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Poker Online: Texas Holdem & Casino Card Games

Poker Online: Texas Holdem & Casino Card Games for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you like like going all in with a 7, 2 off, you'll love this app. If you like to just keep betting with nothing in your hand, this is the app. for you. If you like getting booted off the table, "only" when you have the best hand, never when your losing. This app. is famous for that. If you like playing "robots", you'll have a lot of friends on this app. If you don't mind players betting out of turn, this app. is the one. If you want to play a serious game of poker " find another app."
I download this game to learn more about poker and have fun with friends but this app only had the option to login with facebook and not your email too... Also when i tried to login using my email it said "error login failed: you cant use facebook to log into this app or website because there's an issue with there's an issue with its implement of facebook login"
Wont let me go over 999 billion and is very glotchy sometimes when win it gives 2 someone else and sometimes your chips disapear and no way comtact suport
Ok for the most part. Need to update graphics A LOT. Including all those ridiculous pop ups every time I'm in the lobby. Other than that its ok
its good play but just glitchy. half the time it freezes the other half it wont connect you to a game and keeps saying search canceled. it would be fun other wise.
This game has the same problem all the other "live" games have.. it's all the idiots that love hitting the all in button with junk hands etc etc etc. It's nothing at all like real poker but if you enjoy betting fake money on what is essentially a coin flip this app is for you.
worst program i ever encountered, glitchs, freeze ups, unclickable activation buttons/clicking buttons automatically without prompting, connection issues GALORE, AI plants at every table, you flop a "SET" and (coincidentally) your connection gets "LOST" AND IT SUCKS . its so much like chitty-chitty-bang/bang i unloaded this app with over a million in chips in my acct. PATHETIC I would have chose 0 star rating but cant unclick the 1 star rating i chose. how goggle play alows it is questionable
Wont let me go over 999 billion and is very glotchy sometimes when win it gives 2 someone else and sometimes your chips disapear and no way comtact suport well if you like watching same player win 20 hands in a row and believe it is fair and random dealing this is the game for you uninstalling tired see the game pics winner b4 1st hand dealt 2 many hands in row same player not fair cheat system this game runs
A great poker game when it's not glitching out or shutting down. (Happened a few times to me) But reloads nicely. A lot of bot players that play check fold only. Very fun when real players are actually playing. Bots will join the table at 3.5 billion chips on the highest blind table that I play on and fold to any bet. It can get pretty boring at times waiting for real players to join up. The SNG tournaments are fun. Graphics and table play just like wsop. Sucks that there is no chat or emojis.
Hey i need help ...played this game a lot i like itt so much...d prblm is since last few hours its showing a notification -failed to extract resources needed by Il2CPP
Nicee! Very Nice!! ~ Enjoyable|Fast-pace|Well Put Together Game Interface! Victories are Anonymous & fair. *****5 Star quality! Actually ~Very Impressed~
Another we will cheat, lie, steal to get you to spend money. Damn tired of these game set to one or two robots win all the hands can not stand greedy fools and cheap games.
Did you describe something that you buy or going to use or having having use it without doing that I cannot describe you because I haven't using myself I'm sorry until laugh until I use it so I think he's pretty good best way to buy stocks I think you be a good review and describe you got to let me play you got to let me use it thank you very much
looks nice but feels sloppy. Timer to make a move runs out way too fast, slider to make bets isn't very responsive, leaving you with a great hand that the game makes you fold. I also lost chips when I wasn't even in the hand (just arrived at table). Waste of time, plenty of good poker apps out there, this isn't one of them. Uninstalled.
Addiction but the money I win were not the same while I entered again. Also, I lost one time of money I earned. And error one time.. Anyway, good game
Bugs and glitches ruin the game. The game is constantly freezing and stating you off mid way through a hand. It does not pay when you win a tournament. There's time where it does not even give you cards, starts you mid hand, and shows the 1st fourth and fifth cards before the ante.
I like, but I wish your two cards would stay up if you fold so you can see "what could have been". Just saying. :-)
Game disconnects frequently, make play impossible, occasionally, your bet will be a wildly negative number that wipes out all credit with the game UPDATE switched to Samsung s10 - app no longer works at all, uninstalling
this app has fuc***connection error which eats away all your chips you wing it will throw u out further avoid as all other app work smoothly but app requires special networks
You have an Ace King your opponent has a 6'2 offsuit. They keep re-raising till you're both all in and then your opponent wins miraculously. This type of gameplay happens all the time. Worst part is you instantly get ejected from the room so you cannot go over what just occurred. There is no text recount. Very frustrating.
Good game, you get free chips every 3 hours and with watching a short ad also there is no chatting or emojies which is good. Sometimes you can be booted from table stating that you have a connection error, I notice it happens mainly if you win most hands. Players will bluff their way to a win, l suggest you have some nerve to call the bet especially if you have a match after all it's not real money and you can get chips
it's have great potential but often error. not many player online, you will be companied by worst low level Ai, makes the game boring.
I like this poker game. Tipping the Dealer is a good perk, and if you play your cards right, tipping seems to help out. Player are pretty much competitive and that's what I like as well-competition. 5 STARS for Poker Online: Texas Holdem & Casino Card Games. Happy in CALI
Every time I had the winning hand and I mean every time they would move me some place else and ask me if i wanted to go back And continue of course when i say yes i pop back but am folded i played probably 30 games and 10 of them that happened a rip off
I sa6t in your f game and nothing happened more than a 45 min. fix more lose it ,bad ,,not boarded,,,
look I would of given you 5 stars all round but in the middle of a hand i dropped out and lost 300000 chips becuse of it and it's the second time so fix that or reimburse me and you will get your 5 star rating
I would like the see the cards I folded. The dealer tells me I had a pair but if I wasn't paying attention, I don't know what card I paired. I would also like to see the All-in cards being delt rather than just apearing on the table. It barely leaves enough time to study the board to see who was bluffing and who had a decent hand
I was just playing texas holdem i went all in and everyone else placed their bet and I had 4-Kings,I won the whole pot but the game froze up before I even got my money then after about 1 minute it unfroze,didnt give me any of my money,and told me I didnt have any money to play.I got totally and completely screwed over,majorly cheated,and Im very damn mad,with mine and everyone elses bet I got cheated out of millions of frickin dollars and I dont even have any chips and I want all my money¬°!¬°!!!!!
very easy to use. The waiting time for more chips is a bit ridiculous but idrc about that. the only glitch I have encountered is I got band from matches for like 10 mins because I was inactive apparently and I couldn't join any different games. but all in all the best poker game I've played!
Love this game I can't wait to see how much fun it will be for my friends I told to download this app
downloaded it but cant ipen keeps teloing my internet is weak..i watch youtube videos and play alot online games smoothly..seems really bad for me
To many people trying to buy the pot. You never get to actually play. Everyone keeps raising off their hold cards. If you actually like to play poker this is not the game for you.
If you're just beginning your poker playing, then this game is totally for you! The game has options to play with and without cash. I love this game! It's fun and addicting!! So many fun styles of games. I have won many rounds and I love it!! 5 Stars for me!!!
1. There is a glitch when going "all in" - the app folds you. Very frustrating- have had 4 of a kind a few times when this has happened. 2. The app is so fast, I rarely get a chance to see everyone's hands. There have been times where I didnt understand why my full house didn't beat a 3 if a kind. 3. Theres a random info box that pops up precisely over your opponents hand when the hand is over and cards are turned over so you cant see what your opponent has.
Worst UI Design I started playing, at game Samsung Note 9 1.No way of knowing hw much cash you have 2. Too conjusted table and nothing happens when you click your profile at game. 3. Pathetic design 4. Game crashed every 4 mins, No option to stand up on a table 5. so many defects
lots of crashing and being booted from table epspecially if you're winning. there are the usual bluffers, play your hand they're bluffing 8 out of 10 times. What I did like is there is no chat. poker is not this games editor forte, motor sport games are if that tells you something.... hint hint
the higher you play in a tournament the higher the blind raises and then it eventually makes you go all in
such a awesome app... so many options for your customisations. great graphics great odds great tournament games 2 choose from. i couldn't be happier with a game as i am with this one! try it...you could only love it!
theaf poker team they my eat my fb acount i send it alot of e.mail they r didnt response me i send screen shot my id its jaim not working game my alot of trilon chips have trophy
fun game. pretty basic graphics that won't bog down your device. all in all its fun, but i would like there to be some chat options.