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Pool Stars - 3D Online Multiplayer Game

Pool Stars - 3D Online Multiplayer Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Worst pool game I have ever played. You win some then the bot starts playing with shots that would never happen in a real game. As Matt Hardy would say "delete delete!"
Nice dynamics, 3d good for getting lower to the table for a more realistic billiards feel, allowing one to see the table better to run your table and pot balls better...
Lootbox, pay to win, gambling/wager matchmaking etc. All the typical horrible mobile game mechanics. Gameplay and visuals have potential if it wasn't infested with this nonsense.
This is a great game but I'm uninstalling. You've allowed to many hacks on and they are there I watch them move the ball whenever they want it's to bad. This is the best pool game out there. Great job on the game though
Not really fond of the small tables or the very slow felt. But the physics are aweswome. Want to make it even better? Implement rematches. Fix the FB sync so we have names. And a friends list it would be a really amazing app.
Absolute trash of a game and thats coming from a guy with 1000 wins. Cant believe i played it for so long. Dont even bother with tactics or positional play or anything. If game wants you to win you will win no matter what. Same with losing. Game is purely based on luck. Tired of impossible bank shots and oponents slamming balls like idiots and getting perfect position
Hi devs i just want to tell you that yout game is awesome, for me best of them all pool game... Dont mind the negative comments. This game is super awesome... But i comment this, and i hope to be heard. Can u please add a offline 2 player 8 balls or 9 balls. And Add some simple tricks like curving, jumping. I dont know if that is exist since i dont max my attachments But if theres not please add :) anyway this is the best so far... Super recommend this game.
Brilliant! Simple to play. Also, very addictive & time consuming. The best of it's kind. 5/5 enough said!
Good so far but can use some improvements. There should be a dedicated dial for fine adjustments. Sometimes the aim changes direction for no reason. There should be an easier way for cue ball control too. Still a bit clunky for a time limited game play.
I like this game but like a growing number of people; I do not use Facebook as it's an intrusive turd of a platform, anyone with half a brain shouldn't use FB as they are harvesting your data. With that in mind why on earth do you not allow Google play syncing?? You do allow me to make payments via Google but then no way to save? or to create a player name? So what's the lesson here? You want my money but no way for me to keep my purchase?? That's ridiculous, fix if you want five stars.
I love this game!!... Best pool game I've played and the closest game out there to playing the real thing. I wasn't even that bothered when the game took all my 250,000 coins and put me back to level one!!... I just restarted with the basic cue and 250 coins and played like a boss. If you like pool then definitely download this game and give it a go! I'll see you there... Good luck.
The reason I gave 1 star is because playing this games for a long time I can almost 99% of my prediction if I will lose or win in my next game.game control the game means if this game wants the player to lose the game it will happen.. Specially from the starting break shot.
I've tried a few pool games and this is the best. The graphics are very, very realistic. There are also angle replays that are like watching a game on TV as the ball flies into a pocket. And there aren't those annoying adds too. Update after two weeks play you have to pay to get 'lives' (I wasn't aware you could die playing pool lol . ) So uninstalled.
Hello any body there.....This could easily be the best billiard game on any divice, what needs to be done for you all to update and add some new game play? Hello ?
The white ball just moves about to much to look natural. Annoying when it stick half way through the game and it's not your wifi's fault
Its fun to start with. But the more you get into the game, players against you get so much time to plan and play their shot on your turn you cant even choose back spin or any thing then the clock start ticking. I've been playing this game for long!! For one reason and that was to see if your aim at far balls get better. But it never do..
This has to be the best pool game I've ever played. It has all the things that I want true multiplayer, physics and graphics. Though the physics still need to be improved a bit, menu graphics and reward graphics too.
The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because the settings should include options to move the pool stick to the left. I am right handed I move my aim with my right thumb. I hate those false shots where the pool stick goes off as I move my aim. Fix that I'll give it five.
I started on the training which is fun and challenging and then went on to the tournament pool. Its fairly easy to win or lose so be prepared to start a game and lose without even getting a turn. On the other hand if you can get the run of the balls you too can 7 ball your opponent.
Well the Graphics are spot on !, and the 3 D is Awesome the only thing is you should have more time for shooting !, other than that the Game is Good right up there with MiniClip !, but PoolStars is more Spot on !, Accuracy shooting !.😎 JMichael
Very good game, only problem is that it disconnects from the Internet regularly while i am playing, i don't know how cause my Internet service will be good at the time, next thing i loose online challenges and loose money
Closest thing to an actual pool. Wouldve given it a 5 star but some of the bugs on it are troublesome. From lagging, disconnecting a person randomly; resulting in losing coins..... it started off okayish but these bugs are getting worse. Also, I'd recommend that in the profile, that you also display how many times a person has been number on the leaderboard or at least display how long they were number 1 on the leaderboard; would be really great like how we can see how many coins a person hs won
Love this game! I only wish it could be updated to accommodate the community levels like the Snooker Stars game has. More campaign levels past 65 would be a plus too, but the real action is in multiplayer anyway! Thank you Giraffe. Hope to see an update soon!
Decent pool experience. Losing the ability to look around the table after the first couple of levels is a let down though. Seems to be a cheat going on in the higher games. Says opponent has lost connection, but game comes back on with you missing a go and the opponent seems to have potted a load of balls???
I gave this game 4 stars it would have been 5 stars except fornthe part where when shooting you get the line. Ans when you het tonthe most important shot the line blurs pr grows bigger. Thisnosnt real life pool and you cant really take a good look. Thatblone should never blur, disappear, or grow bigger. And what decides who breaks. In mu rules its always the winner that breaks or the flip of a coin. I can win ten in a row and never get to break. Check the rules of pool developer. Get with it.
I didnt want to give 1 star but 0 so bad graphics and if you turn to the right it turns to the left and if you play 2d and you take a shot it resets to 3dπŸ˜• its such a copy of 8 ball pool not really because the first game you play in any game should be a tutorial????πŸ˜•I played my first game and got a level 23?πŸ˜•he didnt give me a chance I run out of money πŸ’° and the first crate doesn't give you a cueπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•ΒΏ If your like me check 8 ball pool better graphics and the opposite of this gameπŸ˜•πŸ˜• πŸ€—
If I could give this app less than a star I would. This is a joke. Everytime I start winning, miraculously, my signal is no longer strong enough causing me to lose. I firmly believe that the games are predetermined. I would not suggest anyone waste their time with a poorly developed game such as this. In addition, why no rematch capability or maybe the ability to form leagues. I guess this app is just not developed well enough.
It is obviously predetermined who will win and if that doesn't coincide the game will freeze til you have no choice but to concede. Fun to play but not a real version of game play. How you know it's predetermined is that every shot you have is blurred out. Not just one or two or random but every shot. In addition, every pocket should be called. Maybe rematch capability. But more importantly is fair game play which this game apparently does not have. If I could rate less, I most certainly wouuld.
Great graphics and realistic game play. However, there's no option to "play with friends" on the android version. Only for Apple...come on man!
It's a very fun game but can be a little bit irritating due to the fact that you might win one and then you loss 4 in a row. Other than that pretty
Fun game with great graphics! The only problem is that occasionally the screen goes blank and the only way to continue playing is to pull back on the pool stick. This however costs you a shot. A little frustrating when it costs you the game.
Overall a great game. I enjoy it. Wouldve given it 5 stars if it had offline multi-player then the league was optional, another thing is the bug that keeps making me lose coins. After a winner is announced, if a person presses "back" then they are automatically put into a match with the previous opponent, only it fails to connect to the servers then the coins are lost.
Pretty good game. Just wish the chests didn't take so long, if you got cash is cool, but takes a long time otherwise
Terrible physics, white or black ball goes in every time almost , without logic. Often when you're down, somehow you are pitched against someone with 900,000+ points, making it very difficult to progress, Very coincidental... very bad game, don't waste your time. STILL THE SAME. BEST VS THE LOWEST. UNFAIR. STILL. YOU WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY.
First I liked the graphics. But when you start progress, at some stages the direction line starts to disappear during the game, which totally changes the hardnes of the game during a match. I see it as game creators cheating and will not pay a dollar anymore. If you play it, guys, use only free options
Superb graphics, Amazing Game, Very High Standard, only one problem balls go inside hole only if it's perfectly angeled, it misses by million part of millimetres if Angle is not perfect, it's not possible for user to play in strict standards on mobile devices screen, also lifeline to play games is less , if you played all then it resumes after half hour and more time, till them mood of player gets down
Not sure how apps like these get such high ratings. Really dodgy physics, with your typical hit and hope opponents. I'd love a pool game that gets it right but I've yet to find it.
No instruction, lack of control of the pool stick due to no instruction. Aim sucks due to the lack of information on the instructions. Uninstall fast.
This game was a 5 star game until my last game I just played. I mean you come to expect cheating in games where you're expected to spend money but come on.....when playing an opponent which is obviously a bot be it stripe or solid their balls just disappear off the table when it's their turn. I mean if cheating could be made more obvious I don't know how.
Good game to pass the time. Optional purchases that are not needed to enjoy the game. No intrusive ads. Highly recommended.
Good game overall... Probably better than miniclip 8 ball pool because it's a lot more realistic and 3D. Could be some improvements, but it's a very enjoyable game. Two thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game does have good graphics but it's all Sloppy shot Count kinda thing and a lot of ball in hand. It's not 9 ball. If I miss cue and didn't hit my ball then it's ball in hand. Lol try that on a real table. I would also like to be able to zoom in or out other then those details it cool
Decent game. Much better for learning the game than the pool games with the over head view (like Miniclip 8 ball) because you will never play a real game of pool in a pool hall with an over head view. The only complaint I have is that there have been several times when the opponent scratches, and the balls magically reset to a completely different position and the opponent keeps shooting from there. Very bizzare.
Best pool game on mobile!! . The only thing I dont like is the message box. Its very annoying! Please make it an option to turn-on/off!! Some people just has no clue on how to run out the table and, they will just play a psycho war by messaging every second of the game! Also there's too much luck involves in the game, specially in 9ball and 8ball. I lost many matches because the opponent just made a blind shot and they got lucky. This made a serious player like me bored. #I'mwilling2payrealmoney
The graphics are excellent but there need to be more controls up front. I'm not seeing one to control the spin for one thing.
I enjoy this game but it took so long to log in and we are given less time to shoot. The prices of coins are very expensive
I like the game, I really do but I feel like it's somewhat biased as the "opponent" seems to be getting more shots than I am, even ones I know I should've gotten in and I'm not getting to break as much as the bots. I get this might sound like I'm just being a sore loser but I started off doing well and then somehow have plummeted to being terrible, when I know I'm not as bad as the game is making me out to be. Again, I like the game but I think it's somewhat biased.
this is silly. every time my turn to shot, I always have bad Internet connection until the game over. If you want my coins just ask n I'm happy to give them to you. I hate you cheating me like this.
Its a good, fun, and competitive game. I check in and play it a couple times a day if possible. My only issues with it is i wish there were ads to watch to either speed up the waiting time for prize balls or just a little in game currency, cuz the wait time for the most basic prize ball is like 8 hrs, so unless you plan on spending real cash, your gonna end up with all the prize ball slots full and having to wait 8 hrs. to play again unless ya just wanna lose the prize ball if you win a match.
Could you please create a "Rechallenge" option? Along with the "Rechallenge" option, please create an option that allows 2 players to play a "Session" against each other. For example, starting from a "Race/First to" 3-5-7-9 etc, with each player betting a certain amount. Options such as these will make this the best pool game by far and it'll definitely put you a step ahead of your competition.
I give them a 3 because there are some serious glitches to the game, and virtually no customer service. I was on level 7 and had a bunch of coins, but had to uninstall and reinstall. But when I logged into Facebook, it brought me back to level 1. I contacted customer service via messenger, and email, and nothing. This happened twice to me Then today, in a matter of 10 mins, my screen blacks out when it's my turn to shoot. Lost those 3 games. Extremely frustrated with this game!!!
The best pool game ever, love it. I was supposed to give it a 4 and half if I could, the only downside is when you forfeit a game and your coins when it starts saying your that you are leaving the game, otherwise very nice and super addictive game
Love this game! My only issue is with the messages - it's incredibly annoying when your opponent is constantly pressing LOL and, I presume, trying to put you off. it's the only downside to this game - get rid of the messages or allow mute
This game is got to be one of the worst pool games I've ever played if you have a nice 7 ball run make no mistake it will go into a loading feature that makes you lose and if you're on a winning streak the game will make sure that nothing will go your way and it'll glitch and it'll do everything it possibly can to make you lose in hopes of you spending money on coins. which I refuse to do. so if you're looking for a good pool game STAY AWAY from this one!!!
Overall not too bad. The game looks good and it's a good 3d representation of pool game. However the game has lots of bugs. For example if you are few centimeters from some object you can't elevate the cue to play back rotation. It is really frustrating as it is quite common thing in real life pool. The whole "training" process is really boring. Win on 8 ball on brake?? Calling pocket on 9 ball?? Come on..
It's better than most pool games but ohh it's bad at times connection issues waiting for player then next shot they got ball in hand you've not even had shot. 8 ball in off break they win ?. Also you know you've cut it in then no it either stops or rattles out even on easy shots. This game is like the snooker one theres hackers on both just to win . You cannot play the 20000 coins games it sticks then jams time runs it's a vault on both apps . Snooker is same on higher levels . Poor rigged bent
4/5 It's a decent game I enjoy it more than MiniClip 8 Ball, has some issues that could be fixed though. The glitches have got to go theres quite a bit of glitches that can help or hurt you in-game, more pool locations, system optimization, more accessories like pool cues etc. Other than a few fixes here and there this games amazing my favorite pool game for now I'd recommend it.
This game could be better if it didn't lag so much and understands ball in hand in pool. When an opponent scratches and you have ball in hand, it will lag and put u somewhere on table that you didn't even choose. This game has a lot of bugs in it. The game also gave my opponent solids when I already had it. Idk how the game made my opponent switch from stripes to solid and let them continue like they had solids at all.
OMG!!! I REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS GAME. I thought 3d pool would be realistic and fun. But compared to " 8ball poll " this game is trash. I feel like it was made in 1996. I don't usually take the time to Wright a review on phone games. But this was so horrible I needed to let the people know
This is a very nice game. And it worth to get updates. Because it's also very competitive and people deserve some new and fresh ideas in Pool Stars!!!
The game is great but can you please give us the option to rematch the other player or search an add friends mode that would be good them this game would be perfect also needs a chat box to a real chat box .
Only played a few days but it's a good game and well done. One thing I would like is a computer opponent option but the multi-player works well.
Very possibly the best game of pool on the app store!! Very realistic representation and the physics are spot on. Great competitive match ups that rarely seem unfair. Only thing that would top it off would be a single player mode as once you complete the challenges its all online, but that's just a suggestion certainly not a criticism. Great game.
This is pay-to-win. You pay real money to purchase upgrades for your cue, because this "simulation" accurately reflects how in real pool it's all about the cue, but this goes further. You have to bet gold coins each time you play a match, because "C'mon kids! Try gambling!". Victor wins the coin pot and a timed loot box containing upgrade cards. The game messes with matchmaking and even the in-game physics to either favour you or your opponent to manipulate players into spending real money.
For beginner's;("not at billiards"). We could use little more time on each shots.β˜˜πŸ‘ Maaaannn!!!! Other than that! If u can't get out & get some Green finguresπŸ–Ž. We all know it's str8up best billiard game out there. πŸ–ŽβšŠβ€’βš¬ 🎱.
Not sure if it's 95% or 100% you pLay against computer, can't add my friends, mostLy 85% when you win, just out of nowhere you're dragged to the training cLub and when you go back it takes you back to the match which you've aLready won but it's Like you're going to have a rematch so you get a (connecting don't Leave) message then after 20 secs of waiting a message pops that you Lost to the guy that you just won over. So am sorry guys but you don't deserve a singLe star but i gave one! Keep up
The graphics are the best I have found for realistic play. I wish you could play people you know or challenge friends. Other than that, graphics are incomparable to any other game so... You gotta try it!
This is a fantastic game but there's something wrong ,,kindly add a shoot balls display at the top of the screen if the balls is yours shoots..thank you for the developer of this mobile game i hope you add that someday or this coming apdate..
So ok everytime i go to play for big bucks it has connection issues and then i automatically lose. Loads of dodgy af bits like that cba going thru it all. Feels a bit "pay to winny" to me. Not good guys. Play a good few hours n have your fun but when you smell bull just uninstall. Best advice on here..
Game uses guidelines to make shots. However, on Longshot sometimes you get a cone that fans off in two different directions. Very difficult to make shots. Why is this developer?
Let's see been playing this for a while now decent graphics plays well physics are I'd say 7 or 8 outta 10 only complaint I have is that every time I get up over 500 bucks to play on the 3rd table I almost always seem to have a connection issue and lose the match due to me being the one losing connection this in my opinion is complete BS just because my internet decided to be slow does not mean the other player wins specially if they infact are losing money should be returned to the players !!!!
Games trash. Graphics are good, but gameplay is trash. The ball physics are way off...example, starting break point is dead center no english. Tried this multiple times. Shoot full power without changing any other variables...different results every time. That's not physically possible. Its physics. It is what makes trick shots possible, repeatable, not randomized. Another glitch, the 8 ft table is very choppy during cue positioning creating a very unrealistic view and just plain choppy.
One of the best 3D realastic 8 ball pool game. 4 stars because of 1 annyoing bug. At times, the player wins the game and get the coins but at this moment, the game automatically goes in active mode and player get a message that do not leave the game and timer gets started and eventually ends and loose the game. So irritating. Please fix it.
U can't pick a pool game according to a bet, eg: $25, $50, $100 etc. The only game is a combo game, which you're shooting against urself & i just progress 2 next level. I thot this was just regular pool, 8 ball & 9ball playing against an opponent. Actually I have no clue what this app is since there's no menu telling about it. Good 4 practicing shots only!!
Either there's a glitch with the app or people are cheating. My screen goes completely black when it's my turn to shoot my shot. It's a great game overall but this is getting annoying and will eventually lead to me deleting the app if it's not fixed.
Good game but would be helpful if the told you what the the rules are. Different levels have different rule it says 8 ball rules or 9 ball rules be doesn't list what the rules are before entering a game if you don't know???
You guys SERIOUSLY need to fix the Macau table. It's so glitchy it's almost not worth playing. It's been like this for ever....FAIL LMFAO at your "programmers". Games trash. Graphics are good, but gameplay is trash. The ball physics are way off. Another glitch, the 8 ft table is very choppy during cue positioning creating a very unrealistic view and just plain choppy.
Smooth & realistic game play! Only thing missing for me is my grandpa's funny 1-liners like when you'd go on a good run and start knocking your balls in, he'd say something like "thanks for getting all the garbage off the table (meaning: to get my balls outta the way so the table would be nicely cleared off and open for him to run the table his next turn)... good memories being brought up, even though it's only virtual pool. Thank you & R.I.P. Grandpa - you're rack'm 1st when we see each again!!
This is the BEST, realistic, fun, entertaining, challenging and beautiful pool game out! BUT, IT NEEDS A $50 NINE BALL GAME!!! PLEASE! THANKS, DEVS! Also, how about a full regular 15 ball rack to practice your break shots with the ability to position a ball ! I have practiced with the club challenges and it's a different size table than the play with others table! Why? THE PRACTICE TABLE SHOULD BE THE SAME SIZE! People have hacked this game making it unfair to others! Is prevention possible? πŸ€”
Absolutely spot on graphics and gameplay, the feel is perfect. Can you please though put sad/angry indifferent smileys in as some players are incredibly annoying while it's your shot, I had one guy, 3 games in a row just constantly putting Lol' every 2 seconds til it's his shot again, really annoying and pathetic and if would be nice to tell them to shut it! Besides that brilliant pool game
Great graphics, great realism, overall its so much fun and feels pretty real. The best pool game out there.
This game deserves a 5 star rating, but the only thing that made me to give 4 is because there's no way to save your progress through google play games account, it's only facebook and not everyone likes or is using Facebook me for instance " I don't have a facebook account " and actually don't wanna open one.
This game is so realistic and physics are true to the touch of a real pool table that the developers have found a way to find pool Fanatics like me to actually learn the game and learn to control is everything. I'm truly a better pool player on the real table because of it so thank to the developers that probably don't get enough credit this has the best pool game out there!! 😎
Ok here it goes - 4 Stars., I don't like the following thoughe: 1. People don't sign up with unique aliases, will be really cool to get the name of my opponent - incase I meet them again, makes it more fun and memorable. 2. In one of my games, opponent sank ball number 8, before their set was finished, and the game continued - not cool. Otherwise -going back to play more. Loving it.🀜
No. of errors in the game: No. Of wins shown in the game is incorrect. Many times position of balls changes on its own. Sometimes opponent gets ball in hand even you don't foul. Sometimes opponent gets continued chance even if he didn't pot any ball. Many a times opponent wins the game even after not potting the black ball.
I really like playing this game as the controls are very intuitive and the physics of the ball movements is the closest I've seen to the real thing. So why do I think it's only worth 3 out of 5 games? πŸ€” Well, there's a glitch. A glitch that can cost you a game and also your coins. When a player is on the black and they wobble the black ball in the jaws of the pocket, so it doesn't go in, the game treats it as if it had been potted. This is a glaring error. If you fix this glitch, it's 5 *s!
Weak. 90 percent of the time the opponent is breaking. Sometimes the opponent pots the white ball and keep playing for some reason. When looking for a table they always make you jump to the highest one even if you barely have the money for a game. There's no text chat option so you have no idea if you're playing against actual players or just bots put there to dry you out of coins. Also what kind of game doesn't have an EXIT option? When the game wants to, the white will go win.
Good dynamics and graphics. Wish it would allow you to stand up and rotate the whole table on difficult shots. On draw shots, the ball doesn't spin backwards in physics like it should. It typically goes 6 to 12 inches. Overall it's a pretty good game.
I have gone through some pool game apps and pretty much gave up because they were too complicated. This one is easy enough and you uave to beat levels in the club to access more tables. From the graphics to quality of gameplay, to the easiness is why i give it 5 stars.
The game sucks. Online play is okay for the first two cities. After you move to the third you lose the ability to change your view and what good does it do to upgrade your equipment if you lose your ability to aim? In the first city you can toggle between 2D and 3D view. Second city you can only view 2D around the table without being able to shoot. Third city you only have 3D view and your view is so low to the table that you can't see to aim & without lines at distance. 8Ball pool is better.
If you want a game were you can practice shooting this is good. If you want a competitive game to play against others don't bother. The aiming system is basically an aim bot. It's harder to miss than to make shots. This goes for your opponents as well. My first few games I had two players who broke and ran, each with shots I highly doubt they could have come close to really making. Uninstalled.
Same here! I love the game and the physics/pov. The downfall is definitely that after beating lvl 65 in the club practice, it does not mark it as completed. I would also think there would be some reward for completing lvl 65. Overall great game otherwise though! Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon!
Really bad game physics are illogical your ball is blocking the pot and he still passes his ball behind it where in real life it would he impossible to get anything because your ball is 100 percent blocking the freaking pot ...stressful game and very unrealistic uninstall it or you going to waste your time and play very fake pool game which is far from simulation
This billiards game is loaded with all the same problems all the other online games are. Pay to advance , check. Magic ball physics , check. Horrible orientation and impossible views, check. AI meddling , check. I would actually pay for a accurate online pool game that is realistic but it seems like everything these days you can't even give people money and get quality product.
Great pool game, only 4 star because these are still lack the social aspect. You should be able to chat after the game is ended. You should be able to add openent as friends or add real friends using username / ids. Challenge online friends. Or even play pass a long with someone beside you, with unlimited turn duration.
My favorite game. Physics are good. Works well. Looks good. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the glitch with the club practice games. I've won the level 65 4 times, and it won't give me a trophy for it. Many previous trophies didn't show until I came back to it. 65 won't give me a trophy at all. Better than Miniclip's version, I think.
I could never win. Even when I had least balls on the table, the 'opponent' shoots incredible shots sinking two balls at a time to win. Once the opponent starts to play, he cleans the table. I do not want to watch how the opponent play, I want to play too, and with a fair chance. I have Uninstaller this game.
After playing another online 8 ball pool game, it has so much more then this game...you really need to improve this game but it is a more realistic 3D touch sensitive game but the other has so much more types of game play, this game needs 9 ball and tournaments, and you aren't able to replay an opponent that just played you?
There's some bugs. My opponent break the rack and pockets the 8 ball and I automatically lost? Its not 9balls! Second. While waiting for an opponent, I decided to cancel the match but I didn't get my coins back. Third, the coins is not much and yet the upgrades are too expensive. Well, it's a free game, so no complaints, just saying. Something the developers can improve on.
Great game ,great graphics ,I would put it to 5 stars if there was an option to play a rematch and also if it was possible to play against friends like you can do with the snooker version , but overall I love it thanks
Very realistic! Fun to play except when some players cheat somehow by hacking? I would like to see a full 15 ball rack to practice on. Take away the club challenges.
I love this game but everytime I try to login to facebook to my profile it keeps saying error & won't connect please can you fix this? I want to continue playing. Many thanks
Best pool simulation, very enjoyable online play. Addictive, there is always a good opponent to find. I'd have a few recommendations to the developer: -when playing 8ball, PS should NOT turn to any next ball, since no ball is ON, causes much unwanted extra turn-work -when the turn comes over to me: PLEASE add a short vibrating. I missed so much turn looking elsewhere while opponent plays -in general: a bit too much time eating bells and whistles, flying coins and last ball replay at match ending
Pay to win game, more AI than players. The only time you win is when you pay. That's how games with AI works. What's the point of having good Graphics? Too much AI.... Too much bugs... You can nv hope to get to the top, the near perfect aiming, placing by your opponent is is over the chart.
This game regularly doesn't record wins in the Club mode, forcing you to play the same level twice. I do like that you have to shoot behind the ball. But repeating levels constantly completely ruins the game.
Bloody rippa mate! (AUS translation: This is great!)*****. I am only hoping, so far, that the comms get better as I advance and that the pockets smaller.
Great game, similar to the real thing. Update: I been playing this game for a couple of months now and I still love it. It's easy to play, but requires practice to master, the perfect combo for a great game. Only wish there were instructions - can't find anything anywhere. I plan to start a reddit sub, so others who love this game can share info. So if you like the game as much as I do, visit the reddit and let's make it better for everyone!
Designed to keep you down. Win and you'll lose the break and get put against those with thousands of games played. I'm literally getting to break 1 out of 8 games against break and run players. No point if I just watch others play.
Game info absolutely lies!!!! This is online multi player only. They describe a single player mode where you can play AI players in 8 ball and 9 ball pool. Nope. They have only online pvp matches where you have to gamble your money. Each room costs more to enter and only online pvp. The only single player option is the "training stages" where you just hit a couple random balls they put on the table. How can they flat out lie like that? Weird. Don't fall for it. No single player here.
I think you should allow people to control the cue ball!! If you're not allowed to control the cue ball you really don't have control of your game!!!! I mean REALLY!Β°
I would give it 5 stars but the que ball always goes in when you put spin on the ball with any power. You would expect it one or two times but it's almost all the time. It like the pockets are magnetic. Still a great game.πŸ˜„
Best pool game out. Im adding on because game play has changed. It seems that when im playing ppl. Are able to move the ball like a scratch or table scratch even when i dont scratch at all. Look at my last match and tell me why that is? I was going to contact you but it doesnt help your customer service is a bit rude and seem to call me a liar. If it continues ill just uninstall but i know it wont hurt you guys you have lots of players whats one gone right?
Really fun game and good graphics. Only thing i would suggest is a hud where it shows what you are (solid or stripes) but thats just being picky.
I left a rather scathing review after being knocked out of game and losing everything. I apologize, I reinstalled game because I did not like any of the other pool games. All of a sudden I went from level 5 back to my previous level and winnings. A glitch but still best pool game.
Developer should think to update or tweak the gameplay, they should add tournaments, prizes on the club training, daily events with prizes, and daily login prizes...!...!
For beginner's;("not at billiards"). We could use little more time on each shots.β˜˜πŸ‘ Maaaannn!!!! Other than that! If u can't get out & get some Green finguresπŸ–Ž. We all know it's str8up best billiard game out there. πŸ–ŽβšŠβ€’βš¬ 🎱~>♧
So far liking the game. Problem is I can't play with friends that are on Apple phones. When comparing to two, the apple version has a lot more to it than the Android version. The iPhone has stars the rank your play of the level. On the Android it's just a trophy telling you if you passed or not.
I like the game, nice graphics. When doing the "Club" part of things. It seems as if when you "Win" your supposed to continue on with the next stage of things. Be aware but, you will replay the same stage again when your like " I JUST WON THAT WHY AM I PLAYING THAT SAME TABLE AGAIN, YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO WIN THAT TABLE" lol
What kinda idiot takes some of the best graphics to a pool game and then from level to level ..your skill doesnt grow to meet the compitition, your level ability shrinks to allow the computer comp....to look better? Thats like an ideal of creation and development got the bonus even, until the programmer gotta holt of it and bombed like a freakin moron... What a waste of the graphic details ...a pure waste , in the name of pennys on the dollar.... Brilliante i do say , dummy...
this is a great game but, There are some instances that are not in reality, graphics are great but i think this will be needing an improvement.
Honestly the game is super fun, but the earning is basically impossible. Advancing is hard. Please alow for multiple chests to open at the same time on a timer instead of one at a time. The matchmaking is also atrocious. I am pitted constantly against players way beyond my level I suspect to help me empty my account and force me to pay. Is it also normal that I only break 2 out of every 10 matches. Again I think it is a ploy. Since if you break and sink a ball has a better chance of winning.
Very good realism, however, I would like to see more challenges that go beyond 65 especially if you're on the free open platform.
The option is ugly. It doesnt stick to 2D because there no settings for it. Everytime I shot it gi back to 3D which is very ugly and makes it difficult to aim
the most stupid game ever. u allow player using the cheats??? other player still can place the ball in any location after their play???? how did that happen??? its showing that the other playin is connecting, the next thing happen the other player already place the ball on other spot.
Deleting the game as I played long and hard to get 65 in the club only to have done it 2 times and not get a Gold Cup! 1 star for wasting my time! Low ranking players with no coins are match with player, 10 or 20 spots ahead of them who have tons of cash, better cues and equipment! - This is just to try get you to spend real money! Reading all the reviews here you will note that the Developers have not answered one person here. All links to help and website are dead! - Don't waist your time!
Graphics are good but too much AI.... Too much bugs... You can nv hope to get to the top, the near perfect aiming, placing by your opponent is is over the chart.
playing billiards is my hobby and aiming in this game is just like playing the real game because also of it's realistic graphics. Just need to upgrade the game to invite friends in facebook and play together..