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Poly Jigsaw - Low Poly Art Puzzle Games

Poly Jigsaw - Low Poly Art Puzzle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Newque Tech Limited located at Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game was fairly boring overall. The mechanics of the game remove the puzzle aspect by moving the camera to where the pieces went. Also, there were too many advertisements. I understand one advertisement after a puzzle is completed, but there were about 4 or 5 per puzzle, and 3 in the puzzle selection menu. Overall, a good concept but poorly executed game.
I enjoy the puzzles. However I'm very frustrated as half of them are locked out. They say you must watch a sponsored video to do them. I try, then it says there are none available...... every day! I've contacted the game several times with no response.
Good concept, but poorly executed. Did 8 of them before I was told there were no more ads for the day, come back tomorrow to do more, but that was several days ago and it never gave me any more. The ones that don't require ads still play several as you do them. You can't save progress either so when the app crashes (which it does) you have to start over
so I really love this app but it's so problematic and they dont fix it. I have done all the images its let me do. It stopped giving me new pictures to do and the ones I havent done, it wont let me do. Every time that I have tried to do one of the images left, it says sorry there is no more videos to watch. I had to delete the app today because it is just taking up space at this point.
I love it. The pictures the puzzles make are so beautiful. The only thing that bugs me is it wont let me do some of the puzzles. it keeps saying out of videos and it's an everyday thing. if that is fixed I would give this app 5 stars
It's really fun, but half the levels are unplayable. A lot of the levels require you to watch an ad to unlock it, but when you try to play them, it keeps saying they're "out of sponsored videos" and to "come back tomorrow", but it's been days and it keeps saying it.
It's a wonderfully relaxing game. The soft sound that happens when I put a piece down is surprisingly pleasant. However, the numbers that are supposed to help guide the player confuse me most of the time. They're unsightly and sized horribly. Ads are okay, but on the home screen there are too many, and after watching an ad I get another when I start my puzzle. My progress isn't saved if I leave, either. Plus, should my screen turn off I get another ad.
TOO MANY ADS!!! You get an add for EVERYTHING. When you open the app, when you go to select a puzzle, when you go to place the first piece, when you finish the puzzle, AND THEN when you go to pick a new puzzle. Frankly, its just overkill. Literally did two puzzles and will be deleting the app because it is just ridiculous
Love the images but some of the numbers were to big to fit in there spaces plus I kept getting ads very single second. That's why I have it at a 2 ⭐
Too many ads. Every time you click on a picture its brings and ad. Also it highlights were the peices go. They app makes you put the peice in a certain place then places the peice itself. I guess Its helpful for people who can't see the jumble of numbers on some of them. When I saw the add for it I went a download it thinking it would be fun. I went on I just got annoyed because the amount of ads. Overall I think this app is a waste of time and space.
Very pretty, but, if you want something to relax and distress on? This isn't it. There's too many adds to relax when playing it. Watch one to even enter it, and depending on how many puzzle pieces there are, there's 2+ more while playing. Not the best.
It's just like a lot of other Poly Art games.. it has a really, really pretty design, but there's a lot of ads. As in, they show you ads while you are doing the puzzles. It's.. a lot. Overall, really pretty, but other games have less ads for 'about' the same experience.
This is app...I don't want to say that it sucks, but it does. You can't save your artwork, so if you leave the app in the middle of a puzzle, it resets. The numbers get so small on some of the pieces that you can't even see them. The gigantic lines in between the spots don't help. And there's too many ads. I got three before my first puzzle. The artwork is okay, but that's the only good thing I have to say about this app. I downloaded this with high hopes and was very disappointed.
I'm all for ads. Ads are good and you make money and it is a few game..... But there is a decent number of ads, an OK number, the line, too many...... Then put a stone in a slingshot, launch it into space, and this game is past that. Which considering this is one of the few poly games that have the numbers scrambled efficiently is super annoying.
good art, and good idea, everything else is awful. first, it's extremely laggy even though my device does not lag with anything else. second, way way too many ads. third, it's not a puzzle! it's more just lookong for one specific thing in a line of things. this was overall just bad.
Good app, when you aren't fighting the 700 ads that pop up before you can do a puzzle. Also, only some of the puzzles will allow you to complete them, others require a "sponsored video" you must watch. the only problem with those videos is that they NEVER work, regardless of "checking back tomorrow". So, you can only do half of the puzzles.
So...I didn't really like how it sort of automatically moved the image to where each piece went. I figured I would be setting each piece in, not dropping it in a general area and letting the app do all the work. All in all, not for me. Plus, a few too many ads for my taste. It is with a heavy heart that I install this now, after only competing one piece. It looked like it would be so much fun, too. :[
Rediculous. You cant even pick a thing to color without watching a video first. Once the videos run out then the app is useless because you can't color any more. What the freaking point? It's absolutely absurd thay you can't access anything without watching a stupid video in the first place. The only good thing about it that when you do get the chance to actually use it, the pictures are at least interesting and it's a good time waster. Would not recommend this, find another app to use.
I love this game and I'm OK with watching an ad everytime I want to start one. BUT I havent been able to do anything for the past two days! "They're out of video sponsors!" Please fix this! I have already finished all the puzzles that don't need video sponsors. :'(
Relaxing, but stupid that you can run out of ads to watch for the day to play. Especially because the "day" apparently starts when you start playing each day so waiting to figure out when the "day" resets again is kind of annoying. And if you leave the app to do something else real quick, like answer a text message, that incurs a new ad to pay upon your return. Also dumb.
Liked the game. And yes, there was a game, it isnt just an ad. Though there are way too many ads. There is a fine line between enough, and too many ads, and this game makes a fine example of too many. The game is relaxing, but the amount of ads completely counters that. The ads anger me, instead of calming me. The game and concept is nice, but the execution and ads are infuriating.
So boring. What's the point if it's just going to tell you where all the pieces go? Not fun or entertaining in the slightest.
I like how the numbers r spread out instead of next to each other and It was fun to play while it would let me, but now after a few puzzles everytime I try to do another one it just opens to a blank screen and plays a bunch of ads, I didn't mind the ads when it worked but now not so much.
i like this app it's very relaxing like a color by numbers puzzle. what i don't like is all the ads and if there is no sponsor ad i can't do a picture. Also you have to watch ad before starting the picture and right after you load the picture. if the Ad thing was fixed this be a much better app.
I like this game a lot. as previous reviewers have stated, the music is relaxing and the puzzles are very pretty. my biggest issue is the consistency with the numbering sizes. I'm 26, still have perfect vision, but it's ridiculous that I can zoom ALL THE WAY IN and still not be able to read a number because it's too small. I can't imagine how anyone with vision problems plays this game. I would have rated it higher, but the numbering is literally driving me nuts
I really do love it, my only issue is that I keep trying to open some puzzles and it only says: 'Try again tomorrow there are no more sponsor video's today.'. I'm trying since three days, so it really kills some of the nice experience. Also after already watching an add, I don't want to watch another one after setting the first piece, that's very, very annoying ^^".
I loved this app up until it started saying "Videos unavailable try again later" but yet I'd come back later and it would say the same thing? It upset me because the pictures are really pretty, and It helped me with my anxiety. (other coloring things actually cause me anxiety). I honestly uninstalled it but I do miss it.
It has a pretty good selection compared to similar games, but the ads are annoying (watch an ad before opening puzzle AND when placing first piece). I would appreciate a setting to turn the numbers off. Also, the most problematic part is if I turn my phone screen off for a moment to do something, when I turn it back on the game will not respond and I will have to relaunch it to find that my progress was not even saved.
It would be a lot better if there was a way to turn off the numbers. On bigger puzzles super zoomed out you can ignore it, but it makes it too easy when you start seeing the numbers, even trying to ignore them. Otherwise I actually like the game a lot, and watching an add for a puzzle isn't a big deal. Let the numbers be turned off and I'd switch to 5 stars
App is broken after first couple of hours. To explain: Some puzzles require watching a sponsored video first. After a few sponsored videos (you've completed a few puzzles), a message pops up saying "You've run out of sponsored videos, try again tomorrow!" That would be okay, except it doesn't reset the next day. Half the puzzles are now inaccessible because they require a sponsored video. Reached out to creator, no response. Only reinstalling app fixes it, but all completed ones are gone.
I really enjoy the patterns and images and the process of making them! However, the ads can be annoying but hey I understand, gonna make money somehow! But oh how I would love to pay to unlock all of the patterns and/or remove ads. Sadly, half of the patterns I am unable to do as I'm told I am out of daily videos to watch to unlock the pattern, even if I haven't even opened anything else. New "free" puzzles are added often enough there are still ones to do, but come on!!!
an ad right when you open the ap, an ad right after the first move. nice job dudes. the thing about ads.. you can use them to make an in-game currency so people *choose* to watch them. 10/10 would make a better user experience vs shoving them down our throats. not very well thought out
This is a pretty fun game, but it's not worth all the ads. There is an ad every time you select a puzzle, when you place the first piece and then after completion. The controls are a little off, if there is a very slim or small piece at the bottom, it will NOT let me select it. Moving the picture is very hard and it doesn't zoom as far as I would like, not to mention nearly half the puzzles are unplayable, and it will tell you to try again the next day. Uninstalling.
It's fun except that all of the pictures marked as pictures that need a special ad (basically all the good pictures) always say that they are out of sponsored videos at the moment so I can't do them, but when I do the ones without the special ad markings of course then they have plenty of sponsored videos to constantly play while I'm trying to do the jigsaw.
Love the gameplay and the art; it's very relaxing and pretty. However, quite often I will click on a puzzle and receive a message saying there is no more sponsor videos and to try again tomorrow. However, this is clearly not the case as I can access some of the other puzzles and receive ads on those. Oftentimes it will still not work the next day too, and I am unable to play some of the puzzles. Great game, but I would appreciate if you could look into that!
I can't play all of them due to requiring me to watch a video that will then not work as it says it is out until tomorrow even though it has been weeks it doesn't work. Otherwise I love it, fix this and I'll give five stars. EDIT: It got worse, much worse. Un- and re- installing. This game has no equal in its genre that I've seen, but this quite literally makes it unplayable.
The music is so soothing and ambient. Each puzzle is challenging enough to be fun, but not stressful. The pictures you create are beautiful and the adds don't bother anyone. There is a wide variety of pictures for you to choose from, which is nice. The only downside is that you have to wait for more adds/sponsors when you do too many. It's the first time I've ever wanted an add. How crazy is that??😂
I think this is a wonderful game. I only have one con: too many ads. When you open the game, you get and ad. Then when you select a puzzle, you need to watch an ad to do the puzzle. Afterward, when you place the first puzzle piece, you get an ad. Snd finally, when you finish the puzzle you get 1 or 2 ads. I don't see a reason why you should have this many ads for each puzzle. I would 0ay for the ads to leave, but it's not an option. Other than the ads, I love the game.
I really enjoy this game, the design is beautiful and it's quite relaxing. However, I keep trying to play the puzzles that require watching an ad and I get a message saying I'm out of ads for the day and to try tomorrow. Well, it's been a week and I'm still getting this message. Not to mention, I already have to watch an ad before the regular puzzles load, another during game play, and often a third once the puzzle is finished. Clearly you're not out of ads. I like this game enough that I would be willing to pay to remove ads and unlock content, but that's not given as an option.
Great idea, terrible execution. You have to watch a 30 second ad to play a "puzzle". There are 2 more pop-up ads during puzzle (which only takes about a minute to complete). I say "puzzle" because all the pieces are numbered and in order. When you select a piece, it moves to (and highlights) the matching numbered location.
The "jigsaw puzzles" aren't much of puzzles. It tells you where the pieces go. If you minimize the app or turn off your screen for to long, it deletes all your progress. Also, you have to watch an ad to play a puzzle and if they're out of ads, you can't play, even if it's your first time playing that day. It's tedious, your progress can be wiped away too easily, and the ad system runs the game, so I don't recommend this app.
I don't normally complain about ads but there were so many ads in this game. Before EVERY puzzle and after the 15th piece in EVERY puzzle and after completing EVERY puzzle. But other than that the pictures are pretty and its simple enough to use. I would have liked it more if there weren't quite so many ads
Too. Many. Ads. And no in-app purchase to disable them. I love this game, the art is beautiful, the colors breathtaking. Very soothing; or it would be if not for the ads. I would pay money to have them disabled. As it is, I'm probably going to have to uninstall this game. It eats up my data like nothing else.
This game is just ad bait. You have to watch a video before you can start. Then after laying one tile another ad pops up. Ev'ry. Single. Time. Left the game idle too long? Here's an ad when you get back to it. Finished with your game? Don't forget to check out this ad. Didn't last more than 10 mins on my phone.
With this new update I can't keep playing because, I've "Run out of sponcered videos." I liked the app before the update because now I have to watch a video to get hints. If it had been that way before it would be okay. But this was an app I could play before bed.
I love the pictures, but the number of ads is rediculous. the ones that bug me the most are the ones that pop up as soon as you place the first piece. also, the pictures that require you to watch a video "lock" after two or three and it says you have to wait until tomorrow to unlock more. it has been 3 days and i still cannot play any of them.