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Poker Face: Texas Holdem Poker

Poker Face: Texas Holdem Poker for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Comunix Ltd located at Yigal Alone, Tel Aviv. Israel. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give this 5 stars but being that when I went to look for the desktop version it wanted to redo my entire laptop settings and run in the background that's a No-No.
For the past 6 months, everytime I open this app, it says to check the internet connection, regardless of the phone being connected in wifi or mobile data. Is Anyone else facing this problem? Does anyone know it's solution.
I really love this game but lately there has been a lot of glitches. It has given my winnings to another player when I really won. Its done that several times not only to me but also my brothers. It froze up once and took my 5 million I had on the table once it fixed itself. It's been really disappointing lately.
I love this game. The thrill of the game is there and you get to meet all kinds of awsome people on the way. The only reason I didn't rate a 5 star is because of connection issues that closes the game . I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 x now. But other than that one issue this game is the best concept πŸ‘Œ of this year 2021. Please fix issue with connecting and keep up this great movement
First off I'd like to say good job seems like a decent platform. Works fine on my Samsung Note 10 plus just wanted to let you know that there's an issue with Acer Chromebook R11. Stretches the video feed chopped bottom very annoying possibly that can be fixed easy enough. A few other issues. Only shut off video for 15 seconds and all in button is too close to bet button. You could add is some tournaments like some simple sit and goes and maybe eventually multi-table tournaments No comment ???
Cool poker experience generally a friendly game good graphics good sound always like playing on this site I missed they took the old free spin wheel off but the new bonus system is fun too and let you keep in the game more often if you want to purchase chips you're very reasonable and I've never had a problem with my account the designers did a good job on the accuracy of betting timing is quick and friendly button should be arranged differently with y'all in button moved away from the bet butto
Real fun a lot of time people bit more than what they should but it is a pretty decent game and you get to know people from across the world
Wow, this game is surprisingly really fun and chill, i was skeptical to try a "meet and play" app, but i was pleasantly surprised. People respect the game first here, a definate four thumbs up!
Needs more free coins every 15 minutes or so. Good game im hooked!! And allow sync with google or Facebook!! THE ONLY CARD GAME LIKE THIS!!
would be awesome to run 9 on a table...and have the option to add friends you meet haven't some really nice people but lost touch with them because no way to add Them... NOW GIVE ME MY 10 MILLION CHIPS
So like everyone else I wasn't able to connect and when I did a few mins into the game I "needed to check my internet connection" (its b/s) but now I'm seeing that the response everyone is getting is to go to settings or menu or whatever the hell options well I have 1 question how the hell I suppose to do all of that if I'm not able to connect or completely load the damn game to begin with?
It is a unique app because it allows ypu to see and talk to other players in their environment. Actual game play is the same as everyone else with setup hands but it definitely feels wY different and at least you know you're not playing bots. It is difficult to amass large chipstack unless you sit and be patient.
I have played a lot of these Hold'em games and this is by far the best one I found actual live video and audio interaction you get to meet people all over United States I would put it high up on the recommended list look for me Sean when you're ready to lose a little money
this poker app is awesome. I had an issue the other day where I was in the middle of a hand and the game froze up on me there was 2.5mill in the pot and lost it. Emma from customer support took care of it and spotted me the 2.5 million chips that I could possibly had won. they take really good care of you and they're up for suggestions and they're working really hard to improve the app great job guys highly recommend this app have fun and I'll see you on the tables.
Very fun and straightforward game. Friendly atmosphere you feel you're in the Cheers Bar where their always glad you came!❀️πŸ₯°πŸ±πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ’–. Everyone had been very friendly to a Newbie! Yet to learn the ropes and how to start pulling them. Seems very good fun with a friendly buzz going on. Am goinf6 to enjoy playing this game.
A few times and ive gone in and 6 million gone ano 5 mill and few day ago 4 million other mill as it would crashed saying me maintains but when winning chips or watever one it be it going all in then trying to log on once in mins great and fun otherwise
Great app for playing hold em like the concept. Nice to communicate with the players real time with live feed. Only thing i would suggest is a mute button for individual players and not mute for all players and yourself. Would love to see some multi table tournaments or sit n go's. But overall great game.
Well I did recommend this game at 1st. Now I dont recommend downloading it. It's a fix how can someone beat me with a pair and I had a full house. I lost 5 million chips due to this. Honestly people dont download it because it obviously wants you to spend real money to buy chips. Btw losing against players with a lower hand then you always occurs in game. And the developer of this game wont do anything about this so I suggest not to download.
Great game wish there was tournament mode where you can play with friends where the blinds go up like a Real Tournament.. PLEASE MAKE THIS MODE If the game can have tournament modes. You do a buy in with like 5 ppl or 9 ppl per table with starting blinds low and will go up like very 2 -3 mins of game play. Just like PokerStars on tv & how Zynga poker is. Like the others but u dont know if your playing A Bot or not . This right here u can see who your playing. TOURNAMENT MODE 2021
I love this app because I enjoy talking to people from different states heck maybe even countries...u never know...plus half of poker is seeing the face of the person across or next to you and guess weather or not they are bluffing....poker face is by far my fav poker app ive played and trust me ive tried many....only thing i ask is please put a add to firend list button so i can play with others i enjoy playing with...so i dont have to add them to my facebook just to play with them...
I just updated the app yesterday and now when I plug in my phone to charge its says error moisture detected. I have to plug/unplug my phone like 7 or 8 times before it will charge but it won't fast charge. I HAVE NOT gotten my phone wet. Took to a phone repair place phone/port IS NOT WET OR HAS TRAPPED MOISTURE. I put my phone in safe mode and its charging without the error popping up. I have a ton of chips now I must give away then I'm uninstalling the app.
Very fun and exciting game, perfect way to have a lot of fun and many laughs and also make new friends. I highly recommend it!
don't know what you done with this since I updated it it stops at 40% and won't load I'm pretty disappointed can you fix this still not loading it stops at 40% since I upgraded I can't player that is so frustrating I'll try a few more times and if it it's like getting a couple of days I'm giving up for good
Confusing, lot of background chatter you couldn't understand as voices. My mic didn't work. It was an erecter set without instructions. Too much going on in such a tight table. Don't like the game.
Fun game.play with family and friends. You can have a chat or a laugh planning the game. Just a pity online 5 players on a table.
It's a good game, but sometimes the computer will make the decision wether to fold or check and twice the player a head of me made a large bet and the computer decided I would call that bet when I knew it wouldn't be a good Idea too.
Great idea but my CPU is over heating soon as I open the app you really need to sort this out among other things. Like getting beat aways on river . Game is not random cards you would ever get on a real poker game . And also need also maybe staff playing games to watch players who when they lose not be so aggressive and threatening behaviour. Glad I've
Audio has become terrible. When someone is talking it goes from normal volume to too quiet to hear and back again. Just keeps repeating
It's fun!..^jbnjn$kbbkjnnnnm....... I changed my mind. After playing this app for a month now. It absolutely sucks! πŸ’― it tries to force you to buy chips. By setting you up to lose in good hands. So be aware of this when you play. And don't waste your money. Get your free chips daily and play on that. Don't let this app trick you in to buying fake chips with you hard earned cash.
It is what it says it is. Which is exactly what I was looking for. Tired of playing other games where looking at an avatar. Or some Facebook photo. Never know if your playing a bot or not. And although I liked it a lot for that reason. I found myself bored and unengaged with the interface. Wish I could combine this with Mega hit texas holdem. But the ability to see your opponent, talk to them, and even send messages directly. Is the coolest part of this app and I haven't seen it anywhere.
Best game to play with friends and family who live far away. It's also a great way to meet new people. my family and friends can now get together for a poker night. The video is so clear same for the audio. The controls are easy even if you never played poker. The graphics are perfect. I would definitely recommend this for Pros, beginners and family game night.
This is a great app. Love meeting people from everywhere!! Just need to figure out how to friend them so we can play again!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!
I love the way yall invented this game for people to practice & learn the games that can be added to your strategy choices. Plez. Keep on improving & updating This game.
I do like the video part of it but think its too loud 2hen everyone has their volume on full blast...need to have more options or ways to get free chips more then waiting four hours to spin the wheel....should be a spot where you get double the bonus for keeping up with playing every day too
The game itself is cool. I recently bought chips on Google. Afterwards i have been getting kicked off the table after making high bids and i lost over $85 million in chips. if i ever ruin out. ok deleting this app. please don't buy the chips. you will lose them due to a glitch.
Nobody really shows their faces. Most of the time u get the ceiling lol. I like the other poker apps more. Need more players,sit n goes,and tournaments.
6-4-21---Fun fun fun! 6-7-21--I have been getting used to this game and I am absolutely loving it however, at times it does seem a bit laggy and that has cost me a very many good hands because it folded before I could do anything and I have no idea why. It wasn't time, it was like it was stuck. I also bought more coins and once again the lagging has caused me to lose many of my coins .also I checked for an update a little while ago and there is none so I will keep an eye out. Happy poker face!!
ONLY ONE THING MISSING... You have to have the feature to have the option of showing your cards after each winning hand... Bluffing is part of the game and we need to incorporate that aspect. Would be cool that if you get bluffed.. You get a huge BLUFFED on your screen. That would be amazing!!!
this is a great way to pass time. alot of real poker players. very good game and meet new ppl. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. thanks guys
Can never get a good game going without it Always has connections problems , no matter if you good signal or using home Wi-Fi..
Game is fun and I would give 5 stars but they have to do something about it over heating phones. I played on multiple devices both older and even brand new. I just picked up a brand new Note20ultra and within minutes of playing I can feel my phone getting hot. I play other games on my phone and it does not over heat. I also have friends I play this with and they have the same issue. Please fix whatever causes the over heating while playing on phones. Over heated phone =ruined battery
Everything great, however the ALL IN button is so easy for mistake because its so close to what u always do! I accidently press it multiple times and its sux. I also like the spin being low where chips is a bit more reasonable. Table buy in are max, unlike other app where everyone is allowed min buy in and plays like maniac. It differentiate poor player vs better one. Some added features like trophy collection would be nice to see. Right now its only leveling.
This is chiyinyan testing this app using this account and I got it say that you brought to live what I been sharing on some casino sites.. wish you could join them and show them this version. Remember is all about luck and the cards dealt but seeing a face is better that thinking your playing a bot jajaja
Like the game..but surfing game play with money in lot the app shut down and I loose money..biggest lot I lost was 5million on the bigger tables..and this keeps happening every time I get on to play..can I did this error..
This game sucks. It glitches waaayyy to often to enjoy the game. It throws away hands, steals your chips, plus its laggy. Most of the time, it wont even record your wins correctly. Every other day theres a message upon logging on about how it "glitched" and "sorry for the inconvenience". This game is a bait trap. Never buy chips because once you do, your hands will never be the same. FYI. Ive already contacted you all with all the information you all requested: date, time, hand I had,etc.no help
Horrible connection and it's not my data.. I play world War heroes all time at home and never get disconnected this game will do it like 7 time's in 10 minz if not more....
I really love this app, I have connected back with my old poker friends from back in the day and met new fun people along the way, Only thing I have a problem, for some reason only in-call volume activates and I can't hear no one, I try looking for a way so I could hear it in speaker, but nothing what's so ever. The worst thing is that it stays like that and my speaker stops working for everyth,I have to rest the phone, once I get in the app it happens all over again PLEASE HELP! I have a 10s cel
Brilliant game, such a good atmosphere, staff are great.. always sort any problems promptly. Cant fault itπŸ’―πŸ’―
When i spin the wheel it only stays on one spin...its not adding up to seven spins so i can get more chips can someone help me with this problem im having please...other than that its a great game so ill still give yall five stars cause i like this way better than having to yry to text and play at the same time...sweet game
No too bad I. I like the concept and its covid-friendly if you just want some fun free poker. Good job on the UI tho dev team! First app I've seen so far that's stable as you Play. Not too much lag if you're not on the wifi so it's a good time killer while on the go.
hay guys check it out pokerface is the best app you can down load by far this game is epic you guys out did your selves with this one i am truly impressded its so addicting i stay up all night you can communicate with friends as well as see every players face its a mobile party im sorry guys i got to cut this short because im missing out on some huge pops as we speak theres nothing that can top this I app i just dont see happening steller job to the creaters of this fanominal game.
Total rubbish KK AA QQ JJ AK AQ AJ lose every time, spend money you done for bad beats after bad beats, so you can keep spending. Never gonna waste any of my change on this rubbish again. Allin button can easily be pressed. Keep getting disconnected. First time played managed to achieve 850M, after spending, cant win, rigged to hell. So becarfull if you spend you will regret it. Worst poker site I have played in all my years. Never seen so many good hands losing to rubbish. Sod your bot reply
This game is exciting and fun and it is one of the most exceptional poker games I have played online thus far. To actually be able to truly interact with the other players as if you were actually at the table with them is exceptional.
The games great. I suggest ordering your chips with google credit first or use a prepaid fixed limit card. I had three credit/debit cards on file with play store,bought chips with all three and all three had massive fraud. I was assured by commuix ltd the site owner that it was impossible for any body to make charges on my card with out the proper steps and checks. I laughed and told her AMX thinks differently. I have charges that appear on my cards that don't appear on play store. Be warned.
It's a cool concept, but people make it horrible in reality. 1. The wheel you spin for chips 9/10 lands on the same spot so you only get 600k per reload. 2. The game play is low level. 3. People share and cheat, they talk about what they have and what they folded. 4. People play music really loud and have side conversations, then you have to mute and miss the collusion that takes place.
Great social poker. Good way for new players to learn the ropes. Free chips fairly regularly but they really want you to pay. You can get by on free chips and low stake tables if you don't bet like a donkey. Criticism is the battery usage. Its crazy, full charge to zero in an hour or so. Camera apps do this but you can't play too long as a result. If I play and charge at the same time, phone gets HOT, and that can't be good for it. Also its tricky to pick a small bet size.
Well its put you close to the real thing . Besides people being on the toilet playing and watching all the sailings. I like it . Lol
UPDATE: GAME IS STILL A SCAM. I like the concept, but the game does not have random hands. Every pot has a 10% rake taken by the game. Royal flushes and four of a kinds are extremely frequent. The game is setup to get more chips in the pot so the they can take more chips out of the game in an effort to get more people to buy chips. And dont be fooled by the positive reviews. The developers offer a bribe reward of 10 million chips to whoever writes the best 5 star review.
It's a good laugh. (Edited) But... either the staff or certain players have done something to make sure you lose. I've watched over 200 hands. 120 of the hands I was 1 card away from a flush, or a straight, but it never eventuated. Instead I was left with 'high card' or 'one pair'. Other times I got a full house 2 over 10, but lost out to the reverse 10 over 2. Every single time. If pokerface aren't behind it, please fix the loophole. It's pretty soulless.
My experience started great then got bad!! I accidentally hit all in with 236 million as the all in button is in a really poor place and I have the shakes so this did really not help and it taken me weeks to get all these coins!! Please help
The rooms are full of people blaring music and this app doesnt allow you to mute the volume. Very poor concept. Stick with the normal poker apps. Being able to read your opponents' face isn't worth the maelstrom of chaotic noise.
Always found the high stakes was an effective way to play poker have to give it a shot at some tournament next time. Great little app and will probably be using more often.
Cant turn off your video or other peoples video. Uses lots data/wifi, drains battery, heats phones, and randomly disconnects causing you to fold. Also 90% of players will cover their camera or aim it at the ceiling. That is wasting data streaming nothing.
the most realistic poker game out there allows you to interact with other players and u really have to work for ur poker chips so it's a fun challenge I play at least 5 hours a day its really addicting but a all around great game
I've had a great laugh chatting with people from around the world. The most hilarious people I've chatted with are Australians, they're great.
Like it. Need more card games like this. Only dislike I have is the all in button is right below the the minimum bet button and accidents happen....
I like the concept and the game is cool just 1 thing wrong u can't turn ur camera off wen u want no option to do that I was gonna give u 4 stars but ill be a homie and shoot u 5 son.....
Only cool thing about this game is the mic/camera idea. Dislike the magical hands, horrible beats, & set up hands. Connectivity issues at times. Beautiful new layout. A weird thing is sometimes the game will skip you when it's your time to bet & will automatically fold you out of hands. A decent game. Waiting for a better app.
It's a great fun game, you get to talk and interact with other live members while it also gives you the option to turn your camera off or mute your muc and still continue to play and enjoy the game!!!
I love this game.. Although there seems to be an algorithym that diesnt quit match a random flop of cards. But it keeps you on your toes. I love the game.
good game just no volume in chat. cant hear a soul. yes volume is all the way up. (edit) No I will not email you. i have LGv40
Well if it was quit not letting me sign in for a day and then taking my 7-Day bonuses away it would be a hell of a game but instead it keeps freezing up just so coincidentally and I know I got to go back to day one and the rewards could be a lot better but anyways I enjoyed playing
2 stars for the video chat. This game is a cash cow. It will set you up to keep buying chips. Only the people that spend the most cash wins. The more chips you have the better cards you get. Its a game for the cash payers. Id rather go to the casino. And no its not randomized i literally witnessed a player win more that 10 handa in a row everyone went all in and he kept winning. I keep getting low carda 2 and 5 and 3 and 6
I figure it would be important to post this review. I... I am pretty satisfied with app, until the app sucks at reading your cards. Heres and example that finaly sent me over the edge and decide to post this review: I had a straight flush 2,3,4,5,6,7 (3 5, In hand) of hearts, went all in. Cards shown, somebody beat me when they had a ten of hearts, a normal flush. A straight flush beats a normal flush. Fix your algorithm that detects better hands. This happens more than it should. I lost a lot.
The gameplay is good, and the daily spins give you plenty of chips to work with. I have 2 main issues with this app. The first one being; friending. You can't friend anyone who you are at a table with. And once you do have friends who play the game, the app SPAMS you with false invites from friends. "Tyler invites you to join them" but Tyler's not online. My second issue IS the SPAMMING of notifications from this app if you dont play it for a little bit. Ridiculous!!!!
Not bad but needs improvements. Perhaps consider addressing the following: - regular drop outs during game play - can't search or add friends if no Fb sign in - unable to change profile picture if not connected on Facebook - don't have microphone automatically on. Useful for those that play in a silent environment - font should be a touch larger and a little clearer so that you don't have to squint to see the latest bet These are just a few of the things that I'd like to see in future updates.
Very cool I like WOW this is something new i was just browsing and saw this app that you can actually play with face time real people love it!!!
Every time I get on table I lose connection, it tells me to check my connection, but I can go to lobby and as long as I'm there or somewhere other than a table I never lose connection
It's great live video texas hold um but even when you turn the volume off on the app itself there is still very loud volume with each table and yes you are able to mute the volume of the tables but anytime you exit the app or change tables you have to re mute it and the volume level can't be adjusted up or down at all also it kicks me out of the app pretty frequently
love this app best app out there for poker and being able to met new people it's like a full on live all day I drive walk run and jump and even in the rest room while playing this game hands down the best.poker game ever thk you.
Decent app, suffers from the same problems as any free poker app with donk all-in players. Easy to win by grinding but you will be lucky to get a high quality game because players don't value what they're betting with. Earlier today I saw two people with massive preflop raises show down 10/4 offsuit and J/5 offsuit, and that is pretty normal play on this app. You can't apply any skills or logic, just wait for a big hand then win.
This game is awesome! Keeps me relaxed during a rough day!!! Lemme get thay 10M!! Lol. Mom of 3 and it keeps me sane.
Ok so I downloaded the game and waited a good 5 minutes to load and then it said to check my internet connection, it was a full, I tried again and same thing happened D:
Not a very good 1, play your games for a challenge, you even get taxed on what you win l lost more than l made.not happy. I just played again hit 2 pair, this other guy got played for hit a King, l King 2 l should have been payed for the win. You still tax poker players here unheard of. Bull s h I t. Pokerface.
I love the game but I would have given it a 5 star if you could add people that you meet on the table so you can play them again.but I don't like that you have to add them on Facebook just to be able to invite them to join you in a game
No volume control. It would be nice if players could turn it on instead of hurrying to turn it off. Good thing for free spins with a 10% rake - feels rather high. Still, fun and free. Cool to have video to play with friends.
Awesome playing with others. Love the intensity. Its nice seeing all the other players as well with the live experience, also great that there are no adds 😊 Awesome stuff guys!!
People beware this app is a fraud and scam. Its made to watch your every move on cam and no players to play with but will ask u to invite others on your FB to be watched and scammed also.
One has to have pretty much perfect signal for the app to work. Other wise you spend way too much time connecting. If you have 3 bars or less or if your wifi signal isnt strong, dont even waste your time trying to play.
Love the game and will give it 5 stars but was very disappointed when I went in a room with a 199 million no one was there came right out and only had 71 million. I spend a lot of money on chips and fire that to happen, it really hurt me!
Have to allow this app access to your camera and mic to use, plus login with Facebook or phone. No way, deleting this
Ask a question you get the same automated answer here. I've read thru reviews nothing ever gets changed Rigged game for people that spend money.
Every time I go into the app it won't let me play I can see everybody else's cards and what's on the board but it won't let me get into the game can you please help
Keep it clean and do like wahooo! A daily joke or go fish guessing table talk. Cool to "talk" - it - out to find the table'? just pay attention. THE BEST way to practice LIVE POKER on a(n) app. Wouldnt say but if prefered please do not treat it like a dating app. Please.
All of these poker games struggle to simulate the randomness of a shuffled deck of cards. But, If you like bad beat after bad beat in an attempt to drain your coins so you'll buy more then you'll love this game. If you have 4 aces the other guy will get a royal flush. The opposite of random.
Anyone who's good at math can see that winnings are never as much as you win but lost are always as much as you staked. My partner and I played this on one table as friends to share cash around (as I like to stake hard sometimes )😁 and we realized that amount between us got smaller by 90 million between us even there was no more players just me and they.
The app needs a little bit of work the buttons to full check or call or raise disappear regularly to where I don't have an option to play the hand other than that it's a pretty fun game
Awesome, get to see my friends while I play poker with them online, brings back old memories, you guys should add blinds on these games as well just a thought. And an add button.
I love the app for the most part. Ita fun to actually interact with others. The problems i have are that it says you can get a million when you share it to a friend on Facebook. Its a total lie. Also they charge way too much for chips. Other than tgat this is a great app.
Need "real" chip deals. Chips should be, "Buy one, get one free." If you're losing, it could get expensive. .
The future is here and I'm part of something AMAZING! This app is by far the best online Poker game EVER!!! Poker Night with friends is now easily done anywhere with video included. The best part is that your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend won't get mad at you for leaving with your friends to play Poker anymore. It would be cool if I could add people I meet to my friends list.
its better then other poke games. its like been there for real..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ggggggggggoooo[oooooooooooodddddddddddde aaaaassssssss hhhhhhheeeellllllllllll ddddddduuuuuuuddddddddeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssess111111111111111111111166666666999999999999966666669999
I love the concept, however there needs to be a button we can use to friend request without having to have them on Facebook. I've met nice folks across the states and had to go through to much just to be able to connect . I also want tournaments as well as maybe watch ads for some money if you run out but don't have real money to spend. Once those arrive I'll give it five stars easy.
An obvious difference when playing online is not being able to see your opponents β€” or for them to be able to see you β€” which means, of course, the role of "physical tells" gets omitted from the online game. This also obviously affects table talk, which can be important in live games but becomes a non-factor when playing online (aside from chatbox "talk"). With Pokerface you can profile your player just like at the tables and spot the tall tales and reap the benefits still 5 stars 2021
games so much fun until u run outta cash .. screwed can't even play unless pay...(edit or guess can come back every 4 hours for free spin rack up cash that way)
Best poker you gone play I been waiting yrs for something like this .. trust me cause i never even write reviews, this is actually my first time ever doing it .. That's how good this app is .. you will not be disappointed ... if anybody who played this game give this app less then five star , they some bs...
Overall good app, just needs a few updates like the ability to fold and show your cards, or show cards when you bluff successfully. Also a button to see the rabbit card after making a tough fold to see what would have came.
HD Poker is better than this. You get chips on the hour. Should have never downloaded this game just to have to wait 4 hours for chips. To All women, beware of friending requests from men, they are showing their jewels. Wish this App had a Report button. This App really isn't exciting for the amount of little time it gives you to play. If you are looking for a great poker game, look up NLOP, you"ll be glad you did.
This game is awesome...you get a chance to not only take someone's money, but you actually get to see and speak to the people at your table. I love this app.
Well it is good game but unrealistic % of how cards are supose to be the algorythem is way off needs to be que for joining friends and when disconect it instanly folds your hands instead of waiting a min also lots of disconect and lag on peoples screen plus allot of people muted and not showing face but it is good game fun to meet people and play cards ive never seen such bad algorthm and be nice to create public from private table to either kick people out for no cam or mute or invite friends.
you would get more people playing this game if u up the amount on the wheel.. biggest pot is a million so how can anyone enjoy playing with the amount you give every hr on a spin.. most the time when I spin i get 250k or less. if u was to offer 5m-20m on spin ppl would hit the big tables and most likely lose it the want to buy from u cause they would want to hit big .. you get more ppl playing on small tables cause that's what you offer the most.. I know this cause I'm more into big blind..
Game is really cool gives an opportunity two play with your friend and get to see them. I like also every 4 hours you can spin the wheel and get more chips
I sent an email about how they took chips away from me that I won from sloto. Since then I haven't won many hands. I've never had this issue until I complained. Now I know the game is controlled and an app out there so people can cheat. Very disappointed and will not be playing this game much.
Love this game BUT i cannot log in no more i have emailed the support team 3 times and no1 has got back 2 me 4 days ago now im really missing this game please reset my account
Don't waste your time and save your money. I wanted 15$ trying get coin for genies and gems and it was a waste of fine and money. You have to get to level 45 which is f@#$_-+() stupid. Other apps are way better!
Amazing game to play with your friends and family while social distancing and it's also a great way to meet new friends also ever since they did the maintenance work on it there is alot of glitches saying people are on the table when they aren't even on that table or saying they are in the lobby when they aren't in the lobby something needs to be fixed also it kicks people off their table for no reason and says full table when it's not even full but other than that it's an amazing game
Awesome way to chill out and play up against other people enjoying live video chat good way to meet other people as well keep up with the work poker face..
Good game. Unable to turn camera off for more than 15 seconds. Also hate that all in button is directly under bet/raise button. Game develops do not listen to customer feedback. Ability to turn camera on and off is important and all the do is provide excuses while allowing some people to bypass system with stickers. But not all players have the option.
Brilliant game has entertained me the last 5/6 months got that much excitement through it met a great lot of people spent a canny few pounds buying chips kept me glued to the game have gone through a few phones the problems started when I was was getting my way up the tables and building a massive fortune of poker chips Ive losts hundreds of millions because game says connected and folds me please sort this Comunix Ltd
This game is fun and enjoyable but the free chips that this game give is very small to play the game..you need to use your ability to win the game.
Very good. I like this play but if you dont buy the game makes you lose all your chips to get you to buy very high price low chip packages
App automatically checks players who don't act, if you're called to act and don't it's an automatic fold by the rules. Supposed to be random dealing and it's definitely not, they favor players who buy their chips with winning hands.
Good app, could be better if i have fast connection and phone. you'll see there face just like in the real table
what a game seriously cool if u love poker however could do with a mute button for people playing music,loud TV ect but best poker game out there to date always,end up playing same people so great for meeting people TOTALLY WICKED WELL DONE CREATORS also should have a add friend option instead of having to add to Facebook 5*** after these are added ,,,,,,,100% need to add a mute button possible a kick button for the host of table
This is the best poker app. I've come across, you get to interact with the players like in a real game. One to ten, I give it a 10 easily and recommend it to anyone looking to play.!!!!!
Besides not calling hands right and thin it seems every good hand my phone happens to freeze up just the one game? It seems to have a few bugs I'd wait a little longer before you pay for chips
I sent an email a week ago requesting to get my chips back since the system had a glitch and they haven't responded to my second email. I lost over 150 million chips due to the system freezing, i had full houses and 4 of a kind. I hope they respond and give me my chips back so i can give them a better rating because the app is fun.
My Wife threatened to put my out the house if I don't stop my affair with Poker Face - Texas Holdem‏ Poker with Friends!!! This game allows you to get an legit feel for how the game of poker is played, from the facial giveaways to the table small talk.
After playing for a couple of days I can't see my friends that are online I've emailed them but they don't come back to me it's frustrating and I'm not willing to lose my chips when I uninstall the app and reinstall it. It's updated to the latest version and the problem is not resolved.
What a joke just another joker stars app bet all your chips it doesn't matter you're either scheduled to win or not it doesn't matter what your cards are.
this game is amazing to play Texas hold'em with live people not robots. you can also play with your friends. this is the best Texas hold'em game out. 😁 you should definitely download this game
why we can't send people friend requests and at least a camara option where we can zoom out because the cameras view is a little too close to the face.
They should call it "Poker Ceiling Fan" because you see more ceiling fans than faces. That said, I have met some pretty cool people that I would like to have a beer or smoke a joint with right here on this app. Once you sift through the duds, you will find some good people and that makes this game, in my opinion. There are dicks too though, both literally and figuratively. Seriously, I went to a 25/50k table and saw this dude rubbing one out right there, on camera, at the table.... Not cool!
Fix the damn app! Constantly has comnection problems doesnt matter if you use data or wifi doesnt matter cell service or internet provider either app constantly freezes and fold you out of good winning hands. Dont spend a dime for your chips youll just lose them due to connectivity issues. Started playing this with 5 friends as a way to stay connected im the last left of the group to give it a chance. Will be deleting it due to the b.s.
Love to be able to play online with friends that is amazing you can talk have fun and don't have to go nowhere especially with this pandemic going on only thing I don't like need to give you more money to play stop selling tips you can't win the chips back with real money but they want to charge give free chips and lots more free chips they don't give enough free chips and a mini small the tables the buy-in for all the tables are too high other than that it's great I wouldn't play no other poker
This has to be the worst poker app ever uploaded to google play. I mean it forces you yo have camera on all the time so you end up looking at peoples walls during play and it eats your battery alive overheating phone probably killing it after longer session. I mean whats the point seriously? At least give option to switch it off not forcing it
Worse game ever....so few tables....they need bots or something....game is so boring and they want you to pay massive money to pay.....dream on.....give this game a miss
Editing my previous "Rating" Uninstalled then reinstalled after a few days. Got to log in. Admins must've reinstalled too cause everything is runnin great. Fun games, fun people(well a few). Game should have a "Warning" though, to tell people to turn volume down. To much screeching & feedback. Good thing for the game's mute button. 🀘
Garbage. Can't turn off the face. Constant disconnect with full bars... Running into problems with button placement, accidental "all in" calls... No good.
I played this game only to gain currency in another game. If you play this game for that reason you will NOT be rewarded. You will invest alot of time for absolutely nothing. Don't play this POS of a game.
This game is the worst most deceitful creation of a game ever known to man it so obviously rigged against you no one can't win a hand even when you have the winning hand you lose its the only poker game I've ever played where in the same hand one player will. Have 3 of a kind the next one will have a flush the next one will have a Full House and the winner will have 4 of a kind or a straight flush not once in a million years would that ever happen in real life stop ripping people off
Horrible game crashes and in middle of hands the game freezes no matter your data or wifi strength and somehow it skips the jand an you lose your money obviously someone found away to cheat had almost 13million and lost it all due to this issue
Meet new people. Play with friends. Video chat as well. Wish there was a way to collect more free chips and send friends chips.
Love it!!!! Would it give it 5 but until we can start adding ppl as friends that would be great. Met lots of cool ppl and would be nice to continue playing whenever they online and we can request each other
Dont play. Game is a rip off.. They reply like they will help but they don't ever help you because the game lags you cant play,, end up losing chips.. game needs alot of work They don't care. They even replied to my post here! Never heard anything, I'm deleting and never spending money again.. plus developers will not help... poor customer service and everything via message.., but I have high speed internet and connection problems caused me to forfeit so many hands and lose my chips if not right
Sign up with Facebook and wants to use my number no I did not pick log in by number I selected Facebook log in method zero stats as it is a violation of privacy
so far best game. it can be way better like a 9 player table, custom buy ins, lower table stakes to practice, and most importantly a feature to add people in game not based off your contacts alone. ive seen many awesome people here and sucks that ive only played with them once and possibly never again.
Solid free poker app, no ads, and way more fair than previous apps I have used. You can see your opponents, so it's hard to say anyone is a "bot" at these tables. I would like to see tournament options though, and reconfigure the "Call-Fold-Raise" buttons so they are slightly more difficult to mistakenly press. Small complaints for an overall fantastic live poker experience from my home room!
Love it but it cheats didnt fold and it said i did would of won some people have too much money they bet really big when i dont have that kind of money ....i spend too much money from my atm bank way to much l got to stop and only do the free spins lol
At the very beginning of the game, when you are given a choice of having the game send you an SMS or " Proceed without bonus " ...the number overlay is right on top of the " Proceed without bonus " placard, thereby robbing us of choosing that option.
There should be cash tables and tournaments😍😍still no tournaments i see people that have had 20 40 billion dollars down to nothing there's no playing safe with the way the computer is generating hands its set up for you to fail you might win in the beginning but you will loose that slot machine does not replace tournaments tables sit and goes are good but not enough........,,,,,,,,,,
It's a great idea, and very fun. If only it was easier on the battery, and didnt heat my phone to the core of the Sun.
It's a really awesome game but it could use some updates, like letting you add friends from hands that you've played. But other than that it's a great game. Oh and 1 other thing. Why do you charge so much for so little chips???
I love the game but it will be a lot better if we will be able to pay for real money though. You have it were you can go and buy coins and waste your money on the game but you can't win real money at all and that is just dumb.
I love how I can earn current points everyday and mistplay units with this app.I love winning chips with spin to win wheel but don't play poker table because I think poker is hard not app developers fault.I love and use this app daily.
Awesome app. Couple suggestions though; the ability to add/follow players you meet as friends, and add Omaha.
It's a very fun game cause you are able to play your friends,see and even get to talk to them. Very nice game.
Need more free chip options when out, please add OMAHA, and a 9 player table would be nice... Other than that it's a pretty cool concert...
It's an ok game. However would be nice if the lucky wheel was actually lucky. Every spin it passes up big amount to give you a low one. Had to spin that for 3 days just to play a quick 3 hands then out. That's BS.
Freakin awesome to see people live and play Poker with people around the world. I think they should make a option to add people that you meet as friends and to notify you when they are at a table. Other than that really fun,who doesn't like to play poker? this will change your mind
You like this game although some of the interactions of people are inappropriate people are who they are but is there any way you can add on a gift for giving chips to somebody cuz there are a lot of times that I wish I could just give somebody some chips just so they can keep playing with me I think that would probably be one of your best functions that will be utilized I know I would use it to gift coins to somebody
Good game but many donwnsides to it for example free spins are to low and money is to hard to earn and your company wants loads of real money very poor connection and some common bugs with same card and suit
This app is horribly executed!!! Unless you have the best network connection or the fastest wifi, literally at all times, you will get booted out after 2 hands. The 2 hands played usually get folded. They need to add an option to turn video off and only slow audio. Otherwise, the game lags, twitches and doesn't acknowledge when you select an action.
Hands Down the second best Poker game. To be honest it could be better then WSOP. Only thing is the "free wheel spin" is too long but other than that its nothing wrong with this app. I highly recommend you download this if you love Poker.
The support team for this game I'm nothing but bullies and have been nothing but aggressive and patronising towards me. They have no care to what people have to say and even though the Western side of the world will report you once they lose their chips to you on the table, they will not care. I have previously reported someone for showing child pornography on the cameras and nothing has been done and they choose to ignore it. DO NOT GIVE THIS GAME A 5 STAR RATING!
Hi, is there a problem with the App (again)? There doesn't seem to be any cards being dealt to the players 😣 Hopefully, we'll all get another $1M of complimentary play chips like the last time!!! Thanks!!! 😊
Great poker game it's great because you can have laugh while playing it's unlike any other poker game I've played
waited about 15 mins on the table until they want to send out a maintenance break after the fact. other than that the app is great! met alot of people from Australia, England, New Zealand, and all over the US. Always hoped an app like this would come out. Every once and awhile you get a d**khead. it's ok report them! even when us women are playing, don't let them harass you. report them right away. Enjoy!