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Pop Cubes

Pop Cubes for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by blastmatchgames located at calle llull 347. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game, unfortunately I have played all the levels. Hope it won't be long before you add more. The ads after every level are a little much, I don't mind watching for extra moves but I don't want to watch after a win. Also I was at rank 1 but ended up at rank 3 because there were no more levels. Replaying doesn't give you more stars. Fun game all in all Hey are you guys going to be adding any more levels or is the game over??
28/10/2019 A great time waster and it's totally free. You do have to watch adverts but it's nice having a game that doesn't force you to spend your hard earned cash. Got to the end of the game and now been waiting for more levels to be added. Edited 09/01/2021 Ended up sending an email to the developer for more levels to be added
You would get 5 stars but all the ads are distracting. I realize they have to be there, but after every level? Really do like the game. Addendum.... I have reached level 1200 and the game is over for me. I look forward to more levels. was a good game.
Game is fun, but the watch video button has a glich. It won't work after about 3 views! This needs to be addressed by the developer. That is if they ever read the reviews. I don't think anybody is home!
If you like Too Blast, but hate the way it pretty much forces you to buy coins, this game is for you! It has nearly identical gameplay, but requires no purchasing of anything, opting instead to give you the option to watch a commercial for extra lives and spins. If there were more stars, I'd give it more.
Good but hasn't updated or added games in about a year despite saying, "coming soon". And one day , like magic, they will appear!
Get rid of some of the ads. gone thru all the levels...need more levels added been what almost 2 years since you added anything wont reinstall after I finish this round
30 secs of play vs. 3 minutes of ads that don't stop even when you ex out. I understand you need ads, but not three times the amount of play time
You spend more time watching ads than actual gameplay but the game itself is great. take a half hour and watch videos to spin the wheel over and over so you can get things or some levels are impossible to get thru on your own. Id love to get this without ads. its a crazy amount.
over 1000 levels then yes no more plays...says new levels coming soon. check the last update on this game and it was last updated in November 2018 !!!!! guessing those new levels aren't coming soon after all !!!!! 7/30/19 now getting notices to please come back and play they've added new levels...nope no new levels showing up...ugh
The watch video option to get 8 more moves is no longer working. Why? This is annoying and misleading when the pop-up appears. So either reinstate the function or you will perpetually get ranked to 1 star!
Back in 2018 said "New levels coming soon". :( How many days should you check for new levels, before you give up & remove the app? Still checking each day - now Dec 18, 2019 - and the "Update coming soon" has not been done. UPDATED : July 10,2020 & still waiting for new levels to play :((( Now October 2020 - time to delete app?
Am enjoying this game as always and I do find it addictive. Do you ever read the reviews on here? Since November 2018, it says "more levels cominlg soon. It is now January 2021 yet you still have never uploaded more levels. When will you put more levels up?
W-e-l-l...This game "AD" a lot of fun to your day!! There are ADS, ADS and more ADS, so if you don't mind the ADS then I recommend you try this game because it is a lot of fun, especially if you like Match 3 games. It is easy to advance the levels without waiting for more lives or spending money. i got this game yesterday and am already on Level 100. It took me a year to get to that Level on Candy Crush! I don't mind the ADS...I'm learning, not frustrated and saving money. A Win-Win concept.
I personally love this game! I never leave reviews, but feel compelled to with this one. This has been the BEST game of its kind. The levels were not too difficult and if I needed assistance, I used my "helps." I didnt pay for a single thing. I earned all my credits by utilizing the help available (spining wheel, chest..etc) No lives limit is also wonderfu, I can restart without worrying how many lives I have left. My only complaint is that I cleared all the levels. I need more levels!!! :-)
I Definitely enjoy it, but the ads popping up in every level is insane. Also, I have noticed that you are not credited with color-pops numerous times during a game - especially on Red Cubes. I just happened to see that happen and now I watch for it. At least several times a game I will pop a combination and the number needed will not change. It is a fun game and something that I play daily, but it does get frustrating when you work out a plan that should clear the board and you can't.
fun game but they have been promising to add levels for months and still haven't so can't play the game. obviously the developers are not very prepared or organized. As of July 17, 2019 still waiting for levels to be added. I gave up, after so many months and went and found new games.
Not enough levels. Like the game. I've been waiting for more levels. Only goes up to level 1200. Need more levels please!
I give it 4 stars for now. I've only been playing for 1/2 hr. Nice that you can fast forward thru some ads.Well been playing for a few days now. I've upped the rating from 4 to 5 stars. You run out moves you watch a short ad and get 8 more moves as many times as you need. Game's not overly complicated. Good game for killing time.Still playing still havin fun.Well I've been playing a couple weeks now still havin fun and finding it way better than tune blast. You don't get stuck on a level for days
update - it's MAY and still no new levels. :-( I've tried most of the other games like this, and they don't compare. SIGH. Nov '18 - This is my favorite game right now. I was frustrated for a couple of weeks because I made it to the end! No more levels! Out of 900! Thankfully, that didn't last too long - they updated it yesterday. It does have ads, but they aren't bad. I'd rather watch them than pay, and I'm glad they don't nag you to buy things, so I can live with the ads.
It will only let you play 1200 games. Promises more but they never download. This is the 3rd time I had to start from the beginning
Fun, Full of Ads, and FREE! I play the Candy Crush series, Toon Blast, and Simons Cat, and it's refreshing to play a pairing game that doesn't nickel and dollar me at every turn. It is also pretty easy to win games and get coins and boosters, and getting more moves costs just 9 coins or watch an ad. Yeah, there are lots of ads, but I save a lot of money in the process.
love this game. it can be very challenging, the only thing is that it only has 1200 levels. They need more levels. I would like it better if you cut out the fireworks between games
The game is great! Though, honestly the levels aren't super challenging but that's ok since most of us want something to occupy a few spare minutes of our time but also want to complete the levels without spending 50.00 dollars or more each month. Although, I do feel like I am watching more advertising than game playing ; I'd rather watch the ads than spend a fortune to complete a level!👍👍
Now both games are having issues with not letting you watch ads. How long is it going to take to fix the issues?
I was loving this game. It's not too challenging, just right for relaxing. The ads were very short, less than 5 sec. And you could close them right away. The levels were not programed to force you to use special features to complete, thus becoming one of those forced pay to play games. However, after level 100 the ads have become increasingly long, many 30 sec, and you can't click out of the ads. Every other ad opens Google Play. Too bad, I was liking the game. Uninstalling and blastmatchgames is now on my never play list.
This game cheats. I needed to only pop 5 red and I kept popping and the number doesn't change. It just wants you to watch commercials to get extra turns. It get worst and worst. It doesn't matter the color. It CHEATS. I am removing it. I was enjoying it. But got fed up. It's unbelievable.
Pretty much stalled out at Level 1030 as I can't watch videos to get more coins. Might have to spend to move on!
Ads every other round. Otherwise 5 stars for getting to blow up squares! Easy, simple to play, plus bonus awards! How can I continue in a tournament, if there aren't any more levels? 😡 When will you have more rounds? I have been waiting... Waited too long for new rounds. Easy enough to start over, but won't.
What I like: Easy, relaxing game play. Rewards for passing levels. Instead of daily spins, a gift wheel that resets every half hour. The opportunity to watch an ad to gain 8 additional moves. That's right, I said 8. What I don't like: Sound in ads when the sound and music are turned off in the app. If I forget to turn my media volume down, I get blasted.
I changed my review!!! It has been almost a year and no new levels. I'm at 1200. Get with it. ADD MORE LEVELS
This game works well for what I want. Not a lot of pressure just relaxing occupation of my time when I'm on a phone call or waiting for something. The pop up ads are the price I "pay" but can easily be exited out of. I haven't found one that tempts me yet!
I guess no updates, also can't use the watch ads for free spin or more moves. Why can't you maintain this game? Do your advertisers know about the poor maintenence?
what a disappointment... still waiting for new levels.....will there be any other levels????in not will leave your game...would be nice if u guys leave another message as to when we can expect new levels!!! Jan 24...what has happened to new levels???? Seems we are waiting a long time !. If no new levels..u should let us k now in the game!!!!
Fun Game. But PLEASE come out with an Ad Free version. I would be more than happy to pay for an ad-free version. Currently, ads pop up after every couple of levels. It is extremely frustrating.. I have the sound effects and music turned off in the game but when an ad pops up it is full volume.... really irritating.
This game has gone down a lot. The game ignores quite often when you hit a cube. There as are many times that you are supposed to eliminate a certain color or image and there are only a very few in the game so you spend money with no way to win. There are many times you click for a bonus, but it gives none. And the last goes on and on.
Love the app but it's taking forever to get more levels added. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. Uninstalling played all levels
I loved this game but it doesn't go past level 1200!? I've been reading reviews and everyone is saying the same thing. The last update was in November 2018. Everyone email them to add more levels. The email address is on the install page. It take 2-5 minutes.
So much fun. Working on my third trip all the way to the end . Well now I'm up to 7 times playing this . Fun !
I used to like this game a lot. Now that I've gotten further into it I am no longer able to watch a video to get more plays. Also it's very rare that I get coins when I spin the wheel of gifts. Makes it really hard to get through this game now.
** PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS** Things that I really like: (1) I love it that if you make a color bomb, then the game is over without using it, you still get the satisfaction of watching the color bomb do its thing.(2) Why is it so funny to watch things sped up? I don't know, but it's really funny when you hit "skip." This game is fun! But, I would rather PAY for the game to have no ads, especially when it is giving the reward!!! Don't interrupt the reward w/an ad.
Back in 2018 said "New levels coming soon". :( How many days should you check for new levels, before you give up & remove the app? Still checking each day - now Dec 18, 2019 - and the "Update coming soon" has not been done. UPDATED : July 10,2020 & still waiting for new levels to play :((
Could have been better levels, they were all the same. I completed all the levels 1200. End of games say more levels coming soon. Supposedly more levels were added, well I've been waiting for sometime now and still no new levels have been added. Prize box says open on level 1230. Kind of hard to do with no more levels. Pop Cubes was fun and a time killer while it lasted, but I'm uninstalling. I'm not waiting around for whoever to add more levels of the same boring levels.
Why is it that the use of the paint brush does not consistently change 9 cubes as stated, even though there are plenty of cubes available for the change? Also, has repeatedly, not changed the color , it blinks and remains unchanged. That's a lot of coins to sacrifice when trying to hold rank. When using the paint brush to select a specific color , why doesnt the change become that of the color that was selected, hmmm! What's with that? I'm feeling like I've been cheated out of coins and timeIJS
I have been waiting since December, 2018 for the new levels that they've been promising and it's now August, 2020 - absolutely nothing, as usual. Also, lots and lots and lots of ads. Could be a good game if they would only keep their promises. Why are they continuing to lie? 🤯😡
Am enjoying this game as always and I do find it addictive. Do you ever read the reviews on here? Since November 2018, it says "more levels coming soon" but there has been nothing since then. It is now the end of July 2020 so don't you think it is time to add some more new levels now, especially as several others have also mentioned the same thing on these postings. It is now September 2020 and still no more levels added after 1200. Do you ever read these reviews?
good game not too hard although, i was enjoying playing at first because there wasnt many playing at the time. I actually won the first prize on the ongoing challenges, then, all of a sudden, there were a whole lot of players playing making it impossible to win again... they dont get a big score until the last few hours and that leads me to believe they are computers, or just highly competative people with nothing else to do?? People..OK computers.."why?"
Excellent game! Apart from the odd really difficult level, the vast majority of levels are satisfyingly easy. You get loads of coins and special items through treasure chests, competing in the stars league, and daily prizes. There's no 'lives' system so you get unlimited play and the ads aren't too intrusive, appearing once every two games roughly. The game can also be played offline (minus the stars league). Well done developers, good job!
the game itself is good. the need for ads is understandable. what bothers me is that in addition to the regular ads, every so often the same one keeps popping up right over the button to keep going. it pops up so fast that you can't help but click it by mistake. I've done it at least a dozen times in the few days I've been playing.
The game itself is great (5 stars) but the 30 second ads before and between almost every. single. game. kills the pleasure of the game. I understand you need some ads for a free game but this is just overkill. I'll gladly change this to a 5 star if you get rid of some of those irritating ads!
Far to many ads. When in the bubble part of the game it's hard to see the bubbles. Try marking them black or a darker color BUT AGAIN FAR TO MANY ADS. Please answer one of us when the new levels are coming and if there is no other levels tell us so we can move on to another game. I see you haven't said a word since last year if EVER.
Just one more level.... (said by everyone that plays this game.) Game is great but the incessant ads popping up numerous times every level is beyond frustrating & annoying. Wish there was a pay version that has no ads. I'm sure a lot of people who play this would jump at the opportunity to not have ads constantly popping up.