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Police Officer

Police Officer for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rooster Games located at K.K.T.C. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My god, if there was a zero star rating I would give this game a zero star rating but there's not so here we are. This if you want to call it a game, has the MOST ads I've ever seen in anything in my whole life you can't go from one screen to the next without a 15 second or 30 second ad popping up to ruin your gameplay not worth the 400Mb download so even don't waste your time
I really enjoy the gameplay, but that on its own is not engaging as the games sort of get repetitive. But, if we had like some sort of story, to go with it. Then I would love to play more to see what's to come next.
There are so many commercials I don't like it every single time I have to watch a commercial so if you could game developers try to take out some of the ads
This game is the worst you spend more time watching adds then playing the game and sometimes when I click to play the game it turns my ipad off and then it comes back on but it only goes to my home screen I would not tell any one to play this its the worst game I am installing it after I right this please don't play this game its adds the game i woud tell someone to play is pick me up 3d
There too many ads and when it says if you watch a video you can get a reward, if you don't click it just to not have to watch an ad there is no point because it will just show you an ad anyway its stupid.
This is a good game at level 40 after that only one level repeats everytime. That was very irritating
This game is straight trash. Literally shows an ad after every single level. The levels show as if you have other options/choices but, then they don't give you the ability to choose those options.
I am 9 and I love this game but one little problem is that when you give people tickets there is a ad and it resets u but it a good game please fix that problem 😕
You might love this game if you want a way to steal, assault and muder people without spending a pathetic 6 months in terrorist academy......uhhh i mean police academy. Its realistic. Just like real life, you find someone parked "illegally" and you add on or make up other infractions to the parking infraction. So much more i could say, but itd go way over the 500 character limit. Im just saddened that these criminal blueisis games are making it on the play store. Its sad to promote tyranny.
Just 2 stars beacuse google cant stop showing amazon ads every click disgusting even after submiting feedback it did not stopped. Irritating . Unisntalled
Awful amount of ads. Missions last 10 seconds and you have to watch a 30+ seconds ad in between each! Then ads to get new cars, money or extra missions. Adjusted my privacy settings allowing them to collect "usage and app support data". But not collect data for their ads partners. They then put a big box on screen saying I am "restricting their ability to maintain the app". I am allowing them to collect this type of data just not ad data to sell. They just want your ad data to sell on. Delete.
This game is soooo soo broing and also there is so many ads I don't like this game because there is no hard level 😞
Great game because the amount off ads don't matter me because you can click airplane mode and boom no ads if you don't like ads but other off all it seems to be great its just I think you might need more help to make it better.... keep up hard work well done!😀🥰😃😍😁😅🙂🙃😊😇 Enzychanel
To many ads don't make games just for money people actually can't maybe find a good game to play and came to you so they can find a game to play right now we are in lock down and can't leave the house 🏠🏠🏠 so we need something to do its pretty boring with the adds what about you make a police officer 2 with not a lot of adds
Haha i found a little cheat if u are watching the ad to get a reward u have to go off the app and back on it and it will automatically give the reward to u.
this game is so bad after the first 10 levels everything stays the same it repeats and after every single level there is an add like fix your game.
Please reduce the ads as you watch a minute's worth of ads and three seconds of gameplay. It is horrible, play it if you like 20 ads every two seconds (exaggeration)
I really enjoy this game but when there is something I want it says to watch a video to get it free but when I click that it doesn't do anything and the game lags often even with vibrate turned off.
I truly hate to sound like those people who constantly complain about ads. That's not me. I understand why we have them but if you're someone who doesn't want to deal with them then don't bother with this game. I find that if a game is good then the ads can be dealt with. The problem...this game is good but it's not enough. There's an ad at every corner. You have an ad before EVERY MOVE. EVERY MOVE!!! Too many for me and believe me, I can handle ads, no problem but one for every move! Too much!
So is there a side of game with these ads. I mean come on, less than what.... 5 MINUTES, and I already have 10 ads. Also what is this, seriously I got none of the shown "advertisement levels" and I had been playing the game for two days..UNINSTALLED. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE PILED WITH BORING NOSENSE ADS AND FAKE ADVERTISEMENTS.
This Game isnt that bad, But if your looking for a high quality game, This isnt the one, you get so many ads after your task that it feels like you cant even play the game, Try the game if you want to be washed away with ads.
The only reason I'm giving two stars is the ads at the end of every round the rounds take 5 seconds to complete and the end of each round u get a 10 15 sec ad cool game but y'all got to slow down on the ads shouldn't be at the end of every round
A ad after every 10 second level is so stupid. You really are the worst and should be ashamed. If your that hard up for cash go grab a piece of cardboard and beg like the rest of useless bums do.
You can go on airplane mode to not see ads. My problem is the hand tutorial that never goes away. Every level you on, no matter how far you are, there's a hand telling you what to do. Where's the fun in that.
This game is awsome it lets you say no for the rewards. Also i have read the reviews and people are compmaining that the game forces you to watch an ad but thats because people make real money when people watch the ads and also to not watch and ad turn off your wifi on your phone-IPad-Tablet or on the internet box but ask your parents to turn off the internet box. There promblem SOLVED!!!!
Really poor game play The game forces you to do stuff you have no free will It's like playing a tutorial and it never ends The people are partly made It constantly spams you with ads And how's you doing unrealistic police work
This game is awful my little brother plays this garbage there is SO MANY ADS its so bad becuase of the ads this game could have had a pontential to be a good game but NO Ads had to come in.
AWFUL There are only a few games that i truly hate and this one is at the top by far. The ads arent the only problem but they are definitely one big one. The game is practically unplayable. The second problem is the game play. It litteraly tells you what to choose for EVERYTHING. This defeats the purpose of the game.
TOO MANY ADDS. Game is fun. However, it takes literally less than 10 seconds to complete a task, then you are asked to watch a video for more rewards (which it won't let you say no for 5 seconds), immediately followed by asking you to watch another ad for something (which takes about 10 seconds to say no) then you are forced to watch ad for at least 6 seconds before you can skip. Nothing more than a cash grab with 1 minute of ads vs 6 seconds of game play. Uninstalled.
The overall game is pretty good other than the ads that keep popping up every second. I clicked not to watch an ad to get a reward, but as soon as i clicked "no thanks" it popped up an ad. And then right after that ad was finnished, another one popped up. The game "lets be cops" is better than this, and the graphics on "lets be cops" is probably worse than "police officer". I wouldent recomend installing this game.
Ads ads ads Every thing you so there will be an ad, dont want a special promo that requires you to watch an ad? Ok...ad anyway. This game was fun for the first few seconds, bearable after a few minutes and deleted with in 5 minutes.
Poor experience. I want to be able to play the game with out having to watch 100 adds before level 20........ and to have an option to pay for no adds is a joke!! The game would actually be kinda fun with out the adds
The world's best advert game! You want an amazing advert game well this is the place. It reminds me off EA games. Want to play next level watch ad and then the adverts jsut repeat every single time! Also these missions are way to bloody short! This is the best way for the game producers to make to much moeny is to keep getting ads and it's very annoying. Just don't waste your time spending most off your time paying this game guys
This is an amazing game but the ads come on could it be like after 3 turns then an ad idk but this is a fun game! 🎮
Terrible game. There are ads every second that at this point there are more ads than gameplay. At least there are different challenges so its not completely boring. Also the levels baby you and are repetitive. I don't see this game going anywhere.
Well I wish it was playable and I wish we didnt get offer's like 5,000 dollars but its free if you watch an ad, I don't want to watch ads to get things. I'm uninstalling
100% having this. I didn't accept the chores game that I downloaded and it was you that created chores I didn't give 5 stars cause a lot of ads show up after I complete the level. But this game yeeah giving out 5 stars on this game. So keep it up lion studios. 😊👍😊
I wanted to give this five starts as it was fun but oh my so many ADDS!THERE IS LIKE THOUSANDS OF ADDS ON EVERY EDGE OF A TABLE! EVERYTIME, ADDS FILL UP! This is also kinda a boring game so that is why I gave 1 star. GAMES ARE BORING WITH ADDS! >:(
Old police apps seem so, easy going.... .... That's just because CSI and Anti-Terrorists, are taking over. Needs nationalism for Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, which also may be overrun by CSI and Anti-Terrorists. This is because there is spiraling crime and terrorism. They feel unsafe and do not uphold the law as they are trying to reclaim the opportunity to service: late but better than never.
Very boring game I clicked no thanks an ad popped up please fix your game or you will have no population from your game
Wow.. don't even bother installing. Even when you turn wifi off to avoid the ads everywhere it still on slaughts you with the same deals every round and the worst part is it's like do you want this and the no thanks button delays like 5 seconds trying to force you to click it to get to the next page. Absolutely poo game. Wanted to give it a go. Got to round 18 and couldn't stand what the developers were doing. Save yourself. Do not download
Wouldnt be a bad game but to many ads, levels take 5 seconds and then a 30 sec ad, I think not, and another whining developer saying your spoiling his ego right across the top of the screen cos I won't open my phone to ad analytics, get a grip and sort your rubbish out. Another uninstalled
At the start of me playing this was fun but now i got really borded THE THING IS I AM PLAYING THE MINIGAMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN you have to add more games and do you know the scan for controband minigame it is the same, the nuckles are always on his dam knee i have this game on my phone for two days and it is already boring and i will unuploaded this dam game it was very intersting when i played now it is A REALLY BORING GAME and if you add some more mini games maybe i will reuploaded
Game concept is fun to play, but too greedy placed at least an ads once 3 very short task that doesn't take over 15 seconds to done. Offers some skin suits or promotion task by watching ads, but you still have to wait for 5 seconds after you tapped no thanks reject the offers.
Very glitchy and the amount of ads is unbelieveably abesive. You repeat a lot of things and the choices most of them you have to watch an ad. Its just too much im deleting the app
Very very glitchy never works the front picture looks completly opposite of the actual game and if every time there was a ad i got a million dollars i would be a trillionaire Very bad i hate this game dont download ever if you like this game your mental
There are to many ads you need to stop putting so many ads or your company will get banned and you will not be able to make any more things in any website.
If you're over 7 years old, you won't like it. It doesnt even let you make choices. It tells you what to do, and only let's you do what it says. And the simplicity of the game would even make a seven year old say it's too easy. Not an adult game.
Genuinely terrible game. First of all, the amount of ads. Its literally just so the dev can make as much money as possible. The gameplay is bad. You have specific tasks, even if you do one of 3 tasks correctly, you'll pass. And when you hit level 40 it's just the same mission over and over again. I hate giving negative reviews. But, this is just bad.
Load up. Screen goes black. Had to force shut off my phone. Try a second time. Same thing. Black screen cant exit have to force shut off phone. Would be 0 stars if I could
This game is overall very boring. I don't know if you ever get to play freely but the first many levels are just tiny stupid tasks in which it tells you exactly what to do. Also there is an ad between every move you make.
It gives the illusion of optional ads, until about the 4th level where it shoves one down your throat anyway. Even then, there are offers for ads not only once, but sometimes twice after a level. Idk how many times developers have to learn this lesson; STOP PUTTING IN ADS THAT DISRUPT GAMEPLAY. It does you no favors to literally put a brick wall in your game for us to stare at for 30 seconds, especially when your game isn't that fun to begin with.
Tried my best to like this game but the minute I tried playing it I got like 4-5 ads and couldn't close them
Unplayable. I understand that developers need to earn ad money from free games but this is ridiculous. You're given an option to watch an Ad every 30 seconds in return for an item. If you click 'No Thanks' it plays an ad anyway but gives you no reward. It's daft, you spend more time watching adverts than actually playing. The gameplay it self is absolute trash, it tells you what to do the whole time and it's repetitive so it feels like there isn't actually any real game here just Advertising.
I didn't satisfied with the review. It is very nice , very less ads and tricking and enjoying questions. I will give you 5 ratings. I didn't turn off my WI -Fi
It's fun but I thought we were supposed to give out parking tickets not all this other stuff. It's more detailed than your other games. There's a LOT of ads too I understand it's a free game but that's very very unnecessary to have that many ads, and yes I turned off my wifi. Still didn't work.
Meh, the game is ok, gets boring after a certain amount of time gotta give this game a 2 star because of that problem and wayyyyyyy too many ads like come on
I played this game before and there were too many now there are less ads I don't know what they did, but thx for getting rid of the many ads.
This game is absolutely awful an ad every single task with is less than 30 seconds it was an awful experience playing this had it for less than 5 minutes
I like the game good graphics but when you are are on higher level you always are doing parking duty and there are so many ads
Absolutely ruined by ads. Spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Which is a shame because it could be a half decent game.
The game is pretty nice is like real life but there are to MANY ad's. Like when u go to next level u get..AD when u want to exit the game..AD To many ads.
It is really bad every second you go to a add and it is really boring to play also the add problem when your harf way through your level you lag in the game and a add starts Very very very very bad game
What I don't like about this game is that every time you do something like stop criminals etc. A ad plays every time and I personally don't like it I like the game but not the adds every time you do something. This is something that you or all of you need to fix, fix this please.
Way to much ads. After every job there is a ad. I would give it a five star but with that much ads I give it like a two.
This is the most boringest game I have ever played. I usually don't leave bad reviews like this but this game is terrible. 1st of there ar show much adds that us thrown in you face its unbelievable. 2nd its show boring, there is literally no free dom in this game. The best thing about police games is that you have freedom to pull sumone over, arrest or fine them and to be a good or evil cope and this game doesn't give me that. It makes you do all this tasks that you can purposely fale at.
There's too many ads and also the game is kind of boring there's like ads every 5 seconds and it's also very very glitchy