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Potatoyz for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Potaterie located at 225-227 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 - Paris.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a bad game kind of I like how you can make your potato toys but you can't even get them in real life it just says connection error and if you try to reconnect it's nothing happened if you see this making Company please try to fix the internet connection or the bug
Rj and the time of the year and I was rccar to do so much for the same time to do so much for the same reason h 8 and the other hand is a good time with you can
You can customize your own character and it's really cool but there is a problem when I try to 3d print it says I have no connection even though I have good connection
its pretty fun.but you can only make 6 then once you do you have to either buy more or,idk. Also mine has a glitch. Every time It goes to the ''choose your product'' page it always is like ''connection error'',bla blaa bla. But the thing is is doesn't glitch until that page so maybe they're working it out. idk. But i do reccomend this bcuz its fun and u can test ur creativity...👍
This app has an adorable concept, to create little figurines and then have the option to buy them and actually have them delivered to your home. But... The figurines are rediculesly expensive! The smallest one, a really tiny one, is $16! Disappointing. Hopefully it will change the prices or enlarge the small figure, that would improve it greatly. And one more thing, it wouldn't let me change the size to see how big the larger ones were/how much they cost. Has much potential, please improve!
This game is AMAZING! I really like the idea of how you can create your own 3D model and you can 3D print it out. There are SO MANY colours to choose from. Although you can only make 6 of them and if you want more you have to pay, if you could please make there be a bit more of the blank models so you can make more. But it's a pretty good game, I highly recommend it!
Its sooo great that ived been installed this app and easy to draw i dont know why people kept saying hard to draw. I just gave this one shot 4 cups of stars please!
I've given this game three stars, because it gives children the chance to create and build by using the tools from their imagination. I wish you had the chance to actually print it out. when I first used the game, i created one thinking i could receive the toy I made. So I took my time to make a lovely toy for my younger brother, to help him with his nightmares when I got his hopes up and wasted my time.
The idea is amazing, I love it, intuitive interface, and is a great comcept. Except for the 3D print thing, when ever I do it it just says "No Connection" even when there is! could you please fix this?
I love all the models you can make and how the colours you choose from range hugely. One thing I think is annoying though is how you can only make six models before you have to purchase more space. I hope you can change this, if not I still love this game!
It's ok, but it says something about a connection failure when I have strong connection at the 3d print part.
I like the fact game because it brings out my creative drawings but for some reason it says it needs to retry ok now I wanna retry but it doesn't let me. That's why I gave it three stars.
Three stars cus there's not much to do. Pls fix that. Maybe add games we can do with them? I like the game and we can print and order, but again there's not much to do.
It would get 4 stars, but when I go to the 3d print thing, it always says "need internet connection" no matter how good my internet connection is.
It's fun and all but.. You can only do six and then you have to pay, I really think its unfair to kids, if their mom says no, so can you please do something about it? I know you guys need money and all but, it's gonna make it better for the people who play this game, thank you for you time
it dose not work for me. Its really upsetting bc I was really happy to play this game. But thatn it dose not work :(
The games really good but the only problem is as soon as I'm Done my pota toy it says no internet fix it then I will give a five star
The app is fun and it's really good I love the fact that you can create and make your own potato toysslash potato toys but there is also a problem every time I try to go to the 3D print it doesn't to 3D print because it always said something about connection error in my internet is always on so now I have to wait and wait and keep trying and ask my parents and everyone else I know where my family and that's cool
Although this game is awesome but every time im done making a potatoyz i dont have connection a text pops up and says "you have no connection " or something and my connection is fine it,s connected
Oml this is such an amazing app but the reason I gave it 4 stars is cuz I want to 3d print one for my cousin(he's 7)and I custome made one but when I try to 3d print it it says my internet is bad even though im connected and if they fix this oh boy imma be SOOOO attached to this so plz fix it(I mostly like it cuz I wanna be an artist and I'm making a bean so yea)Edit:if its possible try and make more games like this I^_^I
I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else but it's been 15 minutes and I haven't managed to get past literally the first part (dragging the potato things). Still 4 stars cos it seems pretty high quality. Edit: I fixed the problem, turns out I was laying on my back so it fell towards me rather than into the hole. It's going well!
I really like the game. I only gave 4 stars because,1. There's a glitch that makes them float. 2. You cannot 3d print really. 3. Pleaseee make more characters. But if you fix that I'll give 5 stars.
This game is fun bit 2 problems 1 that it always say that your not connected so i can't mak any models and 2 you make 6 and then its finished unless you pay i hope you fix it over all it's a good game
Ummm.good game. Graphics aren't too good...pls...add new game modes...players will fall more in love with this if you do.uhhh... also...hi...human Ok bye
Love them love the music they're adorable it's not a shooting game it's a drawing app that you get to create cute little dudes that you could basically send out to have them make a real pillow of them and they'll send it to you and yes it's addictive
Okay, good game. But I want to print one for my friend. But the internet just doesn't work. It keeps telling me to turn on my internet, but my internet was already on. Everytime it says that, please fix this it's really annoying. Otherwise good game it's easy to make. Thanks.
I had fun but when I try to 3d print it said no internet connection.I checked but i had very good internet.Over all it's a good game I will rate 5 stars if they fix this.
The game is hard to drawing I think we must have more tools to make a good draw I love it but it's not a good game If we have something to do with the people we draw it will be very nice such as: Game to play Puzzle to solve House that you can design it And more I am only want 1) professional tools or symbol tools to make the man very nice 2) something I can do with the man after I finished draw it game or anything And thanks 😊 to read my review
It's okay but when I try to 3d make it it saids dat my internet is not working but I saw my internet was fine so I was confused
This is so cute! Why a one.😂 I like how you can make the little people. and at the start I like how you can put them in different maps. and put them in these tubes. So when your little you can get on things that help you draw. I love this it helps me to relax and I like how you can just go to bed at 5 p.m. and play and relax like it calms you down when something wrong happened. I don't care about the hole error part. Because at least it let's you make those little cute people right? See ya bye
It is awsome but thebreason I gave 3 stars is that it isn't being 3d print when I try with a very good network connection still it shows network error so please repair this problem
I get what people say and mean it wont let you print the design and said check my network but I just got my wifi updated and at it's best pls fix all these bugs they annoy me
I love this game! I really like this I hope you can update it though because it loses connection when I customize :/.
Personally I think this is a great game the only thing bad about it is how if you go to print it says you need internet required even though you have internet but that's the only doubt everything else is nice it plays really good on tablet only saying that because I am on a tablet (70$ tablet)
Horrible! When go in 3d painter or after done finishing potatoyz you made ever when your connected in the internet it says retry and the text is so small im gonna delete this it doesnt make any sense and you updated it a long time its 2017 and you can only make 6 and the space is so long this is not the good app
I give this a 4star because the (idea of this app is amazing) and the fact that you can (create your toys is wonderful). However the printer does not work (even if you are connected to the internet) it still tells you that you need to connect to the internet that doesn't make sense, and there's (no contact or help in the app) and there's not enough (instructions for situations that people may come across like the 3D printer for example. I will keep this app but please fix it right away.
The only thing wrong with this app is the 3D printing feature, it asks for internet connection even tho I have it :(. It would be five stars if it actually worked
Good Game.I recommend downloading.Its easy to play.But,everytime i want to create different one it says not connected to the Internet when I a am.So,its a 4 star from me.
I just installed the app today and there is no ads just gameplay! Very well done! But there is one glitch in this game which everyone is talking about. Its all about the internet... when I finished my Potatoyz... it said I had no internet! So I checked my internet, and found out I was connected! So I clicked cancel and got stuck in buffering. Please fix that and I'll give five stars!
You can customize your own character and it's really cool but there is a problem when I try to 3d print it says I have no connection even though I have good connection please fix this
its good but you should make more things 1)things to make animals 2)i need a bigger potatoy 3)more stickers (other than that its a good game!)
This game sucks! I liked it at first, I've been looking for a game like this, It was fun right until it.didn't let me print a model because I didn't have connection. But I did have connection and it never let me print my model. And you only get to design six toys unless you pay. I do not recommend!
This is a very good game. amazing graphics. but the only thing about this game is that its either a glitch or someones put it in, After a while, this game starts FLASHING, And if someone reacts to flashing lights, what i call, Flashing light syndrome, It could kill them. IT COULD KILL THEM. So if you have flashing light syndrome, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, IT WILL KILL YOU