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Poker 5 Card Draw - 5CD

Poker 5 Card Draw - 5CD for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by MegaJogos located at Av Rio Branco, 404 Florianópolis - SC 88015-200 Brasil. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everything's in another language..... dont matter if you change to english it stays another language....
What a Terrible poker game.. . Ive never played poker where every single round someones got a flush or full house or 4 of a kind .. . It makes for very boring poker when you set the decks up to shuffle good hands to everyone
The plus side is that it is not the horrid Texas hold'em. The minus side is that there is no way to choose to use a full deck, and during play, much of the text is too small to read :(
The game is fine but it has a number of glitches: - Sometimes it seems to disconnect from the server and keeps you waiting for a little while. - Sometimes it disconnects entirely. Most often than not, you can return to the same game, but sometimes you cannot (the game is lost). - Sometimes the bots can call without actually putting any cash on the table. - Sometimes small amounts of cash just vanish from the table (happily, it is not real money). - The bots are dumb, namely when bluffing.
Worst game ever. Rigged to force you to buy coins. The real question is.... How can someone with level 100+ be able to play as a beginner? Don't waste you time with this. Even when you buy coins the games are rigged against you so you'll buy more. No chance...... Shove your poxy poker where the sun don't shine....... Should be 000 stars. I also contacted the developer to ask a few questions. You guessed...... NO Reply!!! Wondered why there were so many 1" reviews....
Practice with the bots what you really mean is get your ass handed to you when you're sitting with a straight from the door and the bot pulls a boat after taking 3 cards uninstalled
Fun game to pass time and practice to eventually play with real money... Highly recomend downloading and atleast try playing it
Lets just say that I love myself some poker👌 this game is great for beginners (you get to take the trainer vs bot corse) and helps keep you focused whenever your mind is bothered to much, and if u love poker, then i promise you, you are going to spend hours on it enjoying a brain workout.
The game doesnt shuffle the deck properly, you will never see any cards below a 7 and everyone at the table will have a handfull of face cards every single hand.
"Doesn't play with a full deck" is an insult, meaning the person is stupid. Literally, this game does not play with a full deck! Deck size depends on the # of people playing. Fewer the people equals fewer cards. This raises the odds of you getting better cards (along with everyone else). But personally, I HATE the feature! As # of people changes each hand, what combo is worth more also changes.One minute a flushb beats 4 of a kind, a minute later & 4 of a kind then beats the flush
I liked it at first but then it was bad. I was paying a good game but I wanted to rearrange my cards so i hada run and not a single pair but it wouldn't let me. I was originally ally going to have a run,and a pair but I lost to a single pair of 2's and it registered my cards as nothing
couldn't register for ages because i was told I already had an account. I didn't. eventually it let me register. then it kept randomly giving me pop up messages saying my password/username was incorrect despite me being logged in. several times it woudlnt let me play or cancelled games just as i was about to win because "there was no internet connection". there was. wouldn't let me join any games with real players because i wasn't logged in even though I was. had to uninstall.
Fun game, but I would get a great hand (full house, four of kind) and loose to another hand of the same kind only better. This would happen way to often and would never be like that in a normal game.
Doesn't work whatsoever. After finally being able to create a login, all the tables have issues and i cant even play. 0 stars. Needs to be fixed .
I was able to play two hands then it just kept saying verifying connection. my connection was just fine I was listening to YouTube while I was playing and that never went out once
Got little instruction at all. Got little cards. Got little pile of money. Got little time for this threshold... First two hands - player across from me had three 8s - both time. Third hand I finally figure out cast method and got FOUR ACES! Lucky Me... Last of me...
It's a great time, although I've only played offline so far. I assumed the bot was supposed to buy it's way back into the game after goes out with money that came out of nowhere. However, I did not assume the app was supposed to kick you out of your game while you're winning, twice in a row. Once, I closed my phone for a few minutes, and when I reopened it, it was reopening the app. Nearing the end of my repeat game, it just goes to the loading screen to start over. Now I've closed it to review.
Bots are to hard easy mode can start out with them raising to FRICKING 60 and they can keep betting into the hundreds mind you this is easy,also "easy" only gives you 30 online coins and hard is 50 its should be 100 at least if you run out of online money then you buy more which you can only buy a lot not a little and unless you're really good at poker good luck beating the harf mode on bot diffculty way too hard
Everytime i click to join a table its says issue with the table try again. i try every single table and have perfect wifi. you guys need to fix this or nobody is gonna like your gane cuz its so stupid like i cant even play online.
Im just trying to get it to start up, theres a blue screen a coin in the middle, but it never starts.
Run away as fast as you can from this app. Nothing works. Wont let you play. Wont pay rewards. Freezes up. Its so annoying. As soon as im done typing im uninstalling this worthless app. Beware. Run. Dont walk. Dont look back!
This starts out fine then about three to four hands in, it pops up a window saying verify network and then it kicks you out of wifi. So you have go and reconnect. So in other words it SUCKS.
When you play to beat the system it gets boring because you have to play conservatively. When you have 3 of a kind your opponent draws two or more cards and almost always gets a full house. Or you get a low three of a kind and your opponent gets a high three of a kind. Your opponent will almost always get luckier on the draw than is realistic. So in order to beat all the players it will take too long. Additionally, a flush beats a full house in this game. Don't ask me why? I don't know.
Never play this game. Too many bugs and crushes. I had 280coins but it showed -1 coin next time. This is not the only one incident, there are seriously too many problems
hard to get into main site even with registerd account. Would be nice if they had languages other than Portuguise
Problem is that you can't take out any unwanted card as it pretty sucked in the pack of drawn cards. As this game going to tell you at exact right time to work out to picked-up your cards prior till it fold it down only. Shame.
If the odds in real poker were as high in this game, everybody would be a world poker champion. It's statistically impossible to play 50 hands of poker and never see a card below 7. Let alone the same player getting 3 of a kind 4 hands in a row when I can't change a pair into anything after 6 attempts.. Fix the decks and the algorithms.
Started this game 2 years ago..seems that if you don't by coins your chances of winning become less..You'll notice that beginners always seem to do better..to get them hooked. No more..fun while it lasted.
Good game for learning practice. As a very beginner, I would like to see what the other hand wins with.
There is a glitch in 5 card draw. The computer pays off a "regular" flush (not Royal) over a Full House. As you know all Full House beats a regular flush but not all Royal. I have informed Megajogos 3 different times but they have yet to fix this poker injustice. I have lost & have seen many players loose with a Full House to a regular Flush. It is ridiculous !
I mean belive me when i say it i searched alot of the playstore and downloaded alot of poker games but they where just to complex so i kinda like this one like alot the only thing is i dont know if this is a bug or just game rules but when i go to play with beggeners if i won or had over 500 it only lets me use 500 in the beggeners but it says that i have more once i come back it might be diffrwnt for ternaments thx hope to see you guys like this stay safe from covid jesus loves u
One thing that bothers me is how the AIs always raise till they run out of money early. Plus there was a time when i should have won the pot but the money goes to a computer opponent. I also agree that requiring wifi for single player makes it not very playable.
Decent "Online Poker" APP/Game, really isn't anything special... but I CAN say that I don't really have any negative feedback for this APP... but YEEAHHH... *thumbs up* :D
5 stars, it did have a glitch at first, but it all straightened out. A lot of fun! Never lose real money!
So is it just extreme coincidence that during play on 3 straight hands my opponent makes a 1 card draw to make either his straight or a full house...probably not!🤨 Excellent point Jonathan..stupid me never noticed your point re lower cards👍
It's not very good. The great failure above all is the fact that you can't create private tables to play with friends. Also, when playing with AI, the bots start raising bets until they run out of money, even when they don't have any good games. You should try to improve on that, meanwhile I'll keep looking for other apps that allow me to play 5 card draw with friends
Fun game. I don't play online but the version on the phone is sufficient. Doesn't save when I stop before beating the droids but it's ok.