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Pou for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Zakeh located at Antelias Main Road PO Box 70-957 Antelias, Lebanon. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I always played this game even when I was young. So I always bring it back. I love this game so I can't afford to leave it. When there is no load, this is my hobby. I am no longer happy with my family but when I play pou, everything becomes complete.
This game is alright for a virtual pet type deal, but it gets hungry, sleepy all that stuff, way too damn quick and I have put some money on the game, so I guess I'll keep it, I do regret buying stuff, though I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't purchased anything 😬
A lot of games and so much customizability, no ads except for if you choose to for a reward. Definitely worth it.
This app is so good and playing it is half relaxing but also half stressing, some of the games have to play with players we don't know, but sometimes the player won't respond to the game so four stars for now
I live thus game because theres a cute lil blob that you jave to take care of. But its hard to earn coins
Good app and it works on my Samsung Galaxy A02s but there is a minor problem I can't save pictures. I get a message "Error saving image".
I really love this game. I used to play this when I was young and I decided to play it again. The game is still the same and nostalgic but I have a recommendation, please add more mini-games because sometimes I get bored playing the games all over again so please heed my recommendation.
I putted 5 stars because there is not ads also you can play minigame witches fun a lot you can play lots of different games people's loves I have this game when I was little I was like 6 or 7
Love hill climb! But one is that going to friends houses could have more options. Like ride in the same car for coins. And spareing some things as well.
I like it but why does everything need to be so expensive and it's kinda hard to make money the items to actually give your pou a new look needs to be unlocked and then it is expensive as reality so maby if they change that it would be more exciting and maby make the games more interesting but I will recommend it it is a nice game just needs lots of work
I've always loved pou! My only problem is..it takes like 6% of battery in 2mins which ik isn't normal,but overall,amazing app!!
this game is so silly. the graphics are all over the place and it's generally very generic. absolutely nothing has changed in almost 10 years. this game has a certain chrme to it and playing it gives me childhood nostalgia, which is probably brcause of the fact that it hasn't gotten a single update that actually added anything significant to the game since it's release. fascinating.
The 1 star/0 star has super dumb reasons. It should be THEIR GAME not the others. I remembered i liked the game but didnt play for long time so dont remember my reasons, good game.
It is so fun even for little kid I love this game so much for my rate it's 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Pou is the best! If your looking for a game for no ads a time killer while your waiting to get called into the doctor office this is the game for you and it dosent require wifi and it is low on storage
This game was fun last time i played this game and I'm so laggy there was many to collect and I said to my brother download Pou and he liked it! Pls do more updates so this game can be cooler than noob games and you should do egg hunt update and create many games we should create game on Pou so everyone can like it and I should make friends but I can not find its OK but I have cousin and friend to play this game pls do many updates and games so we can all play your games
I enjoyed this game a lot I never got bored while playing this game because there are so many different things to do in this game and moreover it's fun. It is very simple game. So, in the last it's a superb game if you are finding a game to download then you should surely install this game and have fun!
I really love this game ever since, but then it saddens me because I can't save pictures that I took ingame, and my past pictures in the "photos" section, were all gone. I hope that you could help me resolve this problem.
i really like this game i havent gaven a review for over years this is my childhood game and i cant belive that i still use this app and also i wanna say a thank you for sharing this app to every single person to the world keep up the good work!.
IT WAS MY WHOLE YOUNGERHOOD ever since I was six well I'm a kid still but this was my favourite game when I was then it's so heartbreaking to see it again for some reason I hope it's still good If your reading this to download u should it's not boring ur probaly think do we see actual poo no po is soooooo cute u can dress it up (idk its gender mines a girl I wall a girly girl oof)so please download it and be Pou's friend by(I liked it because we had amlost the same middle name lou) bai!!!!!!!!
I love Pou and have been playing it for years. But there are occasional glitches like today I didn't earn any coins through watching the adds. The reward system in sudoku game aren't fair - it should be less coins the more time you play not the other way around. I wrote about it to the support - never heard their reply
i just love love this game but i don't lt really like how it makes me pay real mony to get the baby potion and the adult potion. But there is 4 bugs the first one is Whenever i get of the game and get back on it gliches and it makes it hard to play. The other bug is that when i get a new pillow it looks wierd.The next bug is some games i play aren't working. The last bug is on beach volly my pet is cheating! And that really makes me mad! I don't see a point in the game thogh.
This game is AMAZING!! So you might be wondering why 4 stars instead of 5? Well its because on the minigames, I play memory, and sometimes I tap on a card it doesnt flip so you could see the pic it,stays still but the time still moves, anyway itz great just plzz fix that other then, dat game amazing rate it 4 or 5 stars atleast. Thanks!
This game has been a really good experience then when I first downloaded it! I thought this was a really old video game,it was! But was still so good. I don't understand how you can make a old video game look so fun. This deserves 5 stars! ❀️
I love this game and I never seen an alien before I can dress pou with body colors, dress pou with cool clothes, etc but please give pou arms and legs.
I've had this game for 5-6 years, the money on sudoku needs to be the other way around, because the longer you take the more money you get?!?!? Since when!! When coming out of the games the game hangs. You've been saying there's something Big coming for about a year now and still I wait. And wait.
Really cute and fun, but it would be better if we had more options than the few rooms and outside. And we could adopt more pous when one is old enough to take care of themselves
I think it's a great game but you can't get any coins. It is worth a lot of real money. I like how it doesn't have too many ads. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.
I like the game verry much it is verry fun and has a lot of fun things to do in game there is no ads and it is fun for all ages
I love Pou! Ive been playing this game like FOREVER. You can play with friends! It even works without internet. Isn't that cool? I also kinda grew up with this game. This game is made for kids but, I don't care I love this game. Therefore, this game is safe for kids. This game to me is like taking care of someone. Which is amazing. Thank you so much for inventing this game! Love ya'll!
I love this game so much but why 2 stars the thihing is, I can't save poo pictures in my files.it keep saying error please fix this than I will give it 5 stars thank you.
I've been playing this game for year and its so fun game and adorable i love how the games made especially the food drop and find pou but the problem is if u dress up and if u want a fancy shirt or hair or hat you have to level up or u have to get more coins so u can get what u wanted but also its cost so expensive i can't even buy a fancy dresses or hair for her but i like this game a lot but sorry i just rate this 4/5πŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜Œβ˜ΉπŸ™πŸ˜•πŸ˜ΆπŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
This game is soooo cute! I put pou to bed when im going ahead to do another thing or play another game to play mini games and earn coins by waiting an hour. Waiting an hour is long but its ok and if i could rate 10 stars i will definetly would.
I took off one star because there is so many levels and its getting annoying when i want the shoes and it says 'Wait till level 100 to buy these or buy them for 1999 coins' AND I CANT i wanna give 1 star but there is some things i like. Like animal skins and driving its fun when you take pou on a drive i think its fun! BUT NOW IM GIVING IT A 3 STAR BECAUSE HALF OF THE THINGS ARE OVER PRICED!!!!!! I dis like half and live half is a love hate thing so whoever made this i really understand how fun!
It is the best game ever if I'm gonna be a YouTuber I'm gonna advertise it for all my videos the only thing is that you can't get a hair til your in level ten I hope that you can change that
I love this game because you can play, dress up your pou,play minigames and multiplayer! Please make more multiplayer minigames :D But I don't know how to play car multiplayer.
I played this game since 2013, and since now it's still good just like the old times, very classic and nostalgic. I remember when this was very popular and almost everyone plays this and we compete on play levels
Love this game, very fun,But PLEASE put a notification on tic-tac-pou when it's your turn!! PLEASE, that would be awesome πŸ‘Œ
This game is my child hood I rmbr once the game had a glitch where I had unlimited money 😈 but it was amazing and I used to play before the glitch too and it was so fun I am now re downloading it because this game If and has been my favorite game :)
Adorable, and time consuming. Had it for years. Never has a problem, never asks if I want to rate it 😊 good app, good quality, BEST. GAME. EVER!
i like pou but i have 5 bugs the first bug is that i dont like that you have to pay 99$ to have the baby potion. the next bug is that when you have to play the same games over and over again. the 3rd bug is that when you buy a pillow it looks wired. the forth bug is that when you go play volly ball on pvp it won,t let you do it. the last bug is when i get on pou it turns in to a recktangoll and it makes my costume werid so pleas fix the those bugs.
Quite easy and entertaining. My only complaint is the horrible accuracy in the mini games; lined up shots rarely land where they should.
Very good game.... It just satisfied me with the extraordinary games... And I will lost the loniness of me when I played this....
I love This game SOOO much! πŸ’—'I've been Playing this since..When I was 4 Years oldπŸ˜‚ Im playing this with My older sister,I really like this game!πŸ’—πŸ’—
It is good. And when your level 20up you can buy and watch ad to get 30 coins free or follow them on twitter you will got 500 coins free so dowload it now!
Its really fun but if you run out of coins and Pou is sleepy, its almost impossible to get coins back without having to wait for them to finish sleeping! Otherwise, great game!
Looks good game but fact i like the ball with Ac Milan club. Also true when i play the volley ball its lagging a bit but its still fine. And i follow you in twitter :) Thanks i now happy with my pou
Its soo fun but why is it soo expensive my little sister likes it but i mmm.. like it but not really 2 porblems 1. Why is it soo expensive i can buy dress but i cant buy house i dont have the same valeue 2 . When pou wants to sleep it took soo long but i can buy energy potions but its soo expensive i dont even have any coins i just want you fix pou is sleeping soo long my little sister cant even wait but the funess part is it has games thats all of my persetntasion ( thank you )
This game good but the hate Is Game. One game Beach Volleyball if Game easy but the enemy is won! And that game easy can make we win but this game Easy but Hard... That would be damn! If you fix it .Enemy Is too clever and Too fast. so I hate it so much. Pls Fix it
Nice app for time pass and also is the childhood of people who had mobile when mobile's were not common . Although a nice game the minigames are also awesome and taking care of pou is also good
I love the game because it lets you grow your own poa and play games with poa gress him up or you can make him become a her I love this game so much and I think you or your child would love this game and im 9 years old and I still love this game soooooo much!!!!!!
It can be better, in the countries sticker section the country of Puerto Rico is not there. The game is good, but it takes forever to get coins and pou is not like the prettiest to look at, you want to dress him up fast to look at least nice, but its very long process, it can make you feel like you never will get to that level for the costume . I think is a good game, i just wish pou was naturally more pretty.
This is a very good game but when i open it its just a black screen for a few second and then it brings me back to my home screen extra information : i have a phuawei 13mp 5p PDAF
I love the game it's interesting . But too much level to unlock the clothes is hard and some time the game looks weird
This game is really fun, Pou is so cute, but it takes a while to level up and unlock new features in the game, kinda gets a bit boring after a while, takes so long to get coins to bye clothes and food. Overall it's a really fun game, Pou is sooooooooooo cute . Thank youβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€
I've played the game since long ago, and it still is fun. Pou is a cute creature that loves to play with you, and you get to have your own little pet waiting for you in your phone. There are absolutely no ads, but watching them are actually optional. You can decorate your pou and see other people's pou designs, which is really cool. Now I don't want to spoil everything about the game for you people, so please download this game β˜†
this game is good very cute game but to wear clothes or do anything you need to be at a higher level like 25,20,15,40,80 etc. This leads to boredom else it is a very cute game.
really good controlls this game has really good controlls and good graphics. Ok it's been some years, but I entered my email so I could play with friends but then I logged back out of that account and it started my game over! I dont know what to do or how to get my pou back. I was on level 30 or so but now I'm back on level one. Please help.
Great game overall, but when you drive in the minigame to drive for fun, if you get stuck, it doesn't stop and end the game. And i would like that to be fixed. Which sucks.
This is best game ever , reminds me of my childhood when I was younger . There are some glitched and it says "unafornutely pou has stopped" and "pou" just popping up the screen continuously, pls fix that
It's so fun and the fact that u can play with ur friends too and u can feed him/her dress him/her And even play! Download this game it's so fun and even take him/her to a bath and u can go to take position to make her hungry to make every thing up and even u will know when she is dirty hungry sleepy and even want to play and i have so much fun while playing this game ❀
This game is great but we have to buy for extra coins.And most of the things are not unlocked.Ex.my pou wants bieber but it is not unlocked because it is only 25 years old.And the tattoos have a lot of time to unlock.And it is now not growing too fast like before.So we have to unlock it for 1999 coins.InThe talking tom game we can double our money and we can earn 5000 coins in some time.And there so games but I am bored of these game.Please add new and interesting games.
Hello There Zakeh! With honesty, Can you answer my question? Is the rumor real if it's 3 AM pou will cause paranormal activity? I have been scrolling and scrolling and all I see is reports of this situation. And can you add more minigames? Oh and other than that good game very excellent! If your bored and no internet download this game! It's amazing!!!
Ten out of ten stars love it CUTE but I kinda wanna draw or color my own dress and can you fix a 🐞becose whene i go out side it likes stops i don't know if it's a glicht or my tablet can't handle it overal thanks for making this awsome,amaizing, and wonderful game thanksπŸ‰β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
So simple and fun game. It is very easy ti play. It is one app but it contain several app. It is very good game.
I really like the game. It does not have ads, witch I really appreciate. It's also a fun game you can give to your kids. 10/10.
I love this game since I was 6 years old and I had a tablet and moved to an iPhone and saw you had to pay money I was sad but now I have my nephews phone and yay I can do play it. The game is really funπŸ˜‰
The game is awesome. Ive been playing it for ever. I do have some update suggestions however. Maybe a Farm Outfit, like maybe a cowboy hat and a plaid shirt, and also i would like to suggest a Graduation sort of outfit. Maybe a series of colored graduation caps and a series of graduation gowns. And I would also like to suggest a Meat Food section. Maybe like, all the meats you can think of and put that in there. Also I would like to say that the Tic-Tac-Pou game doesn't work, u cant play it. :)
This app is the absolute best. Wish I could give it ten stars. I think I have had this on my phone since 2013 and its always been a fun, clean, simple, cute app. The ads are optional and give you a reward for watching which is wonderful. I love it when I am bored or have no wifi/data. Please dont change anything its perfect the way it is besides maybe more holiday clothing like valentines day and such. Thank you!
I used to play this all the time when I was about 8 (back when Kindles were a big thing) and this honestly takes me back to my childhood. Never had any issues (personally) and would recommend πŸ‘Œ
The game beach volleyball with Pou is really hard and I am playing the easy mode but overall a good game
Good game,i know about this game long time but save first time. I like it . In this game many questions also it no boring.
Hi, can you please tell me how to get my original ball back... The one you bounce around... When I go to the ones I own, it's not there. It's like a big dodge ball/basketball type. I can't get it back & like I said it's not any of the ones I own. Please let me know, tks.
I haven't been playing this game for 3 years. But this game is normall ehe theres like no ads, um.. Theres a creepy thing about this game. The pou stares at u A LOT, and this game is kinda cute.. BUT yeah it's super creepy like angela but in Angela she says "die die" and "I'm watching you.." but pou is like :-) Weh so download this game. One more thing.. In pous eyes theres an old man drinking and smoking. Bye
I love it!! I love pou!! No lags, No ads, its the best i lnow this since i was 5 but i cant be able to download it bc i had no phone or other gadgets, but now i have!! Its the best game for kids!!
My best pet is pou. Its a low mb game but i like it because it have a perfect quality under 20mb. Pou is very cute. I like this game very mush.
Great game, grew up playing it. Redownload it and still love it! Needs way more attention though, it doesn't get enough credit. They need to release a big update that changes alot so there is more stuff to do. But either way the game is perfect how it is!
This is an awesome app I use it on my over phone all the time I am on it 24 7 I would say if ya wanna have a lil fun play this for all ages πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job they should make more apps like this I have been on Poe since I was on this for 5 to 6 years it is awesome if ya need a game to play this one is the best like for real 😁😁😁
My favorite childhood game it was taken out of the play store for while but it's ad free and u have a bunch of mini games u can play recommend for little kids im challenging my brother who ever can get all the stuff first wins and it's COMPLETELY AD FREE u have to earn ur coins
i love this game, and have for years. i enjoy it and it is fun to play, and i definitely reccomend it to anyone who enjoys simple pet-care games. the only problem is it gets very laggy, often freezes and crashes completely (mostly when playing games or throwing the ball.) please fix this and i will happily give 5 stars.
I use to play this all the time when I was little. And decided to redownload it after me and my little sister played it on her tablet, and let me tell you I do not regret redownloading. It it's like 5 times funnier then I remember.
Takes too long to get enough points to do anything in this game. My daughter enjoyed it but even she got bored of waiting to get enough points to get her Pou new clothes, etc. The games are a good way to kill a bit of time when bored though :)
This game is amazing. There is no ads, there is everything that is fun. If you are reading this then you have to download it or else something bad will happen to you!!
It's a pretty good game but my only problem is that it makes nois and it's realllllllllllllllllly annoying and if it doesn't matter if all of its stats are down wy is he saying nya for fix that and I'll play all your games
Love this game. I would never usually write a review, but it's hard not to epwith this game. It is still the same as ten years ago, with in-game purchases rare and usually extremely cheap. There are no ads and it is easy to get coins without having to pay for them. Thank you Zakeh!
This game is a good one, although now that I'm older I kinda find it creepy, I mean your taking care of a clump of poop it's kinda creepy. But don't get me wrong it is a total classic.
Good for when I want to get distracted by the phone without needing to spend hours playing it. But I have to say, it's funny how many of the achievements require x5000 actions. I had this app for almost 10 years and I'm still far from those achievements. The game feels very imbalanced in terms of this.
i just love love this game but i don't lt really like how it makes me pay real mony to get the baby potion and the adult potion. But there is 4 bugs the first one is Whenever i get of the game and get back on it gliches and it makes it hard to play. The other bug is that on beach volly I just get fouls consintly.The next bug is that pou sometimes don'st eat a food when hes hungry. The last bug is on beach volly my pet is cheating! And that really makes me mad But can you KILL Pou?
Nice game has no ads he can respect the things I say in the room I call the repeat room his cute and u can play with him and the clothes are just the right amount and the food to I'd say it's the best game I ever downloaded I like Pou
Long time ago when i was play this game its lovely. Very entertaining. My daughters also love this game very much. Thank you for this game i rate five star. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹
I love this game, I love how there are lots of different games to help collect coins and make him grow. Its suitable for all ages. Love it!
So, I have been looking for an "Offline" games with no ads. I come across over this game called "Pou". I decided to check it out, hopefully no ads would pop up. Surprised by it, there were no ads! Barely any ads! So cool! I named my pet Pou Zozo_zoo. It's okay. But I will give it 5 stars cause no ads when you have internet access on β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—πŸ€©βœ…πŸ’•
This game is so fun it's good for when your bord and got nothing else to do the only bad thing about this game is that most of the things in the shop you have to buy or be on a high level like 50 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
It is a grate game, but i bought the colour black and the game doesn't give me the colour but takes my money. This happened three times! Please fix this!
The definition of a good classic game. No updates that ruin what this game is about just fun. No in your face adverts and other factors that destroy classic games just fun.
This game is very fun to play and i got recomended by my teamates when playing mobile legends to play this game as i was so bad at mobile legend.
I was recently reminded of this game via youtube video. Played it all the time years ago. Still fun, a wide variety of mini games to play, coins are easy to obtain. I seem to remember there being more to it though, there's a lot to do but after about an hour, you're just repeating the same games over. Nostalgia brings this to a four star, while playing, I constantly remember old memories of playing, for hours on end. Great, but needs a few big updates.
I really loved this game! I've played this long ago about 2-3 years ago, today I decided to download it again but there wasn't an update, its still a good, cute game tho pls update :'(
I really like this game. This is so nostalgic. I like that they didn't change much stuff. If you don't like graphics, remember that it's made in 2012
I like this game too much his/her outfits neck pieces and all this also contains many games I like the pou it's soo cute It's better than talking tom and good from talking tom friends it's the best game ever I played thanks for making this game πŸ™πŸ™
This game is so fun to play because you can do a lot of things that you will enjoy. You can make account then make friends and if you play it's fun , you can get coins to buy some things. You can also invite your friends to play with your gadget and you need to take care of pou.
I'm having an issue with one of the mini games where the colourful pou's stop appearing to me but the game still acts like they exist
I love this game! i started playing this gamr when im 4 years old! this game has no ads, And i still play this game never lag or something so this game is the best! β™₯︎
It is a very fun game it's good to experience if you have no pet,I have been playing this as a child and I still love it the thing is how do you energise Pou if he doesn't want to take the potion?
This game is amazing!, i've been playing it since i was a kid. Well i changed my phone. But this was the only game that i could fit with a small storage when i had my old phone. I love it! I played it every single day. I wouldnt even do my chores beacuse of this game. Amazing job! Keep it up! -Crazy llemons 2021 😷😷
Pretty good - there is a variety of mini games you can do and there are things you can do Pou its a really fun game for anyone
Pou was really a popular app when I was in elementary school. Glad to see it's still as addictiver as before. This brings back memories from those few years ago keep up the good job. And also it would be really interesring if users can interact and play more with other pous!
Really fun game i have played this game for a long time and its still amazing 100%recommend this game if your bored and it doesnt have alot of ads and you dont much mb for this game
Omg this is such a great game! I am 9 years old and even my 8 year old cousin has this game! She is the that intrudused me to it. So child friendly! I do recommend!
This is the best game in my whole life, and every member in my family plays it. Also this is my childhood game (I'm still play it to this day). I can't tell you how cool this game is, its freaking amazing (this is my opinion btw). I will bring this game to the next generation when i have kids, I love this game so much πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
this game was very2 awesomeπŸ˜‹ i've been playing this game for a years! i hope you can add more minigamesπŸ˜… but i love it..ty for creating this game😁
This is a game of my childhood, and I love if very much. I have ADHD and need different games a lot. This game I had for a very long time, since it has so much to do!
I love this game very much we have to feed pou as well as we can play games and we can win coins and we can buy dresses and many more this is a such a great game
I remember playing this years ago, one of the best games and fun games I have ever played, kept me happy when I play. (THIS REVIEW IS REAL DON'T YOU DARE THINK IT'S FAKE)
Ahh just like the old pound such a cute game love been playing this game for years when I say years I mean YEARS I dont no why deleted this game I thought I was to old for it But after a year few years I got it back this game is for kids teens and some adults its for everyone personally I think this game is really good you should get it πŸ™‚ :)
I would definitely recommend this to children and adults it is fun and funny. Look after your Pou dress it up, feed it , play with your pet, paint your house and much more. Five stars never gets boring.
Love my little buddy Pou. However I was on level 20 logged in to my email 2 see my other option and what else I could access and it dropped me down to level 12 but then when I logged out it took me back to level 1 pretty super upset about that but I started over because I love who that much please fix your bugs on the alien pet. I don't want that to happen again, because I wouldn't be playing anymore and that would make me and Pou,sad.
CLASSIC. Such a CLASSIC. I remember playing this game years ago and it made a huge impact for virtual pet games! Simple, yet fun.
Love the game. I hope the owner makes a new mini game were you just tap. What about my ideal. every 100 taps you make you get 1 coin
It's a really good game, you should get it! Only reason I gave it 4 stars is how much attention it needs. I have to play 5,6 times a day to keep my Pou alive, but other than that it's really good!
Watch an ad for extra coins was working just fine until now you watch a 20 second ad and then your taking into Google play store without choice then when you click back you are forced to watch another 4 seconds of that ad and then when you exit back to the game you RECEIVE NO COINS NOTHING COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME
I love this game, it has so many games. But I wish when it slept it was a minute instead of a long time.
Big selection of games starring your digipet, very addictive for both adults and children, good achievement system to push you. Very amusing to smaller children if supervised and some things are done for them. Lots to buy with the rewards from playing. Doesn't try to rinse your wallet through the children. Some game achievements need quite a gamer; some digipet achievements need a lot of patience. Perfectly stable on Xperia XA2.
This game is so cool. When Pou is asleep, it's boring because you can't do anything more to Pou's house because he is sleeping or doing something boring for the person who plays the game. And also the games are very fun to play so this is still a cool game. Whenever I'm bored I love to play Pou.
This game so easy. And in this game the Pou are so cute. I not sure what game that i can, i love the graphics. When you not understand, Download it! You will be happy!
ItΒ΄s my favourite game, I play it since I was a kid. I recommend it because you can relax, have fun and know a little about responsability.
This game is so fun ive had it for 3 years no problems it help pass by time and for me helps with scheduling. Recommend for anyone. 5🌟
THIS APP IS AMAZING!!! I love pou, you could think of it as ur own pet! And for me its more than a pet. I love how you could customise pou, play mini games and do tasks. But the thing is its VERY glitchy. On the mini games, like memory, I try clicking on a card it doesnt flip up but the time still goes on and I barely rarn points. Enyway, ITS ANAZING TOTAL 5 STARS
Pou is great. My Pou is the best Pou ever. FRT, it's nice having so many offline mini games. I love that there aren't a bunch of glitchy, flashy graphics. Sudoku, matching games, etc. I love that your information is saved to your email address. I used the app years ago, stopped for several years, then picked right back up when I entered mine.
This game was my favourite game since i was 4-5 years old! I kinda forgot about it but i saw this so i decided to download it, and nothing has changed.. It seems like the devs forgot, so please update it.
It's really fun! But I have a problem is that I cannot save photos that I take of pou. I wanna see her grow up and I hope this problem can be solved :)
Really good for a virtual pet and I love getting on my bus for school and checking on Pou and taking care of him! I also love the Pou Sounds game because its really fun but also the other game are really fun as well. Would rate more than 5 stars if I could because this game is so great lol. I also like how its offline so I can play it anywhere!
Simple, awesome, great the only issue is that everytime I restart this game the sound and music turns off, please fix this.
I love this game and its a good pet taking care game but I think the dev should add more things y know like more stuff to do or rooms, you can go places in your car like bar or mall like make it more realistic and have more possibilities
I love it!!!! So cute and funny! Me and my brother laugh so hard when we fail at the minigames. Also, how me and my brother pronounce pous name, poo
I love this game!This game is so fun!The only problem i have is the potions!They are expensive!But I still love this game I give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 stars!!!!!Congrats on making MY 2nd favorite game!
This game was fun back then but now it's boring. The fact that we're given a small amout of money when you play the mini games and buying things is expensive. I abandoned this game along deleting my account because it's useless and annoying to have this game unlock items to level 30... That's dumb..
My kids LOVE pou they give him food and take care of him I only let my kids have 1 hour a day using electronics and they normally just use it the whole time!!! My 3 year old also likes to play it it's a fun game for every age!!
This is a rily FUN game and is like having a pet. But why pou?????? It's a little less appealing. But other than that its SOOOO FUN πŸ₯³. You should download this game!!
I give it a five because a five because it's really cute and there are no ads and usually and other games are like a lot of ads so if let's just pretend that there was at I do not have downloaded this game and how to give it a one-star so like this is the best I've ever rated a game so yes I love this game
I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS GAME ITS AMAZING I LOVE HOW YOU CAN PLAY WITH FREINDS And u can play pvp with other pous and other pous can come to your house but I want u to add one thing pls make more games that u can play with your pou freinds thx if u do also love how u can change the name,the colour,the gender,the style's of pou mine is a girl her name is pounia I love that name Also me and my lil sis are planing a wedding for our pous XD when they grow up they'll get married XDD so cute I love it
This game is greattt!! Awesome. I like this game as in superr duperr!! Thank you for this game... This is the best game. For me, No one can beat this! It is an ofline game but it is awesome. Unlike others who are immediately boring...
I've been playing ever since I was seven (on another acc) and i never got bored. The games are always exciting and pou is customizable. The only con to all these pros is that it sometimes glitches. It's only for half a second though and never really affects the gameplay. I love how there aren't any pop-up ads and how you can basically control everything. You can also find friends by nicknames/emails which I found really helpful. It was worth seven years.
It is a good and fantastic game.I like it . whenever I am bore I play this and my stress soon go away from my body and mind please make more games like this very good #as 😁😁😍
Fantastic! The graphics are great! Fantastic game for children. You can dress up the 'pou' and change the colour of its skin. the only thing is that it glitches some times.
Great game almost like a dog you have to care, nurture and keep pou happy. Its a game that you check on every day jsur to see how your little friend is doing.
It's my favorite childhood game ever!!It's like your taking care of your pet.When your stress,bored,or lonely just play this game!a lot of mini games.Recommended:).5 stars,good job
This is a classic "caring for your pet" game. Has more mini games than talking tom/talking angela/ the one with the purple thing that theyve made like 7 editions to/ also more custom options than all the other ones too. Its very kid friendly (im 19 i can justify even though i have no kids) the only way you can make friends is through email. Highly sugest
Good app no ads if you would disconnect, its a good you can visit,play mini games to coin, you would suprise to download it ots fin. You can take care pou.See you my name there is (justinezhian) Like me thats my account
Very cute game please add more things like places most useful for the players cuz or they delete the game cuz noting to do bout it keep it up!!!!!!
This game is really wonderful nd amazing but I've one question to u that y there has written no connection when I invite friends and while going in merchandise there will also the same thing is written and my net speed is also perfect ! So y this happened? Plz tell me Only in 25 days I reach in level 25 kl tk level 24 me thee aaj level 25 me hu. Tell me that I've asked u in SMS
Very simple game but lots of options, mini games, shoppings , graphics etc . Pou is so cute . Never gets boring . Sudoku , hill drive , and food drop are just wow . This game has a to z features and lots of things to do . This game can be played by children to old man . And the microphane works cleary . I will say its better than talking tom by outfit 7 . Please install it . Giving it 5 stars . Lots of coins . No ultra graphics . Really good . Full of fun . Thank you.
I love this game its kids can play this without trouble. My only complaint is that we need more minigames but dont worry I will put a 5 star if you are looking for a game that doesnt need internet this is a great game for you! Doesnt require internet couple of minigames to play AND you cant take care of and dress up your pou I love this game!
Why I gave it two stars because I cannot unlock clothes with money I have to wait on till level 30 to70.please can you fix this.
I love the game I got it when I was 6 and now I'm 10 the only thing I dont like is the beach volley ball it is so hard and if you get a point it might not always count and you pet hamster CHEATS!! he can have 5 to 6 hits but if you get 4 hits it's a foul NOT FAIR
I used to play this game when i was like 6-7 and i looooved it, absolutely nothing has changed about it and i love that too. This will forever be one of my favorite games because it never gets boring, i can and will play this game for hours
Great game! So cute and its have a much of foods, clothes, and items! So worth it for a game!! We can get a free Lily eyebrow! The items is locked for another level, and thats learn kids to work hard until you can get it! This need to get 5 stars! Also we can make account! ! So amazing game!^_^
I loved this game 5-6 year ago!!! But now developers forgot about this game(I want new updates because rarely updates no cool and all forgot about game because it's boring(Pls much Updates
I want to say it's bad the three-star rating that's just my opinion how I like the game but it is very great for it's low memory usage so if you have a phone with little storage this is a good game to play
I LOVE this game 🀩. But I would like it if you could update the game so that you can have more pou and get them to breed and have more things you can do with them thx!
Well for me I will not play it more then other games like roblox but my baby brother enjoys it. He is only one but he likes that it talks back to him even if it is just us or him talking,he can take care if pou and he like the silly sound he pou makes. For kids that like to do more things then what it has maybe this is not the right fit for you but for kids that do like it you should get it.It is just cute that his is having fun with it.
Whenever I play this game, I feel really like a owner of pou. Best game for practising as a owner of any pet before adopting it. Like bathing, giving food as much they want, give fat burner, in real life it is excercise, play games and energize. These all things make you a better owner of a pet.