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PokerUp: Poker with Friends

PokerUp: Poker with Friends for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by UpGames Limited located at Villa Gauci, Mdina Road, Balzan, BZN9031, Republic of Malta. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You EFFing sell outs!! Why can't I log in to my previous account now?? The only way now is via Facebook and I don't [email protected]%king use Facebook!!! ***don't waste your time** This poker app was excellent while it lasted, until today, I don't know what happened but I couldn't play anymore, or the server was down, so then i deleted the App. When installed it again, I had over $150K in virtual Money, but lost it all.....
fun, competitive and socializing are all great features that I appreciate and enjoy during the game or visit with the app altogether. I just want more free coins available for the game or a lot more free games because I'm broke and the app cost to go to the top n it should be fair share according to the skills. I'm sleepy tho not sure what the heck I'm saying. love the game or visit with the app altogether
Have been enjoying the app with friends since covid-19 lockdown. App works well. When in a room with friends, really wish I could pause the game, or at least set the time limit for betting. When in a room with friends, it goes too fast for proper smack talk. Would also be great to have more than 4 in a room. Thanks!
First to first - I am having tons of issues with login. For the first time the ams will just never arrive and I had to connect to your service center and get a temporary number and now even worse...I enter same my mobile number but getting - Is number correct? Stupid question and no matter what I click ... neither OK nor EDIT do anything so this is enough for me to have such horrible experience with your game and never play again and never let any of my friends either go through such horrible
Looks pretty clean and has a decent tutorial. However account making isn't intuitive here. Also, I keep seeing a banner of "claim your reward" for doing things like adding contacts and changing name, but upon clicking it, it leads me to nowhere 🤷‍♂️
Can't even the registration page. Uninstalling, and to the team, do not waste your time in responding, considering there is comments before me with the same problem FROM DECEMBER shows the lack of interest given by the team for this app. So no, nothing you guys write will make me download it again.
Great.. :T Edit: I have played this game for about a week now, and it proceeds to exceed my expectations as a regular poker app. This is a very addicting game and I give Kudos to the creators for making it even better with an easy to use and very eye appealing design. Thanks for the experience!!
Great game!!! 3 stars from me Because I hate that you have to have a Facebook account to make a account!!!! I don't have Facebook or want it. You guys need to let us sign up with a email and not only Facebook on top of that the app dont work well n it keeps taken my poker money. I have a note 20 ultra so I know it can't be my phone it use to work on my iPhone come on guys this was a really good app
Somehow after 2 games with friends, first it wouldn't connect and now & I have a 12k deficit and can't play anymore?
The game just let you to play with random people. UPDATE: As I mentioned, it just let you play with random people not with your friends. And that's the selling point, it is even in the name.
This game stole me 5K upcoins like 4-5 times. First joining problem and then out of nowhere ALL my money is gone. Gameplay is pretty simple and good but just basics are trash. How am I going to play this game with no money? Am I going to watch 10 vIdEoS fOr gEtTiNg 400 uPcOiNs♡ Thanks for all PokerUp. Think you should change the field :)
Used to be really good, but lately they just keep taking money from my kitty, wins just not registering, no response to repeated emails... Pretty pisspoor if you ask me.
Its a really nice platform. I like the cleanness of the interface. I do have one big issue and is the fact that the private rooms are limited by 4 only. We have a group of 6 friends that used to play together back home but now since we are all separated due to work, we wanted a platform to play together... I was really hoping this was it. Can that be a good suggestion? I bet I'm not the only one with that request. :)
Great game!!! No stars from me Because I hate that you have to have a Facebook account to make a account!!!! I don't have Facebook or want it. You guys need to let us sign up with a email and not only Facebook on top of that the app dont work well n it keeps taken my poker money. I have a note 20 ultra so I know it can't be my phone it use to work on my iPhone come on guys this was a really good app
I downloaded this app to play poker with my actual friends who live far away. There doesn't seem to be a way in the free version to do that, which is really disappointing.
Edit : If you think I'm in it to win 100 percent of the time u mistake me. I did not buy premium. I payed for the beginner pack. 4000 coins. Cause I respected and adored the absolute delicately beautiful design of the app. The sudden rate of loses undeniably increased until I was all out of coins. I was winning and LOSING reasonably fine. Then not at all until my coins were gone. But 99 dollars would surely put back in the game wouldn't it. You lost my respect.
I enjoy the app so much. The support team always work to fix issues with updates. Customer service answer quick and in a efficient manner. Well done guys. Thanks for your support.
I'm happy for all your help and support your staff is great I have one small problem I think I have been put on premium by mistake if you can please remove me from your premium for the time being I thank you
Game freezed while I was playing and I couldn't get back in to my account. When I installed the app again, I lost my win status and history erased. I don't know why. I would like to know enter in to my old account again as I'm already paying for premium. Thanks
I like the game however, I refuse to enter my number. I dont need to chat with ppl. Not if I am trying to won a game. Take out having to add your number as a requirement and I will come back and edit my review. Update: Had to love the reply. My opinion doesn't matter because then have over 1m players. I had my number charged 500$ once by an app. Forgive me for not trusting apps that ask for this form of personal info.
Not really sure what is happening. Our chips have increased, but buy in structures have been adjusted, yet rewards and shop prices have remained the same. Something is out of balance. And sad to see you so sharply increase the price of premium from 1.09 to 5.49 EUR. That is far too much.
I have one complaint. With the latest update, I can no longer play a friendly game without having to pay 4.4k and up. It's like this with my other friends when they try to start a friendly a game. Fix this and I'll rate it 5 stars👍
i cannot login into my old account after update. i used to have an account that i login via my phone number but i cannot login via phone number anymore. i tried to login via facebook i tought i could reach that old account but it did not worked. why developers tought this would be better?
THE BEST POKER APP OUT THERE very simple and unique, only flaw is that you can only call up to 3 friends .... this game would rock if we could bring in more friends .... highly recommended it pther wise (thanks for the great work). no seriously this app need the option to play with more than just 3 freind in one game, its so good and keeps getting good so why should it stop getting good....... thanks for hearing @UpGames Limited
Couldn't even understand how to create an account. Clicking I already have an account with my number tells me the code is wrong every time (I haven't create an account because there isn't an option to!) I assume this is the only way to play with friends, but I can't try it.
Interesting idea for a poker game, Impossible to transfer progress to a new device, have tried tablet and 2 phones. Google Play Games does not log you in on new device, When logging in on new phone they ask for your phone number and send an SMS only for you to have your progress wiped out and having to start all over. Uninstalling
Just downloaded and im not even able to play a hand with anybody there is nobody there whats going on
Update: The game itself is ok, it runs a little fast, no time to msg or even emoji, not sure why they're even included. There are only a handful of support options, none of which are a way to get help or to report issues or feedback. There is no way to block another player so if you don't want to play with a person you either have to or you are out your buy in. These factors are why I dropped my rating to 2 stars. If the issues are addressec I'll raise. I like it so far. Just won my first game!
The games asks for too much before you can play with friends like access to you contacts, registration, and for you to play a sim game it's a waste of time
You can't add your Facebook friends as buddy & then on a single table of poker. But music & graphics are good
The game concept truly is good, the only downfall of this game is the crashes and lags frequently. I've lost countless amount of chips due to the game freezing on both online random games and against my friends lists. If this issue was to be fixed (yes I've had the update too) then a higher star review will follow. Edit..... The admin team have corrected the faults I mentioned and reimbursed my coins. A fantastic customer service.... 5*
I saw an ad with this app and it sparked my curiosity to try it ; and to be honest, all in all is a good app : great looking UI, a pleasant ranking system , personal stats and more. On the flip side, I don't really know how you'll get more money for free when you've lost them all, besides the microtransactions avaliable. I surely recommend it.
Cannot be used without allowing access to contacts. That's a deal breaker for me. You cannot play by sharing usernames. The app gives you the impression you can invite a single friend, but it seems like they want to know about all of your contacts. I refuse to accept that trade.
Never connects. Keeps crashing. I'm on a 100Mbps net and still this dumb app says poor internet connection. I have to retry like 5-10 times to find a match. Terrible app. Certainly not worth purchasing premium. Uninstalling.
Good game to past some boring nights at work . I'm rewriting this review cos was given extra coins now can play for bigger prizes . Update is awesome still have a few glitches as it takes long time to get a game going . All in all great game
When the game loaded up, it wouldn't let me change the name or even put a new picture. When trying to actually play a round it would say "something went wrong"
The app is great, but constant crashes are killing it. In about 10 games I've encountered 2 crashes. Both during all in from me and another player. App did not even crash to my home screen, but to the main menu of the app itself. So anticlimactic and annoying
Reinstalled the game and I had over 600k coins before. It's always been linked with Facebook. Everything is gone. Very upset 😠😠
The account creation part could do with a big revamp as it's not intuitive, but once that is over with the main app fun. I wish, however, that the max number of players could be higher as it appears to be 4 players to a 'table' and I have 5 other friends who all would like to play together.
Totally emersive experience. Simple yet clever.. this game hits on all the sweet spots without ever giving you a tooth ache. Amazed yet?? Try Premium for $0.99 a month with no hidden fees. Totes worth it. I'm gunna play all night!!!
Looked like fun but I couldn't get past the first screen. It refreshes and says something went wrong. And that's it. It's not my phone cause it's a Samsung galaxy s10. Maybe if you have any idea Developers. I will not uninstall right a way.
I updatednthe game to find that we have to use the camera feature in each game, AND there's no way to turn it off , people need privacy
I only use this app to play with my friends. It's been 3 days and I still didn't win a single game after I reached lvl 15 . This game is so rigged to the point they force you to buy the stupid microtransactions
I've been facing issues connecting to friends, it keeps on saying connecting. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it and also suggested my friends the same, now its not sending me an otp. Tried several times and gave up. Too many bugs in the recent update.
Cards are not random. Game seriously boosts players who raise a lot. You just can't win a stupid who raises all the time because he gets all the combinations. I don't know why the hell you decided to do it, but because of that this game is unplayable and I unistall it
Your system does not work at times properly. When my opponent wins even when we have same cards. Sometimes when the higher card holder should be the winner the system fails to recognize this.
Love the game but a this point i dont make money from games nor do i keep my buy in so i cant even play without paying for cojns every round would do half star if i could
Was really looking forward to a good ol game of poker with friends during quarantine.... unfortunately i made the mistake of downloading this terrible and utterly useless app. I would give it 0 stars were it possible.
it sucks after 2 games it says poor connection when i have a very strong wifi in our company, and the live poker it never workks
Freezes a lot. Takes your money when it crashes. Tried Uninstalling and re-installing and it won't let me sign in with my old account. Ridiculous.
The way this app works is really random one day keep crashing while you are in the game and take your virtual money off, next day couldn't find opponent. Waste of time
Everything as far as graphics go is a step behind all other poker apps. I gave these guys a 5 because they have the right idea about what should be included with a poker app. They have some features other poker appw do not and they are what's kept me coming back and playing more . DEVELOPERS.....GET THOSE GRAPHICS ON POINT AND MY RATE GOES TO A 10/5 😜
I like the game when i can play it. But there are times that it gets stuck on the "Connecting" screen.
Used to play this game before and this was the best app for casual poker. Now it's just full of bugs and won't even connect to the server properly. I can't play a single game. It just shows 'connecting' and the game doesn't start.
Very decent poker application, no advertising, so much quality. Keep it up, guys. I will invite all my friends to play PokerUp, you can be sure! 10/10 Design is awesome. It's so comfortable to play. You guys are just best. I have never been so satisfied with the an application before.
Ranks aren't working doesn't give me level up when I've won, it says win one match to rank up well ive won four and nothing
When I go all in and lose a match, instead of showing me the hands and the ending screen, the game just quits to the main menu. I guess it just anticipates my rage quit and does it for me. Otherwise it's pretty fun.
This is an interesting approach to poker, most different from other apps that have a more agressive style and feel. However much of it feels unpolished: clonking controls, overlapping ui elements, features that doesn't work as should be or at all. My experience with it could've been much better if not for the rough edges.
In all honesty I really love this game. Very simple UI, and it works wonders. This past update has something wrong with it though. When I invite my friends to play a game we can't see each other in the game, we also can't see the time-counter nor the money on the table, which for me has rendered the game that I almost play every day, sadly unplayable. Hope this gets fixed soon! :)
This game is horrible. Most of the time it seems as if we are playing against computer players. They always seem to land what they need on the last card getting you rivered. Ridiculous!