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Police Mission Chief - 911 emergency dispatch game

Police Mission Chief - 911 emergency dispatch game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SHPlay GmbH located at SHPlay GmbH Friedensallee 290 22763 Hamburg. The game is suitable for Teen (Violent References, Drug Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cool It's easy and highway patrol is my alliance if eanyone wants to join look it would be nice if y'all would add highway patrol to this game
Fun game and a great support team who kept me informed on what issues were going on and why the game wasn't working. Download this game and give it a try!
I just downloaded this game on my mobile. I'm not sure if I want to continue to play. The game has ALL the potentials of being great but it is not streamlined at all. There aren't any clear instructions about game play. I have no idea how many coins I have or how many cars or personnel. I don't mind spending real money in games but the prices for this particular game is ridiculous, so I doubt I'll be spending any money in this game which is a bummer seeing as how I love games like this ☹
I love this and you can use any picture of emergency vehicle as your vehicle for example all my emergency vehicles are Model Ts
Love this. Originally on mc US then went to UK now on police UK. Would be 5 stars if there where more police units such as: Bomb squad Firearms carriers (CTSFO) Public order Van's Marine police Van IRVs (have up to 8 people) Horses and horse boxes
Played for three weeks, no problems. Tried to play again today and an error message comes up saying can't connect to game. Pretty irritated if I can't get back on...
Good game to have fun with & past the time. Fun because you use your own gps mapping of your own area. But everything cost so much.
The game is entertaining once you get the hang of it. There is no ads that pop up out of nowhere. I suggest getting the game.
Tedious when it comes to getting a hang of the game but enjoyable regardless especially if you enjoy time management games. Be your own boss.
I like the game it has great bones to work off of but there is no sound, and sometimes the request to transport people doesn't come up. The game is really cool kinda like being part of a dispatcher. Another bad thing is you can't utilize the real buildings in the area, would be cool if we could
1 you don't get near enough money per mission 2 it don't explain nothing before or after you buy or build building's or vehicles 3 your going to have a chit ton of trials n errors doing this which means you won't get nowhere in the game 4 after burning thru a chit ton of money (credits) n prolly more then a handful of tries you'll get the hang of it 5 IT'S EXTREMELY COMPLICATED both mission chief n police chief same people running both neither 1 any better then the other LOTA UPGRADES NEEDED
Worst company on Google Play there is none worse than this game from the support that you do not get to the months and months of attempting to deal with situations and then still have no outcome they are just here to take all of your money and never ever answer for any issues within the game do not download this game or missionchief they are the exact same game even though they don't tell you this this is part of their scam
Why would the game need my password to Facebook or my email? Not going to happen. Beware people, that is opening yourself for a lot of trouble and fraud.
most realistic 911 game so far its supper fun and can have friends help make the world safe and natural disasters unexplained accidents normal day-to-day operations the game has so much to offer ive not yet see it all but wow its so much fun
Unusable on Samsung s10. Looks and feels templated and thrown together without much thought. Uninstalled.
Love it I wish i could get different calls bc there is some you cant do without a different building also and i have stations and no buildings like the clinic
Amazing. Realistic. Fun. Social. Everything you want. And you can customize your experience to how you want it. AMAZING!
I wanted to like it. I do like the idea. But the execution, in my opinion, is a fragmented, incohesive mess - especially for a new player. It has been combined with a different game, so the FAQs refer to that and not this version. There isn't enough space to detail the issues here, so to be brief: conflicting information between versions, lack of variety in police missions (more in fire), also a browser game so the app functions differently, extremely grindy, and very basic graphics. Not for me.
Not bad but its definitely pay to play, which is a shame because the jobs don't pay anything at all considering average building costs 70000 coins each job pays like maybe 500 coins. If you looking for a balance then this is not the game for you.
This game is great, lots of personalisation and clear progression lines. Not asking pay to win, pay to enhance. Excellent introduction to simulation management.
Have to pay to play. Really good game but you get paid nothing for jobs, but need 10s of thousands to buy simple things
Game is very fun and quite addicting! It's not a fast paced game. It takes time to build your units and stations. But the game is GPS based and depending on whether you're a cop, firefighter or ambulance personnel, your scenes will be placed around your location. You earn money for each call you take. You can join alliances and respond to their calls as well as see their units en-route in real-time. This game is very addicting and has alot of thought and time put into it to make it great!
Pretty fun game its a bit hard to earn money with the coin prices being very high and makes it very tempting to purchase more. Overall its fun but very difficult to level up.
To much pay2play. Yes you can grind, but you will be grinding continuesly. Payed options are to expansive, coin worth (or buying power) is not enough. Gameplay feels like it's hastily developed. For example, requirements for a mission are not directly visible. Overall, an A for effort, but an F for execution and monetization...
Best game ive played in a loooong time! Highly addictive! Cant wait to see what else there is to come of it! Best thing so far is the alliance part of it. Over all I LOVE THIS GAME! Keep it up 💯
I wish the calls could have more points to them so you can ranks up faster and have stuff not so expensive
Great game so far! I would suggest a police carrier so that you could maybe send one vehicle with 8/9 police officers to an incident as opposed to having to send four vehicles. An example would be the Mercedes Sprinter used by the Met which can transport 1 driver, 2 supervisors, and 6 officers. Used by the Territorial Support Group and Police Support Units for protests and events. Also maybe an ambulance service unit for the Hazardous Area Response Team. Interest to see how it develops!
Very good Police chief simulator game. Thanks for the constant content updates and this awesome redesign!
Game appears to be stuck in the loading cycle whenever I try to start it up. Nothing is taking place I've been waiting 15 minutes and it's still buffering I have one gig internet and an Asus Republic of 2 phone. Just giving you the heads up on this error I will continue to wait and leave it on my phone for further updates.
I play the original Mission Chief and have for a while so I was happy to see a new version, sadly it's just a copy of Mission Chief but blue instead of red and with Police put at the beginning. Was looking forward to something new but just got more of the same old same old so was disappointed
So far really enjoying the game, using local maps makes the game very personal, simple stratergy as a like it
Great idea. Poorly executed. Missions are ok at first but then you quickly realise that you're unable to complete missions because you have to wait an eternity to be able to earn enough credits to expand, hire and educate as well as buying vehicles. Almost impossible to achieve without throwing money at it and, I'm afraid, the game isn't good enough for that. I'll keep an eye on this in the hope of some big improvements.
Nice game, altough a little "how to play" at the beginning would be nice. Besides that, it would be nice to have a fast forward button. Now i have to wait more then i can actually play the game....
Very good game. Slow paced which gives that element of realism. However has given me missions that required units I'm not at the correct level for
Just like the Mission chief game, but just a bit more police missions. But you can Still build the same buildings as in the original mission chief. The only things that differ from the Original game is that there are FBI vehicles, more police missions, a blue colour theme.
Overall a very nice and a unique game. It took a little getting used to at the start. Also, I feel like the game needs some more updates to be perfect. Otherwise, I enjoy it.
I like it! It's a little slow going at first but it gets better, so I'm going to see just how far I can go!
Nothing works in app. Tried dispatching officers and buttons won't work at all. Tried refreshing and reopening app and still unable to dispatch or anything else. Very difficult to figure out pages and controls as well. Looks like it will be a fun game if kinks are all worked out but as it stands I would not recommend.
Great game, I was wondering if you were going to add a military side to it? You could go abroad for counter terrorism or deploy them a extra security if there was a terrorist attack near you or just send troops to war to get more money, vehicles and or research. Hope you can add a military side to it soon. Thank you
I love this game today it's crashed 3-4 times in a row I've uninstalled and reinstalled it to see if that helped but hasn't
Interesting concept. Game takes a bit to get going unless you utilize the free coins provided. It can take no time if you know how to plan and strategize. Three days in and I have Lvl 3 PD, Lvl 2 FD, small Ambulance station and a hospital.
Pretty interesting and fun game! I enjoy playing it a lot and can't wait for what the future holds for this game! I'll say I wish that it was easier to get credits from missions and to build newer buildings, but thats my only complaint! Great game!
Games alright but you have to spend £ to progress or do anything interesting. Unless you have the patience of a saint.
Dumbest game out there. Half the features don't work & the features that do work you have to pay to use them. I spent 30 bucks in the first 10 minutes of playing. That $30 was used up in less than 5 minutes. Essentially I paid $30 to play this game for 15 minutes. $30 I will never get back.
It is great game and how it is designed I love but I just wanted to know if the developers are making a military version of the game in the near future because that would also be cool.but I love the game 👍
Awful, not realistic. Its like the ppl who gave this 5 stars are associated with the game, not random ppl who downloaded it. Theyall seemingly say the same things like its scripted. Dont waste your time even downloading this atrocious game
This is a pretty entertaining and time passing game. The prices are kinda high to get new buildings and upgrades but I assume it's so you'll play longer. Overall is a great pretty in depth game though the dispatch center is a little confusing