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Potter Birds

Potter Birds for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Dartanha Studio located at SΓ£o Leopoldo. Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Brasil. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very similar to the original "Angry Birds" I know this is a fan game obviously. You tried and made a pretty good game especially with Unity and that's I'm rating it 4 stars
this goes to the person who called peps dumd for liking the game shut up peps like what they want to like
Do not by this game almost made my computer shut down and this game is also laggy and is a bad game do not take the risk to by!
Nice game for potter fans but it becames to hard after second level make more levels to make it slowly harder
I wanted to put half a star. The game was so terrible and the graphics too. Such a horrible game. Its so bad they should remove it from the play store
I give this game a 1. Because it doesn't show the dots where you know where you are hitting. 2. Why only 3 birds and not more. This is on my own opinion
Very Fun Game! Easy to play and offline. Great graphics and amazing gameplay. Recommended! I would wish I could rate 999999999/5. Great time killer. And also, to all the people who are giving critical reviews about ads, just turn your WiFi off.
There is no greater feeling than playing potter bird. The second I opened the app my erectile dysfunction was cured. I owe my children to potter bird. Tell me where your headquarters are located so I can send them to you.
Those of you who put 1⭐ or 2 or 3 change it immidiatly to 5⭐ and say sorry i have been playing it for half an hour i am not encountering any problems but ads.
Edit: nearly 4 months later and still no update. I'm getting rid of the game as the ads were unbearable. It's a shame as I would have happily paid. Love the game, needs an option to turn off ads, would prefer to pay to get rid of them than have them popping up all the time. Only thing which ruins the game for me. Also I've only just started playing but do Harry, Ron and Hermione do different things? Some instructions/hints would be great!
Addd powers and hagrid and do u even watch harry potter Listen to the freakin reveiws and fix the game diddent u get my email
It doesn't deserve any stars. I have been playing angry birds games since I was small. But this is the most useless game of all. I think rovio should bring back the classic ones like angry birds star wars II, angry birds star wars and angry birds rio. Please check it rovio.
i love angry birds and harry potter so you can combine angry birds and harry potter who the thunk it?
I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the adds, the game itself is just bad. The levels are boring, there is no storyline, and there is no aim so you have to eyeball every slingshot. I love angry birds, but this is disappointing. I'm not going to advise against getting this game, because I guarantee you will delete it within 5 minutes if playing it.
This game is awful. You don't even really have any harry potter that ngs in it. I would give it zero stars but I can't.
This hot garbage is so bad that anyone who rated it more than 1 has terrible taste and needs to see a docter i saw the reveiws and wanted to at least give it some form of sympathy but as it turns out the angry birds MOVIE sets are better than this if someone doesnt remove this from the app store ill smash my phone to bits and buy an apple
This was total waste of time I know nobody will care about this but I want star wars angry birds back! This game is a waste get rid off this and replace it with star wars angry birds! I cant believe people say 5 stars although THIS IS A SCAM GARBAGE WASTE GAME
Please remove all adssssssssssssssssssss!!! And i will be happy not queasy Plus give red shocking, chuck fast powers to be able to smash blocks, matilda's egg bomb so she can cause maximum destruction, plus add terence in the game and add his smashing powers.
I only got this so I could see what a dumpster fire was for my self. A Kindergartener could do a better job than this. My young fours macaroni art would be worth more than this. My only mistake is looking at the grainy picture you call a game. I'm only twelve and I have better spelling then the games description for Christ's sake. Maybe next time, you'll have garage worth playing. Btw, I'ts easier to drive half a truck than control the freaking birds in this game.
so like i contracetd severe ligma when i opened this vame and had to go to chemo 4 27 yesrs so its prety bad boys
This game is fun but I would like to see new things like new worlds even bosses which are just normal bad guys with more health and new birds like a Hagrid birds which is like Terence from angry birds. Please make at least one of these into the game
I love Harry Potter and angry birds so this is amazing . FYI it's weird communicating like this and not with Hedwig
Amazing super hard and easy made for people who love angry birds and harry potter,πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰
It is OK, I couldn't get past a certain level. If u are good at Angry Birds, then go head and install is, otherwise,no.
It was boring and annoying, I mean I LOVE Harry Potter and I love Angry Birds but the ads were annoying and the birds had no powers at all. Please make the birds have powers and have less ads and I will re-download the game😊
terrible the power of release is no good which is really disappointing because I am a big fan of harry potter
This game is so bad.i was playing some angry birds rip-of and this is the worst one.there are only 3 birds like what dont downlod this bad game.
If you love Harry potter books like me and if you love his movies. Well this angry bird game is out of this world it's great it's awesome it's super Fantastic. It's potter birds to rescue the school from harm. Have fun sign Kathy
so many ads, after a loss, ad, after i beat a level, surprise surprise, ads, i only got this to try it out because it was in a r/crappyoffbrands video, the game is like every character is Red, ( that is the red bird's name in case you didn't know) not special, and boring to use because Red and these birds have no powers whatsoever.
how the hell do people not realize this is a rip-off game and how do all enjoy this? tell me how dumb are!?
Very dissatisfied with the quality of game play that this item has to offer sorry but nowhere near 5 stars
This is probably the worst Angry Birds rip-off i've EVER played. Graphics are horrible, angry bird rip-off, a game from 2001 is probably better than this GARBAGE GAME. I don't recommend it. I'll just rather play the actual angry birds... i hope there was an option for 0 stars
EW. I would give this game a 0 star if I could, this has to be the most TERRIBLE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. DO NOT INSTALL. EW.
lmao i downloaded this for the memes and it was kinda fun, would be good if you guys added powers to the birds tho, otherwise, it was gud
Not at all pleased with this game. Graphics aren't the worst, but still very bad. No dots to show the flight trajectory, and only three birds. Also hard to pause this and there are far too many ads. Not the worst game ever, but again, VERY bad.