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Portalitic - Portal Puzzle 2

Portalitic - Portal Puzzle 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Zoryth Games located at Calle 30 Sur #810 Colonia Tierra y Libertad Cd. Delicias, Chihuahua C.P. 33088. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is decent, the graphics are not very good, and you have to buy the last few levels which is annoying, and also a glitch is that if you put two portals on the ground the game goes crazy
Can't do the infinite portal thing with one portal on floor and the other on the ceiling. so, you made a fake. Really ? 😐😐
The game was good and all but theres not many levels and the sensivity is always restarted and you need to pay for almost everything like for is a down for me im really sorry for giving this review but honestly I never leave bad reviews but this game make me really sad and the controls are good, and please make the Portal gun more like a portal gun and remember to add more lvels instead of asking to pay like for real how someone can ask the player to pay and please if you can read this Thanks
This game is not worth getting because you need to buy. Levels in the shop for REAL MONEY. So I can't enjoy the experience without ads OR buying something. Uninstalled.
Honestly impressive having a portal game on mobile and having stuff work as well as Xbox and laptop originals of portal 2. A few bugs I could see is when doing infinite falling the portal underneath sometimes bug in black lines
I like the idea of the tests. I have an idea for a level so you should mack some lasers and try making the player put the laser in a container that opens the gateway. :)
bBing able to glitch out if the area and being able to explore the map makes the game for exiting. I know that thats probably not intended but its still fun to do
So basically this game is pretty cool except it is pretty laggy and also I found a glitch for the devs to work out and it is where when you fire a blue portal at the wall and fire a red portal into it it makes the ground disappear and you fall to your death but overall a really great game hope this review helps!!
Did...did VALVE aproove of this? This is so obviously a ripoff of valve's "p0rtal" seiries to anyone who's seen it. From the logo to the way things look. To people like this developer. MAKE. SOMETHING. ORIGINAL.
Fun gameplay, but you have to pay 2 bucks in order to get more than the first 3 levels. Pretty steep.
It was ok at first until it told me that I cant access level 4 and I had to pay for it and I'm thinking " why did they not just make me pay for the game in the first place" so I deleted it cause why would I not, its terrible to say i can play it and then block me off
The game has improved a lot sińce i first played it, still now it has a lot of glitches with the cube or, if you place a portal Just right it can lead to getting out of bounds or even placing it diagonally.
only 3 levels for free? It is a portal clone after all. not as good as portalize. and portalize gives 10 levels for free. graphics are not great but gameplay is nearly good enough. great work on who ever worked on this. but lack of free levels is what is making this 3 stars. 1 star for each level. give me 5 levels you may get 5 stars
For 1 thats not even a portal gun 2nd ur game looks absolutely 🤢 makes me want to throw up all over screen.
Very good project. if you could fix the graphics and frame rate, it will be AWESOME! Lots of potential here. Edit: for some reason it won't get off of the loading screen. Again, i give you all of my support. I wish i had money to suppprt you.
The game has so much potential. The portals need to have better quality and the controls are not very smooth but the game isn't that bad.
It's really really really good ☺️ 1,2,3 I've completed i also found a glitch:portal any color at the floor and put the other color top at the floor one
Awesome game nearly the same as the original, bit it has 7 levels, but only 3 which you can actually play for free. If there were more levels playable, it would be a lot better.
Its not that good but its like portal and thats what i like about it but its really laggy and really hard to play so i Will install it back once this gets better
Only gives you 3 levels with long ads. You have to pay for everything. If you want to do ads fine, but give us the game then.
I love this game its so cool and fun to exploit the glitches to finish lvls real fast I clocked every level under 1 min. I hope you can complete the game so I can play the full thing. I know you'll probably find the glitchez on your own and patch them but I like to think it adds more fun to the game. ❤️ Anyways I finished lvl2 in about 27 sec I think, I took a screenshot, try to beat that. 😎 Thank you very much for taking my response seriously I'm gonna reinstall it now to check out whats new.
Honestly, this game needs more attention. It is fun and it is based off of Portal, though I wouldn't call it a ripoff.
Now that I can actually see the levels it's pretty fun, but I do suggest that you change the music because it doesn't really fit the theam. I also think that you should change all of the textures for the walls and Floors to be cleaner looking, I also think that keep people playing your game and not uninstalling it that you make it so you don't have to pay to play level 4 through 7
The graphics are bad, and there are too many bugs. Even putting a portal on the roof and falling from it bugs the game. The frame rate is decent though.
Now this app is preventing to play in my device called Samsung Galaxy J Max and I don't know why this is happening. That's why I rated 1 star.
I some how glitched thro the wall on level 3 you jump on a portal a few times then you can go flying to the skys then fall towerds the ekit altho it has great graphics just need to low the sensitivity a bit pls keep this glitch and do not fix it because I would not get throu level 3 without that glitch
It seems that now, the game doesn't even load at all on my device. I get as far as the screen with the name of the developer, and then nothing. It's frozen.
Not nearly as good as "Portalize" (full color Portal clone that mysteriosly vanished from google play). Might've bought more levels if grabbing hand icon wasnt in the way of movement controls.
So dev i tryed the game but there is a problem when i load up the game. The loading screen when you start the game i think its stuck can you fix that pls. thanks! Edit- did the update work? Im still having the same problem when i open the game it just dont work so idk
It was great, wierd controls like how to cancel out portals, but it's good only complaint is the amount of levels you need more like way more, and I couldn't get rid of the ads
Dang. 3 jumpy levels with mechanics that work barely enough to play around for maybe two minutes before you've exhausted the nostalgia. Not much to explore here without paying for the remaining 4 levels.
I like but what you should do is make levels 4-7 free and you should put in more levels in it then I will change the review.
At first playing this game, the graphics weren't too good, the sensitivity was way too high and you could glitch through the floor. Now, since the developer fixed the game, the graphics are better, you can barely glitch through the floor, and the sensitivity is fixed! Thank you debeloper for seeing my comment and fixing the game!
In my experience it's not great but the lag and lvl packs is the real big problem here. The game has things going for it. This should have no in app purchases and it should be paid. 7/10
I was lying in bed wanting to play Portal but I didn't want to get up and get my computer, so I figured I'd try this to see if it would scratch the Portal itch. It was perfect! The game is so awful that it motivated me to get up and play the real thing. It's a laggy mess with horrible controls.
Cant go through a portal on the ground that leads to a ceiling, but a portal on the wall that leads to a ceiling is fine. Theres no way to go back to the levels except beat the level or close the app. It isn't very interesting even if you pay for most levels (probably) and theres ONLY 7?! Not even 10 levels (hey top positive review what's a laser throw thing that shoots balls)
It's a cool game but there's 2 problems 1 is that it gives me a hard Time picking up boxes 2 is when I complete a level an ad playz if this didn't happen I would give the game a 5 star that's why I gave the fame a tree star
Okay, I'm going to up the rating, you put something in the game because I asked for it, and also, you don't have to do what people say if you don't want to, btw, thank you! Btw, the loading was fixed.
I will give one extra star for effort.Well first of all it is a copy of Portal. Exept no story. In total the whole game has seven levels and wants you to pay for four of them. I see the developer put some effort because you can actually see through the portal, but I don't know how easy it is to implument nowdays. The first three levels so about half of the whole game were really simple and only used simple core mechanics from the original game. On top of it all they added the option to buy skins
THE WORST GAME EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEER!!!!!!! where I start from the glitches or from the controller or from EVERY THINK
The game is fun but there is one thing that is a bug I can't go to level 4 it is locked even if I complete level 3 I can still play level 4 so can you figure out the bug
The game seems promising for a bare bones Portal clone on android but the controls and framerate are really, really bare bones. It really is bad, like not even kidding, i can't play the first level properly, don't try to even play it, there are other Portal clones out there that is worth your time. Or just buy Portal or Portal 2.
This is a rip off this is probably a hacking scheme + it's super laggy just go by the official valve version instead
The game is good but a little bit of ui problem.and more options in setting need to be added and yes more levels please
Scummy game, stolen portal game, with ads, with levels you need to buy while playing with tank controls. Skip this, just go play portal.