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Portal Knights

Portal Knights for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by 505 Games Srl located at 5145 Douglas Fir Rd Calabasas, CA 91302. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey Guys! Just wanted to say, I Love this game. I am addicted! Its not a very popular game, but it sure is Fun. There is one thing that i would like to be added. You see, I just reached level 12 in game, and I made myself a chest room. Each chest is for something different. But i always get confused, because I don't know which chest has the items i need in it. So, it would be cool if you could add something that will make you able to rename chests. It would really help with sorting items. Thanks
I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend having customizable controls on mobile. Some of the button placement feels unnatural. Also I feel like the rolling feature outside of combat should be linked to a button rather than clicking the left joystick in a direction as I've accidentally triggered this so many times in situations where I was trying to make very small step in a certain direction
Fun Adventure/Sandbox game. Not far enough to really give my final thoughts yet. But so very enjoyable.
Such a fun game with hours of new and different game play let alone the creation mode. This was the first game I bought and I'm so glad I did!
please add setting crosshair make same minecraft. I'd hate while click button without touch screen crosshair is so annoying to me. you fix it or add new setting. going asking minecraft by self. don't forget setting (crosshair touch screen only break block one at point where crosshair is.) good lucky asking met minecraft. sorry I am gonna be bad at English. 😅
I love this game sooo much, my only problem would have to be the game crashes everytime you exit to your home screen. I've been very patient with this but I'm now tired of it. Please fix it.
Multiplayer is limited to LAN only. Multiplayer is the point of this title. Massive let down. This is mentioned on the game page but only within a sub menu. Sneaky.
Great game for the price. Its at least 20 bucks or more on other platforms so for $5 with multiplayer and base game is an incredible value. However it comes with a few catches. Only very few devices are compatible(mainly Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones) and no content DLCs released on mobile. Would have rated 3 stars if at full price of 20 to 30 bucks. If developer is willing to add content DLC I would gladly buy it. Supports bluetooth controller well and runs in Samsung Dex mode.
Personally i think the game is ok its fun and enjoyable but i bought it for my phone and it runs kinda slow and i want this too be fixed other than that games good
Gameplay and graphics are amazing, but lately I have been having issues regarding GAME CRASHES, I have purchased the game and everything for 4.99$ and yet, the game crashes and I'm very upset. Please give this a fix! :(
The Android version isn't as content rich as the Steam version but it's a fun game none the less. Imagine if Minecraft had the fun RPG combat and questing from Skyrim and you get Portal Knights. This version is missing the tower defense planet, furfolk playable race and druid shapshifter class however and makes me sad that I have to try and get equal enjoyment out of an inferior game.
Not bad but resuming to a black screen really needs to be fixed. I'm on an S20 and can't do anything outside of the game or else I have to kill and restart it. Even powering off the screen kills the game. Also I seem capped at 30 FPS which I can definitely exceed. Genshin on highest quality still hits a happy 50 FPS
Rated 4 stars but knocked off 2- was good on an old phone & decent on a cruddy no-name Supersonic tablet w\android 4.4 but isnt compatable with a Galaxy Tab A-6 thats 4 YEARS NEWER? So much 4 playing w/ friends- what a waste...
Im not sure if this is happening to everbody but i cant get the green orb to get to the first boss which kinda sucks because ive played this game a while back on a ps4 and it was great and i can only play on mobile but i dont get the same experience play add the first boss
Doesnt load correctly. Looks all glitchy. Cant even see the main menu. Waste of money. I want a refund.
Portal knights is really good and addictive its well worth the money and it's kid friendly but can be played by older people My only problem with it is the enemies in worlds other then squires knoll they seem un killable other then that its a well made game with nice game play
I'm having an issue. I just now got the game and everytime I try to open it, it says "waiting for download to start". I don't know what to do in this situation, can I please get some assisstance.
This game is amazing. Its is on par with the adventuring and fun minecraft offers. The previous version was by my little brother lol. Amazing game deserves more stars for graphics and controls etc. Cant wait for future updates :)
Great game, My friend and i always enjoy playing on android device, but now we purchased steam. I notice it can detect the game but can not play cross platform.. and I hope you can manage to have a cloud save and use your character in different platform
The game has a lot of potential but the controls are absolutely terrible completely uncustomizable and nearly unusable. I would recommend this game if it wasn't for the lack of control customization and downright awful controls.
game crashes before loading the world have had the game for a while thinking they would update it and fix the problem and haven't so because i cant play and paid for it it one star rating i have this game on PS4 and love wish i can play it on my phone but no go
This game is very fun it feels like Minecraft mixed with an RPG all together love the game just wish they would bring an update to add more content and excitement to the game also to get multiplayer on this game has been very difficult I have looked numerous sites and put more than enough time and effort but still cannot get multiplayer to work which is very frustrating because I would have a lot more fun to be able to play with friends so if you're looking for a single player game here is one
Works nice on my new Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019), Android 10. Compared to my old Shield K1, I have to lower the graphics, but at least I can play again. Maybe allow for mmo like servers, splitscreen and include the pc/console DLC as IAPP?
this game is worth you moeny trust me it that good(addon 2019) i still love this game but me and a friend can't find out and way the game together on a chromebook/phone/or tablet(idk i i spell that right sorry)or ipad but this game fun just still want to know it it works (btw idk if muitplayer work with chrombook like r11acer or other still is a good game :))))
This game is super fun. But with the play games needed to play. I can't play multiplayer with my kids. Please remove the need for play games, so we can actually play together again. Google isn't gonna fix this issue for family link, it has been 2 years now. But we always play terraria together, and miss playing this... thank you in anticipation.
I couldn't wait to play this. I get to the title screen Where it says tap to continue. I tap and black screen. I wait but nothing happens. Turns out you just need to wait about 5 minutes for it to start up. Great game so far. Just unlocked my first portal. Look forward to playing this more. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9+
It's fun at the Start, but, When you complete Everything, it will become one of the boringest games... But what is more.. I did everything I wanted in about a few days.. It's not open World, And the game gets repetitive Fast.
5 star experience really, but I agree with another review left. That being the android version is too far behind. I've had this game for years have played it on and off quite a lot. Console version and android. Never cared to leave a review back when the android version was further then the consoles, there was a time, that said I didnt have anyone who cared to play cross plat, I do now and its not possible for me to share my creations and help others out with my character etc. Coud easily be 5*
good graphics and good gameplay but multiplayer don't work at all, no matter what I tried, camera sucks and zooms in all the time and does strange things that just end up making you anger, almost all my anger for this game is coz of the camera and controls syck dic.
After I installed the app, I opened it and it just show a blank white screen with "Waiting for download to start" text. Waiting until 2 hours and nothing happens.
a lovely mix between minecraft and crashlands with a fantasy element. A unique game in itself. i usually dont rate stuff on Google play, but this game deserves the 5 stars. worth every cent. *edit* the game crashes whenever i change islands in adventure mode. i dont lose any data. i just have to restart the game and then ill be in the island i tried to go to. so its just an inconvenience. still a great game and ill keep playing through that. but please fix it soon.
Fantastic time waster, one of the best games on play pass and tbh I would have been happy to pay for it. Nice Job.
A lot of game for a small Android price! -Crafting Crafting is simple and getting the ingredients isn't purely based on RNG. That is something I absolutely love about this game. You see amazing equipment that you want, but aren't time gated or required to farm 1 fight to get 1 ingredient to craft an item. Drop rates are amazing as well, so when you're trying to optimize gear, you don't spend a week trying to get 1 item like in MMOs. The developers really make it so that you're not feeling like it's a boring chore. - Combat The combat system in Portal Knights isn't anything special. There is nothing wrong with that, however, you can also dodge. This one additional mechanic really makes the combat enjoyable. - Story Typical simple story. Not much to say. -Character Customization I love it. You can change the appearance of your character again after you create it. Also, armor is allowed to be worn as vanity items at any level and any class as well. Customization is awesome and I want to thank the developers for making a great and enjoyable game.
I love this game. The graphics are superb, even at mid range. The story is enough to give the game direction. The items and crafting options are abundant and well balanced. The only qualms I have so far are with the controls. They tend to be a little clunky and the camera is difficult to control in tight spaces. I keep running into the issue of mining/attacking/interacting about 8 squares to the right of where I'm aiming, which is incredibly frustrating when collecting resources and building.
I wanted to build something, but i became frustrated with McPE's abysmal controls. PK has the smooth controls of an ARPG, no hunger mechanic, 3 class types, a variety of world presets between world environments and landscape types. only have 2 complaints. no vertical controls when flying snapped to a grid. no build shortcuts such as wall/line extrusion
I enjoyed playing this game with my family. It was something easy for a non gamer like me to play as well as kept us intrigued on what would happen next. My only problem is that even if your level for your character is lower than the place you are going to you can still succeed and move on. Cause of that we got all the way to the end and just dropped it cause there wasn't anything keeping us wanting to play. Great game to play just a little too easy and quick to beat with others.
Fun game need a away to look at quest in a list. Game will freeze if you switch tabs or buy any DLC. Have to restart game everytime I check messages or any other app.
I played this for the xb1 now I own it I like. Ya could've added quite a bit more it really feels like you guys were acceptable I'm just a bare minimum and making a game. The boards aren't that big, there's no real racist to choose from except for the two that you have to spend $10 each to get, not a lot of options, but all in all I liked it
I love this game the only issues i have is the targeting system is very poor there needs to be a button to target the nearest enemy or ones that are hitting you half the time im running and jumping while trying to get a single hit on my target just to force the game to auto target the enemy, that was very poorly thought out and its very annoying and i know im not the only one who thinks so, also theres not enough sun diamonds
Game is great however it is no longer gettings updates and so left behind. Controls also need improvement.
too be brief... this game is a better minecraft, simple as that. No downfalls e aside from the fact that I already maxed out, max level, completed all the lands and fought all of the bosses. Now I got nothing to do, so I'd be great if you guys could add a hard mode were we re do everything in abarder difficulty obviously or add a second world with more lands and bosses. but higher level obviously. other then that the game was, cause j already finished and still is a great game. 5/5 starts 🤗🤗🤗
It's very fun, but keeps crashing on my Samsung A7. Fix this problem please, don't abandon us mobile players.
False advertising. In about game they claim it is family library eligible. Download added to library. Launch game and says they don't support it. Contact developer and they State they have never supported it and no plans to. Oh and we're keeping your money.
No Android TV support! Immediately refunded as soon as I realized. Shame, I was having fun with the game on my phone, but cross-device play was why I bought it in the first place. There's no reason not to support Android TV other than to bolster sales of the more-expensive PC version. Also no updates in nearly a year despite complaints in the comments. This is obviously a drop-and-go port of the game without any future on mobile.
Meh. I bought this game for 5$, I was hoping for a decent game. Dont get me wrong, i like it and enjoy it but just a few things id change 1. Islands? Really dude? Falling off the islands is stupid, and you lose coins ontop of it. Dumb idea. 2. The camera system is total garbage, it has the hardest time switching from any mode to any mode.. Makes your game bounce in and out until the camera can focus on where it needs to be. 3. A.I targeting needs to have a dropdown list to target enemies.
This is a great combination of a crafting game, (similar to minecraft) with an RPG. It's probably not for the hard core gamer, but, it is something that I think anyone can get into.
I hardly played the game because everytime i start a survival game,i hardly started and the game freezes and goes back to the home screen. I tried downloading it again,playing with internet,nothing works. is it because of the type of phone I have? i don't know but fix it or i will give you 1 star and demand a refund!
Game itself is good but need a few things working on like control and when some calls you it stops the game and u have to closed and reload
This would be 5 stars if they added the updates and DLCs that other platforms have had for years and fixed the issue of the game crashing everytime it gets minimized. The full Portal Knights is an amazing game. The best "Minecraft like" game out there IMO.
I have high hopes I played this on ps4 1 years ago if it's good this will be a 5stars.(edit I am disappointed every time my game gos off screen it crashes and it's not even ps4 controller compatable
Please make it possible for us to link our Steam or console progress with Mobile. Create a cloud save on mobile or something to connect the two please. I spent money on both mobile and steam. It sucks that one cant continue playing this awesome game on the go not being able to switch between pc and mobile.
Its very addited. It reminds me of builderquest. I forget tht lm playing on the phone how high the graphics are. Game is fun too. Best phone game l ever played.
The Game is VERY poorly optimised for android! Even on my 2019 ASUS ROG PHONE 2, I have to go down to the lowest settings to get a half decent frame rate - the phone doesn't get got either as if its even working hard - the game is choppy and laggy. Disappointing as I've played the Nintendo Switch version which works very well. Not sure why it is lagging so much and all my other android games run fine.
It's a 5star game I like it a lot. I love Minecraft which is superior in most ways but portal knights has the adventure aspect better imo. But -1 due to the game freezing when my controller disconnects or I tab out to check a message. And another -1 for not being up to date with dlc available.
If I put this game to the background to do something else, the game won't come back at all. Just a black screen.
I love this game! The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because if I close the game for a second or swipe down to change my screen brightness or something, it freezes and I have to restart the app. I have A new phone, so It seems like it shouldn't freeze like that. Also, the controls are a bit tricky, but after a while of playing you'll probably get used to them. One more thing, make sure you have a good device, because it lags a bit on mine at higher graphics settings.
I love playing this game with me niece, but after awhile it gets old. Good for about 2 weeks of casual play and the your looking for anything new..... no update since Oct 2018 ... question asked and answered 😑😑😑. Still the game is kid friendly and allows up to 4 characters in the same wifi to play together so it a good way to get kid interested in building games.
Very fun and enjoyable game, some times the game dose crash after playing for more then a hour. Fix this then 5tars all the way
I love this game on consoles my only complaint on the phone is that I can't choose the other species and races to play as! Also the druid class is sorly missed. EDIT: IT HAS NOW ASKED ME THREE TIMES TO RATE THE GAME AFTER I ALREADY HAVE! ALSO THE A BUTTON SHOULD BE A JOYSTICK AS WELL SO YOU CAN LOOK AROUND AND MINE WHILE STANDING STATIONARY!
Refunded, Cannot join dedicated server due to incompatible game version, Game hangs if you switch apps and go back to the game
I love this game! But it lags a whole lot and when I tried to play with my dad it did not connect to his world. and when i get to the second boss is glitching a whole lot that the boss just flys right out of the world i tried what they said what would fix the second great beast and it didn't work!!!😠🤬😠😡😠🤬
You guys should upgrade the mobile version as well with new items and missions and dlc. I mean the last update is abourt a year old. I love the game but I wish I could have more items to craft and more things to do and the druid version on mobile
I really love this game on PC, so I don't want to review too harshly because I know its a quality game I've played on Switch, PC, and PS4, but I just don't think it ports well to mobile. If you have to play on mobile, I would 100% suggest a controller, as with most mobile games like this, the on screen controls are awkward, especially trying to build. I do believe the game loses a lot from the port, including the two really great DLCs and some important updates like nixing weapon durability.
Super fun and easy to pick up! I would give 5 stars but I wish I didn't need to be on the same wifi as the other players for multiplayer option :/ . Would be cool if you could invite them from anywhere. None the less, absolutely LOVE the game .
Good game, I really enjoy it. The only thing that makes me take away a star is that they don't seem to be updating it anymore, so it's very far behind the console and PC versions
It is so good, because there is so much content in it, plus the exploring, building, and the characters.
Portal Knights really takes after Terraria, but adds RPG elements. Portal Knights doesn't have worlds, but offer various islands all of a different biome. These islands can be regenerated if the player so choses whether they need more resources, or want a different setting. The player may customize their hero to their hearts content; vanity slots and armor. If you want something like Terraria but with 3D graphics, Portal Knights should be an option to consider.
This game is gorgeous. It has great flow and feels like you're free to move forward sorta in your own way. The graphics are crisp and the game play smooth.
I just bought and installed this game, running on the Samsung s20 5g and I can't get into the game it either gets stuck at the menu or just a white screen. I don't want to give a actual review as I haven't actually been able to play the game. I'm able to play every other game and my phone doesn't run slow, so not sure what's going on but I'm hoping I'll be able to play soon.
Great fun! Excellent graphics! Pushing the mobile gaming experience. Thank you so much for supporting a gamepad.
This is a fun game, however now that it is no longer updated and does not support cross platform play I can no longer give it 5 stars. One of its main appeals was the possibility of playing with family members on a tablet while on my computer. Sadly that is not a possiblity :/
Game is good. But by now is not. Because of worst laggy. And my phone just fine handle other high graphics! But this? Wow.....I'm use on samsung galaxy Note 9. So i want to you fix all and also put add the hitbox mine with hitbox easy than open area screen annoying me to press wrong attack monster coming to me... also destroy side of block where i tap open area screen IS annoying... hitbox is for mine or press correct area attack. Also easy as build. Edit: why you're going not reply back to me?
this is a really great game it has a hours ontop of hours of content, it's a really diverse game and I'd say the best RPG game in the playstore but there Is one thing i was wondering, will the elves, rogues and rifts dlc every be ported over to mobile? I'd love to play it in a portable device other than the switch because sometimes it's a little bulky but other than that 11/10 game
A wealth of content and fairly easy learning curve. Bored with grinding, go mine or farm and still earn xp. Dig deep for treasure!
So fun, just like the ps4 version. Combat is a little tricky sometimes hard to lock on to proper target but crafting and gathering works great. Construction isn't to hard. Good game
good game, I play it on my phone with a moga controller and it runs perfectly. 3 stars. because I cant get it to run without lagging on my tablet and yall NEED to add a cloud save option edit: im planning on getting a new phone sometime soon, is there a way ,other than waiting for yall to add a cloud save, that will let me transfer my save from one device to another??
I love this game on the PS4 so I figured I'd try this version. Unfortunately, I have already had problems after a few hours of having it. Every time I exit the game (to view a text or something) and try to reenter the game it crashes making me lose progress. I wish I could give this 5 stars but not until the crashes stop.
Very good game but i don't like that when you touch the screen to punch an enemy, place a block or break it, it don't work, it just punch somewhere where i don't touch! It's soooo annoying! Like if: i touch in the middle of the screen then it places my block in the corner of the screen! But still, a really Great game!
graphics could be better and more detailed characters other than that just a awesome game. minecraft like without the getting old and boring part
The game is really good but.. when is the next update? I'm still waiting for actual dlcs and furfolk and elfs.. if you guys are struggling to make those updates it's ok but it hasn't been updated since October of 2019!! Still 5 stars because the game itself is AMAZING nonetheless, keep up the good work Edit: I have a Nintendo switch and I'll be downloading it there but if you're planning on updating it in a month or so please respond thanks!
whenever I open it sometimes I can't even play it because it restarts my phone and it makes it where I have to take the battery out of my phone and then put it back in sometimes it's lags so much that it kicks me from the game please make the game better next time it's almost impossible on a mobile device please make it work doesn't lag as much thank you! but I do like it a lot whenever it doesn't do that please keep on updating it 😊
Love this game I play it on the Xbox one too. Pretty smooth in game play little trick changing controls from controller to touch but over all fun game .... That being said where's the updated character choices for this version I want my rouge
Loved this game from the start. I am constantly amazed at how close the android version is to console version.
It's a good game the graphics are amazing gameplay is good the price is amazing for everything that you get from it and all around it's a great game the bad things about the game is whenever you move a little bit it will make you roll the controls are way too close to each other
Great game, i love all the loot and cool weapons but i just wish it had more features like the ps4 and Xbox versions. Also just add more islands and new bosses would be great too.
The game is cool, but when I updated to Android 11 I am having some problems with UI scale, I don't know why but UI scale is wrong in my device. This happened when I update my Android!
Great game! Needs a little more optimization as max settings can cause some stutter. my phone is a snapdragon 865plus with 12 gigs of ram. it's very much capable of playing this game. Still 5 stars as that's just minor compared to what your getting!
This game has all the fun of exploration, mining and crafting of Minecraft, but without the downsides (no hunger, no getting totally lost in mines, no confusing crafting system). Then throw a Zelda-like action-RPG system on top and you basically have this game. If you are a fan of those 2 games, you wont regret dropping money on this. The current 4.3 rating must be from bugs or something. I'm on a GS7 and it's been flawless for me. Easily one of the best I've played on the Play Store.
10/10 for friends and family gaming, remember that if you get this game, if you quit the app to lets say accept a phone call or answer a text the game will black screen when you go back to it and cause you to reload the game but other than that I have completed it and apart from it being difficult to lock on to enemies sometimes I have had a blast, no DLC is a shame but overall have really enjoyed it.
Downgraded to 1★! Contacted support, they were cluless. But they said the would pass the info to the devs. Oh, it gets worse! Asked where the updates & DLC were. The actually said they are not told about them! Even though tbe other platforms have had them for YEARS! this is an unsupported App! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
Perfect casual game that is loads of fun and has tons to do. Have played single player and multplayer on same wifi and the game runs great. Just a wonderful game that can keep up with those big names in its genre.
KeenGames, Update The PortalKnights "Now" it Been Last Year now, That You Haven't Active For The Update For Android, Don't Leave Behind On Android You Always Wasting The "TIME" Like "Terraria" It Cost Alot of "DLC" on Steam, Why would you just Update It? it Been 2018 Late December i Actually Play, But You Give Alot to Steam For "DLC", How About Android, The PortalKnights Is Died here? For Android? There IS Alot Of "BUG" Around in Android Now.
Absolutely amazing game! Graphics and gameplay are fun and immersive. There should be an update with the red portals that allow you to progress further into the game. Possibly even make it online and it's a plus.
I like love this game but for some reason It keeps crashing anytime I have to check a message or step away from my phone for a minute while it is running.
I played the game on xbox one love that they have logic commands so I went to play on mobile in creative mode since PK creative is better than minecraft in my opinion but THERE IS NO LOGIC COMMANDS! No levers, pressure plates, buttons, or logic commands to create your own cool puzzle game experience like there is on the xbox version. That #1 needs to be fixed.
Played this game on the Xbox loved it so much I didn't realize it was on the phone 10/10 attend would recommend although I do wish there were more classes like there is on the Xbox we'll see
The game is good, are amazing gameplay is good the price is amazing for everything that you get from it and all around it's a great game the bad things about the game is whenever you move a little bit it will make you roll the controls are way too close to each other
I really like this game, but it has one big issue for me. Every time I do anything outside the game, it crashes. I can't text. I can't search the internet. I can't make a phone call.
love but I can get to any dedicated servers it just says error I tried the web site and it does not help at all oh wow the had a response that fixed NOTHING lost stars for bad devs
it's super fun but the controls are horrific and difficult to use. especially flying. and it has this wierd thing to send you flying for no reasin like 20 blocks away
This game is pretty fun, and would be really fun if they were still maintaining/updating this (Android) version. Sadly the version for Android is multiple versions behind all of the other platforms (PC/XBox/Playstation) which makes cross platform multiplayer impossible. Something they don't bother to include in the description. Could easily be 5stars if they decided to update it.
I fell in love with this game on the ps4 so I downloaded this version and they haven't updated it in a year. Overall disappointed. Its outdated and seems like they won't be updating at all. I would suggest downloading on the ps4 if interested but please don't waste you money on this trash.
Game is good. But by now is not. Because of worst laggy. And my phone just fine handle other high graphics! But this? Wow.....I'm use on samsung galaxy Note 9. So i want to you fix all and also put add the hitbox mine with hitbox easy than open area screen annoying me to press wrong attack monster coming to me... also destroy side of block where i click area screen IS annoying... hitbox is for mine or press correct area attack. Also easy as build. Edit: why you're going not reply back to me?
Its Way better than Minecraft. This game is insanly underated. Much small lovely coded islands and tonns of cool stuff like npc's, cool and epic furniture, a ton of useful blocks, an Awesome story and the end cutscene made me cry because the ending is so DAMN epic! When You play PK and made it to the end you really feel like a Hero. This game is look'n kinda THICC. Good job Game dev's! You made an awesome masterpiece.
I like this game so much .... the only things that I am waiting from that start of the game make it online to be possible to play online with other players , friend list , private room etc.. also add survival mode
I paid for this game on two devices to play a co-op with my brother and I'm having quite a few difficulties setting up a lobby. We're on the same network with newer phones.
Two issues and one dislike. Issue #1: My character automatically jumps when I get close to an edge. Why does it do this? I've died so many times by this. A button to turn off auto-jump would be useful. Issue #2: No Mini-Map. This needs to be added Big Time! Mostly to find people in those big castle locatoons. Dislike: Why is there a magnifying glass when destroying blocks? It's annoying. Besides what I mentioned above, this game is INCREDIBLY FUN! Grinding is a drag, but I prefer it that way ♡
Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Game looks and runs nice so far. Lvl 3. I will say of the many games I've run on this device, this one drains my battery quicker than any other and causes some heating though I haven't seen if the heat will be an issue yet or not. Going to get a controller as on screen controls are difficult.
Got a new phone game works great now. But one thing that bothers me is the durability mechanic on mobile. On pc you don't have to worry about the durability of your weapons or tools. This game is already a lot like minecraft. Removing the durability system will make the game more different on mobile. And please make all the dlcs available on mobile.
This game excellently blends Minecraft and RPG's together to create a fun experience you can enjoy with your children. I highly recommend this game to people who are both fans of creative voxel based construction, and team exploration. 10/10 would play with my kiddos again. :)
One of the best games on mobile. No cash-grab schemes. Full adventure mode with rpg elements combined with simplistic real-time combat. Skill points, abilities, gear, potions, crafting, freedom. Mash it with a blocky styled "collect everything, build anything" sandbox and you've got yourself a great gaming experience.
I used to be love this game way. But until i realized there no updates and versions is very outdated. Like missing out of Elves, Rogues, & Rifts on mobile devices? C'mon just do and we'll wait for you to update this and better to be. Hopefully you read this final message.
it is almost impossible to play on a computer or a laptop. instead of having to click and drag to do anything I think it should kinda be like minecraft since when people first found out about this game they were calling it minecraft 2.0 or minecraft 2
I don't know why this game doesn't have a higher overall rating and isn't at the top of the charts. It has been one of the most enjoyable mobile games I have played. Just a good mix of RPG, building, resource management and combat. I like the inventory and how you can instantly warp back to your home (where you can bring NPCs, build a house etc without being attacked). For $5 it's an easy win!
Every time i minimize or switch apps... and come back to Portal Knights... the screen is and stays black... if i leave the app to do anything.... the screen goes and stays black. I have to close the app and re launch it every time. That is stupid. Fix it.
LOVING THIS GAME!! i have scrolled past this game so many times, i feel retarded never giving it a chance until now. Bravo Devs! Now if there was only a way to connect to my friends games from longer distances, since i work long boring hours i can get away on my phone from time to time. The wifi Connectivity for a *multiplayer* (Couch co-op really) is good but my wife doesnt care to play games (like this) on the phone.
The game is awesome, but the controls on mobile can be changed a bit and I wish the other DLC's come to mobile
When the game was installed there was no way of playing the game. There must be some sort of glitch. All of the text was unreadable and you were unable to click on or launch anything. Would really be interested in playing, but unfortunately it wouldn't even start up.
Great game! Hope there is some auto sort button for the items cause it gets kinda messy when you have too much items.
Absolutely lovely game! It's everything i just don't get from Minecraft. My only problem with it is that there's no support for notched displays, leaving me with a rather unsightly black bar on the left side of my screen.
The game is great, however I am unable to minimize the game. After switching from another app, the game freezes ang giving me a black screen. I am already going to give it a 5 star if the bug is fixed.
I've played it first on Xbox and it was fun.. Awesome game. I just think the android version needs a big update. Needs some work on mobile version plx
It has some bugs but it's a great game with a lot of potential to become greater. It reminds me a bit of minecraft but with better graphics. It's also similar to dragon quest builders but not to similar. Fun game, if it didn't have the bugs I'll have give it 5 stars.
It's a wonderful game but it's a pity that the dev have abandoned the mobile version leaving all the DLC out. So this is just the initial basic game without any hype and things to look forward to.
Great game. It runs very well and feels the way I always imagined a true Minecraft "ADVENTURE" mode. That being said, this is a game on its own and way more than just another Minecraft clone. It's a well-made adventure game, the worlds are beautiful and full of things to explore, the characters are adorable and the leveling and crafting systems work well. My only gripe are the controls. While building, I sometimes add blocks in a place I am not even looking at and during combat, it it sometimes hard to lock on to enemies (and once I am locked on, I sometimes get pinned down in corners). But 90% of the time everything works fine and even if it doesn't, it is still very much playable and enjoyable.
Really love this game but It requires a lot of processing power to run smoothly because of the graphics. I figured it was well optimized for android so I bought it and was disappointed that my phone can't handle the frame rate. I have games with larger file size on my phone that play with no problem so I'm guessing it's just how this game is designed. Hopefully this is changed in the future because I love this game.
After playing a few days, if you are looking for a multi player game this game is the answer. My only complaint is about the controller specifically when fighting the bosses omg the camera just killing me and when fall into the hole. Also the game can crash if you accidentally press your notification. Well better lower your graphic to the lowest to experience smooth gameplay if can play 5 people would be perfect. That can understandable for the 4 player because of leggy too high graphic.
One of the best mobile games. Very fun coop play. You can even host a dedicated server on a PC for a persistent cross platform world you and your buddies are working on and join it with android clients to still slaughter monsters or add another foor to your house while away from your desk. I got it for both PC and android.
I originally got this when it came out and asked for a refund because it was just not worth the 9$. I got it again (on sale) and it is well worth it. They added a remote support which makes it totally playable and awesome. Get one on amazon for 30$ and this is a GREAT game to take anywhere. I haven't even tried it without the remote. Two days and I have spent all night playing. The game hasn't been updated in a long time. Star off since once you are done it's pretty boring.