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POP! Slots™ Vegas Casino Games

POP! Slots™ Vegas Casino Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by PLAYSTUDIOS INC located at 10150 Covington Cross Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best thing about this game. It has absolutely THE BEST customer service! The games are super fun and they are always coming up with new ideas and new games so it doesn't get boring and it's super cool that u can save up bonus coins that are not used for anything else but coupons or free stuff at casinos, entertainment and travel for all over the world. I started playing so a friend would get extra coins for inviting a friend but I ended up really loving the game! You should definitely try it
I have dropped around $500+ into this game over the last year and I am not proud of it. I literally have nothing to show but annoyance of how low my coin balance always is. They need to loosen the slots or turn the win rate up for those who put money into the game. I have spent $20 at a time and been able to play for 5 minutes, not hitting one win, before I have to reload another $20, even betting miniscule amounts. It's ridiculous and needs to change. Honestly, I feel micro-transaction abused.
I love the game its so much fun. Then it's on top of that your playing game free and earn coins that get you tons of comps in real casinos or trips on cruise ships or rooms in casinos. Like what are u for really. Its free and I earn free stuff just for playing free slot game. Like said awesome best game I've ever downloaded, if you don't u be dumb not to really earn free stuff and don't pay for nothing only need to download and play...
It can be fun, but you lose way to much money. You can lose forty- fifty times, spinning in a row. It's to bad, that the fun is tainted by greed
Game isn't bad except it doesn't give all your points on wins. Constantly changes your amounts as it goes so your winnings aren't always true! And winzone!!! When ever you have a team and your winning? It makes some players purple and gives those players points to the other team so you lose! Does that 8 out of every 10 games!! So yes the game cheats against you!! They even admitted to me that it is designed to do that!!! That is designed to make you make purchases!!! Don't be a fool!!
I'm not getting all my rewards. I participated on all challenges and I only get 60% of the prizes that I suppose to receive in 24 hours after, for example, yesterday challenge on wind zone, I received $20,000 but I haven't received the 20 candys.
This game? It's the best slots game out there. Pretty much everything about the game is AWESOME! Free rewards on Facebook, welcome back gifts, awesome customer service, and if you play enough, free cruises and hotels! Very balanced reward system with the potential to win a lot with only a little. Great time killer and the developers are always coming up with new ideas to make the game fun! Keep up the great work, and you'll go down as the best slots game! Bunch of love to pop slots.
Anyone else not getting the bonus credits for the "invite a friend"? And yes....all the proper steps(login) were taken. Make things right = 5 stars!
I'm now giving this game only one stars . Due to the fact that to many errors in there system. Last night was playing on three slots that went to there special winnings game and froze up. I lost at least 50 billion chips from this. I find it very unlikely that they will return my winnings. So for this reason I'm waiting to see there response. If it's not the right one I'm deleting this game for good!! Play at your own risk!! I wish I never seen this game after what's been going wrong here!
Use to be a great game... do not spend real money you will regret it. U will never get back what you have spent obviously.. but the game will get worse if u spend real money on it. The only way you win is if you bet super high sometimes.
Uninstalling for sure! I used to love this game so much I've played every day for two years now but y'all have gotten way too outrageously greedy. Can't ever win anymore unless you spend a ton of money on chips. The crazy part is I regularly paid for chips because I enjoyed the game that much but now it's pay or lose and I'm not funding that sorry.
I used to love be this game but now it just drives me crazy. I hit and get a bunch of Wilds and tall stacks and am I ly winning like 15.000 to 20.000 in chips when it used to be millions for a hit like that. It will take all your chips in a matter of minutes every time.
I have a pretty good time playing. The variety of games to play are many. I believe I've been playing Pos Slots for a couple of yrs now and I'm yet to play everyoneof there games. The games are fun, lots of loot grab. I would say on scale between 1-being to worst and 10- stands for the best time I have experienced playing Pop Slots.In all hoestly I have had both 1s and 10s. But overall the times I've played I give this game app. a 8.
Since updating the app I can no longer open it. And it isn't a connection problem cause I've got five bars on 4g. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the app. But nothing has worked so far.
I am so sick of being disconnected especially when I have EXCELLENT internet! And its always during game play! You truly need to work on this game to make it better for us players! Especially since I have spent so much money on this game! This issue has been long long overdue and you still done nothing to fix it and you never respond to my emails! Why have a contact email if you're not going to respond to emails? Why create a game if you aren't going to keep it running right! Very unsatisfied!!!
Pop slots are a rip off, if you make the bonus rounds, they do not give you all your points, or they change thee board. Where you are not even on the board. The game 777, really a big rip off, instead of giving you the opportunity to win the trigger or bonus spots. They stop the spins with the trigger and bonus, and let the rest spins. Hoping you run out of money to by more points. They started all games from scratch, and reduced and kept the same prices but lowered the amount of chips you
The game is really fun but you really only get to play for a little without spending a bunch of money. I tried to just wait and pop other peoples balloon shards so I could play more but I can't get other peoples shards without spinning which I can't do. Great game but definitely needs a way to help players get coins faster without spending money. (Edit) Wanted to play this mornimg but only got 200k coins and tried just betting 10k only to lose it all while only winning 1k if ever winning :/
New Game is NOT worth playing anymore. I had 700 million chips. I thought I'd try the new game Piggy Pop. After spending 500 million, it 'randomly' triggered. Apparently, the bonus game is akin to the Win Zone, which has two stages for elimination, then the final bonus. There is no gain or reward if you don't make the final stage. This is a huge waste of time and chips.
Absolutely terrible experience. I've spent close to $300 on this game because the bonuses are truly enjoyable. However you never seem to win half of what you spend and they are set up to keep you spending money. Do not play this game and do not waste your money.
With a bit of time and daily returns to the game it has a bit of entertainment in it. However the odds are really bad. I've never lost as much as I have on this app compared to other slot machine apps. So far out of every day I play I haven't won a single max bet. Though the game lacks winning odds, the design and game play is flawless. The way your character moves and interacts is very unique. I have never seen a slot app that promotes social activity.
Not a slot machine. No "chance" involved. After playing this a ton for 2 weeks it was easy to figure out. This is not a chance game. The bonus pay u based on how long u stayed on the machine. It becomes clear u only win big if u dump a lot of time into something. If your looking for slots, this is not it. Bonus happens almost every 20 minutes like clockwork. If u hop on a new machine and hit a bonus early, u will get a weak bonus, if u have been on a machine for 20 minutes, pays off. Simple.
I used to love this game that why I'm giving it 2 stars but fixing to Uninstall because I built up to 10 billion coins and it seems like everyone else was hitting big and now im having to rebuild which is going to take awhile considering the low coins yall give.
HOW!? How can anyone find this entertaining!? I had to download it to get gold in a different game, thats a half hour of my life I won't get back! Probably will delete that game too for the aggravation!
Would not recommend popslots or any games by playstudios. I definitely would not recommend anyone to purchase anything from the game, as it will most definitely start slowing any type of wins. I plan on posting screen recorded videos of the game and will update this review with where you can find them.
Great game but your bonus wheel is broken, keep getting an error. It's been 4 days of getting an error, you're robbing me of my daily bonus chips. Help.
Would be really great but the games dont pay that well and they tend to get "stuck" in spin mode!! They also take too long when they win....example, if u get a win i have to press the spin button like 4 times to get another spin...WEIRD!!! I think that you would get better ratings if you would fix those bugs!!!! I want to keep this app but realky isnt worth the headache and frustration...sorry....
I use to love this game, but recently it's almost impossible to win anything unless you are betting some crazy amount even then you will lose more than you win. I had over 2,000,000 bonus points on the new wonderland game took me 3xs to get to the free spins to finally get there and win maybe 1 spin out of 11. So not only do you have to bet a ridiculous amount to get to the bonus you don't even win anything back. All they want is your money I'm done with this game. So greedy
Awesome You give a lot more coins to start now, and bonus rounds more often. THIS IS THE COOLEST SLOT MACHINE GAME OUT OF ALL OTHERS ! THANK YOU POP SLOTS DEVELOPERS FOR THE UPDATE TOO😊👍
Great game until you reach a certain level then it is impossible to play. If you collect and save all day you get a handful of spins due to minimum bet. No chance of playing in competitions/challenges for same reason. You never win but see the 'bots' constantly getting big wins. Game has now become a chore. I save for days to have enough chips to have a decent play and they are gone in 10mins! Uninstalled!!
Per Conner Church comment below your wrong!...not fake!...my friend and I happened to be at the casino and playing at the same time. She was seated on left and I was on right. So, I do know it is real time game. You have to be patient and know when to play high or low. It is a lot of fun!
The games used be good, but now the more new games update the more cost to play.. it seems like now they just want your money. Doing the game it very hard to get the free spend. Thanks
I absolutely LOVE this game! I kniw its rather mindless but its for sure a great way to pass time. I've never had any problems at all with in app purchases, or any other part of this game. I've been playing for over a year and don't plan on stopping any time soon.
Deliberate placement of the max bet button near Android dashboard button is shameful. Could be a decent game if they didn't try to force max bets. They default every machine to max bet, and also position the max bet button next to the increase bet button. Can't tell you how many times it was accidentally pressed. BTW - about a 1% win rate when accidentally hitting max bet too...
It's the best game ever made and pop-up family. I have bin playing this game for months as and I found the graphics to be amazing lots of fun and tech supports really friendly and very helpful just like the question I'm going to ask how do I reinstall my email
I am addicted! Normally I wouldn't waste my time playing for nothing but you actually get to earn points that you can use to get free or discounted hotel stays in Las Vegas and other casino destinations...or free , free drinks, meals, tickets to shows, events, concerts, museums, entertainment, and all kinds of other really cool stuff and it changes often. **UPDATE** I cashed out a very small amount of my points and used them for 2 free nights at Aria Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. Awesome app!
I really like this app, but the reason for the score is because there is a horrible placement of the SPIN button and the MAX BET button. I cant tell you how many times i accidentally hit MAX BET meaning onlybto hit spin. I am totally aware of this issue and I still hit it in error. I just placed a $60,000,000 bet ( that was all my coins) on accident.**** ATTEN DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX***
Too many promotional screens delaying the play experience. The close "buttons" don't always work on the first touches. They remove some more attractive rewards, and it makes this game less interesting to play.
This app sucks balls. If I could give it zero stars I would. Don't bother contacting the developer if you get screwed out of some points/coins, they'll always tell you that it's an oversight on your part and that you were compensated when you know that you weren't. The developers goal is to rip you off. You might think you're competing only with other real people, but you're competing against bots. Lame
very tight, they want you to spend money unfortunately. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Greed= Pop slots. So in other words, if you want the real Casino experience where they suck the money right out of your pocket this is the app for you. This app sucks... to top it off they removed all of their good rewards. Save yourself some grief and don't install this poor app. They just want your money and you get nothing in return. See the auto reply below? These people are thieves
Gaming was good at first, but the development of the game has gone way down hill and I would say try a different slot game. Wish this one was still good after all the money I spent.
Unfortunately there's so much that I don't like. The different casinos are cute w/ nice graphics, but most are locked and you gain XP so slowly that you're stuck playing the same few games over & over. I find games overly complicated. There's elements of each game that I still don't understand. You RARELY win and when you do, the prize is almost always less than your bet, so you WILL run out of coins constantly. Also there's no option to turn off notifications under settings.
Been playing this for years never had an issue until recently.... Shortly after upgrading to Android 11.0, the game crashes and closes or freezes after the loading screen.... Using the latest version of the game.... Please fix this
Like the interactive part of this game- it has taken time and real $ to progress to where I am in game. People who don't spend $ will never get far in this game. If your a gambler looking to have fun but not spend $ this is not the game- you will end up spending more money faster than at the real casino.
I'm not sure why the daily bonuses stopped, but the game is fun to pass the time none the less!! Let it ride!! It's just a game!!
I would have would have given this game of five-star but I went to the bonus round won over 3 million asked me to move to a different room and then I never got my points.. Also when I go to the wind zone or sometimes just on a regular game it'll go real slow and it won't let me hit play to win points if this doesn't get fixed I will be removing the game. Used to be fun.
Never pays out. Completely convinced that the "people" playing with you are fake. Almost always get the worst bonus outcome after sinking so many chips into it. Just really frustrating. Like the idea of playing to get rewards for Vegas. Just unplayable though, always out of chips. With dozens of other slot apps available, this one performs the worst with pay outs.
The game came on my phone and I played it just trying it out. It's good to play and you can meet other players on their too. It's ads on here but I don't mine. I don't bet maximum limit, or what they say because your chips will go quickly. I like it when I'm looking for fun. Would like more free chips and a easier way to get them and easier way to play (get the things needed) for thier contests. But I like the game.
Fun app but doesn't keep their word when you invite friends to win chips. It was my first time playing and I invited my wife as well to get chips. Didn't receive any chips. They said wait 48hrs. After the 48hrs they said she had installed the game since 2019!! It's funny how she started with me from from level 1. We've never played this game before. No chips were given. 1 star.
This game is exciting and fun! Always new ways to win and interact! I would have loved to give it 5 stars, but for the past 3 days it wont let me play at all. Total bummer cause its my favourite game of all!
great game,but the Aladdin game is by far the worst game of all the slot games. And take my word I have played this game for a while around level 320. Otherwise very pleased
Forgot why I didn't like the game and reinstalled it... Then again, over 80 plays/spins and not a single win that even covers the bet. And then you are getting screwed as the more game currency you have, the higher bets the game forces you to play, just another way to try to force you to spend more money on the game!
I love this game and even downloaded the Vegas bingo. I just got a new Samsung phone and used Samsund switch to transfer my apps. For some reason when I log in to both games they have started me over, and I have lost all of my points. I had over 600,000 in pop slots, and it took a long time to earn those. I tried logging in via Facebook, apple, and guest, and none connected to my account.
Game is not loading. Neither is live. I just want to play. And I can't. No way around it. I tried uninstalling the game like 3 times and to no change. I've loved and played this game for months and never had a problem.
Chip links doesn't open up the game anymore like it used to. Uninstalling it for the mean time. Might need an update. Til then Pop Slots.
You rarely win anything to be able to continue playing. You're regular bonus is not enough when you have to bet so much. And it's harder than ever to level up.
Note to Dev 99% lose rate is not fun. If your only intention is to promote vegas casinos move the app out of games section. Games are suppose to be fun. Let me be 100% clear.. Winning 90k coin on a 100k bet is still losing. Winning 101k on 100k bet once in 100 spins is so far past losing its pretty frikin amazing there are so many idiots buying into your app. This use to be a good game but now in its current state its 100% money grab. Go to Huuuge Casino or Scatter Slots people for real fun ppl
love the games as long as you dont have any problems.cause my experience has been they gave me a half hearted fix..there deals u pay today and beter deal tomorrow..the 125% ect,ect they claim is better deals.. NO.NOT. and the couple times ive had a glitch in game,( for instance)in the kong bonus and we made it to the 1000 floor with3 strkes left(i was atx320 and had like 6,456,124 bonus point built up).kong throughs a set of ball's then jumps over and gives us a strike back. then game over..2b
Was a good slot game until recently. You never win, Ever. You need hundreds of millions of chips to play the fun games but you can't win. Bought 35 million to play and it was gone in 10 minutes. Not fun if you can't win some big jackpots and that never happens. Will never spend real money on this game again.
Always get more for spending what you win can you put little bit more free chips any two hours 70000 that is small special most the game is 750 bit that is not enough for the 10 spin
This game is a rip off. If you like to lose every time you play, this is the game. Have the players are just bots who get all the spots on the bonus rounds to keep real people from qualifying or winning. Its a scam.
It is an absolte fun game to play, been playing for a couple years, except don't I repeat DON'T play the King Kong slot. That's a complete waste of chips. I had 2 Billion chips and not a single free spin, even if I won nothing a free spin would have been nice. I'll continue playing because its fun. But don't bother with King Kong. That's really the only slot that will not put out.
Was fun until the recent promo that caused me to accidentally bet 450 mil. I deleted the app it took forever to get that and the support is non existent. I spent money on this calling my bank to reverse charges since there is ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
Some of the games are novel, with interesting ideas for the bonises, but the payouts are awful. The ads for buying tokens are too much, every time I enter a casino or select a machine, the ad is in my way. The Win Zone has weird scaling that prevents casual play. While I understand the game has to make a profit, there has to be a better slot game that won't demand as much real world money just to play.
Love the game but with the new update and everything I'm not getting the cash I should from being on the wall of Khan had places on the wall and little devil I put 75m in have 3 spots on the wall been 20 min still no money in messages. Other than that awesome game I spend most of my time playing this game always happy
Its really ashame, the game is superfun but the payout is horrible, the challenges don't pay out like they advertise....if at all. So many errors occur in this game. I hope someone reads the reviews and makes some adjustments to payouts and bonuses promised...its such a fun game but horrible in all other ways. Also, the rewards were great at first, free casino rooms but all of a sudden those have gone away.
Keeps you busy. But why the hell is the max button so very close to the bet up button. I hit max and my money is gone. Not nice...not at all. Sheepish. And every day I get kicked out of the game...for some reason unknown...afyer you lost more than 80% of your chips.....frustrating as hell...you lose all that time and chips...
Your app can blow me. Worst returns of all other apps. Scam scam scam and now with the latest update the game freezes for 20sec up to a minute half way through a spin (pixel 4a 4g) on a consistent bases. Atleast once every couple of minutes and sometimes back to back making 2 spins take 2minutes
I'm convinced this game is rigged... from the give a ways down to the slots. Do not spend your money on chips you'll be throwing it away! They cheated me out of my free spins on the Aladdin game. I'm done I will be deleting this RIP off game!
Good variety of games, fun bonus games. Few too many pop ups at start for my liking, but, all in all definatly worth playing.
Don't let u win often enough. But when your winning it's a blast!!! Games really fun, but if u want to continue to play you will have to buy coins!!
Faulty buggy laggy.Couldn't even enter the casino.Got disconnected every time.It lags so much, it takes a thousand years to start.I wouldn't install it in the first place if it wasn't for tuber simulator.Wanted to get to level 33 so i could earn bux for tuber simulator. That's how i found out some God awful games including this one.Pretty sure i wouldn't be able to get to 33 in time without paying. Most of these games are just bait to make you pay. They don't care about a good gaming experience.
Don't spend your money on chips, the rewards are time based and if you buy chips you may as well flush that money down the drain. Stick to the cheaper slots and minimum bets untill you max your rewards points for the day the leave the game. We are going to use some of the rewards points on our trip to Vegas in February for some free drinks and food.
A few of the new games like Piggy Pop will wipe your coins out 97% of the time. If you are lucky enough to get to the final round to make it to the actual bonus, your winnings, unless you are the actual person spinning for the bonus, won't even get you close to the amount you used to just get into the bonus. It is the worst game, next to Casino Heist and Win Zones-Chili Champ game. Best games, imo, is Pirate Gems and Fired Up. Emerald City, rarely gets all 3 bonus charms.
So angry with this game. Played for years but it doesn't remember your stakes at all, and just like that in a flash now all my billions are gone because it defaults to maximun stakes and I hit the wrong button. Truly awful design. Shame really, as the slots themselves are quite playable. The main aim is to earn loyalty points, but there is no link to points per stake, so not even gained that way either. Frustrated to the max, may knock it on the head...
I have been playing Pop slots for a while without any problems. Love the game. For a couple of months now I have to Uninstall the game and reinstall it in order to play. When I turn it on all I get is the music. No graphics. I have to do this every couple of days. I am considering giving up and move on to another game.
So they will give you chips a lot at first and then quickly you will notice that your "luck" as the customer service robot calls suddenly disappears and they have plenty of purchase pop ups to help with that. Also the jackpots are disrespectfully low for their credit cost per pull lmao
Its like playing at a real Casino. I love the backstage. It's a lot of fun to play. The only problem I've ever had is when I press the stop button it doesn't stop... and the maximum bet button is right next to your spin button. I'll look down and see all my winnings gone if I don't watch it. Other than that it's been a real Joy to play.
Cannot see any one night comps. Can not see 2 comps as I see on the other apps. Premium rewards says I have three and I have five of course my location is on.
This is by far my favorite game. I'm a stay at home mom so I will literally play all day if I have the coins 😂 unfortunately after adding up the amount I've spent in the past few months, I'm definitely grounded from this guilty pleasure for a little while. But I still collect my daily and every 2 hour bonus and play for as long as I can with that. Definitely addicting!
This used to be a great game... there are major issues with the game freezing in spin mode or when you try to stop the spin the game does not stop quickly BUT my main complaint is the max bet button that pops up when you change your bet. I have lost more chips to accidentally touching that button while trying to touch the plus. There should be a popup asking if you are sure?