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Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DeNA Co., Ltd. located at 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-21-1 渋谷ヒカリエ. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Horrible experience!! After playing for a week and grinding all my pokemon to their max level and completing story quests my game randomly reset itself. My Nintendo account is linked as well but there's no data to restore from. I contacted ingame support a week ago and still no response! All that money I spent down the drain!! If I could give 0 stars I would! I'll change this rating IF I can actually get a response to my inquiry! It's really sad, I'm a big fan but not so much anymore!!
Super fun, but the newest game mechanics and items make it very confusing to learn, even for someone who has been playing for a while. It needs to be simplified a little bit more again. I've had a great time playing it, but sadly I'm forced to uninstall it because it takes up FAR too much memory in my phone. It's a gorgeous game, but this file size makes my phone useless. I wish they'd allow a way for those of us with limited storage to play, like maybe a "lite" version without battle animations
Fun game that has been gradually ruined by the forced introduction of stamina to purposely limit time playing the game. Also the limiting of items to upgrade units is an obvious effort to strong arm players into putting real money into the random gatcha system with no guarentees of getting a desired sync pair. Despite the obvious attention to detail with its characters and music, the greedy nature of trying to turn this game into a cash cow and feed off whales is obvious. Shame.
Game had technical problems since day 1. The game just isn't very good either. They're also pretty scummy with the micros. They have what is called paid and free of the same currency so while they might promote giving away $50 in micros what they actually mean is they're giving you something similar that can't be used on any of the items in the store and what they give away has no value. They're being intentionally deceptive about it to take advantage of kids.
I do feel that the concept of the game is A+. This certainly is one of the best pokemon games out there concept wise. HOWEVER, the execution is just not good enough. There are no levels, so as player, i just dont get a sense of progress at all. The stories are very very limited and TOO easy. Stamina system is just not good. After reaching a certain point, there is just no feeling where to go next. Also, there are no players in co-op battles mode. Dev team has to look into these things.
Love this so much. For someone who doesn't have the right game consoles for playing Pokemon games, this has changed everything. Would definitely recommend this to others. Edit on 24th September: The main problem I have now is the fact that I only get the same trainers when scouting. Not even the rare occasion of a 5 star, it's only 3 stars endlessly. I wish that we could choose who we would want to keep on getting when scouting because I feel like I'm wasting gems.
Honestly it's a good game, but there needs to be less greed. More free gem opportunities. Maybe a training area for it and maybe the option to watch an ad for more gems. But the prices for buying gems is outrageous and it's bull that the egg research costs paid gems. On top of that, the pokefairs and spotlight scouts don't even have a decent chance for their featured sync pair. And it costs about $30 just for one ×11 scout. Please, please fix all of this.
I think that this us a really good game because the drops are goos and he mechanics are easy to understand but you must strategize non the less. I aslo like the addition of new partners by eggs and i think that it would be a good idea to add a zorua that you can get from eggs because that us a pokemon that no sync pair has yet.
This game used to be in its own league. I used to rush through my gachas in the morning just so I could play this all day. Now with the new stamina system it's changed the whole feel of the game. Now it's not only just another one of my gachas but it also happens to be the one I spend the least amount of time on...
How heroes fall... Game heading a dastardly direction the same way Pokémon Duel did until its unseemly demise. Sad to see. Didn't even have nearly as long of a golden age as Pokémon Go did before its decline, yet only 1 year in here we are. If no improvements are made soon, I'm not sure the community's patience will be able to withstand what's to come. Truly sucking the joy out of a game with unspeakable potential. Please talk to us soon, :Dena.
I would give it five stars if there was an easier way to get gems. Once you get to a certain point you have a heck of a time getting gems to do the draws for events, especially if you've already beat the main story mode but don't have high enough leveled characters to beat any of the training levels. Maybe give a few more ways to get gems, otherwise it kills a lot of the fun.
I try this game a couple of months ago and I absolutely loved it. I loved the events and characters they had for the anniversary however they were serval problems. The lack of story: There is but so much for us to work with. Sure there are many events but it would be nice to have more story to work with. Plus the story isn't really challenging. Stamina: This is probably the worst thing they could do. With the Stamina feature we can only play but for so much which ruins the purpose of battling.
Wonderful way of expanding the lore of the main series games. Love these characters! Playing with Iconic Characters throughout the decades and having them team up and interact is amazing. Them game gives you a lot of free Gems, from both events and earned in game story. However, you should save up those gems for events, you can play this game in its entirety for free. In-game purchase do exist and they are very expensive, most people won't buy anything cus you can get more for free.
Changing my review from 2 star to 4 star. This game has been enjoyable to play for the past 2 months. There have been a lot of events and accumulating gems has been pretty fast with all the events and game bonuses. The stamina refill, though still limited, is no longer frustrating since you can play battlevilla, legendary and champion battles without stamina, plus points for the opportunity to level up the pokemons when you win. I am quite happy with the game developments so far.
It's a fine game, it plays well. My biggest issue is that it takes away almost all of the depth that Pokemon battle mechanics are known for. Instead of saying "you're going against these Pokemon" it just says "we recommend these types" and the Pokemon have literally one weakness. For example, if I use an electric move against a water type, it should be super effective, every single time, full stop. It shouldn't do normal damage just because it says on screen the weakness is grass.
Nice graphics, great main story, but there did a problem. Can you actually express the characters feelings and movement, because I haven't seen any sync pair do anything different they just move the same, and can you make the main story much more quick I really psyched! , also can you pls add a legendary sync pair that teams up with Arceus soon. If you can that would be great 🙂 I really like the game and the main story I look forward to the game and it's updates 😊.
Gameplay is halfway decent. Optimization is horrible. The trickle of premium currency is incredibly weak. The quantity of random junk you need to save up for progress is stupidly large. And if you're dumb enough to spend real money on thos game, you get almost no value for it unless you're dropping hundreds of dollars at a time. This game only survives by virtue of being a Pokemon game. Unsatisfying to play.
At first I found the game to be enjoyable and I was challenged but it was not pay to win. Eventually, it got really hard and that's where people say pay to win. You just grind for the manuals and give them to your people using skip tickets. Dena however, have decided to release an unfinished game. It's been a year and a half and you still can't win the championship. It's annoying because all the updates are for things nobody asked for. Good game, but the devs are ruining it with no updates.
Been playing since day one and the work the devs have put into the game was amazing first year. But now with the first year not meeting stockholder expectations they have paid no attention to old/current content. All new content is just single player power rising, little to no co-op compared to first year, choking gems/stamina and resources from new players. Effectively tore down in 2 months which must have taken 2 years to build to entice players to spend more money for advantage/fun.
I love this game, it has tons of character from the whole pokemon universe you'd definitely get a whole lot more out of this game if you've played the main series. That being said the gatcha is a bit grind if you play for free but isnt that basically all gatcha games? My only gripe is paid gems exist for the sole purpose of making you pay for better chances a little greedy, The battle system has a decent amount of depth if you want to get into it. Besides that i've been loving this game!
The Flip Flop is real with this game. I heard it was awful when it first began, and I joined in around the midpoint where it was really good. And now it's going back downhill. The recently added and highly disliked stamina feature + the lack of content means you only play 5 minutes a day before you're done. They add new expensive additions while leaving old ones incomplete. The co-op is dead. Rewards trickle in now. They only JUST added incentive for multipulling. They've lost their way.
Nice fun game. Great that it isnt grindy anymore with those skip tickets etc. Also play at your own pace. We all have different lucks in these gacha games anyway. Mostly in for the stories events.
When I downloaded it it kept saying to check my internet connection even though I'm connected to the internet and its a strong connection as well.
I've played the game since launch a year ago. I understand this game has the "gacha" mechanics, it used to be more leaning to a Free-To-Play game. As time has progressed however, this game has taken away things players have loved that were Free to Play and replaced them with Pay to Play. After reading the notes about the Battle Villa update coming soon, I ponder if I want to continue playing as the Battle Villa was a free source of gems.
Fix one problem and create two... There's no point in reducing the time it takes stamina to refill if you increase the stamina needed to play an event... And we are still waiting for that "Select Multiple" feature...
I joined at the half-anniversary in March and loved this game. So much to do, rewards were good, and even though it was grindy, you could play as much as you want. Since late July when stamina was introduced the game has gone downhill. There's a drought of content and you only play for 5 minutes a day unless a new event drops once every 2 weeks which you can finish in half an hour. Rewards have gotten worse. You need 20 or 30 of them to exchange for something usable.
Beautiful game. But like. What the hell am I supposed to use the gems I've earned for if you're not allowed to buy things with gems that you haven't bought with real money??? That's absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous. So it's basically just another cash grab game 🥱🤦🏼‍♀️
Way to make stamina worse. Really fixed the problem just make it slightly faster but now everything cost more stamina. Really good job nothing but praise you guys are so amazing
Really good game but even in Low Graphics on my huawei p20 light its keep dropping frames/running slow in menus and its worse when im in battles would spend money on the game if it ran better. I play other games and have zero problems.
It's a good game, but the reason I rated it 4 stars is because type advantages are all over the place. A fighting type move can OHKO a flying type. Ground type moves affect flying types. Plus the move system is really weird. All the good moves require a lot of patience, which is fair, but the move bar moves really slow. Plus the move doesn't reset after a sync move, often leaving you defenseless. Revives would also be helpful.
It's become literally unplayable, because there's no stamina to play with. They give us enough stamina which takes all of 60 seconds to use, and after that there's nothing. An average battle costs 20 stamina to go into. Events, story mode, and training all use the same stamina, so when there's several events you're forced to pick one out of the other. You receive one stamina every 6 minutes, so you have one battle every 2 hours. Playing the game for 5 minutes every 2 hours is not fun. At all.
The tutorial process is horrendous. You have to download and restart multiple times. And you are given very little control, almost to the degree of a visual novel. The only reason I've given it two stars is the art is amazing and its combat system is interestingly innovative. All together though it's way too much way too fast with little to no control.
Honestly a really fun game, I played since the day if launch and then took a break when I got to the current end of the story, but when I came back, I came back to the mess they call stamina, not only is it like the worst system out of any game I've played that used a similar system, but its just stupid why add it when the game was already near perfect, all the needed to do was finish the story, fix bugs, add more items and sync pairs, and maybe some new features, not a stamina system
I really like playing this game but the shop is confusing. I think I'm trading stuff in for aide aid or great aid but instead I'm using it up and I don't even know what I've used it on! Please fix this. It's frustrating to gain some things and then not know where they've gone or if im doing it correctly
While I had given the game 5 stars a few months ago, between the addition of the Stamina system, the new lesser rewards (1\20th of a powerup coins, 1\30 5* tickets) and a lack of response from the developers means this game is quickly being killed. While it could be improved, DeNA seems fixated on micro rewards and massively reduced playtime. Too bad, as the graphics are sharp, the levels are entertaining, the characters are wonderful, and the audio is incredible!
Was good at the beginning but not anymore you have to grind up the pokemon up so much can you please make it faster or easier to level up your pokemon please and we need nore story mode added thanks
It is such a fun game, but it is getting worse because of DeNa. The stamina system, the events, and the way they treat old players is just absolutely awful. I've been playing since almost day 1 of launch and I have never seen DeNa do anything special for old players. They seem to love to throw us to the side and only care about the new players who have just started. They would do reruns of old events and not give any rewards to players who have beaten it the first time around. It just sucks now.
Cant open app, it says internet problem, but my internet is working well,i really hope it would work for ke,but for now 1 star only sorry
This game was really really good at first, i played day one release, very fun although not much content. i played this game through and beat it relatively fast cause i love the pokemon grind of leveling. And i picked it back up again there was a lot of new content and i beat it once again on hard mode too. I've once again came back to find out it now had a stamina meter i don't recall being there. It was so fun to grind but now it doesn't stack up to a normal pokemon game. Stamina meter buz kill
This game plays nice and is nice to look at... But really... 3000 paid gems for a guaranteed 5 star... You have to pay for 3000 gems to be able to buy that... That just proves the game isn't F2P friendly and will always prioritise Pay to Win users... And now after the most recent update It lets me play it for like 15 minutes and then it shuts down... Come on man... Plz fix
What was once a great game to play and progress through, the producers destroyed this game by turning it from FREE TO PLAY and converting it into solely a PAY TO PLAY game. Stamina system is completely whacked out, like who thinks of active ways to destroy a game? Getting rid of the BATTLE VILLA!? A STAPLE to this game that made it what it was. Ridiculous. Its like watching a billionaire burning millions at a time while passing on his remaining businesses. WHAT IS DENA THINKING?
I've played since launch. And since then there still hasn't been any meaningful content in any updates since launch. I find myself playing a meager 5 minutes a day. And to make matters worse, they added Stamina as a way to restrict amount of play. So now if you spend all ~200 of your base stamina (most missions cost 20 Sta) you have to wait until the next day or pay money to extend it.
Gameplay is halfway decent. Optimization is horrible. The trickle of premium currency is incredibly weak. The quantity of random junk you need to save up for progress is stupidly large. And if you're dumb enough to spend real money on this game, you get almost no value for it unless you're dropping hundreds of dollars at a time. This game only survives by virtue of being a Pokemon game. Unsatisfying to play.
Although the game is good enjoyable..but the paid gems is not good..if u add like one on one battle like Pokemon series it will be good..
I originally gave this app 5 stars for the fun experience of the game, and the very F2P experience. I have dropped the review two stars becausr DeNA is now forcing more P2W experiences, such reducing many rewards, and giving lackluster and boring events. Also the addition of stamina has really sucked. And Co-op is also dead. Its a fun game, but in time this game will probably pull a Pokemom Duel and shutdown, so dont spend money on it. Its not worth it.
This game became way less fun after several changes. You have to pay money if you want to win at this game. Lots of battles require teams of maxed out level according to the in-game description. It's not just harder to do without, they straight up say it's impossible. With stamina, if you want to get enough material to get your team's to that level, you have to pay for it or play only that level (for me a max of) 18 times a daily for weeks per character. The greed is just aggravating.
At first the game was enjoyable but at some point the developers(Dena) decided to ignore feedback and the game has gone downhill since, each and every update drowns the game deeper and deeper. It's become a cash grab, there hasn't been a co-op event in about 8 months. The currency is atrocious to acquire and is honestly boring and repetitive. Don't install.
The stamina system is horrible. Even with the free refills it gives you every day, I find myself playing for about 10 minutes, sometimes I'll give in and use some gems to refill it, but even then it doesn't refill it nearly enough. I love this game, but I hate this aspect of it, and it seems like its a widely common criticism. I'm only rating two stars because otherwise I love the game. But the stamina system needs to leave.
This game is really boring and feels like a grind. There are too many battles that require certain sync pairs so it feels very pay to win. The price of gems is really unbalanced for the amount you get so you have to spend a lot to even have a decent chance of getting a decent pull. So the satisfaction level is really low. One star just for being Pokémon, otherwise very poor
PLEASE FIX THE BLOODY 20103 ISSUE THANKS. IT LITERALLY CROPS UP AT LEAST ONE DAY OUT OF 3. Apart from that, when the game actually starts, it's really engaging, it keeps you for hours with no problem. The stamina is no problem at all, you can play most of it easily and casually until you're further in the game. The character variety is delightful and the story episodes often as well. The dialogue in general is really good, it's comedic at parts or uplifting.
Game used to be fun and exciting, now it's just a shadow of it's former self. The game has become very stingy with rewards even splitting rewards into sub rewards which is just plain greed. I am sad because I love the Pokemon franchise and have actually spent some real money in microtransactions in this game something which I hadn't done for any other mobile game. Hopefully the stakeholders will get back on the right track else I'm afraid this will be one of games which showed great promise but
Love the simplicity of the game and the quality. Sure it may be simple with some things that make no sense, but I makes it all the more reason to try something new. However, there is a lack in Co-op. More specifically, something fresh to play so we don't get the same boring stuff every time. Maybe something like the Champion event (Lance, Cynthia and Steven) but for Co-op?
As of December 23rd the devs have still yet to remove their plague of an energy system. After having spent over $200USD on this game before there was an energy system it truly is a shame that the devs have succumbed to such filth. They refuse to answer my email to the support team regarding this matter so they clearly don't care. This used to be such a good game.
Stamina isn't a problem tbh. It's not a problem because I always have >250 stamina so there's nothing bad happens. Trainer rank also gives free stamina so yeah. But this game gets a 4 star because beginner bingo isn't possible for f2p players so I'm missing out on a free multi scout. So yeah, just make it possible to do beginner bingo and I'll upgrade to 5 stars. Edit: It's possible, but it's not getting 5 stars. The reason is that I noe realize the problem with stamina. You burn through fast.
If you want to catch and train pokemon this game isn't for you. If you want a very weird pokemon dating sim/battler, you might enjoy this game. The battle system is good and functional, but it doesnt strictly adhere to the original type match ups from the mainline games, so sometimes pokemon have strange weaknesses. Id like to see more sync pair stories for the various trainers.
When the game was first released, they said it was horrible. They weren't wrong, I only started yesterday and there is a bug compensation reward in my giftbox. That being said as a pokemon fan and a mobile gamer I find it's good, if you are not into the genre or into pokemon however I advise you watch a couple of gameplay videos beforehand. And it's a good time to start, lots of free gems right now. Peace out.
Stamina system kills the ability to do events, hard to get enough gems for any of the pairs (though it's a gacha so idk why I hoped for something fair), powering up your pairs is next to impossible (candy + coins are very rarely given out and you need WAY too many coins). Skip tickets wouldn't be bad if we could USE the thousands of them incidentally stored up from not getting to play missions. Oh and story is nonexistent now.
Very fun. I like the idea of the way to evolve the Pokemon, how to get more Pokemon and meet trainers.
Great game loved every aspect of it, the sync pair rates are a little stingy and the free currency is somewhat limited and lacking... but then they added a stamina system with a restoration rate of 1 every 6 min..wayyy to long and the main thing i liked about this game was i could play all day with few limitations...but now there's a stamina bar...way to ruin a great game... also now that I did 33 pulls on mays banner and 0 5 star units at all, wish I could rate 0 *
Since introducing the stamina system, all joy has been sucked out of this game. You are only able to play for ~5 minutes a day unless you pay (with real money) for more stamina. Co-op? Gone. Everything that made this game unique and fun has been removed. Their social media is filled with complaints but they won't listen to their player base. Would not recommend this game. I am a day one player and originally gave it a 4/5 when they were listening to our feedback.
Demoted to a 1☆ review for the horrible decision to take away our freedom to grind with an awful stamina system. Should have had it from the beginning if you wanted it. Plus is costs too much, 10 stamina for the lowest level? Gross. Also, any other gacha game you only need 1-10 tickets for a summon, depending if you want a single or full pull. But dena wants 30 tickets for ONE pull! UNINSTALLED!
I've been a day one player and seeing how this game is being treated recently hurts me because it has such massive potential. The semi recent stamina introduction has sucked most of the fun out of the game by limiting the amount that can be done daily, and regarding in game rewards they have been slowly on the decline to the point where it's a slog just to simply power up your sync pairs. I sincerely hope that DeNa can pull their finger out and fix this game.
This game is amazing you people listen to players suggestion and made this game from pay to win game to a game where all people can enjoy even if they dont buy gems , thank you for all the increase in gems collection i am sure it would help many new players Keep up your good work we all apreciate it
Game modes are very difficult without unlocking sync grids for units. I find it ridiculous that free units given in story mode don't have easier ways to obtain sync grids. On top of that the events we are supposed to do to give us candies to level up our moves, are almost impossible without having units sync grids. The stamina system barely gives me anytime to play. I will change my review if changes are implemented in the game.
No longer very grindy, the addition of stamina and skip tickets has made day to day gameplay a breeze. I like seeing my favorite characters.
I used to really love this game. I would play every day for probably too long. For the past six months, everything has gotten worse. Now there's a crippling stamina system where you only have enough energy for one battle every two hours. Rewards keep getting worse even as they add more and more things that require specific items that they make it nearly impossible to acquire. The devs used to listen to fans but now it's like they're going out of their way to make things worse for players.
This game started out really unique and fun... but the stamina system killed the fun. The only thing you can do in this dumb game is battle and now you can't even battle unless you have stamina... I've gotten people to download this game and we all have the same complaints. It's too hard to get gems and 5 star tickets and stamina ruined everything. That wouldn't matter if there was more to the game than battles but there isn't any other modes.
It's a solid game. The drop rate of exclusive characters is horrible, but that's how it works. Content can be limited, since stamina was introduced - there will be times each day where you simply can't play without paying gems. The music, however, is incredible. Sign them up for the next main series Pokemon game.
Really great game but as I got to koga and Janine I lost every single time despite doing a number of different stuff. If you don't get a sync pair that's the most ideal one you're gonna lose,and it's hard to do so. And at that point on it becomes a pay-to win and the it's still really hard.what's.more, is that the optimize system is really bad. It doest pick a very good team for you and if you can't make a team yourself,you're in trouble.
After coming back from a very long break, I have to say that I am loving all the new changes. There is a lot of depth to the content now and it keeps the game fun. I like that the rates for drops increased with the inclusion of a stamina system, though I think that the amount of content that requires stamina should be tweaked. Main story quests and events with capped rewards should not require stamina. Still, I have been enjoying my time with the game thus far, and I'm excited for whats to come.
They took away co op Give way less gems Way less good rewards Way less game modes Every day it feels like a small to the face with the decisions they make But they'll keep coming out with me characters to sell I remembered when free GOOD characters would come out Now only 5 stars get grids Edit: every is the same. They just keep adding characters.
Great concept, unfortunately the game is becoming much more pay to win than it needs to be while the devs don't address simple problems. Stamina, select multiple for sync grids, general balance of rewards...
I really really like this game so much!but it so sad because i have complete the bingo and i dont get the 3000 gems.please fix the bug can you make every single event back please please Edit:please add carvanha in egg for new update If you read this,i download in tablet,but...SO LAG...WHY!?WHY?! SO i dont like it mutch hey,the stamina is not best at all,before stamina is added,all trainers is free to play with unlimited time,you know,the refill stamina like TWENTY FOUR HOURS!
Love this game! It has improved a lot recently, but do have one concern. I think it's too difficult to max out a sync pairs level to 125. The level up course helps, but once you run out of stamina you have to wait for more. On top of that you have to gather materials to unlock the level cap in order to max it. I think level up manuals should give more exp to sync pairs. Maxing out sync pairs needs to be easier and less of a grind.
This app is completely unusable do to constantly getting connection errors (20101). I cannot even log in! Customer service is useless. Can I give negative stars? Game was fun and was good, but stamina system+multiple events make for a very unpleasant experience. Was previously giving five stars. Also, in-app purchases are way overpriced. If this game keeps going in the direction it's going, it's not going to be worth playing soon.
I have wait for quite a while to pay this game. However, some of these features do seem a bit complex for. Hopefully, I'll get use to it. Other than that, I'm having a blast with Pokemon Masters(we, actually it's no Pokemon Masters EX)!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Last several updates have been very pleasant. I added a star back to my review. The game is much more fun to play, the stamina system has reached a more fair balance, i still dont like it but it is much better than when first implemented. Also rewards for events and such have improved.
As soon as the anniversary event ended, dena has been so greedy with their daily gifts and overall rewards for content. Stamina makes it so you can only play this for an hour at most before you have to wait 18 hours to play again or spend gems which is already getting stingy to get. Shame on you dena, this game was getting so good.
Good game, but theres never nearly enough gems to keep up with the gatchas dropping, the rewards are mediocre, and stamina is heavily restricted unless you pay. Events lately have been super pay to win, the game is rapidly going downhill to greed
It was a amazing game. I spent around 10K gems to get N in the pokefair but I did not get him. The developers just want us to spend money on buying gems.
The game is very unfinished although its fun its a little annoying that the devs update the game for like 5 billion events instead of actually finishing the story cuz the story Is actually pretty amazing its just incomplete. Another thing that makes people say its pay to win is because of the amount of grinding as some grinds are as long as EV training ur pokemon which take around 2 to 3 hours or longer if you dont follow a guide
Good game, stages are rather hard but I've already completed the main story and only been playing for a few months. One of the things I like about the game is that you can earn loads of pokemon like Solgaleo, Torchic, Charmander, Squirtle and Beedrill.
Pretty terrible game tbh, you can tell they didn't look at any other games before making this. Adding a stamina system a year into the release was a poor idea as well. Very ungenerous with event rewards too, needing 20 of an item to get a reward, and each event only dropping 1 of the item each time. The only effort being put into any place is in the banners.
3 months past of my one star review but now still didn't improve yet the problems of the game are getting more and more serious. They just didn't hear users' suggestions yet release those features that no one wants for. The attitude of Dena to players is the WORST among games I played over several years. Also they become lazier than before even sync move animation just use common animation. If you see this game, just run of your life, this game just bring disasters to you.
It was a better game before the stamina got implemented. Now they only focus o money grabbing techniches and the game is starting to fall straigth down because of this. The new EX feature is a joke since you need to wait one year only to max out one of yours sync pairs. The new content is pretty boring and there is a lot o features in the game with the "coming soon" state. Veteran players are finding difficult to enjoy this game now.
Went from 5 to 1 to 3star review since EX Update. Game's quality has gone down. Stamina system prevents play of main story for new players. Tons of worthless items that you collect to get "good" items, takes months to collect at the rate distributed. Stripping away valuable rewards & minimizing gem rewards. Recent updates after Prestige event are better but increasing the battle's stamina cost while lowering stamina replenishment time is a terrible move faking improvement. I love Lance though
I've been playing regularly since launch and this game has just become so frustrating especially with stamina. They don't even give rewards for events anymore! They just give 1/20th of a reward. This is not an exaggeration. The reward is usually one coin and once you get 20 of them, you can exchange it for a real reward. You can get a few coins every month, so maybe by February, I'll have enough coins for an award. This is a stupid model and it's incredibly unforgiving for new players.
I love this game. I loved it more specially when I got my favorite Sharpedo. It's hard to figure out hot to get some items to max my Sharpedo.
This was a fun game, over the past several months they've kinda ruined it starting with slow stamina recovery. maybe 15 to 30minutes of play per day at the current rate. If you are new to the game,, it will take you forever to get anywhere in the game. If you are a longtime player, there is nothing to do. Reruns of events don't give any worthwhile prizes anymore, only a couple of the most basic items. The egg system sounds cool, until you realize none of them or usable, and to repeatable....
Okay, this game has had its ups and downs, but if you want a short and concise opinion, read on. I've been playing since the game came out and it was pretty bad initially. By February this year, the game was at its peak. It was almost flawless and eventually it nosedived. But now, it's better than it was a few months ago, much better. People will say it is pay to win but I disagree. The free units are strong enough to help you clear most of the content. So, if you are willing to play, go ahead!
Has become way too much a Pay2Win model. Should not be like this and wasn't like this to begin with. Also 'Full Force Battles' are painfully fixed against the user. I have all my super effective sync pairs levelled up to max level and they still do pitiful damage in these battles. It isn't fun when there is just a 'meta' to winning the battle. Makes it more of a 'simon says' rather than a game. Fix it please
Started with a 5 star review, but I had to reduce it. The game itself is brilliant, but the new stamina system is entirely pointless. The game was well praised for allowing players to play as often as they like, but now after a year they have decided to implement a stamina system that limits your play time. This hugely hinders the experience of the game and is rightly being criticised by players who have enjoyed the game to only have their fun ruined by a stamina system. Very disappointing
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing this a bit each day. But when scoring events require heavy monetary investments into the newest character released, that's when it goes from passable to predatory design and I can't get behind that. 12/24 edit: Now there was the bonus 300 stamina for players; news implied it would last till January but it actually expired in 24 hours! Didn't get to use it, very sore.
Alright look, you're gonna see a lot of reviews from a lot of people saying it's pay to win. I've been playing for a good while now, have put together a team with over 20 5 stars, and haven't spent a cent. I got lucky with my early draws, but even without luck you can crush with Skyla/Hau/Leaf which are all free. It only feels grundy if you view it as the kind of game you play for hours. That's not what this is. You pick it up, play for 5-30 minutes, and put it down. Great game, would recommend.
Updating my review, the game is beginning to lean more into a pay to win area with the way that new mechanics and level caps are being locked behind farming. Which is then being locked behind the stamina system which can be refilled through gems and not much else. Stamina is very easy to burn through in this game and the gsme is used to giving you more stamina than your slot fills, yet it still will get depleted fast due to the cost and skips of a level.
Not sure why Pokemon games these days can't be more like this. Voice acting. All the characters feel realistic. It's realistic when it comes to gameplay- neither easy nor hard. There's many things to do. It doesn't feel like a grind. Honestly, this is the best game Pokemon has created in a very long time. Chose this over Sword and Shield.
Hello this game is soooooo GOOOD I love it and I HAVE SYGNA SUIT RED, he's so strong. This game is so good but I think there should be more voice acting like I mean the talking in the game is a bit so they should talk till the end of the whole chat. Whoever sawn this pls like it and I hope this feedback is good for everyone and stay safe!
I didn't get into the game much at first but the inclusion of some characters got me interested again. I was having a great time with the game, but the more I've played and more invested I've gotten, I've noticed a lot of glaring issues. In combat specifically, it's plain unfair that enemy sync moves hit your entire team but your sync moves can only hit one character. Getting some items is near impossible unless you pay. From what I've read, the devs don't listen to feedback though, so oh well.
Used to be a pretty good game after the dev decide to listen to the communities feedback. After the name change to Pokemon Master EX, the dev went crazy with all their bad decision and the game is now unplayable. They just keep pushing new things thats locked behind high paywall, and leave the old one to rot. Until they fix this, save your time, skip this game.
The best mobile game I've played. The microtransactions aren't a big problem, gems are easy to obtain via missions and gifts. I just started 3 days ago and have 4 5 star ex sync trainers and i never spent a single penny on this game. If you're worrying about what to do after completing the story, there are events and other stuff due to the game being constantly updated. Overall a great game which i reccomend
Hey DeNa, after the new update there is a stamina bug. My stamina couldn't regenerate over time. please fix it.....
The plot and characters involved and how the worlds are intertwined really makes this game great. (Initially) but eveything changed when they added stamina and the Zacian-Gloria event happened
Game had so much potential. I really enjoyed for almost a year since it came out but the changes they have made are bringing it down. The stamina system is badly implemented. Coop is non existent anymore. They keep introducing new items but you need like 20 or 30 of them to do anything with them like the candies or the new ticket summon. Plus you can only get these from events so maybe 2 a month. Really disappointed where this game is headed.
Gameplay is super fun and there is a lot of depth to it. The story mode gives a cool look into a lot of the personalities from the main series games, and the combat is more complex than I'd expect from a mobile game. Only negative experience is how much is behind the pay wall. The game is still very playable for free - but a lot of really useful items are not free. The items are so useful that it's almost a pay-to-win arrangement. Despite that, I love it and am having a great time playing!
Well the stamina system is great but there is some problems with it Even though you can infinitely get materials to farm it's kind of annoying to wait to do a story mission and I wish that the chances of getting a pokémon from an egg that mega evolves would be a little bit more common and also I wish there was some more events for legendary or partner pokémon for the player's character oh yeah and I would like the ability to customize my character and put them in different outfits
Game was pretty fun until the developer got greedy and ignored the feedback from players. Ever since they added stamina the game it got worst and worst. And the new ex update main feature is a joke, as you need a massive amount of rare items that you only get by using the gatcha feature. You need to pull the same 5 star character more than 5 time to get just 1... And you need 20 per character for the upgrade. If they address the problems i'll change this review, but for now they need to wake up
This game is brilliant. It has a story, it has many characters from all the games, events, and much more! The game was overall great but it had some downsides. The first thing is that the controls are very hard to get used to (or they were for me anyway). The second thing (and final) is that the game is a bit laggy but that's understandably so considering it has 3d character models and graphics. Overall great game .
It's all great while you're playing... Until 5 minutes later, and you aren't. Worst stamina system I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Most things are 10, or 20 stamina, and you'll get 10 roughly every hour. Kinda bored right now, cause I've burned all my stamina in about 30 minutes. You play in the UI more than in the actual game.
I like this game. The story and the graphics are awesome. I hate the stamina and how hard it is to make certain characters stronger. Obtaining ⭐ upgrade boosts are really hard to come by. I would also like to point out we aren't dumb we know you want more money out of us. Also give us more gems! I'm not falling for your ploys, I have almost beaten everything once so I barely get gems at all. If your going to host multiple sync pair events let us be able to take advantage of them.
I used to love the game, but over time it became so hard to do anything and now it is all luck based no matter what your goal is, it is full of glitches and completely pay to win and the game devs don't even listen to reviews. Free gems are sooo hard to save and when you finally get enough to do a poke fair you might not get anything. The game used to show great promise and used to be the best mobile game in my opinion and while I'll keep playing, hoping for improvements I still might stop soon.
Well, this app was really good at first, I would play it everyday. It had good graphics, battles, good characters, and nice events. But then gems got harder and harder to get, as well as it was becoming more and more p2w, with constant limited banners and seasonals. It's why I don't play it so much. Also the company, DeNA is the worst. They don't listen to your feedback and add in stuff no one asked for. Thanks, but I'll stick to Arknights instead.
The game is fun, the battle system is a great middle ground between turn based and real time and the graphics and music are great. However, a company that makes as much money as Pokemon does has NO NEED to be so greedy with the gem system, it is a pain to have to grind so much to be able to get characters.This game has a lot of potential that is being overshadowed by greed. Edit! Stamina is a definite miss that has worsened the game & idk whats going on but the Gatcha is so much worse now.