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Poker No-Limit Trainer

Poker No-Limit Trainer for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by PokerStrategy.com. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The logic behind this app is to be the biggest nit at the table and win by attrition which might work online, but is a terrible strategy for both live games and tournaments with an ante. The trainer teaches you to play weak tight, and while you lose money slower that way, you still end up losing in the long haul unless you always have a dummy at the table willing to call your once-every-two-hour raise that represents enormous strength. Fold KJs in cutoff in unraised pot? Please.
Total useless for anybody who has played poker for money. If you want to be a rock of alltime follow the advance in this app.
This app can give you a feel for pre flop hand selection as tight player but that's about it. It suggests extremely tight play and I disagree with some of the plays. For example it suggests that if you're on the button with AT suited and have had two limpers before you, that you should just limp in to see a flop? That's not winning poker, that's playing Bingo, hoping to hit.
While it's probably conservative for a lot of players, the pre-flop decision tree embedded in this app is solid for any beginner to low intermediate player and will keep a lot of people out of trouble. It does take position into consideration, although clearly in a mechanical way. So one can never forget the actual conditions of the game. I have noticed though that the software considers the hijack as middle position which it's clearly not in a ring game. Would give a higher rating if not for that flaw.
If you play like it wants you to you wont play any hands and players will then know u hit big when u actually play a hand... dont use this app to learn to play for money you will only lose your money....
Princess, this is not teach you the basics of poker but to improve your skills, and for experienced players just to ceep reminding them the basics of the tourney strategies (I cant imagine to help for something else, it is really tight :D ), so dont say its lame just because you dont know how to play poker :)
What's with the debug prompts at launch and between games? The game doesn't really tell you much. And I had two exactly same hands at the same position, made the exact same decision and got told one was right and the other wrong, where the consistency? Have so much potential...
Great app that teaches basic game theory optimal play. This app helps teach very basic full ring 9max play. Good refresher and thanks for the upload.
When do you fold with hold cards A 8, siited. K Q siuted. This app is totally wrong. This from a ranked WSOP player.
it is very old strategy. Application is accounting with passive game. No raises in button and blinds. I had problem with it. For example call 88 from MP with no limpers. Button or blinds will raise it with nothing. And I must fold it out of position.
Boring not a strategy simply a fold, call and raise guessing game with out before the flop. Also a little glitchy.
Good for what it does. Training to internalize preflop hand selection. To those claiming it's too tight, no it's not. Long term, playing AJ UTG will lose money. That's the point of this app. You have to learn what's "right" before you can make exceptions. ... That said, still some improvements I'd like to see in future updates: 1) option to look at the chart after picking wrong (not just b4) 2) option chart re-sort by table position 3) editable chart (to make own mods for loose game or short hand,etc)
Fold to any preflop aggression, but call with pairs and reraise the absolute nuts only? Why not just turn your hole cards face up right away? :D Howard Lederer advocated this NIT strategy in the 90's, didn't he?
Its obviously strategy for deep stack tournny play where the play is long and tight(initially). It could explain to fish or online players why AJ under the gun is a fold in live tournny. But for experienced players this would be a good tool to refresh and cement the mindest prior to aiming to go deeo in live tourrny play. A nice free addition to poker apps out there and links to a very good site.
Excellent basic strategy for new players..and for players who seem to be losing more than they should..its a good reminder on how to plug those leaks and stop bleeding chips out.
Play with a rake or with blinds at 2-3% of opening buy-in limit even 9-handed, and this is a strategy to make a donation to the house. You will not see enough action to overcome the price of admission. Good to tighten up amateurs for a house game with low low blinds and no ante, but no good for the seasoned player.
App is worthless, according to this you might as well not even sit down at the table. Never been told to fold so much in my life. Coming from someone that is up over 26k from $200 deposit, don't waste your time with this app!!!
On my galaxy nexus, everything is really tiny. All texts (blinds, stacks, actions) are hard to read and there is no zoom function.
This app would have you ignore positional value, fold pockets on the button rather than raise a limper, fold suited high connectors in a multiway limped pot and give up your big blind with anything but aces. Rubbish.