013, lots of nostalgia but i would like if you could add new elements like fish from PG2
This game is ok but it could be better if you add more stuff to the game and if you can have an option to pay to remove ads.
I feel like it would be cool to have ropes in the game. Ropes could be used to tie fighters, players, ants, and birds. But other from that, this game is probably one of the best games I've ever played
Near-perfect simulation game. You have no idea how many hours i've put into doing ice vs fire vs vine vs water battles, its mesmerizing.
It's amazing and u love it but can you add trees to the things you can pick to place i mean you can grow them but yeah
This game is a fun time waster (not in the negative sense) I enjoyed it very much but then....you updated it....now there's an ad every time I reset the damn thing...why did you do that.. why'd you cahnge something that didn't need to be changed
its YEARS of fun, ive done so much i cant remember the first time playing this, picked it up on pc then played for years on tablet. 11/10, Also the ads arnt that bad!
For a years it was great. Now its full of ads and crashes every 5 minutes. Dont bother. They ruined it.
You need to add solid elements that can move...so we can mke things like cars and such. The game is getting boring. Maybe grab some Inspiration from people playground. And pls come out for ios
Its powder..... A fun little physics game where you get to see how each thing interacts with each other. Its simple and fun to mess with with some spare time. I really hope they make a second one with more stuff and maybe allow more particles at once too. Other than that, its super fun.
I LOVED the old version of the game, I was playing it many hours a week. I deleted it after a while because I got bored. Now, I was looking for a chill game where you can do what you want without any stress and I thought about this game. So I went to check it and I downloaded it. Many functions and objects got removed and many got added that are completely useless. Before, the game was also way more simple, now its too complicated for nothing. Anyway its a 3 star because of the good old memories.
This game is great I like that you can control a little guys and make too and but can you add Mosquitos so it bites the player plz I would really appreciate it
I'm sorry, but who sprung a leak in large areas? I can't seem to keep air pressure in the standard sized box, no matter how much Nitro is lit off, it always dissapates. If this is a bug please fix it, if it's an intentional change, I simply ask your reasoning for it. Thank you for reading.
Ads are very minimal and there are a ton of parts to it most people dont know about and with the view option you can see hundreds of amazing things made that inspire other ideas for other to make. People who think you can onky draw powder and water: USE COMMON SENSE. You literally just need to pay attention when you open it.
I love this game everything about the gameplay and sytle is great but i have to idea what the create block does. It's infront of everything else so nothing can interact with it and you can't draw with it like everything else you can only place one at a time. But don't get me wrong everything but that is amazing it would help if maybe there was a explanation of all the items somewhere or maybe if you hold down on something it tells you what it does?
Not the greatest game ever made, but it isnt trying to be. It's a good time waster that provides plenty of tools for you to experiment with. Very addicting!
this game is amazing and beautiful and it helped me so much I created so much stuff like ideas Putting saltwater on vines,burning crackers with magma ball and stickman with powers and it is the best game ever but I find a problem plz make it unlimited dots and remove ads....
I've enjoyed this game as a child and still enjoy it to this day! Defidently a game you can plop on your phone and play a few times a month, but probably not something you'd check out every single day. Great time killer, in my opinion!
Amazinnnggg! I love this game. I reccomend adding more elements like living things. There are birds and ants but could you add like flies and bees or something :)? Thanks for making this
Absolutely amazing game! Way better than any other sandbox in my opinion, i've been playing this game for many years and i still play it when i get bored lmao. Definitely a must have app for anyone with a bit of spare time on their hands 😂
Wow, such a nice game! I hope you can add more elements into this game. And also, please add like an option to make the maximum particle amount to higher or infinite. Hope you read this. Bye!
One of the best games ever. Me and my cousins spent hours on this game figuring out new things. Still playin', the game is still awesome. Still chill.
Such a good app, all the elements are on point and the community is brilliant! It's really cool to see what other people can do out of the stuff they are given!
Nice game 👍, but a star off because the plants are trees and I wanted things like grass seed, tree seed(what you have already), flower seed and can you add more animals like cats and dogs and other sprites but it's a really nice game. And also can you add non fighting sprites as it annoys me when they kill me when I just wanted little men hopping around and not little murderers. Well you can keep them but add normal ones
Really cool game, but it would be nice for more room/maps. Also please put more dots it, and please make the max a little bit higher!!! Thx!
Fun enough that I keep coming back to it, Every now and then I uninstall for space, or because I haven't played it in awhile, but eventually I download and play it again. Been the cycle for a few years now.
One of the best game experiences I've had. reminding me of the old stick videos of you tube giving the animator a stick figure that would fight back. a very emotional game, considering the amount of nostalgia put into it. 5 Stars, second favorite game I've ever played. and I've played a lot.
Its pretty good but i rate it 4 because there is a max number of pixels and i cant add more stuff, i wish the dev could change it
This game used to be the BEST me and my sister would play it all the time but now we can use the joysticks at the same time u can only use one at a time and that ruined the whole experience plz fix this
I would be pissed that this is basically a clone of powder toy(intentional or not), but its the best mobile powder game out there
no offense to your other games but this is your BEST game yet! when im bored and i dont know what to do i just pull this out and play around with pixels! this is a great game!
Surprisingly a really interesting game. There's honestly so much you can do that I feel like I'll never get bored if I'm passing the time playing this. It's pretty fun, and from my perspective, a game that's entertaining for pretty much all ages. Never had an ad on this game, which is so refreshing to experience because usually free games like these have ads every other minute! Overall, this game is cool.
I used to play this game back when it used to have only about 1M downloads, and this game was great. After a while, I forgot about the game, but recently I remembered this game and decided to look it up and re-download it for fun. This game is broken now. It isn't even fun anymore due to the ads. I know the developers need to have ads to eat, but maybe make the ads less frequent than they are now, because it saddens me how you ruined the game with the frequency of ads. Please tune down the ads.
I think that this app is extremely entertaining and will keep you occupied for a little few days there is a lot to do and play with in this game it is brilliant but there is only one problem this is 1 of those games where when you get it for the first few days you will be obsessed with it but after a few days like 3 or 4 you'll just get sick of it
A classic, works perfectly and you can even try other people's uploaded leveles (which is half the fun).
the game is realy good! you can even place a person and controll him! and if you place a player then give it a power you can fight it agenst another player, a fighter , and more!! you can even blow stuff up! and if you want to build some gears dont be afraid to grap some fans and a windmeal! every item in the game is free too! GET THIS GAME NOW!!!! I RATE 5 STARS!!!!
fun in my opinion but I see a lot of people complaining about lag and I experience no lag, I thing y'alls phones are just garbage, also people complaining about adds, y'all might have viruses that give pop up adds because I get nearly no adds. whoever lags is a 🤡
This is an awesome game with tons and tons of different elements.its really awesome and they even have an online website where you can import world's from and export world's too.this is a very special and amazing game where there's even a player character to play with and he shoots stuff too!!! Really awesome game.really recommended that you download it
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One of the greatest simulation apps I've encountered. Having sound effects for every element and occurrence might also be a good idea.
For all the people who say that you only draw water and sand, you have to click the box showing water or sand to change elements. It tells you this when you start the game. If you want to reset the game, Click SYSTEM and then click reset. I hope this review helps you when playing this game.
its soooooooo good I aways play it alot bc it's like paradise that u could do whatever u want u can make a level,parkcore,paradise house,beach anything that's why I like it also are u still alive
Excellent physics sandbox. However, I keep hitting max dots, maybe add no limit? The settings I pick never get saved. Upon relog I have to re set max brush size and side loop etc. This makes playing annoying since I know I will have to redo my settings each time. The video for ad free for 1 hour also doesn't work. It counts down but I still have ads.
Its great in the past since i play it with my friend so i can 2 player but now we have to take turns doing it i dont know why that update sucks
so open game and 67-70 ads straight away and it was all the same ad for A!!? (ADULTS ONLY SITE) !!!#!. this is not good for a child friendly game!!. please remove this advertisement and consult with your Service policy and advert policy thankyou
Holy beans this is bringing back memories. Playing with a game like this back in yhe day on my schools computers . So tight thisbis PERFECT . BEST SAND PHYSICS GAME THING ON APPSTORE
The game is very fun and amazing...the only problem this game has is the limited amount of dots...i was trying to make a maze then experiment which ones will finish first...so, if you remove the limits, i'm giving this an automatic five stars
I really really enjoyed this game for a certain amount of time but then I realized I can just get Powder Toy for free on my computer or on the phone and you had this that game just blew me out of the park and this one had no interest in me but for the time it did it was amazing