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Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by The Pokemon Company located at 東京都港区六本木6-10-1六本木ヒルズ森タワー. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very intense when you think that you lose but when it said that you win. It makes it so victorious. And it's so cuteee...
I had a great time playing this game. I wouldn't say that I found it addicting but it is more of a game I would play to wait out time and have fun doing it (I do not know what to write I just find it fun ok? good)
Absolutely adore this game. No problems with gameplay. Just wish they could add a section where you can see all your stats from previous Magikarp.
This app is very amazing i like it very very very very much i enjoied playing this game. And this game is very easy to play in a league. I have lose only one time in this game. Its very nice. And i was surprised when a fish came to the magicarp and gave him power. This was nice.
This is not a game. it is a series of progress resets and time grinds to jump through a hoop, over which you have no actual control. At best Magikarp Jump a choice based simulator. the mechanics of resetting will have you clawing your eyes out. The idea is repeat 'battles' that offer no enjoyment in the first place, let alone the 10th time you do them, before you can move up to the next league to do the exact same thing again.
I love it. I'd give it a 5 star but I'm a little salty because you can only break the ever stone once- I, being an idiot, didn't know this- never the less, I'm slightly salty at myself. I love this app and I'd honestly Give it a 5 star.
The most useless fish ever has turned into a great pokemon for the town me,my mom and my lil brother play it and we're lucky to know that you can get a shiny! Keep up the great work 😄
This game is an ACTUAL free-to-play game that has no additional gimmicks. This in itself almost makes it perfect! The game is grind heavy, and while there's rewards from grinding, and alot of rewards! While that may be the case; it's just finger tapping. There's no effort required at all! To reach the end of the game and fully Master the game, you have to truly have your eyes on the prize, cause even I, as an avid Poke'mon fan have a hard time handling this repetitiveness of this game lol. That said, it's cutesy and entertaining and doesn't take much time out of the day to progress at all. So it's nearly perfect.
Really great phone game. Simple fun that's perfect for a small break during busy days. The graphics and colors really make the game more fun and enjoyable.
I love the suspense before he jumps showing he has one once again I love magicarp the pokemon so this was amazing to me the only thing I don't like is having to get new magikarps and seeing the older magikarps makes me miss them and it is sad getting a new magikarp is a pain because you have to start from level 1 again and make your way back up to the level you were at but apart from that this game is awesome!! Good job creators! I would recomend to Pokemon players and people that like fish 4/5
It's good it's good for people that are like 16 and younger you can go to different regens pit stuff to pit in your pond and get pokemon to jire you on so you can jump higher you can got pokemon like snore lax pickachu litten rollet charmander and more there is littering nothing wrong with the game so down loud it and have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun😀😊😁
Fun game, and feels like the developers really care about making it interesting as well as not forcing you to spend money.
This app is AMAZING! Its a super fun and simple game! I only have one problem with it. I really wish you could name your first magikarp. Its kind of weird to see all of these magikarps with unique names, and then one just named magikarp. I really hope you change this, still a great app!
when I get to the terms and conditions, all I see is a blank page with nothing to interact with please help
Used to played this game a fair bit and really enjoyed it. I got a new phone and decided to download it again but I can't get past the policy agreement page. please fix
Honestly an easy to pick up and play game, addictive competitive with little hassle , definitely a must try by fans and newcomers alike
This game is great. I'm thinking about making YouTube videos about it. Subscribe to 123manhuntersbro Gamer on YouTube. Guys and I'll to some shout outs if you leave it down in the comments.😀
Nostalgia. Simplicity. Vibrance. Humor. This game pays homage to and shows so much love for the "weakest, most useless Pokémon." While there is a clearly defined end to the game, I certainly had fun getting there - whether passing time on my commute, on the toilet, or whenever bored. Great for all ages.
Very adorable and fun. Perfect pass time for anyone. Doesnt require any skill so anyone can play. I reccomend this to anyone
In this absolutely epic game you are an aspiring magikarp trainer, who wishes to train the strongest magikarp in the entire world. While it is a bit grindy, the game overall is fairly fun, and requires no actual in-app purchases to progress smoothly.
The game is quite nice and enjoyable. To try and get an insignificant magikarp to be better and better is really entertaining in my opinion. Even if the gameplay consist mostly of letting the game do its run.
Nothing wrong with it, a nice simple game. The slight problem i have with it is that the helpers and some of the decorations are a little expensive, but im not gonna take off 1 star for something like that. Other than that amazing game.
It feels like another minimal effort cash grab on the Pokemon ip. There's a startling lack of depth and actual gameplay, even for an idle game. The limited animations are charming at first but there's just so little to see and do.
this didnt really feel like a game. I pushed through the 1st generation hoping something would happen but you literally just wait. as a player you wait to train this magikarp. you get 3 energy to do so an training is just a cutscene. you do nothing. I felt like I was just along for the ride basically an interactive book. and the story isnt good either. i wanted to like this. I'm sorry but that's my review.
Its super cute, amd a ton of fun. Some things are a tad confusing, and could be explained a bit better. Its tons of fun and I love taking care of the Magikarp I get, and the bright colors are cheery enough that even when im depressed I'll have quite a bit of fun.
great game its really fun, but be warned never jump to get berries or your magikarp will be taken by a pigeot and it wont come back. The first time it happened I was shocked and sad lol. but it's still a great way to pass time.
They fixed the problem with Samsung's! This is a cute, simple game I would recommend to anyone who enjoys pokemon. You generally play in short bursts so it's best for when you've got a couple free minutes rather than hour long play sessions. I've never felt like I needed to spend money to continue but it can get a bit grindy and spending money would speed it up.
simple gameplay and fun for all ages. excellent time killer. Variety of magikarps is unique. Its like having a fish at home with different appearances good game.
I love it and the best part of my experience was that Magikarp jumps graphics are going well at least and the song on the TV at YouTube.The battles are the best thing in the game but they could use some improving but other than that the game is good.I also love the Pokemon companys games like Pokemon quest and Pokemon rumble Rush.Goodbye sincerely yours Hayden Edward Howe.
PLEASE FIX this game, I need it in my life. Helps calm me when I'm stressed and makes me happy. No longer works since recent android update 😭 Update - it's fixed, thank you!
[EDIT]: *It seems to work perfectly fine as of now, so I'm keeping my promise!* [OLD REVIEW] - Won't launch, I installed the game on my A50, but it crashes after launching. Reinstalling doesn't fix the issue. I'll update this review to 5 stars once a fix has been released.
Phenomenal art. Cute, quirky characters. It's a refreshing change of pace for a typical idle game flaunting a long-loved Pokémon licensed twist. Anticipate some stalling in late game, expect some p2w aspects, but seeing as there's no pvp who cares. Plus the pricing honestly is worth it. I give it a rare 5/5
Kinda wish the Expert Leagues were kept. I came back to playing after having 2phones that didn't like the app for whatever reason, and now I'm just cycling through Master League, bored out of my mind to get the other Friends, max out stuff, and get both Raindrop patterns I'm missing. Please reconsider putting Expert Leagues back.
please fix the terms and conditions or this game is going to be a really bad rated game. please fix this pokemon company. i really want to play the game again. Thanks Developers For Fixing The Problem.😃
i love this game. it's cute, dorky, and always puts a smile on my face when i see that adorable useless weak pathetic pokemons throw himself in the air just to win a contest😎😊😂
Awesome game, and the best parts is that there are actually no ads... it sounds weird but almost every good game also has it.
I love this game no adds and in app purchases are completely uneccesery and nothing is blocked by a pay wall the game itself is about you having to train your magikarp to jump the highest then you go on competitions to see who can jump the highest and by the time your done your magikarp is max level so then you need to get a gen 2 magikarp and go on new leagues and its one of the more enjoyable games on the play store
edit: thank you for the update I decided go try out the game again after my phone had a system update and was happy to see this game updated for 64 users. if even saved my data. I'm so happy 🥰
Nice pet raising game with no ads but it gets repetitive fast. It needs more meaningful content and more things to do with your magikarp. Also it's missing 18:9 support but that's not a big deal to me.
I am personally enjoying all the apps pokemon is making, these are fun no pressure games that don't seem to get the scary off-putting competitive stuff that classic pokemon games get. there isn't really a "right" way to play. and I missed that about pokemon
I love the simple bit addiction game that it creates and it is sad when your magickarp retires😢😢😢 an idea i have is that maybe if your reallllly lucky you can fish up a water type buddy like pikachu, for example,wishy-washy, then when ypur feedimg your magickarp,you can see your buddy in the water and it will give you a bonus.
I have completed this game. Took around 4 months of casual play without micro transactions. Predictable and stress free. Great when your brain needs a break.
I wish the past magikarp will swim together That ruins it for me otherwise perfect game Also wish you add kyogre and primal kyogre Maybe while in pond for a few seconds? So you need to use orb for primal kyogre and normal kyogre is a random encounter because magikarp is a fish kyogre is the god of the sea
I like that it is simple and fun to play. Also unlike other games that claim that it's completely f2p but it needs a lot of purchases, in this game you can actually progress fast without buying anything. It also works on my low-end phone (although there are some lag spikes and exits automatically its probably my RAM) since most games don't work on my phone.
Just a really cute simple game you can play in your free time with no heavy waiting or intrusive ads.
Come on Magikarp, you can do it! This game is something special. I don't know what it is about raising a Magikarp that feels so good, but I can't help but feel happy whenever I see my Magikarp leap over the competition! And the suspense when a match is too close to tell just by looking as palpable. Truly, this a game for the Magikarp lover in all of us.
I love this game ok........... because when you start off you have a regular one and I'm on level four love the game whoever made this game you are the best ok this game is awesome I give it a five-star because the editing and all the stuff it's just good I love it because I was playing Pokemon go that did not work for me so I went with this game awesome and cool love it so much all I have to say love this game editor you're awesome everybody's awesome awesome have a good day okay love you....
Good game, but when I made a purchase for 250 diamonds, the game crashed and I didn't recieve my rewards. Please can I have my 250 diamonds or a refund Edit: I contacted support and I am now waiting for a reply Edit 2: It is working now, had to complete it. Thanks!
"My Magikarp is in the top 1% of Magikarps" Fun little game, and amusing to say the least especially when trying to pass time. #PokemonForever
I like how it's really easy to level them up (pls don't change it, pls.) and how i always get new magic karp's every time i level them to the fullest, instead of having the same karp for the whooole game.(because for me it wouldn't be as fun) Probably gonna be one of my favorite games other than cafeland.
It's so fun!!! There is so many secrets you can find too! If you tap your Magicarp too many times You break the everstone and when it's at max level it will evolve into a garados! But, this only happens when your trainer level is 10 or over. If you tap the TV 17 times and click cancel every time then after you train you get a secret encounter! You can tell the pokemon company put time and effort into this game. Five out of five.
This game is so addictive. I love how you can play on and on and on until your Magikarp is fully trained. Sometimes this Pigeot gets your Magikarp, its so sad when it happens.
At first I wasn't very interested but this is a good game! And it grows on you quick. I have to give props to the creators who had the idea of taking one of the weakest most boring Pokémon and turned it into a fun game. I have gained so much respect for little ol' Magikarp. 😘
I really like this game it just a basic normal game I really hope that more people can play it and it would be cool if it had online game like a 1v1 fight with other players that's the only thing I'm asking for.
game keeps crashing on the s10+. I launch it and it crashes within a second or two. I've uninstalled and reinstalled so many times now and the result is the same. the game used to work fine on my old tablet. UPDATED: Since the July 3rd update, the game has been working just fine. I have updated my rating accordingly.
it's really fun being able to have your own magikarp to train. I have one question for the pokemon company to make a phone game about eevee and its evolutions to compete in eevee leagues
Though the game is a joke, I like it very much personally because you can even see some cool Pokemon like greninja and Charizard and so I recommend downloading this game. Another feature is that it's a simple game.
this game is... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is amazing very rewarding finally not a pay to win game. First time I saw this game though this game would just be a mediocre game but after I downloaded it I found out who much content their is !! I definitely recommend downloading it. Really satisfied with this game:)
I honestly only meant to play for like five minutes...but I look at the clock "five minutes" later and like an hour has passed. How did such a lame pokemon get such a funny game?
Pretty nice and solid bit the only problem is that the devs don't update this game so the screen doesn't fit on newer phones or tablets. Another problem I have is that this game gets pretty repetitive and boring after some time. In other words... Please start updating this game!
Simply sublime, this is truly a Golden Experience that everyone should undergo. There is simply nothing better than this game.
This is a really good game, I like how you train and stuff. The reason I have rated four stars is because it takes a really long time to gain a league or/and training point. Other than that, this is a great game, you should play.
It is a very fun game but it can get repeditive. I would definetally recommend it to all Pokemon fans!!!
Great game. Adorable, relaxing, I couldn't come up with a complaint if I tried. I get such a feeling of pure bliss just hanging out with my Magikarp that it just makes me wanna keep playing. Definitely give it a try.
I luv this game it makes my fingers go fast when I want to spam Sooooooo I like it alot but I would like to recommend to add like ads to watch if u need gems u know
Only issue is the pideoto scene at the berry tree.. I had an orange and white calico magikarp named karpy that i was very attatched to that got taken. I am extremely upset and I wish this scene was not in the game. Evrything else is amzing and I still love the game.
This game is so fun! The fact that you raise a magikarp to jump makes me laugh and there are easter eggs related to the Magikarp song. The best part? NO ADS.
It's a great game and the bonuses are great but the sand bag training gives a low amount of JP but its ok...Still a great game but please increase the sandbag training JP i dont want to get a sandbag train then get a very little JP boost.
Amazing app!, I love Pokémon, so do you! The art style is super superrrrrr cute!!, This game didn't give me ads, as I think it's offline, although the controls were very basic and easy, never lagged, as in this game is really good and recommend!!, Please play it, it's amazing!
I played this game for about a month when it came out years ago, and just decided to finally redownload it. It's still just as charming and entertaining of a time passer as before, only with more things to do. And I've always loved magikarp!
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But the reason I gave it four stars is because I don't like that after you finish levelling up your magikarp it makes you start at the start of the league! So please fix that!!!, anyway I would totally recommend this game apart from that flaw...
This is very good game it has very cute graphics pretty repetitive gameplay and controls but still very good game
Cute game, was fun for a bit. The novelty wore off for me after the third league challenge, as the game got monotonous and there wasn't much making me want to continue for much longer. Still fun, though.
Great game. Controls are simple and self explanatory. The only thing keeping it from being a five star is how long it takes to get through the leagues.
Great game! Would recommend to play this! One suggestion that instead of exchange tickets being pay only, you could get them from purchasing items from the diamond store! Overall it is simple, enjoyable and so far ad free!
WOW! Apparently the game was updated and I'm ready to play in my new phone! such a cute and fun little game!
This is a really good game! Really good graphics and so many patterns! if i could i would give it 50 stars! Keep doing the good work on updating the game! :D
This game is truly a marvel. Nothing beats this gameplay and indepth story. There should be an award for the author and development team of this once in a life time experience. Would recommend margikarp 👍
I think it's a good game the wait times are bit annoying I think is the game that you just like turn on to just play for a couple minutes
Really fun game with cute magicarp but week when it evolves into Garados it gets stronger get lots of xp have fun and collect rare patterns and see random ecounters!
Very fun. There are so many magikarps to find, and I'm not too sure if u can evolve in this, but overall it's a fun game.
Silly and fun, repetitive but good for boredom. My biggest gripe is it's hecking awful at recognizing when you've done a social media share. I've posted like seven times and it's registered two.
I enjoy the game, it doesn't take to much time or brain power to make progress. My tiniest complaint is that I don't have a page that shows all my old magikarp.
finally fixed the issue for Samsung 64 but devices.. I now can play the game with no problems and the game is very fun! thank you dev's for finally getting to fixing it.
Really great, wholesome game. No ads, super easy to play, and really great for when you need some positivity. Except when your magikarp is forced to retire. I cried when that happened to one of mine. Its so sad.
it's awesome and I love it! 😎😀😉😊 i have had it for 1 and a half months since the first time I've played it thare has been 1 problem but it makes the game the game you can't evolve magikarp into a Garidosados i mean what is up with that? 🤔🤔 well it is kinda boring Soooooooooooooooooooooooo it might not be the right game for you
I think there is a problem with the server.. The game always gives me a Connectivity error even when my network is fine but it loaded well when I used vpn.. the same happened when I tried changing my magicarp's name. I hope you fix this. The game is fine and deserving of 4 stars but is in need of new things added to the game to make it more interesting.
I always thought. "Why does everybody hate Magikarp?" "It's cute." I finally found where I belong- Magikarps have cool patterns, the encounters are amazing, and that you can name your Magikarp. Overall, it's one of the best mobile spin-offs to the original game.
edit: the game now works on galaxy s10 with update. the developers took months to even acknowledge the problem and fix it. after months of not playing it and numerous ignored emails later, the game is boring now and I am over it.
Great and entertaining game, the only reason it wasnt five star is because it gets a bit repetitive, but on the whole great game 😄
I am absolutely loving this game! I never would have thought I'd enjoy a game all about magikarp, but this game gives them a really special charm that makes you want to love and encourage them. I love the different patterned magikarip. It's a lot of fun collecting the different types!
A wonderfully cute and fun game. It gets very repetitive over time, but until then, it provides a decent amount of entrainment, and, better still, the entire game is playable without a single in-app purchase!
This game is really fun mahikarp is a great pokemon too many pokemon fans make fun of it but this game shows just how great magikarp really is I love how you have to train your magikarp hard and this game turns pokemon into a completely different thing imagine the other possibilities this game is fantastic you have to feed and train magikarp I love it sorry this review was so long
super fun game. like 6 of my friends have it and we all compare our magikarp all the time. this is also fun to play by yourself. as it says when you start the game, you dont need to buy anything to finish the game. it is a normal grinding / time period game so open it up every 2 hours and keep playing.
Not what I was expecting and I am SO GRATEFUL!! I love it! Raising Magikarp and I'm so glad you get to see the one's you maxed out previously!
Great game but latest update has some weird outcomes on my samsung galaxy S8. The app used to run in full screen with the nav bar visible and everything looked and ran well, but since the latest update it now fills the entire screen, navbar hidden, and some buttons and text are cut off on the sides. On the flip side, if i disable fullscreen, the game runs as a tiny little square with black borders around all the edges. Please return the game to how it used to run on samsung devices before update
It was a great game, but now it only freezes when I go to Terms of Use. Please fix this bug this game is great I've bought a new phone and it doesn't do the Terms Of Use bug anymore, maybe it was my phone in general.
Very well designed game . Downloaded it yesterday and really enjoying it. Wish you could add more decorations and the pokemon items had a lower diamond price😅.
This is one of my favorite games, one of the few that I play when I'm relaxing. It's stress free and easy to learn so you can just jump right in and play...
This is the best game I have ever seen.Its simple but its challenging! I hope that friends are to be added.
The Pokemon company picked a great developer! They also made Hunt Cook catch and serve which is also a great game. Cute graphics. Addicting gameplay. Just all around good.
Really great game, its fun and addictive. Only wish i could see a list of all my retired magikarp and other event pokemon collected, you can only see your old magikarps as they randomly cycle in the background. Love the game for what it is and recommend it to those who want a casual game to play on the side.
The gameplay is fluid not what I expected from a pokemon game thought it was about battles bit magikarp jump really helped me kill time its a nice game 5 stars
I am a big Pokémon fan and I love this game. It make me happy that Magikarp has its own game. I especially like that if you tap on the TV at your pond, you'll get a kind of link. The link is for the Magikarp Song, which is catchy.
Super adorable game. Magikarp has been my favorite for years, so this game is like a dream. You can catch magikarp with unique patterns and decorate your tank. There's support Pokemon too to cheer on your karp. If you want something simple and cute, play it!
I'm going to be real honest, this game took me by surprise! I thought for sure when I looked at it in the play store that it would be another one of those trash, disgusting, unfinished games. But I have veen playing for about an hour, and now I can't stop! Comforting graphics, multiple ways to get jp, cool achievements, lots of content, no ads, and its Pokemon! This is the real deal right here. I recommend this game to people that don't care for Pokemon too! Great job!
This was certianly a fun game while it lasted, but sadly does not get updates any more. That being said, if you're new to ot there is months of content waiting for you! A great little incremental game.
cute Graphics, simple gameplay, colorful environment. easy to pick up and play, my only complaint, is how long you have to wait for training points, and the skip option for dialogues or cutscenes doesn't skip much of anything
Very fun game, even if it is a little bit repetitive, it's always just a little bit different. One thing I want to mention, isnt there a game very similar to this known a 'mola [mola] survive' or something along those lines?
I still love it regardless. I had lost my account sadly...which makes me cri since i had a diamond digger but sadly since the devs said there was no backup(which is strange since i always make one) there was no way to get it back. So if i had to say one thing...please make a backup! Especially if you do in app purchases. This time around im just gonna play super vanilla. This game really can be played without spending any money, sometimes inpatience has me uninstall. Make a backup! Be safe!
It was pretty bumpy at first with no support for newer phones but they patched it out. Honestly a great game with fun mechanics
This game is great you have lots to do by riseing and magikarp pokemon and it is my favorite pokemon out of the series😁👍
The game is very fun and I love it. It can be a nice quick break for other things. This game is a bit like a game called Mola Mola.
I like this game so much in every aspect but since the most recent update the game's display fits in the screen completely. The con of this is that I have much more screen to play but that part is all black. Basically, I can see all in the screen but smaller in my OnePlus 6T display. Overall, the game is great and if you are looking for something to "kill" time this game is for you!
it is so much nice game I like this game very much its graphics are too much you'll and it is top 10 games that I play it is really a very nice games all the time
I think this game really cool but there is a question I have is what is the glittering thing on the ocean is.
Mindless simple fun with a sprinkle of humour thrown in! It is surprisingly addictive training up your Magikarp and collecting all of the different varieties. A very polished game and can be played fully without spending a single penny. The game regularly provides you with enough rewards to keep progressing. It also doesn't shove in-app purchases in your face or hinder you for not buying them, although they are available. I wish that free-to-play games implemented in-app purchases in this way!
This is a great game. Simple, that's why I enjoy it. There's just so much detail, for example, Pokémon names in the decor items, and the music is just boppin'. What's more, there's not even ads, and in-app purchases, while there, aren't required, and it makes your experience more fun. 10/10, fun, cheerful, and quite happy to recommend to a friend.
Guess it's kind of good. I mean, it's great and all but...I can't stop thinking of my orange-and-white Calico Magikarp, PatchiKarp. He had so much potential, but then a Pidgeot had to go ahead and eat him! He didn't even get a happy reteriment! Seriously, though, it's a bit sad and well, violent for a Pegi 3 game...😓
This game is really fun and silly! How there are no ads and you see a funny song. The MAGIKARP song 5/5 4 spoons A+ a regular tomato whatever that means
Really fun game! Doesn't seem like it is as maintained as others, but likely doesn't bring in as much revenue.
Simple, cute, and fun. Losing a Magikarp randomly really sucks but thats what happens when you take risks. Its fun, and not too difficult, and doesn't bash advertising or microtransactions over your head while you're just trying to pass time. A great little distraction.
Great game. I quite like it! It's quite a funny game, whilst remaining entertaining. No real cons, except maybe the cutscenes are too long.
I love this game, its so fun and inteanse. Its like perfect for when toy are bored! The game doesnt make you online battle, instead there are ez nps!!
Fantastic game. Chill music and fun mini games. Fun for me, fun for my toddler, sometimes even fun for my cats.
I love this game. It's easy and fun to play. This game is relaxing and you can play even though you're busy as it doesn't take too much time. The pokemon are cute and the gameplay is quite creative. You can even encounter different events and some of them are quite interesting. I really like playing this game. The coins and diamonds can be earned easily unlike other games which is hard. Overall I love this game and I hope you can keep it up! Try adding new support pokemon or features.
My brother showed me this game and then I thought it was boring but it's soo good (Warning this game is so addicting)
I have played the game before and wanted to cone back to it and it is an absolutely amazing way to kill time and, being a pokèmon fan myself, I really enjoy the game but I would like more items to be in the shop or make some items have customizable styles and give you benefits in a certain category. Thank you for making this awesome game and continue to make good games for everyone to enjoy.👍
Crazy good fun! It is a resource harvest game, but manages to keep the wait times to a level of reasonable so you don't feel like you *absolutely must* pay to play. Also liking that they have a lifetime maximum on what you can buy from the in app shop.
Simple, rewarding, jist an all-round enjoyable experience. It certainly doesn't hold back from joking about how useless Magikarp are, but its all in good fun. Good humour and nice aeathetics.
I rate five stars because the game is nice, but I did have a heartbreaking experience with a shiny magikarp and a certain evolution of a tiny bird pokemon.
horrible game. wouldn't even let me start the game cause it won't load the terms and conditions. suchhhh a great game.
Magikarp Jump is a really fun and suprisingly addictive game. Training your magikarp is easy and rewarding, and you can unlock new types of training regiments to make sure your karp is the best jumper around. You can also fish for magikarps with different patterns and decorate your pond that your magikarp lives in with items based on other pokemon. If your a fan of pokemon, or even if your not, im sure you'll have a "splash" with this game.
I have an s10 and I'm having the same issue everyone is having on newer Samsung devices. tried uninstalling and restarting the device. it was a fun game and would like to play it again.
Crashes on launch everytime. EDIT: Will update review when Devs fix this issue. I'm using a Samsung galaxy s10+. It has something to do with the latest Android update. Edit2: they fixed it yay! Adjusted review. This game is super cute and fun.
The devs finally got around to fixing the issue with Samsung devices, so now I can finish the game! It can be a little grindy at times, but it's cute and fun. Check it once or twice a day and you'll be making fine progress training your fish.
I think it's a super cute game, and I have a lot of fun! A friend recommended that I download it, and I'm glad she did. I definitely recommend giving it a chance. It's a good time killer.
So i got a new phone recently, and the backup key is too long. On my new phone, when i try entering the backup code, it wont let me enter the very last 3 letters. I even went to google, im doing nothing wrong. Im following the instructions percectly, so please fix it. It wont let me enter the last 3 letters needed for the backup code.
Really good game if your looking for something fun and enjoyable to play when you're bored in quarantine
More fun than I imagined. its cute and fun, simple, but has more to do than i first thought. good time waster.
Dumb game. Love it. Honestly, who thought making an entire game dedicated to the most useless Pokémon would be this fun. Also, as a question, when are you guys making an actual Pokémon game for mobile? I've played all Pokémon games upto ultra sun/moon, and I can't really afford a switch right now. Please consider making a Pokémon title for mobile
Great for something casual to do when you have a second of free time or waiting for something simple controls not a money scam cause the paid for currency is easy to get by playing love the cartoon graphics and feels like a solid pokemon side game if your a pokemon fan would recomend
This game is really good! It even has a song about the main pokemon...THATS CRAZY.well this game also has features I didnt expect like ur magikarp getting retired...absolutely crazy.keep up the good work!
Theres really not much to do in this game, most of your gameplay is going to be tapping the skip button over and over. Once your magikarp gets maxed out and looses a battle, you're forced to retire it and catch another magikarp and go through the whole boring grinding skip button training until you get 1 or 2 more levels above where you were. And then, you guessed it, retire you're magikarp and rinse and repeat. Its cute, its funny for a bit. Then, theres nothing left to it.
Great game but I have a suggestion, maybe add it so then you can see your fish in a museum called the museum of Magikarp- quite a generic.
Really fun game, the thing is, I can't play the game. I was playing Magikarp jump for a while, then all of a sudden, it crashes and I can't open the app anymore
Love the game. Im a big Magikarp fan so its great to have this game. Could use some daily login prizes to motivate login each day.
Its fun to play its kinda lag but the graphics in the game are good and the animations are good too keep on the game :)
I would give 5 stars but the reson why i didnt is because when you make a random encounter and you choose the wrong choice, your magikarp DIES! I encountered a random pokeball and it was really a voltorb! (I forgot what kind of pokemon it was named. Pretty sure the name is voltorb) And my poor magikarp just dies. Anyway, next time when you go to update this, make it so your magikarp just gets HURT and it dosent die.
OMG BEST MOBILE GAME EVER!!! This is not one of those trashy free to play games. You can easily play through the game without in-app-purchases. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO adicted! Nothing to complain about!
Pretty cute. It isn't particularly deep or anything, but it's free and there aren't any intrusive ads.
at first I was quite surprised to figure out that there are tons of patterns for you to discover and the gameplay is simple and amazing.its also great to see how you pokemon grow and get better and when you finish a league you feel very accomplished.
Its a fun little game The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does get a little jumpy every now and then other wise its a great fun little game
I honestly didnt think I could enjoy a game centered around Magikarp, but let me tell you, I have grown quite attached to my pun monikered feisty karp that could. This game is cute, engaging, tongue and cheek while still having everything Poké nerds enjoy.
Its a quite addicting game but its really fun and if someone were to ask me to point out witch was the best part Id explode
As someone who comes from Pokemon, any game possible. This is just a simple but fun game, nothing complex to it. The variety of Magikarp's is something that made me hope we get to experience that in the anime/manga one day. No bugs, no issues. Just a fun easy game.
This game is fun. It´s a great way to pass the time. One way is that you can see a very weak pokemon get a game. Which means if you are bad at one thing you may be amazing at another thing. This is why I give this game five stars.
Awesome game! Love it! Just went through it again for the 2nd time. Please do some updating... maybe some multiplayer battles and more league battles/higher levels. Highly recommend!
It is a very good game but there is a very small problem that your magikarp retires and then you leave it and take a new one which comes from level 1 and we have to again start from begging. I even miss my old magikarp.though for this thing I am not going to reduce a star as there is no type of glitch in game.
Really great game, fun and simple to pick up and instantly understand. However, maybe other forms should be easier to access?
I love this game considering I'm a really big pokemon fanatic this is the only pokemon mobile game that I like considering Im 11, that opinion might change, aside from the fact my Magikarp won't evolve, I like this game.👍
Love it! This game is adorable and addicting. You don't need to spend money to progress, but you can to progress even quicker. I've been playing for a couple hours now without stopping. If you like Pokemon definitely give this game a look.
EDIT: now that the game was updated I am able to play again. enjoyed this game alot, got a new phone and can't even play this anymore. it opens for a couple seconds and closes right away.
I just love it I dont know why it's just so fun! The battles,The random after training things,The training.And there is nothing I dont like about it!its awsome!