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Pop The Ice

Pop The Ice for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Orangenose Studio located at 21-1, 7th Flr. Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District Taipei City, Taiwan. The game is suitable for Teen (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Malware! Do NOT install unless you want pop-up ads harassing you on your phone every couple of minutes no matter what app you are using even with the internet turned off. It took me 2 weeks to figure out which app was causing these pop-up ads which make it impossible for you to do anything on your phone. I had to delete tons of apps and the pop-up ads wouldn't go away until I deleted this app and finally peace! No more virus pop-up ads! Save yourself the hassle and download a different game.
Great Game!!! Recommended for everyone to try!!! However, it is way too short! One can complete it in only 3 days or less. You should add some more levels. Overall, the game is great!
absolutely amazing! i like the artstyle, the aesthetic and LOVE the choice of music !! The game revolves around platforming using cocktail glasses .Each stage is progressively getting harder than the rest and after the end of each "boss" battle , you unlock a new cocktail ( up to 9 ) , which you can find out how to make and also the history behind its creation. This game is - simply put - amazing. Just download it and you'll understand my enthusiasm. FANTASTIC job , developers!! :))
The idea of the game is simple actually, popping the ice right into the glass. But I can't keep my hand to tap next level until I reach the end of the level in just a few days. I think I am in love.
Level 90 is impossible to beat because of the placement of the gab especially when the next glass is the sliding glass. Watching ad to continue also doesnt help. sometimes after watching ad the current glass that holding the ice becomes invisible.
Truly, one of the best games I have ever played and I have played a lot xD. The game is very simple and it keeps you going. The graphics are super awesome and minimalistic. I finished the entire game in a span of 4 hours! Cheers :)
it a very fun and simple game with some really nice graphics, its worth a try the only complaints i have with it, its that they have to much ads so i can't really play peacefully other than that its a pretty good game
Fun. I love this game, it's simplistic art and music, but one thing really irks me. That happens to be the vibrations when the ice cube is dropped, especially since there has yet to be a button to disable that. Otherwise, it's a 10/10.
From a developer a developer, this game is an amazing concept for a casual one , however fix level 40, it's the biggest jump in difficulty in your game. Consider hiring a decent game designer for this, the jump in difficulty creates a hard gate that the players can't pass, I would highly recommended adding funnel analytics for your level progression. As a fellow developer I can understand that this can be really frustrating to change one small part in the game but that's exactly what sets you apart from other studios.
Pritty good game for me but i don't know what other peoples think about this game. You can play it every time you want but it is still litlebit boring. Three stars from me.
It's a perfect game to pass time truly casual and challenging as well only problem is when you lose your phone vibrates and i can't turn it off but a great game over all
Fun and challenging, but way too many ads. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put this many ads in a game this frustrating? And having my phone buzz every time I miss is so annoying. But I can't turn that or the ads off. I'm out.
Interesting game, aesthetically pleasing. Hope they fix the default vibration issue through some update. The vibrating is kinda uncomfortable, it would be great if the dev can give some option to turn it off.
It ia a wonderful game foe time pass. It took me very few days to complete this but during these days, it came handy. After a stretch of study, this game proved to be refreshing.
It was very nice game and i pass a lot of time with it. But the problem is that doesnt autosave corectly and also doesnt have a save button causing to lose the levels you have won.
Really fun game, very smooth and like the graphics style. Controls are simple and easy to get into. Only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that it's a little too easy to complete not sure if they are thinking of adding more levels (90 at time of review) Also would like you to be able to click on the pictures of the cocktails you unlock so they give the name and maybe short description. Overall good fun timekiller.
Step by step it get a difficult game especially 40 level, very confusing but it is an interesting game we can play it in our leisure time, it's ok you can download it, it's a interesting game
I would give this game a 5 star rating as the graphics are really good and there are minimal ads but it is infuriatingly hard I am stuck in level 40 for the last week
Nice cool game to kill time, loving the graphics and physics! Won't play it for longer durations, just in time bits of time. Thanks for creating this game!!
Level 40 is a huge jump in difficulty, simply frustrating after 39 much easier almost boring levels. Beyond that these silly popups asking if you like the cocktail and want to know more about it.. About what?! It's a few bands of color in a glass shape and no name even, never mind what's in it. Do people really choose cocktails based solely on their color? Ridiculous.
Great little game ruined by ads in every moment. The game is large for an simple game and the ads are very intrusive and happens every 2 or 3 levels, which destroys momentum of the game. Shame since it could be an better game just dialing down the quantity of ads and incentive more ads to see instead of forcing the user to see it.
Simple yet engaging. Challenging yet not frustrating. As is always the case with Orangenose games, ad intrusion is kept to a minimum. Definitely worth a download.
The perfect balance between timing and patience, this game tickles a part of my brain that I didn't know could be tickled.The ads can be intrusive at times, especially when trying to perfect a level. Otherwise a solid minimalist game.
Fun game but a few notable problems. First off, this game has a large amount of rng. One of the cups slides off the edge, and you have to get it in before it falls. Unfortunately, because the positioning is random, 99% of the time the cups never line up before it falls off, and therefore there is no possible way to successfully complete it, unless you get lucky several times in a row which rarely happens. Also, every fail causes a super loud vibration that can't be turned off. Fix this please.
Game is fun and the difficulty ramps up at a normal pace. At times RNG can make levels nigh unwinnable though. The settings leave a bit to be desired as turning off sound and music resets every time the app stops and there is absolutely no way to turn off vibration.
very addictive. great way to pass time when sitting in the waiting area for your Dr. appointment. if any one has a Dr. like mine he has Pt. waiting for at least 1hr. he is not phased when you complain about the wait. my time is $$ also. but when you have to depend on the Dr because you neec him this game passes the wait time more quickly. very pleased with how addictive this is.
The game is very interesting and loved it. Its not too hard or too easy. This game cools our mind and we feel relaxed by playing this. Whenever we play this game we forget all things and just willing to win eatables as many as we can.
I loved this game very much but why the lights go of. Is this pop the ice or don't see the ice???? And when the ice is not going in upper glass so the galss from which we pop the ice should stop. By the way i liked it very much, in fact i am on 44 level and the 30 level was very interesting and awesame. Awesame work๐Ÿ˜‰
Worst bugs that you can ever expect.. Once ypu complete a boss level you have to complete the next level also to have the boss level score reflect . Once you get revived you may not see any glass and you may lose another chance.. So many bugs.. The ice cubes sometimes get stuck between the wall and glass. The vibration feels irritating.. I have completed the whole game so i could give this review.
There is no option to disable vibrations or I couldn't find it. I am not a perfectionist to continue with game when my battery is getting drained every time I fall. Overall good game.
Solid game. Graphics are well done for what it is, but my only complaint is that I run into an Ad every 10 seconds.
The real deal of the game begins after level 3 ๐Ÿ˜Š. I must say, orangenose make some of the most uniquely simple but very entertaining games
I've played all the stages. After that I think this is an average quality game... All the steps are same at all... Need more complex level with more tricky terms.
Nice game. there's a particular corner case you haven't covered: the ice getting stuck between the glass and the wall. the game just keeps running in an infinite loop and doesn't allow me to quit. Although it's probabilistically low, please try to fix this. I would've attached a screenshot but there's no option to do so here. I'm only giving you low ratings so that you notice the comment. But i love the game.
it was a good app, although I did have at least 1 problem while playing. 1 game in World 3, I was playing and I got stuck on the wall because of the wind, I was stuck on between the wall and the cup.Outside of that this is a particularly good app.
Completed the game upto level 90 but awarding 4 stars just because of the snags and hanging I had to face during the gameplay. In some of the levels, i even had to play whole level again juzt because the app stuck and couldn't recover from it until its reboot.
Genius. The ads in this game are one of a kind. It is the first mobile game I've ever played that has unobtrusive ads that can be dismissed anytime, with no timer. Oh. The gameplay is also extremely good. With this one finger mayhem, I can see myself rating this to be the best mobile game of this year
Amazing game! I love the graphics, concept and gameplay. I also absolutely love that we can collect different cocktails. So far, this is one of the best games in my opinion. Definitely 5 stars for me and I would totally recommend it.
I completed this game and most satisfactory thing was it. But the complaint is that there is no victory banner in the game...
Fun, challenging but not difficult. I did have some control issues on the Pixel 3XL, occasionally taps at the bottom of the screen weren't registered. I didn't have the problem on my 2XL.
Fun game and long user engagement. Fix bug such as; ice cube getting stuck between side wall and glass, watching reward video and not receiving reward and turning music off (hate jazz...any other choice of music genre?), so the game remembers user setting next time I log in (simple developer coding 101). Will give higher rating next time then. What's up with so many adult static banner ads too?