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Police Scanner 5-0

Police Scanner 5-0 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Logicord LLC located at Logicord LLC 10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy. #445 San Diego, CA 92131. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very useful app for nosey people like myself. It works great in my home area but, while traveling i find there are many areas/locations that are not covered. The app works flawlessly weather driving in my vehicle or sitting at home. And its FREE!
Best one out there. Real as it gets,live. But the cops have multiple frecuencies and they switch to a different channel when something really crazy is going down. Clear as can be. Audio quality depends on your phone honestly. 10/10 best one for free hands down.
App is great. Just needs to list more acronyms often used and give more descriptive description of each station being broadcast
yeah this stuff works pretty good. But unless you pay for it you're going to get Interrupted about every 3 minutes. So if there's something interesting the police scanner you really don't get a chance to listen to it. You'll be constantly interrupted until you pay for it. this app is just a little Annoying Thing until you delete it or pay for it.
right after i paid for upgrade scanner removed the city i listen to a friend of mine had the samethong happen to her once she paid for upgrade.whats up with that .im about to uninstall if i dont get an answer pretty dam qick.
Each time an ad is displayed, the feed stops and you have to hit Play again to start. Considering ads pop up ever couple of minutes, it's ridiculous to have to start the feed constantly.
The paid version is great; no interruptions or anything. The free version would stop the feed when displaying an ad. Easy to find my local police, fire, and airport. Great for getting updates when the police helicopter is in the air and when there are wildfires present. Also fun to hear the pilots when I have friends or relatives landing at the airport.
Wanted to try before buying. In order to use this app you need to hold the phone and click on adds every few seconds. Hey devs how about giving people a few hours to try before bombarding them with adds?
Have used at home and on vacation. Both interesting, and enlightening to know why you hear sirens! Not to mention good practice for my seasonal job where we communicate by radio. Takes a moment for your ears to acclimate. Stick with it and you'll soon understand them.
The person running this is only in it for the money. Ads pop up every 45 to 60 seconds. You spend more time closing ads than enjoying the app. Avoid at all costs!
It would scanning and bring up an "alert" that would lead to a blocked page! When you're listening to a scanner you want to listen not have the scanner turned off and being taken to a webpage. If I could give that zero Stars I would
Fantastic. Much better after paying $2. No ads. This 8s a world-wide acanner that includes NOAA weather radio.
scanner is great just wish there were more freqencies of georgia state patrol ,but great .good job worth the money for no ads.
i thought it work s great but still couldn't hear my local stations that good ...but Chicago was outstanding ...
This app stinks. Every minute, an advertisement takes over the screen and you physically have to close it to return to the radio. Also, it isn't a scanner if it only monitors 1 channel. If I could only give negative stars......
Used to work well, over last few months it drops after a minute or two, so I wind up missing the call because I have to close the app and restart it.
It stops running when an ad comes on, and I'm not going to install anything they advertise or pay for an upgrade. There are better scanners out there so I downloaded two of those instead.
Only beef I have is it shuts down when screen does on Samsung 10 minute screen timeout! It shouldn't!
Tried to upgrade and got completely blocked out. Un-installed and re-installed and app still was useless.
I will say the FREE version is quite annoying with ALL the ads. The cost of the app is doable & worth it. With all the riots going on near my town, I was glued to the scanner. Thank you for this great app 👍
I give this app 4 stars cause of the free version having so many ads but other than that it's a really good way to find out what's happening in the area or an area near. Its pretty cool
Unplayable on samsung a20...15-30 seconds after you select your station, an ad pops up with no way to close it out. No X ever appears, cannot use any buttons except the home and open apps(back button does not work), and hitting install then closing the play store brings you back to the same ad that was there, in my case for the weather channel app. Deleting and it's a shame, very good & useful app in the past....navigated my daughter driving thru a flood via phone.
I like this app!! I know it has lots of ads but oh well one has to work with what is there!! I listen to all Arizona state's Police and Fire Dpts just for fun so it works for me. I gave it a 4 because the numerous amount of ads. Other than that is great
I have a legit scanner. Wanted to test this app. Found my area to listen to and when my actual scanner went off the app was silent. The app also throws adds every min or so which pauses the stream if you are not staring at it you'll never even know its paused.
It's great after you pay the 299 for it then it works fine otherwise the ad pop up too much but it's still a good app
I love hearing my local 911, however this app says free and every 2 minutes or so it pops up update and Interrupts the station and I have to say remind me later. I can't get it to stop. It wants me to pay for a free app.
I listened to it to be able to become a good learner and use my experience in helping for my brother and sisters out when needing help ☺️
Works great, even went right for ad free. Heres what sucks. 24/7 this app runs. Ive turned off all notifications still blares thru. On phone with mom, still blares through. Cant be turned off. So damn this app it sucks due to poorley made codeing and programming. ONCE YOU DOWNLOAD, YOU HAVE NO CONTROL!!!!!!!
Great app other than the bombardment by ads. I need to upgrade to the ad free version. I'd listen to my hometown all the time.
I Love this App. I've been a "Scanner" guy for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy the State Police on this App. I recommend this Scanner App.
Horrible app. The ads are stupid they play about 1 per min and you have to x out of each ad to turn the player back on not fun to use at all, then if you go to pay for the app they are so secretive about how much it cost for what period that after reading their stupid terms of service and not finding an actual monthly cost complete waste of time thank for nothin......
I expect ads. I get it. But when an ad ends, it should automatically go back to playing/ broadcasting. It doesn't. It leaves the radio paused. The ads play constantly, which means you have to be looking at your phone the whole time instead of being free to do other things while listening.
I love the scanner however I'm not able to get local police scanning in Lancaster county PA. But when I'm in Philadelphia I can get the police scanning it just won't connect in Lancaster county. Can you please work on that? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Love hearing whats going on in my county and surrounding counties. Also helps me know when there's an area I should stay away from.
Who is ever would like to listen to a police scanner or fire fighters I would say this is pretty awesome and you would like it oh yes give it a chance and if you don't like it at least you tried it for me I like it pretty alarm. It's pretty awesome with the firemen and the police officers what they do for our country I gave my hat off to every one of them and the police officers men and women and a firefighter's men and women they are doing their hard drives and I am so blessed I pray for them
GREAT way to pass time. Good chance there'll be a channel, in your area, to listen to, (but wish there were more choices, though). Keeps you well a prised of local events, if you're out & about, or just near your domicile. App descript says you have choices but doesn't really tell you how to access them. There's also something about gameplay but no descript about it or how to access it. The controls are relatively ok but could be mucho better. Thanks, for what you have done so far, it's great!
Will not stay on without having to touch the screen every minute before it shuts off. App looks good while it is on except when you have to touch screen to keep it on
Well this is good to have as long as you have WIFI internet connection. Because you will have an idea to how are first responders reach out to people in there time of need.
Too many ads. Ads every 30 seconds to every 2 minutes and some are on a timer that you're forced to wait for a sample of a game to finish to close it out.
Recommended to many friends and family. The small fee to initiate it is better than spending hundreds of dollars for a scanner which you will use only on rare occasion when you hear a siren now and then wiz by your House or while in your car.
Pretty good!! It's worth a couple bucks to buy it, and if you delete it and then re-install it, it recognizes that you've previously purchased it and it'll continue without ads! Nice app and it has the New Mexico channels I'm looking for. You know, I only had to pay once, I've deleted it, even wiped my phone, and upon installation it goes right back to the license and works as premium. Try it and buy it!
Hi I noticed that I was charged again today (39.99) for the subscription that I had cancelled already. I had already been charged for it previously once again after it was cancelled before the trial period was over and received a refund through Google play. However today a new charge for the same amount was processed again on my card. Can you please help me have the money refunded? I have emailed you as well but have not received a response yet. Please help me recieve my refund. Thank you
I am really enjoying this app listening to fire/ambulance calls however I am missing hearing actual police calls as I was able to in the beginning.
I bought this app, it's ok but the hot part just doesn't work, most of the time it's not populated and when it is it's wrong, there are streams with 1000+ listeners yet the top feed shows 200. Please sort this out dev I have noticed ads have been added to certain streams, i have paid for it and this has only just started can you explain? Hot still fails to populate most of the time and can you add the ability to list by number of listeners. Thanks
Very accurate from the channels I listen to. Ads dont bother me cause i mean, hello, this is free. I dont mind pressing an x to continue listening, and an ad wont pop for a decent amount of time. Overall, very easy to use, and very helpful.
Seems to work on all channels I've been listening to. Clear audio and heaps to choose from May 2021, Now it's gone from my screen but still installed so I can't use it and I can't find it in the Play Store.
I love this app. My son is on our local volunteer fire dept and I can keep track of what is going on. But lately I have not been able to get it to work. It keeps saying it is offline. I don't know if this is an app problem or something to do with our local departments?
A lot of stations and public essentials but have an issue streaming sometimes if there's not a sources putting the scanner frequencies online
It works! Have picked up and listen to police stations all over the United States especially during the bad times with the Looting and rioting I could listen to police scanners in every city that have arrived at that particular time and hear what they were going through in real time. Grateful when you have nothing to do or you hear something that makes you want to check
Good coverage of the very large County where I live and work. User friendly and very clear transmission of information with this app. Thanks
I have the paid version of this app, it continuously crashes. I'm suppose to be able to lock my phone and the app still continue to play, instead it shuts off and crashes.
I would rate this app a 0 if i could just because of how they do the ads alone. I understand running ads for the free version but their is plenty of room to run an ad banner across the screen instead of a full screen every two minutes interupting the scanner feed and at times shutting off the feed and you have to pay very close attention or you wouldnt know the feed is off. I understand trying to get people to pay for the app but this is just stupid.
It's a great app if you spend the few dollars for the paid version. If you try using just the free version, you'll be frustrated! You'll have ads every couple minutes that will disrupt the feed, and you'll have to manually restart the feed on which ever station/channel you were listening to. Spend the money on the paid version.
I guess it's sort of words not really sure positively it could be way better let me use her know what's going on and how to use it better I'm not sure I would ever give this at five stars but I guess it's better than then a one or two so enjoy the three and make it a better app please
Forces you to watch too many ads, and once the ad is over. There is no way to close the ad. No "X" pops up or anything. I am forced to exit the app and reopen it ... Also if you are listening to the scanner, why would you want an ad to pop up in the middle of it?
Interrupted by ads every 2 mins. & ads aren't timed & therefore remain on while scanner is muted till you close out of ad. Not worth all the upkeep to continue listening. & it interrupts in the middle of a call so you miss the details. Very much not a well functioning app. Uninstalled after less than an hour!
Trying to use the app and every time i go to update so i can use the paid version it closes the app on me. There are way to many adds and it is highly annoying. Seems funny every time something comes over the scanner it plays an add .. doesn't when nothing is going on
Waste of time, effort and data! More ads than I care to mention AND it keeps shutting off! Useless! I'm uninstalling!
Pretty good, I'd just reccommend you actually uprgading after the first day of use so you dont have to deal with ads.
Purchased on my phone for upgraded version and it won't let me use the upgraded version on my tablet, which is linked to the same account.
Lots of ads and like all the rest of the scanners apps they are hiding my local PD's frequency. Be nice if i coukd just type in the frequency i want to hear sense i know what it is.
I have always liked listening to the police scanner and now I dont need to do the programming & a comparable scanner is thousands of dollars.
Volume level is a little low and free version has lots of fullscreen ads that convinced me to pay 3 bucks to get rid of them. On the plus side quite a few choices for what to listen to and it will play in the background when other apps are being opened and it isn't a memory hog. I recommend treating the free version as a free trial so to speak and if you like just pay the $3 as it is worth it.
Once you "tune" to a station, the app is fine, but it does not "scan". Seems like it's impossible to mimic the classic real scanner that listens for activity on multiple frequencies and then plays those. This is one station at a time. To make matters worse, it doesn't automatically start your last saved station and requires a couple of clicks just to find again in your favorites. It's a nice app, but seriously needs improvements in UI design.
Way too many ads. You have to listen to ads before you can close them. Ads pop up while listening to reports and blanks them out. Do yourself a favor and keep looking. One star only because you have to chose at least one. There is definitely something mentally wrong with the creator of this app to code in so many ads...its overkill.
Contacted developer, App keeps crashing, Paid for app but app reverted back to free app. Will update review once matters are addressed.... Update::: They have yet to reply to my inquiry
Really good police app! I paid for the new ads and it was worth it. I had it for awhile. The only thing is, the playback isn't working the last 2 weeks, so I tried a scanner that had a lot of listeners, same thing. Please fix this problem. I tried emailing you but it got sent back to me :/ I love this scanner because of my job I'm out n about on weekend nights and like to know what's happening in the neighborhoods that I go into.
I paid for this app and anytime i try to listen to our local scanner it says it is unavailable. It worked until i paid to upgrade. Very disappointed
Excellent scanner app. Especially if you pay the $1.99. No adds. And works over the top of other running apps.
It's ok doesn't have my particular city but the city's around me ..and once they notice what main channels you go to most often they'll cut the feed about every 3 minutes to place a add ..don't click on favorite channel
Why is it when one scanner goes down they all do. Right now. As I type this. This app is not broadcasting nothing for to and county public safety ohio. Does this every three to four days.
Paid for the upgrade a couple of dollars, for ad free streaming. Love the app! So far, works perfectly!