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Pot Shot-Crush Box

Pot Shot-Crush Box for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by San Fontaine. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I initially loved this game! However, I have accidentally hit "erase all data" 3 times now. This last time I was at level 356! I am uninstalling the game because that damn button is TOO EASY to hit!
This game could be a lot of fun but the constant 30 second videos and ads(before every level and every time you complete or retry a level) is more than any normal person can take. The developers are way too greedy for advertiser dollars. Stay away from this game .
I love this game, absolutely addicted to it! I would give 5 stars but there are some very frustrating glitches, i.e. the items shot get stuck in the background scenery and freezes up game until you empty all ammo and causes you a loss, very aggravating! 😤😠 But if developers fix this issue, I'd definitely keep playing this game and recommend it! 👍👏
rubbish game and the ads are ridiculous, every level there is a 30 sec ad. you cannot get out of them without closing down....just totally fed with the ad culture now, not gonna bother with anything else
So many ads! This is the most ad intrusive title I've ever seen. 3 to 10 seconds of gameplay then (if you want to get further within the game) you can have up to three 30 seconds of ads.
Toooooo many ads. Dang, it takes about 50 seconds to shoot 5 targets. You get a choice to see a long running ad that you can't back out of for more points or not see an ad and continue but you get a long running ad that you can't back out of anyway. I understand the reasoning for the ads on free games but you see more ads than targets. FYI... People look for ratings like this and stay away from them.
level 20 will not let you end it. it freezes once you knock all the blocks off. I've noticed this with other levels. constantly restarting the game. otherwise, this game a lot of fun and addicting.
i love this game! its so addicting!! my only complaint is theres a glitch sometimes some pieces freeze in mid air and u have to re break them or they will freeze out of sight and the only option is to restart the whole level. other then that its a great game when u have time to kill!!
As everyone has complained about I have the same issue, Boss level freeze up, everything is cleared, plenty of balls left (17) this time, and to continue you have to deliberately lose the level by throwing away the extra balls, and wait for the (try again) option to continue on, and it will come around and keep freezing up again at the Boss level, need to fix it, and the random lack of accuracy if you are too good, it deliberately shoots ware you are not aiming to make you waste your ammo. WAE
started out fun, but only on the low level 30 something. I have to turn off the game almost every other level and restart. I lose what progress I have already made and have to start that level over. the blocks will hang in the air after shooting them all off the platforms. sorry I wastrd my time putting it on my phone.
Fun relaxing game but... freezes up when I get a call or text. This forces me to reload app way to often. The "Boss Level"?! Forget that one. Numerous attempts with no results. Lastly, I appreciate you require ad revenue but after about 5 rounds? Talk about overkill.
The game was fun untill the glitches started to show up. All objects will be removed from the platform and the game will still think something needs to be shot off which makes you have to retry constantly.
Fun enough game except for the fact that it gives you the choice to watch an ad for extra reward or not watch an ad and just continue without the reward yet will laugh in your face and give you an ad anyway when you choose to continue without watching one, it will also not give you the extra reward afterwards either. Play knock balls instead, basically the same game except it doesn't do that to you.
Fun, but became repetitive after a couple dozen levels. A couple glitches like blocks off screen that can't be hit, and blocks freezing in mid air. Also, too many ads.
good game. TOOO MANY EFFINNN AADDDSSS!!!! could be so much more but as easily predictable: its just a pitiful exscuse to shove a S*** ton of ads in your face. most of them crappy demos and things you will NEVER use
Would give 5 stars but on some challenges the top of screen info blocks visual of same. Maybe shrink play area and put level, score and menu arrow over top. Went down to one star. Auto updates on it's own, caught this twice. My auto updates are off so I can choose which apps to update.
i think it's a knock balls copy.would be a lot better if you could pay or something to get rid of the adds.some levels you need a snipper sight could be easier,it's nearly impossible to hit some blocks this issue needs looking at.some boss levels you cant see the blocks behind the writing of boss level,and some blocks are hidden behind the level progress bar thing also
I'm thinking, if you try hard, you can fit at least 2 more ads per level. On way too many "boss levels", after you crush all the boxes, it never closes out. There are no targets to shoot at and it never closes out. VERY ANNOYING as you have to go back and repeat the level.
The most ads I've ever seen in any game I've ever played. The one way around that was to back out and reenter. Now the loading wheel just goes on and on. I'm uninstalling this as it's an example of what's wrong with society.... Take something perfect and jack it up! Nicely Done! Oh well, back to Knock Balls....
Gameplay is fun, looks and feels great. It's the Ads that ruin it. I got an Ad within 30 seconds of playing and it wasn't even to get more lives. I know devs have to make money, but this isn't how you do it without annoying people.
It could be alot better, but good concept. The graphics have a long way to go. I also hit a glitch! I'm stuck because it shows as if I have no objects left to shoot, but gives me the option to watch a video for 3 more shots! Lastly, I wish there was an option to save progress.
Great fun, but please make the guns more accurate. I'm a shooter in the real world, and I find the accuracy (i.e. LACK OF) very frust- rating. Apart from that, the game is very en-joyable indeed! Also, could you make the targets a bit trickier as the game progresses? Thanks!
The game is fun but gets stuck with no visible pieces left to remove from certain tables. Also, certain levels have bars blocking the pieces making it impossible to win. Too many glitches and way too many ads!!!
I've played a similar game as this but this one is better, enjoy!!! I recently lost some apps and I have reinstalled this game and it's really an Awesome game, the ads kinda sucks but oh well, I still enjoy it a great deal!!! Happy Gaming.
I want to suggest something. Your game is addictive but over time, it becomes very monotonous because there is no difference in difficulty or anything. So instead of giving limited number of balls, why can't you use infinite balls but all the stages are time-bound. Like complete this stage in 15 seconds and remaining time gets added to boss stage.
its kinda fun but i had over 6000 points and I logged off for just a few minutes and when i went back on all my points were gone and they have no way of taking complaints hmmmm I wonder why that is ???? perhaps because they are a rip off i doubt they'll post this
the game is fun as long as you do not get to the boss levels. half the time it will not advance you through as if there are still blocks present, only all of the blocks will be gone so there is nothing you can do but close the app.
game is fun except on the boss levels when you shoot everything and it doesn't give you credit. so theres nothing to shoot at but it wont let you move forward. you have to quit and redo all the levels and hopefully it doesn't happen again. and theres way to many adds.
they need to move the level bar up between the diamond and the back arrow so you can see the entire target. currently, any tall target has a good chance of not being able to be completed because you can't see all the blocks. I will give it 2 stars until this is fixed....no fix...no more stars!!
fun until it freezes. will freeze on every playable ad and often boxes will get stuck and you lose all of your bullets. I would give it, 5 stars if these bugs were fixed. Ad heavy, but only 5 sec ads. Wish there was an ad free for a fee option.
so far so good it has great game play and sound effects. also ads are not intrusive so as to run me off from a good game. Ad placement and timing is the key to keeping a game i like and possibly purchasing upgrades and writing a steller review to uninstalling and trashing a good game cause i was unable to play it to its potential. good job guys all the way around. so far so good. you lead by example.😋
What a shame. Great game, ruined totally by excessive ads. Excessive might be understating it. If you like watching ads and playing the occasional game in between, then this is the game for you.
rubbish game keeps showing you hit all boxes yet wont let you progress and also boxes will sometimes just stay stuck in mid air and no matter how many times you hit it it still wont register. If it wasn't for that i would have gave it full 5 stars but it is annoying as hell
I don't like that I can't get this game ad free, there is way too many. Also you can shoot all the blocks off & it will still sit there like there's more or the blocks freeze in the air & you have to shoot them multiple times to get rid of them. Definitely needs some bugs fixed in the app!
Kind of fun, but I am losing interest because at high levels the blocks don't budge on Boss levels. Especially the half butterfly wing shapes, but on some others too. Also some levels think there are blocks still there when there aren't.
Game is buggy. Videos don't always play and make game freeze. Can not do anything but close the game. I'm uninstalling the game. Not worth the aggravation. Like it when it decides to work.
really enjoyed the game in the beginning. but IMHO there need to be A LOT more targets made up of different things. can't keep someone's interest with the same old targets and scenarios! like how about some "night vision" targets. and black with neon colors would look awesome, especially if the blowing up effects were better! maybe lava pits, jungle scenes all kinds of interesting things. THEN I'll give it 5 stars. ty for your time!
You can clear platform and some objects will hang beyond platform in background. Game counts it as non shot. Also, l play while listening to music app in background, when ads pop in it cancels music app. 👎I don't mind the ads especially if I'm playing for free...just don't override my music.
system is very glitchy. I have had numerous issues on multiple levels with blocks being caught in the air and not being able to complete levels. I have screenshots if the developers wants to see them, reply with contact information.
I like the game. I actually love this game. But, the overwhelming saturation of ads made it unbearable. I literally spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it. Very regrettably though.