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Pool 2021

Pool 2021 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by AndromedaGames located at 서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was really enjoying this game. Unfortunately, It just stop working. I continually get a message that the server is updating and check my connections. This has been going on for the past 3 weeks.
love playing people from all over . This game is just the thing to to take mind off the stress of ever day life.
Not really the games fault but poor opponent level when you reach 4m pot you very rarely get a game, however it clearly puts AI against you at lower levels because of blatent fouls. otherwise an okay game to kill some time.
Great game although now i cant access the game as it keeps popping up saying to continue for long time not playing basically, was only on it the other day now i cant play :/
Google play login fails. Now i cant login with facebook because of cookie notification window where the accept button is outside the screen and can't scroll there! Fix your game!!!
played an opponent as I was on stripes he had pocket 2 of my stripe balls and continued playing thats cheating..whats that all about??
"Sever maintenance 1:00 PST" the same message keeps on popping up as soon as I try to log in, either the game is gone or some hackers took over as usual. Please fix it or I am gonna be deleting it for good
I love this game! However for the past week its been saying server maintenance. Emailed the developer and havent heard nothing! I had over 300 million coins too! It better be fixed this week or i will delete forever!
This is my favorite game that I play. It's too bad that the developers won't contact you back with a problem that you address. Point being is that the #1 player in the world "dethuouglamhihi" straight up robs you of your money and the game by somehow booting you completely out of the game and the site itself. Now would you all please take care of this problem. Would like credited back my coins and also my win average. This is only on the 9 ball games. This has happened well over a dozen times!
Absolute rubbish, glitches never fixed, can't be bothered to reply when challenged, wiped out my Facebook account. This game isn't fit for purpose! Anyone thinking of downloading this rubbish, try Miniclip instead.. At least it's run by competent people.
"Win Chest" quit working, and my characters are stuck. They won't level up anymore. Other than that, it's a good game. UPDATE: 3 months since my last review and still no solution to the problems I mentioned. The characters not leveling up is really aggravating!!!!
Some aspects of the 3 cushion billiards need improvement. An example is the speed of the cue ball (white or yellow), after it hits the opponent's or the red ball.
i feel as though this app is constantly leaving my after shots in perfect winning positions for my opposition! i also feel that it often causes me to either drop the 8 ball, or at the very least, I'll scratchso the other player will get ball in hand and a perfect shot to run out his table!! sooo lame to!!!!
"Win Chest" quit working, and my characters are stuck. They won't level up anymore. Other than that, it's a good game.
Game shuts down automatically while playing with few players...are they using a cracked version or what!! Inspite of many complaints your admin team never responded...
I hate the way your computer manipulates all balls on the table, especially the cue ball. VERY DISHONEST AND FRUSTRATING.
It's okish but I can't sign into my Google account, it keeps sayin the internets down wen it's not so I'm stuck playin as a guest
New review after playing for months. Developers never addressed flaws for months. Removed link to offline mode, game still showing error on every access, showing notifications on complete tasks, a lot of bots on lower levels, physics is bad and unreal when u want to perform tricky shots. Nothing new to push you forward in playing. Think this game will not have updates ever agian. Made original review in 2018. Tried it now and they just changed year in the name nothing new added for years🤣🤣🤣
When the name "andromeda games" comes up it doesn't vibrate anymore like it use to thus making the game unplayable. At the main menu, when you tap or slide to select a game..it takes a long time to resgister the tap and slide...now, when i'm actually able to play...(from waiting a long time) it'll let me break...but it won't let me move my cuestick or select my power!!!
Opponent gets to place cue after missed shot that was a good shot. Sort of a ripoff. Since server update the game cuts out a lot more than it did before
This game sucks. You can't get anywhere. I won most of my games. BUT once you get in the millions added up. The game cuts off in last minute of winning then it shuts off other person wins. Can't play high games always says there is no match. I got 33 cushions and wanted to play 2.5 million no matches but yet 1st place has 52 million
Starting to dislike your game, had a player spot his cue ball on my ball and made his ball to win???? That was my game, this is not the first time something stupid has happened and cost me money and a better placement. Come on guys, I have put a lot of time and some money in your game. I have done my part please do yours.😂🤣😫😎
its not a bad game if u like playing slop & not get the rewords u r promised if u watch a video or if ur a good player from the usa u get ur shots taken from u or it will boot u out of the game or make the Q-ball sink they'll say it ur falt but i know its not cause ive been playing pool over 40 years
This review is to draw the attention of the makers of this game.I have an account signed in with goole play games and now i am not able to access it.MRxLegend (name) and its lev 84 with 750m+ coins.Please give me my account back.Looking forward for your help!!
I love the game! Maybe make some items purchasable with gold instead of only diamonds would make it better... thanks!
Game has good potential but has too many annoying flashing lights and useless notifications and unable to turn them off. Also the cue stick would not move sometimes and took a shot unintentionally. I grew tired of all this and quit.
Good game for pool lovers. I really appreciate it because it has no intention to grab our money like 8 Ball pool by Miniclip. It has coolness and enjoyment for us.
to many drop outs and close calls concering return of the game during which im down about two- hundred thou- to three hundred thousand. everything else is fine. fix the timing. please. Nice to have the game though, less stress promotion is key.
Pretty good game. The ads aren't that bad but when you get a reward like a win chest you have to watch a short video to unlock it, which isn't much of a bother it's just annoying. The only major complaint I have is the controls, after you line up your shot sometimes the ball path line will shift when removing your finger from the screen. Also, I couldn't use "MAGA" in my nickname which isn't right at all. Take the block off this nickname and fix the winning issue and it would be a 5 star app!!!
Some aspects of the 3 cushion billiards need improvement. An example is the speed of the cue ball (white or yellow), after it hits the opponent's or the red ball. Now I realize that it was not graphics, being unrealistic in speed and precision. it was my cue stick that was slow and inaccurate. otherwise, this game is thoroughly enjoyable and, quite frankly, very addictive. I am working my way up, and enjoying my progress. this game is definitely for the passionate. Thank you
The Game is a joke !not a lot of mainstream players .All the smaller games are dominated by bots.Its a chinese owned game and therefore it's dodgy .They don't always pay out ,when you win,and give you rewards you can't do anything with ,after buying cues.Its certainly not up to Miniclip standards !
If you guys ever wanna compete with miniclip 8ball pool, you guys should also comply with the world rules on the pool table, because if you break in a 9 ball game and sink the 9 ball, then you win the game, because this is frustrating for us that's supposed to win the game, oh and the balls touching and pushing each other away like that makes it look like video game from the 90's please upgrade your graphics and game play
Overall, this game is a lot of fun. Although I did run into some issues. Sometimes it goes offline and it doesn't allow you to play anymore. Although the table is up and the time keeps running. I wish that you correct that. Other than that, I'm enjoying the game quite a bit.
This really getting to be a pain it Sucks . It froze up on me again won't let me go to next level . They fix it then it does it again . I think game mad at me I am at Highest level .. I should be done with game I am the Champ But until I get to finish last level I will not quit playing ? Help Has any one else Complete this game ? All levels ?
This game won't let me pass to high level as in 250 Premium for past month have Email and messaged Game developers still no response so I say this game sucks ! I guess they are mad cus I beat there Game ? Because they should of fixed this problem for me on my phone 3 wks ago ! Kellie C. Akron Ohio I just played again my score was 15000 ,won't rack next level. Cus, Yes as a Female who has played on Pool League's want to claim My Fame 🤔😐🙄🙂🤗😋😎😍😉
Userbase in India, when they sleep there are hardly any opponents. Wont connect to Google Play Games. Connection somewhat unstable. Game is Ad driven, when ads run out, you cannot collect your earnings.
I love this game but they are way way too many disconnects and I get tired of losing my points my rank and my win streak
Do to not being able to enlarge the image of a player makes it difficult when trying to aim for a shot plus without a way to manually control the players settings or turn off the timer make for a very frustrating game play.. Otherwise it's a very enjoyable game for passing away the time while sitting in any waiting room...
I will say I am a pool a holic. this is very addictive I'm always playing. just wish we could chat while playing.
I actually had a lot of fun playing this game... for one night. For some reason I can't connect today at all, and i've been trying for at least 2 hours now. Every time I try to start the game, no matter which of the 3 devices I have, I get "unable to connect, check your connection," and then "Tap confirm to reconnect for long time leaving." And then it just loops the second message over and over again. So now for some unknown reason, I can't play it, which is a shame. I've been trying out a bunch of different pool games lately, and I really liked what I experienced. But it being unplayable makes it worthless. MAYBE the servers are down or something. I'll try it again tomorrow and see what happens. If it works again, I'll change this review.
I am not getting other benefits like free coins on winning by watching videos and chest etc. Everytime message appears that supplier time out. I also went legendary cue what's going on. pool is not opening. message...sever maintenance from last two days
Fun to play! Easy to level up and get rewards so far. Don't think I should have to watch a video when opening a box, but whatever. Fun though!
This pool game is quite addicting. But it is very fun. There are a few things that cause problems, like using the ads to get the gold coin rewards. They very frequently run out of ads from their supplier . Sometimes you can quit and log back in and the ads are back. They are working to fix it, we just ha e to wait for it. You will notice the side pocket let's are a little smaller than the corners. Well you will enjoy the game very much. Have fun.....
Game stinks. Allows less than viable players to routinely beat skill players with much higher rankings. Only 5 levels. And unless you are a pro, rarely do you beat 4th or 5th level players. Not worth the downlaod
At first I didnt like the game but the more I play it the better I Like it. Not so much the videos but anyway I guess they have to be
Love the game so much... a few glitches need to be fixed ie ball going through the rail. I'd also love to have a choice between called pocket games and the regular anything goes
I learned a lot about pool when I first started playing your game. Back then you could only play the game not other people. So I sought out other pool games to test my skills with real people. For Old Times Sake, I played it again. Wow! Was I happy to see you had opened it up to playing with other people. It's easy to love this game. It's consistently good and that makes you consistently good. Although I'm still learning. There's another pool game I play. But, this one is my number 1.
can you guys please added some new cues and also improve the legendary cues they arn't toi powerfull and if i select the bottom spin on the white ball to hit the last ball yellow or black my white ball always scratch Everthing is running flowlessly
there's characters and stuff going on in the pockets that I don't understand. there's no rules for all this extra stuff. Once I sink the 8-ball in my corner and my point still had five balls left but he won. I have no idea why
It was by far the best mobile pool game out there...far surpassed 8 Ball Pool, but now they've joined the rigged games squad and you play with bots usually...fail... uninstalled. =)
Not worth it at all Iam about to pot my last ball into the pocket and then the 8 ball which the apponent had all 7 balls left on the table then all over sudden logged me out and says reconnect it to go back to your game which never happen without anything wrong with the connection what so ever then it just counted me as I have lost the game...!!!! it happened a few times which very strange...?!!! dont waste you time on it its totally fake app..?!!!
took a risk on a big money game...game kicked me out, said poor connection..lost money. went right back to $5k table worked fine.
App doesn't work anymore, keeps saying Server maintenance is in progress and its been like that for over 2 days now
Good game the only thing like others would think it needs to have tournaments to choose from and play. Thanks one more thing the higher you climb in status and winning the harder it is to find opponents.
Please remove the comments generated when a player has taken a shot.It is offensive to some players. Otherwise an excellent game. Thanks in advance.
i mean it is good but, it has changed because the profile i had last year you could win poolsticks instead of having to buy them all the time, better advancement protocols.
I love this game! Two things that could improve; 1- less computer players with alien names and pics.2-In my opinion, I think using God's Name is NOT COOL. ESPECIALLY IN VEIN!!! 🤔👍👎🙅
The control is not too good to handle, the physics's law is average or moderate, a bit shabby but okay. You should bring a friendlier user interface instead of gimmick display. The bonus in the hole during game is challenging, but not too interesting.
i have no good experience with this game,everytime i have to play always no good connection if not when you're going to hit the last shot,suddenly connection lost and upon return to the game you lose. improve the system of this game.
The reasoming behind ball in hand is to what purpose is that so people that do not know how to play can have a chance to whine opps win because ive noticed that every game of pool is ball in hand what ever hapen to call pocket on every shot ??? Then you donot need ball in hand and it would change names on leader board more often and make things a little more of a chalange for every one thare ought to be at least three call pocket type after level one is compleated try asking other players
This is the best game going. 5* #1. I like playing the game. Problem is that the programmers are known for their ability to change the outcome of the game. I'm being polite by calling them programmers rather than commen HACKERS. OH yeah more thing, when playing 9BALL if you POT the 9 ball on break, you win the game......you're hackers stole the last game I played. And I mean my LAST GAME.THANKS FOR THE AGGRAVATION.
This game has got to be fixed,when you make the eight ball on the break you shouldnt lose,who ever heard of that?
Slop pool.Close eyes hit balls without any skill and win.Need to have a "call pocket" mode for the players that want to play a skill game instead of a luck game.
I see the game is back .i had a chance to scout around and play other games but i must say this table is the most accurate and realistic i have found so go for it tons of enjoyment!
I just started and the game put me against a level 20 with more experience then me. So I uninstalled it. Worst pool game.
whoever designed this game must not play much pool To lose when the 8 ball is made on the break is totally wrong
poor game tbh, touchscreen very unresponsive, the ball go in off at unnatural angles, probably the worst pool game in the android store. DO NOT TOUCH WITH A CUE POLE......
Very pleasantly surprised. So many pool games out there are shockingly bad. The physics aren't perfect, but with some experience, easy to deal with. I love the very unique diamond reward system. We can record any shot during any game and upload it to the contest area. Players watch your clips and vote on them. The winners get 100 dias per clip. Another very interesting feature are the characters. 4 each of J, Q, and K in all suits. You equip them for buffs for your cue. I recommend the game!
Too many drop outs & bugs. I have lost Millions as i play the high level games. Needs fixing a.s.a.p.
Was OK until I stared getting 5 adds pop up right in the middle of a game. Physics on bank shots is not even close. The adds mid game when you're about to shoot is the worst!!🤬
Not bad, but, as with all other pool games, luck is too much of a factor, should have to call your pockets to eliminate "slop" play
It's awesome game. I have only one problem that it can't connect to Google play games. Plz solve this problem
This game is good but the network connection is slow the match will come out and my money will go to opponent gamer and i was losing the game again and again that was so irretating to me and i was uninstalled the app
Good game but one mistake i was play anyone and win and im go nsxt opponent same opponent come again and i am play and win but my winning is not incrice
well the game is good but it's slow yes you do a lot of tricks in the game also you have to wait for your opponent to shoot what to set Shack to talk to them can't
I have a suggestion Reduce the size of the balls they are big and make some good compact cues like in 8 ball pool otherwise everthing is just fine,its a good app
This is absolutely stupid I can't win a single game playing against computer bots, I can't even get my Facebook login my level which is 140 it logs me in with my Facebook photo and guest level which is 7
This game is basically all luck and no skill, play slop and get rewarded. Opponent puts themselves in a horrible position on the 8...and just slop shoots hoping for the 8 to either go into a pocket or get hit off another ball. WHY...ISN'T...THERE.. ANY...CALL...POCKETS...ON...HIGHER...TABLES???????
why can maspro get away with cheating?,julioxhackxhackwho plays for maspro can pick a player and stop the game and get points cos other player has to quit,they r spolling the game for other honest teams by cheating.
Everytime you win a game there's rewards at the bottom left corner of the screen, but it doesn't give you anything after you click and watch a video...plus, how do you unlock the following characters: quarterback will, cat tom, senor garcia, and the joker king???
Idk Why I like This Game of Pool so much but I do... Outta All the other games to choose from on play store that I have played this is my Favorite... There are no adds either and you dont have to pay money in to get coins or countuine playing either... Never experinced any bugs or glitchs or any technical problems... Great Game
The computer generated characters have gotten better but when you you play for 2.5 million and its so obvious that your playing the computer. i never loose 10 games straight. and why cant you get the king character pieces ive been playing forever and never gotten even one. you get 1 star till somethings change from me.
the game is good but you dont get to play anyone from your own country you always have to play some person from the country that has the game and they cheat they hate to lose.and they dont know the rules of pool like when you brake you are the balls that you make on the brake if you make a little one that is what you are thats the purpose of the brake. if you make the 8 on the brake you win.not lose and the game scratches too much.
it's fun but has a lot of issues that are very unfair. you may make a shot or even win a game but are cheated. I have won a couple high stakes game fairly but then got cheated. I have made numerous shots fairly but all of a sudden the ball is given to opponent. it's still fun though. if you record a shot, sometimes it's NOT what you think! fun game, but does have many glitches!
the game cheats dont waste your time. played it for a week and i actually thought finally one not rigged....wrong.
Beautiful game, awesome graphics 😍😍,,good entertainment.. i think it is better than other all pool games... but my request,, you need add more competition stages... such as tournament and No guidelines tables.... thank you creater.. ❤❤❤❤
Not bad... would like the enter action with other people to be more.. its limited to a few words. more cues the selection is ok but would like to see broader range. keep up the good work
I've been playing for quite a while now and I still can't figure out how to use the characters. They're just a freaking nuisance. There's no rules or instructions.
the best for real i love how realistic it feels and the way yhey give you perks hands down the best so far
I can't be this good. The physics of this game are unbelievable. As in, there is a lot of cheating from both sides. It Sucks
Dude I am Addicted to this Pool Game. I have played a lot of different pool games with different game makers and this one right here beats them all...
I had a 2019 full game on here and have lost it this game here is no good I have no clue I got lost you come up long-term leave confirm and I kept feeling like that and retirement down try to restart get it back
Best pool game I have played. Love the 3 cushion. The problem i have and hear the most complaints about is the win chest and free chest stop working so you cannot progress to get the kings. Help !
copied other games. won't let me collect my free chest or gems. a complete rip off also my firs game was with a level 10 when I was a level 1
New review after playing for months. Developers never addressed flaws for months. Removed link to offline mode, game still showing error on every access, showing notifications on complete tasks, a lot of bots on lower levels, physics is bad and unreal when u want to perform tricky shots. Nothing new to push you forward in playing. Think this game will not have updates ever agian.
Game gets stuck with player "dethuomglamhihi" before game starts and game stops abruptly. This reduces earned game points. Faced with the above player and there is another player Julioxmarjert with whom the game keeps getting stuck and one keeps losing earned points. How does the game allow such bugs? Clearly there are hacks causing issues, or the game developer / owner is permitting it to happen. New hacker called JULIOMAARJERT introduced. Game gets stuck. Uninstalling this stupid game.