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PopcornTrivia for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by CustomPlay LLC located at 18457 Long Lake Drive Boca Raton, FL 33496. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Drug Use, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It seems very odd how the questions in multiplayer quizzes are always the movies I haven't played in single player. Pretty obvious they keep track of the ones you don't know the answers to, to keep throwing at you in the multiplayer rounds. Also during the multiplayer rounds, for the song questions, alot of times the song doesn't start playing within the 30 seconds to identify which scene its from and also a few times the percentages never showed up when I pressed the option for the poll.
Message pops up constantly saying "cannot connect to our servers. please check internet connection.". I would not be able to write this review if there a problem with my internet connection.
The questions are perfect because they are challenging however, it would be much better if they had movies newer than 2017, and also sometimes when I tap on and answer it chooses the one directly below it or above it when I clearly pressed the one I was aiming for. Also whenever I am finished with one act, instead of going back to the screen that shows all three, the app completely restarts.
It actually has good questions unlike a lot of other trivia apps. There arent any new movies on there that came out past 2017, so that kind of sucks. Also there are not a lot of ads so that is good.
Excellent, fun & very addictive trivia game strictly for movie lovers & buffs alike. Ads are more hassle free, unlike most other free game apps. Highly recommend this to anyone who has ever played Scene It!
Great game , but be aware it has been abandoned by the makers. It will tell you in game that new movies are added every week . This is not true, false advertising. I've been playing for months and it has not been up updated once.
This game is so fun to play around with just wish they could add more new movies and shows that's why I usually stick around for it.
Fun and interactive for both single player or multiple player. I like the set up of the game, play options, and the great trivia and facts following the answer.
great game. i really enjoyed playing but now it doesn't work anymore. When i open the app it say it can't connect to its servers.
Ive installed your app 5x and keep getting a msg that i dont have a server connection. My wifi is great. Something wrong on your end.
It would help if I could change the screen orientation in the game. Otherwise, it's probably the only trivia game that's held my interest for more than a few days. I love the fact that the movies scan a wide time period ("Gone With the Wind" and "Wizard of Oz" are VERY old movies!) and more are added all the time! (Where's all the Stephen King movies?! All I've seen is a remake of Carrie!)
Easy 5 stars here probably the best movie trivia game iv played not too many adverts and the are many to choose from and the questions arnt always obvious which is good for real movie fans
This is a very fun trivia game for film buffs! The little extra trivia and added bits really make this experience worth it!
This app used to be fantastic but since late last year I only get a "cant connect to server" error. Others have reported the same issue with no answers. It looks like it has been abandoned.
Questions are challenging, but fun. Interesting trivia and/or related information is revealed after some quiz entries. Single player mode does not pay out as well as multi-player; but it's difficult to find players to challenge in muti-player mode (unless you're down with taking on the robots). Ads are modestly spursed throughout, but easy to get through. Overall, a good gaming app for movie/television series trivia buffs.
It's a fun trivia game that has an interesting reward system (making custom avatars, etc). I just wish the multiplayer mode would have more classic movie selections for it's random questions.
Amazing trivia game with tons of interactive bonus trivia and great questions. I love he variety of questions and all the information you need is from the movie itself, not about production, dates, actors, or anything beyond watching the film. I love that they added TV shows, even if it is locked until purchased with ingame currency. I just played for a few hours before getting enough popcorn points to unlock a season of Game of Thrones. Please make more series.
Just a painful amount of fun. Would be nice if they occasionally revamped/updated each category so you could play each film more than once...
Awesome app, has a lot of films, very specific and difficult questions some of the time, other times too general and basic. The soundtrack questions are innovative and interesting.
Fun game. Yes, I get a badge if I give the app 5 stars, but it is a good game anyway. Even challenging for movies you are quite familiar with.
Great great app and a lot of fun! Not only can I enjoy during the movies, now I can have fun after the movies as well. Only thing is why there are no more updates on new movies for the last couple of years?
Great game, but i wish they added movies such as Total Recall (new), Phonebooth, The Drop (2014), Max Payne, This Means War, Venom and Dead Man Down. Thank you if you add any of these!
Was a fun game I played daily, but is apparently now defunct. I've not had the game work since early February, and I see that others have the same problem. Nice of them to let us know.
Totally love this game.. I play with a friend at work we have a great time. We both enjoy this game a lot ๐Ÿ˜œ
Good Triva with large selection of movies. There are adds but they are not annoying and have to do with the questions which is really unique. i definitley reccomend this if you love movie trive. great prep from the Movie Trivia Schmodown!
REALLY fun game. I love trivia! This game has some easy questions and some really difficult questions. So fun with friends or alone. Highly recommend.
A fun app that has a lot of content despite being free (ads that are easily skippable between rounds). A LOT of movies are available (some TV shows unlockable) - you can happily just play single player or you can play with others. Single player games offer the same questions if you choose to replay it (for 500 popcorn currency) and generally isn't worth it unless you're going for a specific achievement that will reward you with popcorn or an avatar item. Overall, a good game to play.
Great selection of films, moderately difficult questions, and fantastic embedded multimedia. Best Film Trivia App by Far imo
I've always liked this app but now it's pretty lame. Reason I say that is bcuz it's the same movies over and over. Every update. You can't vote for a new movie anymore or nothing. It's really annoying. I love this app and wanna continue using it but if it stays the same, I'll just end up uninstalling.
This game is so good, it feels like you should have to pay for it rather than just seeing the very occasional and sometimes very helpful ad in between rounds of the game. Outstanding graphics, sidebars that both inform and entertain, and an overall presentation that makes it feel like the developers of this game are more interested in providing an entertaining experience to its client base then making money off of them. A job very, very, well done. Thank you.
No updates since 2018 so I reached out to the developer. Was told they don't have the resources to continue on so what's on here is it. No more movies will be added. So sad cause this app was fun and had potential.
Unable to play this as it keeps saying it can't connect to their servers and to check Internet connection. My connection is fine so it's a bug on the game!
Really cool database. Glad to see some of my favorite movies used for trivia challenges. The ads are well placed and hardly intrusive. And hey, you might even learn a thing or two. Avatars are goofy =] My son loves to play it with me....is there a local battle mode?๐Ÿ—กโ“๐Ÿ—ก
The game itself is really fun. App has a few glitches though and it's a shame they've abandoned it. Would be fantastic if it was kept up with. I wish you had the option to pick one movie and do all of the trivia for it when you're doing multiplayer. It's only available in single.
Unable to play the game. I have been playing forever and love it however now it keeps telling me that it is unable to connect to the server and I should check my internet connection. I have great WiFi, and I should be able to use it on my data without WiFi yet it still won't let me. Very disappointed. I don't want to uninstall as last time I did that (moving from phone to phone) it didn't pull over my points (it wouldn't sync, just kept crashing). Super sad
I love trivia and heard about Popcorn Trivia from a movie review you tube channel. The games are simple, challeging, & fun. Needs more movies.
I was really enjoying the game until it just stopped working and constantly says it can't connect to the network. I have tried reinstalling it twice now but still not working. disappointing to say the least.
Very Entertaining memory crunching movie trivia, with customizing avatar, and tons of movies to keep you playing for hours. Get lost in this ultimate movies quizes experience and get rewarded to unlock new things. Must download for any movie buffs
Good game overall. Would like the option to customize player profile, change name, and sync account to Google (that last option shuts down the game when I try it).