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Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by The Pokemon Company located at 東京都港区六本木6-10-1六本木ヒルズ森タワー. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
As an Avid Pokemon fan, I have to say that this game is Cool!! I loved Pokemon Rumble Blast back on the 3DS, so I am glad that this game came to the US when it was announced. My only complaint is that when you have a Pokemon of high CP, you should also be able to get Pokemon of that CP range (just sayin). Also, it would be nice if the Refinery was a little bigger & if the Guide Feathers were a little easier to spawn. Other than that, I absolutely love this game!!!
it was a lot of fun until I got a 4th ore piece and the game froze and no longer let me do anything. If you're interested, give it a couple months. Currently it is blatantly pay to win,1 ore refinery takes too long, the currency if you want to speed things up is too sparse, and it is prone to freezes. Clearly the developers couldn't be bothered to play test their own game.
Great game to pass the time. For everyone getting the refinery glitch (I know it affects everyone) a workaround I found is as follows: Click delete on the new ore. Clicking the delete button pulls up a menu and is the ONLY thing you can click that will not freeze your game. If you want to keep the ore, just press cancel and do not delete it. Everything works as long as you pull up the delete menu on the 4th ore. Hope that helps.
I enjoy the simplicity the Rumble series provides and was very happy to see it had become a mobile app. The gameplay is nice and simple so I don't have to pay it much mind while doing other things. However, two major complaints I have include the constant need for internet access which limits where I can play, and how the game heats up my phone more than any other game. My phone has had to shut down due to the heat reaching a dangerous level. If these issues were addressed, my review will change.
Got a 4th ore, which broke the game and has it stuck on the same screen, even after reloading the app. Can't continue playing. As an additional minor bug, it freezes after every 3rd mission or so which wipes the last mission's progress. Broken in a lot of ways.
I got a problem. When I have 3 ores, one ore is in refining process and I get the 4th ore. The game take me to Refinery screen with message "Please organize your ore." Guess what, anything is not working. I can't remove ore. I wait until refined ore is finish but I can't touch it to receive items. I can't close Refinery screen or goto Pokemon & Gears screen, the plus button of pink diamond is touchable but nothing happens. What should I do?
All is okay, except refinery, that maximum can only store 3 ores. Because of this, i had throw a lot of ores due to only 3 slots. This way how to even have more chance to get the Charizard/Blastoise Gear? The ores also took too long to finish, unlees spent ticket or gems, that being said, it uses a lot of gems and tickets to make the ores finish fast. Do improve on this, thanks.
When you exceeded the ore refinery, the game will stuck making it unplayable even if you close the game. All buttons will not be working so always delete excess ore or your game will be forever unplayable. All my progress are back to zero. I just wasted my time playing this game. Stupid bug.
My game freeze at the ore refinery right after I got a rare ore while having all of the sort being filled by an ore. It asks me to organize my ore, yet it just freeze right there and I can do absoulatly nothing about it. Not even re-install the game can solve the probelm, as once I transfer the data saved in the linked Nintendo account, it just goes back to the refinery menu and contiue frezeeing. I can just make a new account and restart the game, but that won't really solve the problem.
A nice, simple, dungeon crawler. Think a diablo-lite with pokemon as the loot, rather than gear. The only two issues with the game I have are... 1.You have to make a Nintendo account to keep your data backed up. (Not a deal breaker, but kind of annoying) 2.There is an issue that causes loading screens to lock up, requiring you to restart the game. Solid game, but a 4 out of 5 due to the loading screen issue.
Edit: After playing an hour, my Pokemon now automatically attacks. I will lower the score from 3 to 1 star. I want to play the game. Now the game plays itself. You can't disable it. Your Pokemon automatically moves towards your opponents, but you can swipe the screen to do dodges/move around. So I have a question: Why can't you give me the option to freely move around? Yes, you can move freely with the swipes, but your Pokemon will still immediately start going towards your opponents. Annoying.
very simple game. tap the screen to have the pokemon attack. The difficulty is super easy. pretty sure my 3 year old can play this game. I give it 2 stars because this game crashed on me twice in the first 20 mins. I expect more from Nintendo and the pokemon company. this game was obviously not quite ready. please wait till games are fully ready and tested before releasing them.
the graphics are cute and quirky and are overall charming. I'd give this game a solid 5 stars if it weren't for a few things. 1. while searching the map for a specific pokemon, other pokemon tend to be in the area suggested. (say I'm looking for a Scyther, use the hint mode to find one on the map. when I select that area, it ends up being a different pokemon. ) 2. it's easy to accidentally spend search feathers 3. ore refining lengths of time. 30 mins is fine but 10hrs... not so much
Most of it is great, but the ore system. Waiting 11 hours for 1 ore is insane. We should be able to atleast be able to stack the ores but we can only have 3 at a time while having only one refining. Couldn't you be devolpers at least made it so they stacked or could refine more than one at a time. I am not going to cash shop at such an obvious cash grab. It also kills the fun.
I love the fact that a new Pokemon Rumble is out. Slightly sad that it's not on a console, but happy none the less. I'm guessing we'll be able to revisit previous islands if we didn't get all the Pokemon? Just kinda peeved that I couldn't finish my collection gather before moving onward. EDIT: The game had a stall/freeze moment when you have 4 orbs and can't open a chest. Had to back you of the app multiple times just to trash my newest orb.
Gameplay wise it's what you expect from a Rumble game. Graphics are bad even for a Rumble game. Timers on refineries are way too long and no permanent way to fix that. Also glitches preventing me from playing now. Too many ore, game freezes on ore sorting screen. Maybe if this all gets fixed I'll raise my score because there is very good potential.
When getting a new ore after all 3 default ore slots have been filled, user cannot trash the new found ore. I had to restart the game over and over until the Trash button allows me to delete the ore Magnemite is holding. There had also been a few times that the GUI isn't loading when on cellular data.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
well after about an hour of play my app is completely locked up. frozen on the oar screen and nonresponsive to anything. I cant get out of the screen and even after uninstalling and reinstalling and restoring my game(thank you for the option to link to Nintendo) it's just un-playable. sucks. hope theres a fix soon.
1.I really love this game,it easy to understand how to play and the graphics are really cute. 2.the option to save battery for me is a bonus point for you as it awesome. 3. the only problem I have and I do not know if I the only one with this. is that when i get a new ore from an adventure and got to decide if I want to keep it or not. well it freeze the game and I have to close the app and open it up again, but when I try to touch the ore, it freeze again. please fix it.
I've been waiting for this game to come out for a little while, and met me tell you, the wait was SO worth it. The graphics are an older, sort of polygonal look, but look really crisp and clean at the same time. If you're looking for a Pokemon game that goes straight for the action in a Beatemup-type way, and skips the Story/NCP elements , this is the one for you. PRR is an absolute blast to play, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this game! :)
I like the idea of the game, but at a lot of points such as the refining screen, the buttons just freeze. Whenever you click on a pokemon in the map you get a totally different place. In the shop why only give a refining space for just 3 days??? It's a good idea for a game, but it should be better executed.
ADD. SHINY. POKEMON. The game is good. it has its bugs but it literally just came out. What the makers of this game don't realize is that the original Rumble game isn't still played for it's amazing content. It is still played for SHINY POKEMON. Yes, it might add a bit more work but it gives people something extra to do and with a game with micro transactions that means MORE MONEY FOR THE DEVS. There is no logic in not including them and if it did it would easily get 5 stars.
This game is super awesome! I love the Pokémon Rumble Series and this one fits perfectly! The only problem is that when you get 4 orbs, you can't play anymore and have to wait for an orb to finish refining. I don't want to throw away the orbs I got so I can only play like one or two levels, then I have to wait again when I got 3 slots filled in. Can you update the game so you can hold more orbs or make a storage box for orbs so we can play when we want too?
As a longtime player of the Pokémon Rumble games, I don't understand why people are so upset about how this game functions, how it looks, and how it has problems. First of all, the game literally just came out in America, it's not going to be perfect. The Refinery issue people have been having? Fixed. Not booting up now? That's all you, boots up just fine. The Rumble games have never been complicated, always have and will be simple. People just find it easier to complain than to accept.
I love the rumble series I think it's a good addition but right now I am stuck in a refinery endless loop, I picked up 4 ores and the game doesn't know what to do, I can touch anything. I tried waiting for one of my ores I was already refining to get done but still the same scenario. I hope this gets fixed soon because now I can't play it all. I tried force closing the app and restarting but it goes immediately to the refinery.
Rather selfish but there was no compensation made for the ore refining bug, especially with how badly it affected the game as a whole. Boss pokemon are more often than not, weaker than anything else you find in the cave. i'd sacrifice catch rate for guaranteed strength. When taking on a wall boss pokemon, stop asking me if i'm sure I want to continue, I know what i'm doing and haven't lost a single wall battle.
The game has many critical bugs that prevents you from playing the game (E.g. Crashing if you get more than 3 ores), there are also many minor bugs where the screen flashes before sending you into the adventure. Do not spend any money into this game at least until the game is fixed, I bought the beginners package that gives me an additional ore slot, but it was not received.
Baaaaad game design. There's no sense of "achievement" at all: past certain level, all you do is grind, grind, and grind for days until you get lucky catching Pokémon with specific trait. I know it's the case with most freemium games, but this one? All you do is tapping your screen for eternity. The graphic isn't even pleasing to look at, seems like they stripped all assets from the Wii game and call it a day.
The majority of bad reviews are from people that have never played a Pokemon Rumble game from the Wii or 3DS. Let's just say that this game doesn't really do those games justice, but it is mobile friendly and you can essentially afk through the stages because of auto-pilot. The ore system is not in any way necessary to progress. They only reward you "gears" that you can use to give your current Pokemon a small CP boost. The game is quite enjoyable if you're a fan of the previous Rumble games.
Fun so far, but today the game keeps saying "updated data available, please restart the app" (or something along those lines) and the game closes itself down, relaunches, and says the same message, and restarts, etc... It's stuck in a loop, and I can't actually play the game anymore. I've tried deleting cache, but I'm not willing to reinstall the game in case I lose my progress.
I think this game is great. It doesn't have the main issue I had with Rumble World, which was that i could only do 4 plays a day. Yes, teh pre refinery is a little painstaking, but the wait times for those basically directly line up with wait times for chests in Clash Royale. Great gameplay, maybe a little too simplistic, but fun. I played for about 3.5 hrs nonstop when I downloaded it. Only issue, is that every once in a while, my screen will spaz out, and I get weird vertical lines on my screen
The gameplay is ok, but it gets boring real fast. The ores take way too long to refine. The map is broken, unrelieable and quite easily the worst feature of this game. You can't raise the CP of your pokemon, change their moves or anything like that, it's just boring brainless farming until you get what you want. Way too easy, for way too few rewards. All in all, not that unless you consider watching paint dry entertaining. Even 2 stars is too generous.
Great experience, it brings the same joy and fun that you get from one of the Rumble games you need to pay for. Only complaint is the refinery. Extra refinery slots only last 3 days, and while yes you get a lot of gems along side that refinery slot 3 days seems very short, especially since rare ores can take up to 10 hours or 300 gems to finish. It would be better to have them last 1-2 weeks or even give us a chance to open it up permanently. But still fun experience.
Wonderful game, very true to the DS Rumble series which I loved. I think this is a great direction for that game series to go in, providing micro transactions do not become necessary for regular daily play. I know this is a new app so I'm not expecting perfection right away, but I have a small request. If it would be possible, please make it so Pokemon Rumble does not force pause music apps running in the background. It's a small thing but in the 1 day I've played so far it's been inconvenient.
there is a big where if your ore mining slots are full and you find a fourth, the app is prone to stalling/freezing/lagging. please fix...I cannot play the game for all its value to see how good it actually is. there is also no data link to Google or fb or anything else. I'm not sure if that was intentional due to all the publicity heat they've been getting, but I lost data on progress already while trying to clear cache and reset the game freezing problem. this game ruined pokemon for me :(
Why in the hell are there only 6 power gear types if pokemon can have all sorts of move types? Drop rates to catch 3 star+ pokemon to progress are already low enough, then when you get one you can't even reach the CP needed to go to the boss because the move isn't a power-up-able type. Makes zero damm sense. Pointless to grind for hours for a pokemon I'm just gonna throw away come very next boss because it's instantly obsolete in cp range. Absolutely stupid.
It seems I used too many words the first try so here we go again: Negatives: The ore system is made grindy to make people use money, the ore thing is buggy and causes freezing, game told me to update yet there was no update so I uninstalled and the game reset. Positives: Game looks just like old Rumble games, oddly satisfying combat tho easy, like the rng map mechanics after tutorial, the ore system albeit grindy I didn't end up needing after tutorial.
I'm saddened that pokemon rumble blast is being turned into this sorry excuse of a game. And I thought the 3ds one is bad, you guys managed to make it even worse. This can be passed as an idle game except idle games don't need 1/10 of the money needed to be spent here and gives you a better gratification for your spending. If you're looking for anything remotely like other pokemon games. Look elsewhere.
Update: Hooray, refinery bug fixed! However sometimes it freezes during loading. That can be fixed through reloading the game. I wish there was a way to buy gold with the diamonds though. Grinding through for gold gets old quick.
I'm only in the beginning of the game, (1st non tutorial island), and I'm dissapointed by the lack of Pokémon asides from the 1st region. you guys have so many different Pokemon to choose from, and many times you always start with Gen 1. I get it, nostalgic, it's most memorable, but at least do Gen 2 and some of Gen 3 in the start.