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Pool Billiards Pro

Pool Billiards Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by TerranDroid located at Suite 603,6th Floor,Laws Commercial Plaza 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road Kowloon,Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 1.5 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good but doesn't have snooker mode and isnt ful screen in Samsung GALAXY A71. By the way, play with friends doesn't appear on my device, maybe because of my country that is Iran. I suppose "8 ball pool" is a greater choice to spend time and level up.
I have read many reviews but l not found any type of problem in this game. I read the reviews and l thought that there are many problems or issues in this game. That's why l installed many other billiard games, but not found any good game (in low mb). All billiard games which are good and have high graphics are of very high mb. Finally, l installed this game. I say truly, it is just awesome. There are many options in this game like single player, two players, arcade and play online. I like arcade. I not found any such problem which I read in reviews. This game is just wonderful and it is what which I want. Thank u so much TerranDroid for making this game. πŸ€—πŸ‘God bless you.πŸ™Œ
Good game! No ads.,with online! And free! I don't know how to play billiard in real life but, I always win in this game.Even my young brother always want to play with me.😊😊
Very simple and easy to play and control. The 3d motion graphics make sense tho which makes it more interesting. The game play setting is ok and good to go.
It was a great game until hackers and cheaters stormed it. Every online game has cheats where the opponent can reposition que ball at will. Makes me furious.. Was going to uninstall it right away but thought I'll review it first.. Initially I thought there might be a glitch so I uninstalled n reinstalled a few times but the problem is the same in my friends cellphone qs well.
The game is great but it has many ads and sometimes when I trie to play, it crushes my phone. The creators must put some more effort in this game please
Hi to all you pool players! ive been a beta tester a while now, ive played almost every pool app up to date, ( 2019 ) and i find my self going back to pool billards pro" i love this app, its been around now a couple a years. Thank you.... still waiting on your update past level 7".....
I have always enjoyed playing pool. Since my early teens, angle shots have always been my favorites. This pool game is playable, but frustrating too! As in all games of pool, practice makes perfect. Try to help players by displaying angle shots with a guide stick to help them land double and triple shots?! Makes the game play more fun and exciting too.
Great Sandbox style game for those just looking to practice and shoot for fun. The Hardest mode is currently around a 4 skill level in APA however. Beatable, but it take a bit of effort.
I love real billiards,billiards is a tecnic game, those knows much better geometry, those having imagination of own stroke whichever you convert IN TO fine result, and how to disturb opponant move after finishing his own move, rather own moves Will finest move/ stroke than opponant and make situation to surrender n keep on backfoot to opponant, it's masterblaster intiligeant game than the all others game, billiards plays those you mostally found EDUCATED AND VIWERS also sofasticate and educated
I like it! Offline i get bored quickly. Great to have if you're chilling with multiple friends as the 2player mode is πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
I think the game has been hacked by cheaters. This is honestly good, really. But the fact that the game is hacked makes the experience less blissful, its sickening. If this problem is fixed, (where the scoring system is back on track) I will give a higher rating. Thank you. I MEAN I AM SUPPOSED TI WIN FOR LIKE HOW MANY TIMES I DONT EVEN KNOW BUT BECAUSE OF CHEATERS I KEEP ON LOSING jzjdjdjdjd
While the mechanics of the game are decent, childish behaviour can ruin the experience. There is no option to block chat altogether, or to block a certain player. They do not censor, in any way, user names, leading to some truly horrible ones. Also, player win ratios are unaffected by quitting a game prior to losing, leading to many players quitting games prior to losing.
really enjoy this game but level 26 of stage 4 is IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT and its driving me crazy! how is ANYONE supposed to sink 20 balls with 2 foul pockets and only 6 cues?! expecting to relieve stress when i play this game but only stressing me out more. will be uninstalling if it continues to prove impossible. been on this level for days.
It's a shame. I have been playing for quite a while, waiting for a decent update that does away with all of the CHEATS. Been almost a year since any update at all now. Just no reply from the developers, after all the bad reviews, huh? The cheaters have taken billiards out of this game, so it's not pool anymore. It's a shame I have wasted so much time playing.
Sucks! Aim lines aren't even close 3/4ths of the time and ALWAYS seems to make that one in a million shot to win! Pretty damn frustrating! A waste of time to win 1 out of every 8-10 games if you're lucky!
This is the most obvious cheating example for a game that is supposed to be based on geometry and physics .
Love the game. However, there are a lot of cheaters when playing online which is so fustrating. Developers, are you aware of this and if so how is it being dealt with?
I would love it if you could develop the online gaming to make real money just like l have to buy coin using real money when l run out. I mean like online betting. Maybe after making so much coin l can sell it for real money. Or even developing further to bet directly with real money that is if that's possible or secure or allowed
This game is a total fraud! As long you are winning a game it cut you off with the infamous "...connection is slow...wait..." Too many games lost because of this...it's a player cheat or the developers want to control the game? Totally disappointed.... P.S. my internet connection is top quality...
It decreases my patience, I utter a bad words and specially blows my head. Hard control, unstable control, confusing control.!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I win an online game if I don't have any aim and I can't buy a cue with aim for it requires level. Just a waste of time guy! Don't download! Negative negative app! I uninstalled it!!!!
Are people cheeting in this game? Because I run into people who have over 95% win ratio, they are able to end the game with me, but aiming at the black ball and holding the cut loaded for a few seconds. Also I run into people who're able to play, when it is my turn to shoot. So they always win?
It a cool pool game, but it a little improvement on gripping the focus. There is a loose focus, especially when after leaving the focal point.
It allows people to CHEAT. Whenever you are winning the game freezes up then the shot goes back to your opponent. It also lets your opponent cheat at winning by allowing them to do something on the backend. The game will freeze as your opponent disappears and then as you sit there and wait it will say that your opponent won...WHILE THE GAME IS STILL IN PROCESS.
This app has turned to a joke, either malfunctioning & need a major facelift, or some had hacked into it and try to prove they have the balls to play the game. Come on people, it's just a game. whoever owns this app need to take responsibility & fix it.
Great game. Very addictive. Better if the power slider is further away from the table because when moving the cue stick at the right side, the power switch accidentally activates and the shot is played without intention.
Very poor. the network is what make this game annoying and I find it boring to play and waste of time. u can't be on black ball and all of a sudden the game takes u back to 4 balls back placing the game I favour of my opponent. Improve this app or delete it permanently
that ilne indicates the ball movement to the destination in the game is a big lie, and in reality it does not exist. The game is not fair between two players.please remove the feature.tnx
I used to love this game. But I just downloaded it, excited to play and even while I chose single player, it made me play against the computer, which of course took all the best shots. Then, every time I would take a legal shot (whether or not I made the shot) it would say "you fouled" and allowed the computer to set up more perfect shots. Also, controls are not responsive, they're clunky and inaccurate. Guess I'm going to have to find a pool game with better game play.
No updates since its launched. Its so motonous to play again and again the same pattern. No new challenges....no levels juat stagnant after sometime. Hackers are also a problem. The difficulty level and challenge amount should be more diversified as per the level.
Like the off line feature and its responsive controls are nice ease of play and understanding make this a very nice package thanks!
i hate this app at the moment ...because when i play rematch then big and longer ad come on my phone then it finished player go out the room .....i would request all you don't dawonlod this... irretiting app
Great app. I'm glad to play this game. But please add the self chating option nd connecting to google play games.
Love the physics...wish alot more improvements needed but good game. Would also like tournament added to get coins faster...also not enough different cues
Can only speak about the offline aspects of the game since I've never played any online matches. It's the only simple straght forward billiards game I've seen on the store. Great shooting controls. AI can be pretty horrible even on hard mode, sometimes they will shoot straight at wrong ball if they are snookered. The rack always has gaps in it so breaks are often lackluster feeling.
I have a hard time playing online cause it has errors most of time which results in me being defeated. It isn't my internet connection.
Great game but still waiting for stages in arcade.i have completed 7 stages in arcade and from last several months i am getting coming soon,so when are new stages arriving.
It is a very good app but it doesn't mean i like it very much you must update it and kickout the hackers they've really proven that they are the one who controls the game its pathetic...i suggest that unlock all the cues and let the players do their best and enjoy a lot of games and to love your app...thats all
It's croupt 5k games u will lose u don't even get a shot the other person just keeps getting shots until u lose u don't even get aa shot even if they lose so bad so mean I love this game but 5k don't bother cos unless u clear up of the breaks u never get another go even if ur opponent loses he's shot he's given more shots one after a another film he wins u don't even get a shot apart from the break very bad aand corrupt no wonder there winning am, the time sort it out C.f.
Poorly done. Just aim and shoot. Asks automatic 5 stars rating .. actually enforces .. uninstalled. Bugs like setting cue ball near the rail. Horrible implementation. Just like 80's magazines selling games with non-existing graphics. There is no cue control. No angles. Nada. Poor clickbait app.
Simple and easy to use. Scratches the itch but could be more. Controls are easy and fair. Good passer of time. Can only say random opponents. Can lead to wide disparity of level. Would like to see more matches around my level and win %. Also would like to add other players like friends to be able reconnect in the future.
Great game it is so real in every way and so fun , it's the best game i can say i spend most of my time playing on my phone , challenging , unpredictable i give it a five stars
GREAT game play and some of the most realistic ball physics ive seen (i say this as a physicist and APA member). One major glitch is the break, however; you need to allow players to hit the ball harder (raise the maximum cue speed) in order to get a proper spread for a game. Still great, would be willing to pay $$$ in order not to see ads!
it's sad because I can not download it in my tablet because my tablet is lock and I don't remember the damage password .....they keep giving me Google accounts but it's not doing any good it's full ..it's not letting me do any thing ......phyllis...much love your way.
This game is just ,wow ,wow Awesome this game,app came to the change. The graphics are just awesome its like the game is in 3D .Its like your in the game its so real so cool . And its like you are really playing pool and the best part isthat the game is not even aditive l really think its for all ages. The game is really interesting yaa thats all .The graphics kind of look like the hair of this unikornπŸ¦„ .Pool Billiards is cool mainl,when you are playing to win. Yaa
Played three games. First game, the opponent was forcing me to skip my turn as I was selecting power. Second game, opponent had extra ui showing up that showed him exactly where his ball was going, but I wasnt given the same sort of advantage. Game has a huge cheater problem.
It's just my opinion but I believe slop shouldn't count I don't believe you should be rewarded for making a crappy shot. also i believe you should have a plus-minus for fine-tuning your aim
full of cheaters ruining your fabulous game.. if app developer is helpless and can not afford to beat this type of cheaters at least u should create a "Report" icon in order to report them by online players and kick out every 10 times reported cheater automatically.
The program is non glitchy the only irritating thing is the people with the super long pointer cues are allowed to play in the first levels which is basically for normal sticks which are more like reality and require some real talent in aiming and angles but they seem to all hang around with their super long pointer cues and run the table it's annoying........ they should be made to play the second or third level if they own a Unreal pointer cue
Finally. A billiards game that is just that. I tried out like 4 other games just looking to play simple offline 8 ball pool. None of them had it. Half of them have stupid levelled challenges to go through and nothing else. The other half had dumb gimmicks, online only, or dumb rules like timers that force you togive up your shot. Fortunately, this has none of that. Just a beautifully simple billiards game. Thank you.
Love this but had to reinstall it just now cause hung up on candy crush jelly and couldn't get out of the ad and AGAIN cause couldn't move cue ball. Please fix!!! . And NO, not playing Jelly no more!!! Not getting no more of my money!!
I hate this game. Fouls happen way too easy. It is fishy. Look like you are destined to lose. Black ball also goes in the hole too many times. And only 20 seconds approximately to shoot the ball. Bad network can cause me to miss my chance.
This game cheats constantly it hides the opponents balls and cheats on the break. I think the FCC should have a look at this game , it disregards all of the FCC rules and regulations.
Great game, although after more than 9K games which I have played, it's quite apparent that the "computer" will control alot of roll and English that you might play, physics and past results be damned...and this inconsistency occurs especially if you're playing a high scored opponent. But it is a great game.
i'm always the lucky to break.which is advantage to opponent.ang when i'm in the winnng situation,or in the last ball,slow connection always appears.in the end,the opponents win.especially if the bet is 1000 or 5000.but for 100 bet,no slow connection appear.and the game is smooth and fair.it's unfair to me.well...but the game is excitng and addictive.so,please fix.thank you.
This was pretty good when I installed it months ago but I havent used it for ages - It has become very glitchy to control the cue and when playing computer the computer is a black belt 5* expert - I decided to uninstall it but that option was no longer in the app store for this app - I needed to go to device settings to uninstall this app
Like the game but can not get any zip on the ball when breaking. Also can not put right or left English on the ball.
It's nice but when we play online. It is some type of cheating means when we are playing the game stops due to network and if you know the network problem is there then , try to solve it rather then putting the message "bad network" in your three dot box(...)
Wow this game is great! Im adicted to play it more especially when you have data you can still play online and also offline . i give you 5 stars !!!
I think I have a 120 hours in this game. It's just like playing pool for real. U can use English an every u can think of! Hats off to the maker of this app !!! Droid turbo 2.
It is soooo unfair for those who knows how to play this game...everything you do with the cue ball should be on the disgression of the player if he wants the other player to see it or not...feeeling like pros while in fact nothing but second trying hard copy cats...
The second star is a free bonus, just to support "the underdog" smaller time developer. But this is simply the crappiest pool app ive tried. Controls are jumpy, graphics ugly, ...for goodness sakes man use a normal and readable font for your menus!
The ways you can cheat and people do constantly to rob you of wins is incredible. This game is super cheap.
It's a good game. Addictive. But it would be better if the game had Better Graphics, Didn't have Level 1 Players playing Level 21 Players and had a way for Players to Write Messages to each other, rather than just the Pre-Set Messages. Fix Those Issues and I'll give it 5 Stars.
Some players are cheating by freezing the game at the time of opponent shot, not sure how they do it but they are able to do.
It keeps showing update coming soon. When is the update coming? I have finished all the levels with 3 stars on all of them. I need more levels.
this game very good, and real boredom buster game, there's different colours pool tables, green blue burgundy grey 30 level each table, I am playing this game for 2 months. It's been month now something change in the pool table pockets some bugs keep popping but it happens certain numbers level and I recorded one game I was playing and there to many adverts, sex video show at night time and this game children play to and I don't really like it , please fix this now and don't change this game
If I could give a negative star I would. I played a great game and then when it came to the eight ball the game shot by itself causing me to hit the other players ball then knocking the 8ball in. I'm deleting the app and never playing again. And I advise anyone else not to even waste their time
Aiming controls are poor. Take a look at how other devs implement them. Ball-in-hand should also have a more intuitive placement function, and an option to pick it up again if unsatisfied with the placement. The AI, even on hard level, will make stupid fouls. I like everything else - no buying cues and similar nonsense. Thrilled to see this app evolve.
Game cheats. Doesnt no the rules. When the game makes a ball on the break it is supposed to keep the balls it makes on the break it's a foul to shoot a different color, its a forfeit.
Have always loved this game, and will always keep playing. The controls are too close to the table hence always the aim losses its control when accidently fingers touch the table. Also no one knows what in the hell those ranks are as in first place they are not readable itself.. The font used is horrible and need to be changed to a readable font format.
Good game but not great. I really wish this game could be saved and linked up. I hate that i got a new phone and have to start from the beginning. If i could restore my account on a different device, i would definitely give 5 stars. Its a fun game and takes way too long to level up for better cues. Now i dont know if i want to play anymore due to having to start all over. πŸ‘Ždue to that issue alone.
good game but the com cheats.. makes crazy shots and when it misses it blocks you with his balls . when bliking for your turn how can it be an error when you hit your ball?? oh well But Good game .
Only realistic billiards application within Google Play Store that uses up the Least amount of storage space to download. - "Calico Kid have arrived." β„…: Billiards Palace - Anchorage, ALASKA 99503
This is very good game, but i found some problems... sometimes when u going to online mode and select a game, app cannot find anyone for play and a robot play with u, not real person... another problem is that when finish an online game and start new game the opponent is duplicate. Please fix this problems. Tnx a lot
It's a good game so far so good. I enjoy playing the game when i feel bored and when am from studying to refresh my memory. I love the game
Not very good. You can't set the cue ball position on a break, it is a fixed point. If you have never played pool in real life great. If you have you won't like it.
Very nice and simple game but the game developer should also provide ''play with friends'' option also.
Major recent flaw. When you go back after initiating a game partner search and waiting for few seconds, it started to (sometimes) take away your money as though you have played the game.! This happens few times in a row. As a result I lost about 25,000 points without ever playing a game. This bug is robbing those people who buy points, of their money, in addition to 10% rake.
Love the option of playing a quick game alone instead of a whole one with opponent. Easy to understand and fun to play! Thanks
The game is good add more power and realistic pool and fix bugs and glitch the game so please see the comment the game is nice and very low mb
the celery root invaded my living room and I cut the vines to make soup. everybody liked the cream of tuberculosis contracted by the hundreds because the few eating places that closed for your assistance to the customer especially when under acute distress and anguish over the past few years
I would have given a 5 star. The online play is hacked by some annoying cheating experts. I hate this game for this, I will hang on only for a while for it to be fixed and if it continues then It will be better for me to say good bye. They move the Cue ball to any position they want in the middle of play and all sort of things. it's frustrating 😠😑.
This game is capable of letting a person on level 15 play with a person on level 58, that's the only worst part about it, i mean how will i be able to win a game against a godlike person while I'm still a senior using senior stick😏😏😏
Not realistic physics, there's no another guidance line from the potential hit ball. Online play is with bet only, where when you win you get 80 percent of the bet, not 100. Also the UI/UX and graphics parts are outdated and not good enough for newest devices.
loved the computer play but the game mis-called some of my shots as potted when they were just too light. also power bar gets in the way on the end.
The game is great, physics and geometry are more or less realistic. The exception, of course, is balls rolling foreeeeever!! slow shots get bounced like crazy, defying all laws of physics!!!!! My biggest complain is when the game freezes due to whatever real or fake internet problems. I suspect both parties get robbed of credits, and guess who benefits? The game maker. They already take 10% rake off each game! Noone is fixing this bug. And Sometimes you don't get the credits you win fair! !!
Pool Billiards Pro πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒIs the best i enjoy it alone and with friends...I just have one suggestion is that can PBP(team) please add an repay option, after hitting one awesome unbelievable shot you sometimes feel like you can repay it back and show it to your friends.
I don't understand, how when I or the computer makes a hole ball inside in the beginning, he does not recognise it. And on the Motorola, there is no way to leave the table. On the Samsung there was no problem.
Great game, a few niggles about other players somehow being able to have you miss your turn and even pot the black and win while your screen has frozen! Only given 3 stars as I'm still waiting for updates on arcade mode, is there any updates? When are the new arcade levels coming?
Love it, but I gave it only 3 stars for two reasons. Now 4 stars. 1. Updates seem to have fixed the ads problem 2. There are a lot of cheaters out there. Fix that please. Updates seem to have improved this, but there are still some cheaters. when I see it, I just exit the game, and if everyone did this, we would deprive the cheaters of their fun.
The ways you can cheat and people do constantly to rob you of wins is incredible. This game is super cheap. It is getting worse.
i would give at least a 4 if the poor network connections of opponents dont lock up my game. what is the deal with opponent moving q ball with stick after i hit my ball and a rail or two but missed my pocket? ball should not be potted. reading some reviews on ball rolling as well pool is combination of skill, luck i made it this far. what about the time factor? ive noticed opponents several times have had increased time on their cycles and when my cycle is still green i have lost my shot!?
Years ago it was better. Today I have a name for it : THE DUMP........a real dump of cheaters even in the beginners stage. Dear players try it and see, I bet you'll delete it in less than a tick. All 5 stars of the list I bet are friends or employees of the developers.
Well I must say this game is pretty intense.... The developer seriously got to have five stars.. I appreciate the effort you have put up in this game ..it's very addicted and mostly kills time ......thank you so much mate ..
It SUCKS!!! Seems when your beating the computer or whoever you playing, the games seems to take over and start moving the cue ball over the table without anyone scratching. Its a damn Hoax uninstalling. Did this at least 5 times.
Its the best pool game but it need a face up grade need to fix the cheating problem need to have a way to add your own picture and real texting that you can turn on and off been playing it from 2010 or 2011 need to make it a little better
Plays well. Only concern is that the menus need to be worked on. They look like they were designed in 2007
The developer doesn't do anything about the cheaters and fair match making. False gravity fiction when you heat random ball it's accelerate even its about to stop. I played this game for the whole month but in this past few weeks it's getting worst don't waste your time in this game. The developer is not doing anything about this is issue.
The online match for normal stage, entry is 100, n prize is 180. But when u won, the system only give u 80. CHEATING ! so everytime i play, i lost 20 even if i win ! Exampe, i have 1000. When i play, my chips now is 900. Then i won, my chips become 980 & not 1080 ! At 80 only.. At advance stage entry fees is 1000, n prize is 1800. Example i have 2000, it minus 1000 for entry. Now i have 1000. If i won, my chips become 2800, add prize 1800. This is correct. NORMAL STAGE WRONG !
One suggestion, that why don't you add an option for the players playing online with each other can write a comment on their shot or any appreciation, so that it makes more interesting and more fun to play....
i really enjoy this game more than the others because the controls are great but the graphics and size of the balls on a smartphone is hard to tell which ones are the stripes and solids at times but its good cuz the way you are able to aim is more controllable and not too sensitive! oh but its annoying at first cuz there isn't really any detailed instructions. Ok so it's tricky at first trying to figure out each move but when u get the hang of it its addicting! have fun players !
Pretty good gameplay, graphics and physics. The AI isnt bad. No real gripes, apart from ads after every game or failure, but to be fair, most free android games have the same amount of this googlecancer. Higher levels of the arcade challenges are labelled as 'coming soon', so hopefully there will be more updates and improvements to come.
Had this one for over 5 years. It is the best smartphone game EVER. TOTALLY REAL. exactly like a real pool table. I play 8 ball and 9 ball and they are both terrific. No ads making you wait. Nothing dumb just a great effort by the designer! Thanks.
It's a fun game. But I can't tell you how many times I've restarted the game from scratch because I changed devices. Just changed devices a week ago and I was at level 25 and now I'm at level 1 because I can't carry over my saved data. Please it would be nice if you make a way for us to save our game data. Like candycrush which saves data on Facebook.
This game is fun, i have played it for years but recently it seems most online players are cheating. Developer should work on that. would give it 5stars if wasn't for the cheats players use to play the game.
This is a great pool game. Its easy to use theres no ads interupting your game. My boyfriend and i play together all the time.
πŸ‘€Should allow to change purchased cues DURING a game. πŸ‘Ž If the phone rings it will lock up the game. πŸ‘Žthe irritating thing is the players with the super long pointer cues play in the first level which is should be limited to normal sticks that require some real talent in aiming and angles. πŸ‘Ž but they all hang around with their super long pointer cuesπŸ‘Ž and low talent and run the tableπŸ™‰, it's annoying........ πŸ’₯they should be made to play the second or third levels.
OH MY GOD! Whoever gave this 5 stars is a LIAR!! Ads before the game even starts You CANT make it aim straight! Beginner sticks have NO power- cant even break up the rack! I am POSITIVE Devs have NEVER EVEN SEEN A REAL POOL TABLE! THIS GAME SUCKS!! I was going to play til I got an advanced stick but its WAY TOO FAKE!! ZERO STARS!!
This apps say you can play online but it has a very harsh network plus other competitors will cheat in the game I don't know how but the will move the cue ball as they want when I don't even fouled it's very annoying game.
I have played this game before and was signed in using google account...but now if iam downloading my progress in the game is not stored...and there is sync like account wise...its dissappointung to start from first again
I have never seen a game where the computer cheats so so bad its sickening. He slows yo ball down or speeds your ball so he has a shot everytime. Cheaters. This game will make you go insane with all the cheating the computer does. For reals. 10/31/18: the glitches in this game has gotten worse. NO CHANGES HAS BEEN MADE. ITS WORSE NOW. I can't play a two player game without glitches or the computer interfering with the game. Ball moves slowly im trying to break. Or straight shots are never straight today I tried to line up my shot the cue stick starts to slowly spin in a circle both ways soon as I shot it while spinning it worked fine; except I get the foul and the computer shoots and scores. You guys really need to fix this its so frustrating. The game is great till everything I have mentioned above happens. I would rate higher after this matter has been taken cared of. 😠😀😑
Uncontrollable. It freezes then you cannot get free and ret your aim. Then you are screwed out of your move. Time and time again. Used to be fun. No more.
this game is a joke! how am i gonna go from 1000 points to -2980? just because your sucky game froze up..? yeah! plus how is it the other players can just move the cue ball where ever they may like at any time?
I am loving this game! I've never been good at real billiards but I'm getting really good at this cyber billiards because of the way it's set up. Minimum ads. Normal tables. Seemingly authentic feel. Option to use or turn off guidelines. There isn't a single thing I can find wrong about this game. By far the best of all the billiards game I've tried. I've uninstalled all the other ones. This one's a keeper.
Really like playing the game. I would have gave it 5 stars if not for the cheaters. That has to be fixed......asap.
Good game, but fixe those trust players who hacks the game. Upgrade the security of the apps so that the players who hacks the game can't play or they will be reset as their punishment.
Twice now at the end of a 9000 point game the opponent has multiples goes at potting their last ball when it should be me potting the black. I do not get my turn and the potter indicator keeps reverting to the opponent. Finally they pot their last ball and then the black and then win. It is a stich up
Very good game, except the bad network. Few times I am been very close to win, then showing me a massage slow network , please wait and then my opponent winning(I have no idea how ,after 2 min waiting the massage please wait). Can you fix that problem please. If my receipton is good and my provider is the best of the best on my country, then wapy I have to have a problems. I spent my time to enjoy, no to please wait. If I need to pay some money, to warranty bugs free, I am agree.