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Polar Pop Mania

Polar Pop Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely the worst bubble shooter game as far as cheating you with not giving you the color you need to complete a level. They make you play same level over and over and over.....or, BUY more bubbles or some kind of booster. Stick the ADS and buy this or that up your A$$!!!
It's not that this is difficult, or even challenging, it's that it's either very easy or impossible. That's because there's no real skill involved, just blind luck as to whether the game gives you the right colours or not. Which it normally doesn't. I'd say that this is actually so badly designed that it's barely worth downloading for the free currency in other games.
I enjoy this game but in some ways the game is angled to make you use gems and when you do it dosen't give you what you pay for. For example, I purchased an extension of 8 balls and 3 bombs on 2 seperate occasions. Both times I received the shots but no bombs. I will likely delete the game after this.
I'd give it a higher mark if the maker didn't cheat... When you come close to the end and you need one bubble of a certain color, you have 10 or more bubbles left, you toss them hoping the next will be the color you need? Nope! 10, 12, 15 bubbles n still no right color so you run out of bubbles!... I refuse to purchase more bubbles in the hope of getting the right color! Lame! Rip off! So I'll beat it on my own! They r all are like this! they're banking on you spending a fortune just to beat the level! Smdh
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Unless you intend to spend money don't bother. Got to level 52 been there for nearly 2 weeks. Refuse to buy my way out so I guess this is where we part company!
I'm on level 30. They make it impossible to beat the higher levels unless you pay. I had 15 balls left and only needed 1 red ball. It didn't give me the color I needed after 15 balls. This happens every single time, about 10 times now. This game would be great if it got harder gradually. Don't waste your time, trust me.
Pop bubbles to level. Hard. Not fun. Haye that it tries to force you to buy power up to get to next level. I refuse to use real money. If it status like this I will remove all games associated with it.
Very nice!! I used to play this game on iPhone version and was happy to find it on Android too. It's even cuter than the iPhone one, I just feel like the pop punch is a little bit slow in this version.. The other one feels faster. But the only thing that disappointed me is that the IPhone one gives me some points from watching adds that help me get boots and in this version I wasn't able to do that.
My fav game is Bubble Mania. This is almost exactly the same (and made by the same company) just a bit more cartoonish and a bit "slower" (I have to wait an extra beat or two before clicking on the next bubble.) Since I'm pretty far in Bubble Mania, I get stuck for days on a level. This game helps me with my bubble-popping addiction.
No boosters to help get the game going. Boosters are too expensive to use. Nothing but diamonds! Can't really enjoy the game without affordable booters. Why just game coins. Nothing but expensive diamonds. And can't even download Powet up Mania game with booters. Thank You.
That is all I get, multiple balls of the same color and not even the ones that I need? Have to have $ to get jewels for power ups and no way to rely earn any. Then the worst part, no daily rewards of any kind for coming back to the game! Extremely annoying!
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It's takes too long to refill just 1 life. An hour! If it was 5 lives in an hour that would be better. I get what everyone else is saying about getting down to your last 20 or so bubbles and then it doesn't give you the one you need which does seem deliberate.
Cute graphics and that's it. Too many bubbles to burst on lvl 38 and not enough bubbles to shoot. The puffer lips makes it almost impossible along with the sludge to get to the top last bubbles. Unless you've got the time to wait for refills of lives and keep starting over lvl 38 again and again...all good, for me...game deleted.
It was such an addicting game. Key word "was". Once you get to the higher levels its impossible to win them without powerups which the game makes you use all of your gems in the beginning so you HAVE to buy them. The other option would be to buy the only power up but that's costs coins and guess what? They don't award you enough coins per win to even have half of what you would need for that power up. Its a pointless money sucking game. Uninstalling very disappointed
This seemed like it was going to be a fun game, but after they let you win the first few, they cheat you by not letting you have the colors you need! WHY do they feel the need to do this!!? What a lousy way to treat the players!!
Stuck now and have been for the last 20 attempts! Why make a game that's impossible to complete. Well I guess it isn't impossible if you want to get your purse out. Uninstalling now, had enough of failing the same level over and over again!
The game is impossible in some parts, with lots of bugs. Sometimes energy isn't rewarded, sometimes energy depletes after successfully completing a level or randomly before it has all been used. Goals don't always reward on conpletion, there's occasional graphic lag, & some ads won't go away without clicking on them. Very few rewards actually give gems. Until these are addressed my 1 star will stay, and I am thinking of uninstalling.
Don't bother playing - it feeds you multiple balls of the same colour just to make sure you don't win - to Storm 8 - people will simply stop playing your games if you continue to cheat them into spending money to try to win. A crap game - if I could score it lower than one star I would - uninstalling!
It's bad enough that this company is shutting down world war. I can't beat lv 49. It's impossible. Also, on first play after closing, lags when 10 bubbles are left and when hitting a fireworks bubble. Not to mention the cheating. Bubbles are never the right color so you run out. And the powerups are a joke. Pay gems you don't have for no help.
Love to play and the seal is sooo cute! The only problem I have is boosts and thats why I gave 4 stars. The boosts can only be used in the level you buy them in. Would you please change it so the boosts that are bought and unused can be kept and used on other levels. Then a deffinate 5 star game. Thanks
Level 52 appears impossible as others have pointed. Can't beat it even with 16 extra bubbles. Even spent gems I earned for free and did not get the promised bombs. Will not spend real money on this game until it is fixed.
some time same color of ball and complicate the game and sooo expesive to buy any objet to play but nice games
I installed and played this game for gems in another game, but I'll just have to skip the rewards for reaching island whatever because this game is so poorly designed that it's more aggravating than entertaining. Difficulty progression is ludicrously steep and power moves cost insane amounts of gems, which must be bought with real money. I don't know what possessed the developers of this game to make something this bad. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
It cost a lot to play, requires a ridiculous amount of patience, and time, and skill. The levels get challenging very quickly, there's no cap when you can't beat a level so you could be stuck there for days. Only playing for diamond in another game but island 8 is forever away. I would say it's a teen game not for kids and adults don't need this kind of stress. It'd be nice if for once a game didn't require real money to enjoy it. I'm only on level 36 :(
It's like any other bubble game in the way that sometimes you get quite a few same color balls that aren't needed and time is out .It's a little frustrating but then again when I've had enough I'll Uninstall... The trick is to use them wisely and it challenges you to figure ways to make what you get work. So I'll keep playing until I cant. P.s. it's free
The game gets too hard too early. I have many games just like this...some made by the same team, I have never had so much trouble so early on. It is just trying to get you to pay for game assists. Fix this game or no one will get it.
Maybe they expect me to pay real money to get better color selection. The game won't provide needed colors. EXAMPLE: I might need any color but dark blue and then get 8 dark blue bubbles in a row. Since its dark blue after dark blue even switching won't help. EXAMPLE: the bubbles change colors when you use them. The bubble might be pink until you send it up, then it changes to green in the middle of flight to the spot your trying to hit. The game is a complete waste. I would never pay real money for this.
Storm has no problem adding games, but when you have a problem that MA NY incur such as the magical loss of gems...they say we helped you once! Well these problems are reoccurring ones you greedy gamemakers. When will anyone appreciate their customers?