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Pot of Legend

Pot of Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Orca Inc. located at 서울시 마포구 연희로 11. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, but the ads are almost game-breaking. All pots, all money disappear when an ad comes up, because it takes you back to the title screen. Either come up with a way to not have the ads drop you back to title screen, or let money and pots stay on-screen when you do go back to title screen. I get it, you need to make your money, just please don't screw the players by doing it.
I am basically only rating this game a 2 star because I like the art other than that the game is severely bare bones.
Besides that this game is really tedious and extremely short. I beat it within 10 minutes. It's not a bad idea for a game. It just needs more content and maybe a few more ideas. Also late game it just lags up with all the coins.
OK the game is amazing, but the gameplay does not last long... I mean that the game will last about 10 - 30 minutes depending on if you try hard. But other than that its amazing. HOW TO FIX IT: You can fix it by adding an update to get more upgrades, and make the sword upgrades more expensive and less useful whilst making it a longer chain to the best sword! Also make more upgrades exactly how I said to the sword. Please release a patch to this. Thanks in advance
I would rate 5 stars but the game is just so short. I bought every upgrade in less than an hour after I finished downloading the game. Maybe some sort of ascension or just overall more things in this game.
I was playing the game, nadr me sign into google play(2 times) then closed. I tried to open it again and it froze my phone forcing me to take my battery out. The game is fun (5 stars) but that experience made me give it a one star.
My first thoughts were "so, I just sit here tapping the screen collecting coins?". Don't get me wrong, there is no strategy involved in this game, but once you start upgrading your characters it becomes strangely addictive and fun. Give it a go past the first 5 minutes before passing judgement ;-)
First of all: music & sound. They are amazing, I love it :D 6/5 I love this graphics too. I'm really big fan of retro/pixel graphics. 6/5 And now gameplay. It is very fast and one can beat the dane quickly, but it's good spent time! 5/5 Overall - 6/5 :D
This game is my favorite. I beat it on my ipad and I had to see if it was on android. And it was! Didn't know about the gold medal when you beat thre game. Anyways please update and bring more to this game!
I have an idea, how about just make a new level, that must be bought by money (ofcourse in advance you must correct the money earnings rate). I barely play this game. Only about 15-25minutes playing this game i could finish the game.. add more update please.. this game is enough for time killing
I liked the game...so much i beat it in under an hour? are there more areas to come? Did I miss that upgrade? just kinda sad now because I litterally cant upgrade anything else.
Overall satisfying game that makes you yearn for more. I personally finished the game quite quickly and will see myself picking this up on lonely train trips. Could use some more depth, but worth five stars nevertheless.
Once you understand the minimal tutorial you can actually enjoy this game. It's good if you can't sleep or just want to waste a bit of time, but only having one level and one goal spoils any chance of variety and replayability. There's some awards you can get but they're unexplained and seemingly pointless. Worth playing overall.
Fun little game, but it's very basic and simple and I wish there were more to it. I beat it in just under an hour, and it appears there are more trophies you can win for subsequent replays, but aside from those, there isn't any reward. It would be nice if there were rewards that added visual upgrades to the house or characters or coins or something, to add some flair to make replays more interesting. All that said, this is a good game if you want something that requires little thought or effort, and it's certainly addictive (I beat it in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down), but has little replay value.
"Earn money by breaking the pot as an role playing game game." Other then that, not a horrible game.
It needs settings so we can mute the music and sound effects because I like to listen to music when I play games. And there should be prestige or at least something to do after you beat the game. Other then that it's a really fun game and you should download it. But if you fix those problems I will give it five stars
So literally i was searching for this game for like half an hour. I used any words i could think of associated with it because the first time i played it i could just not put it down. I absolutely love this game. Its simple, creative, cool, everything. Very good job.
The gameplay isn't bad but it's not good either. Its got the good relaxing vibe to it that really helps it out but after a while, the sound of swords slashing really breaks the experience. Final gripe is that the ads literally kick you out of the game for ????? reason. Just code it so the ads don't restart the app? I'm okay with ads but restarting the game is where I cross the line.
The game was fine until I opened the shop, the game froze and then crashed which then I had to reopen the game in order to play again. This not only happened once it happened several times in a matter of minutes. If this glitch was fixed I would rate 5 stars, but I can barely even play.
Please add more levels or trophies or missions, this game gets tedious once all the trophies have been collected. Would rate 5 stars if you brought out a major update!
Was a good way to pass a few free minutes but you can get all the upgrades in pretty short order. Once you've done that there's no point to continue playing unless your just really into watching your number of coins go up indefinitely. Don't expect a lot out of this one.
I had fun playing this game until I realised how spamful the ads are. It's an idle clicker game essentially with pop up ads that you pretty much can't avoid clicking. If you do manage to avoid it then let's hope you collected your money from the room because once you click the cross on the ad the game resets like you've just closed it. Ridiculous money scamming game. Don't bother wasting your time as it'll most likely frustrate you just like it did me. Uninstalled within 5 minutes.
It is an amazing game and i love the calm music but this game has a massive bug where you click to go to the upgrade screen and the game crashes. This game is so good I wish the developer(s) did not ditch this beautiful game :'(
Great time waster. It's a free game. They can do whatever they want. People who are whining about the lack of content are just mind boggling. Such entitlement.
I really liked the art style and overall concept of the game, but where it excells in style it lacks in depth. As a developer i know how easy it is to just move on to another project and forget about the old. Im sure you have other things to work on, but i would love to see a more immersive and content heavy update for this game.
Less than two hours after download I have all the upgrades and nothing to do but watch the cash counter go up. There is no endgame and no replayability. Upgrades need to be slowed down and depth added to gameplay.
Games fine. Its an elaborate coin clicker. Not enough upgrades, I unlocked it all in 15min, game ran great, just wish there was more to do. Maybe if there where classes like make. Ninja. Maybe boss pots
For years, I've been wondering what link does when he isn't saving the world. Apparently he makes apps
I loved, its so easy and time consuming. great game but a little could be added and it would be better if money was collected automatically. I got it 20 minutes ago and I already finished.:-D
the ads it pretty annoying while im clicking then the ads showing up, and redirect me to google play. That cause my game start over.... and add more reasons to play, because I finished buy all shop in under 10minutes heheh, thanks good work!
Really have trouble putting this game down. As person who loves breaking pots in Zelda, this one just nails it.
This is a game I played way back in 2014, sadly it has been ditched by its devs and I cannot find a trace of their social media's/contacts. Just want to say this is a great pickup for whoever reads this, and if your reading this devs, PLEASE make some sort of way to contact. Thanks :)
I think this game is awesome! There are a couple things that needs some fixing though. For example dont let the coins disappear after a short amount of time, they should stick around forever. Also add customization to the characters and weapons. Also maybe add a help button so we know what the trophies are. Thank you and have a great day.
Amazing fun but the further I get, the less my fps is. Think I'm only maybe on 2 fps now! Makes it pretty much.unplayable :(
And I loved the whole journey! I don't know why but this simple game is great fun! Just one thing though, a second after I loaded the game for the first time an AD popped up, I can't even open the shop without ADs interrupting my gameplay.
I liked it. Only thing is i beat the game pretty fast so maybe if you added more things to buy or different stages id keep playing
Love this game but would love it more if there were more levels or trophies be added. This game is fun and all but it gets boring after getting all the trophies. You guys should add an endless mode or something like that.