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Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by The Pokemon Company located at 東京都港区六本木6-10-1六本木ヒルズ森タワー. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game I think it inspires people to do what they like and have high that no one can judge and and also it's a place for big imagination!
Just heard that PoDuel is shutting down, extremely disappointing to hear. I've had a lot of fun on this game for the past 2 years, with an unknown amount of money spent, it's too soon and so sad to see it go. Thank you PoCompany for all the good memories on this. My Ampharos will always be in my heart. <3
whenever i try to open the game it says i dont have any space! i had tp delete like 5 other games! whats the point when you only get nothing and it still says "you need to make more space", i say thumbs down
game is fun but rated it 1 star cause i couldnt recover my account after accidently deleting app, so i lost everything and now start from beginning smh, u really couldnt come up with a sign in so we can get in other devices easier then taking screenshots and send it to them to get our stuff back, but game is so good im willing to start all over again
first off, why does it take so long to load? minecraft takes a shorter time to load. also, I really do think there are some hidden mechanics because I seem to be hitting that tiny red sliver way more than 5% of the time which is kind of frustrating when you lose several matches due to this. you might want to level up your pokemon but the bonus is minuscule. it is nice that they reduce the time on the box you are unlocking when you battle, but it does crash my game every time I open one.
First thing they say in intro is that you can make it without spending money. Then the second you make your 3rd rank and transition into playing real people its pay to win and you get wrecked by a team of 6 figures that you havent even had a chance to get yourself.
I pre registerd for this game. I played all the time when it first released.i dominated some and got wrecked by others. And now that pokemon duel is on its deathbed i give it a 5 star review. The team behind this game developed and updated a legend. RIP duels. Aug/22/2019 5:54 pm
Unfortunately I ran into a bug where everytime I try to do a duel quest, it won't let me select my figures. I do not have this problem when facing other players, this only happens in the quest battles. Hopefully you can fix it soon.
Game is fun to play. So many glitches they need to patch though. Play timer doesn't run if the other player has bad connection so gives them time advantage. Freeze glitches in quest mode when unlocking a new building, freeze glitches when youve passed 20 duels for the day. Advantage goes to those who spend money. Hard to get good figures otherwise. Could be a very good game but pokemon needs to shape up with this one
I only keep playing this game due to the time and effort I invested on it before it became completely pay to win. Newly released figures are generally overkill, rendering most of the old ones completely obsolete. The most powerful ones behind a cash wall and otherwise unobtainable. I find myself forced to forfeit against opponents with certain decks or figures (like Shaymin + Mega Manetric, they're completely overpowered) in order to save me some time and frustration.
Love this game, played from the beginning, all ups n downs. the strategy and rng have me hooked. I have a 33k ice deck since the beginning and still hold up well vs the meta.
Even when this game wasn't a pay-to-play nightmare it always had two big bugs - 1, after playing a bit it stops responding to touch, albeit only on "story" mode.2 - THE DAMNED SLOW LOADINGS. Seriously, on good networks it can take about 10 min loading & connecting before I can even so much as collect my log-in bonus! It's ridiculous! No other game I have, Pokemon (including the new Rumble one) or otherwise, takes this long. And now that monthly pass thing /sigh and I honestly really liked it...
Ridiculous! We've spent the last two years playing this game. Faithfully believing that you were serious about our experience as consumers. Then you randomly announce out of nowhere with no remorse whatsoever that the game is being discontinued after we have all spent thousands? You should be ashamed. Horrible experience. Don't trust any mobile games from the Pokémon Company ever again people. They will break your heart every time. Screw Pokémon Masters or anything else you come up with!
used to be incredible now it is far too much Pay To Win very frustrating starting a new game as you will always lose to people who have paid for the starter or player packs rather than against gradually increasing opponents. game itself is very fun except for the massive P2W aspect. Also, please bring back boxes you can buy with gems! Gems are useless now as you can only buy specific sets, I much preferred spending 500 gems on a set of 10 boxes.
Honestly an extremely entertaining and amazing experience, especially for a mobile game. It's an amazing reboot of the pokemon trading figure game it's pretty much the exact game except the trainer mechanic in the actual TFG. It also dosen't rely on an energy mechanic to play the game unlike Fire Emblem Hero's. It does have an energy mechanic but that's for events and the main story which is less entertaining than online battles. And even then the energy for the main story barely takes much.
Pokemon duel was overall a great game. Then after a recent patch (I'm not sure which one), the game ceased to load beyond the news screen. It won't even load the notifications on the news screen! I really miss playing this game. For reference, I'm on a OnePlus 6T.
This is a game that is well,AMAZING! you can sell pokemon, buy pokemon and battle other people! and you should get this game as soon as possible!!!
I like this game very much but please fix the problem. I had got 1000 material but it hasn't added to my material many times it had happen to me. So please fix it as fast as you can.
Pokemon Duel is fun and can be addictive, especially for those who like strategy games. unfortunately the load times and glitches are numerous and halt game play to the point of frustration.
This game is fun and all but the server connection is unbearable. Every game it delays and my time runs out. Just wanted to open the box but it just loads forever. Pls fix
Completely pay 2 win, have to buy good figures to have a chance against whales. Menus are incredibly slow, i have to turn the sound off everytime i open the game. Battles being entirely rng is the opposite of fun.
its a good gane but they got ride of the purchasble bosters witch made the game more fun and helped build your team. now its just a money grab for the vip stuff. if i could i would undo the uptade that got rid of the boosters. the player pass is the games worse dicision.
good game but IT IS PAY 2 WIN the player pass system is honestly stupid if my friend can go from not being able 2 win a single match cus his pokemon r weak to master league by getting the stupid 50 player pass figures free 2 play need to get 10 and not 1 yes, us free 2 plays get 1 figure of choice A MONTH while pay 2 win players get 50 A MONTH YES 50
Well, it's over... Sword and Shield killed this too. I don't understand. This game was so amazing! They kept it fresh by trying to create new metas, the powerful figures can be beaten by the weakest (i.e. Arceus vs Litten), they reward the free to play people without taking away value from the pay to play... This game had everything. I personally am done with Pokémon after this, but I hope that they will make a game that all of new fans will enjoy.
Game is pretty fun and amazing however the game keeps freezing when trying to load up say going between the different tabs which sucks because you have to close the game and re-load it again only for it to do the same thing again. Played all day yday on it and it was fine but today I struggled to play at all as it was just to frustrating. It's a shame because I would definetly put money into this game because of how fun it is at the core, just some bugs really messing up some ppls experience
I used to play this game a while back, but i deleted it to free up space. I got it again, and I cant even play it because of insufficent storage. I wish it wasnt a guessing game with how much storage it needs to use to load the game.
The game is great. I have spent hours playing with lots of enjoyment (and rage moments) but overall it is a very smooth fun game. Disappointed that the service is ending as I put a lot of time and money into this game, but it was fun while it lasted.
It's a very interesting, strategic game...Only flaw I see is that I can't play it anymore🤷🤦 It loads up...But won't let me go any further than the information screen. It won't load nothing else. So, that's the only flaw I see so forth...Need to fix that bug so I can get back to playing the game 😔
Loved the game until "unexpected error" kept showing up when I open the app. It's lasted for about half the day already. I tried opening the game on another phone and it worked fine. Please fix this.
Hello pokémon company, I would like to say that this is a great game, however, after I acuired a UX Pikachu through the monthly point system, it did not let me receive it. I checked my deck and my inbox however it was not there. I am very frustrated because I worked hard to get that UX Pikachu.So please give me my UX Pikachu.
I loved this game. Absolutely my favorite game ever. Then, once I go to play it, it won't let me play! I have spent money on this game and then all of the sudden you're deleting the game?!?! That is very ridiculous all because you guys are coming out with a new pokemon game? What about all of us faithful costumers that have been with this game from day 1? You just don't care? Very disappointing...
Good game, i have been playing for a few years now. But i think its time to Upgrade the old pokemon with some higher stats, because now with the rise of new EX and UX pokemon, the old Pokemon seem weaker For example, The legendary birds, like zapdos seem like a joke now with the highest attack status of 100 Gold attack. I hope the developers do take this into consideration as older players like myself find it unbearable to witness such a tragedy
simply cannot play, after the last update and purchasing the player pass I have been unable to even view my deck as it keeps saying an unexpected error occurred, emailed the game company and they have totally ignored me....even been on the Website and they have been no help...really used to love this game
I just read that you're stopping the game, if you can't keep it up sell it to another maker so the customers your patrons can still play it, why do you tap things for sale if you're going to stop the game?
Hey developers its been a long time, now i want update now. Well thanks for the previous one that u people give the chance to free players of purchasing the 3 day duel booster. This game is great and intersting. Keep it up and one more suggestion to you people is that every player should get some reward whenever they ranks up in the game or they can get rainbow boosters when they rank up.
Seems very pay-to-play, especially when going up against players who obviously payed their way into it. This game is SOOOOOO slow, too.Every time i click soenthing there is a five second load time: a problem i have not experienced with ANY other game. It's a shame, because i like the idea of it.
This is a very good looking game and a very quality one too. The controls are great, the storyline is interesting and the gameplay is smooth overall. However I was disappointed but mainly it was my fault for not reading the description first but I expected it to be a real pokemon battle and not figurines of pokemon battling on the board. Anyways, there are people who enjoy these kind of games so keep it up because this game really has potential.
The game was great, I like the idea of it. Kinda like chess but Pokémon ver. But for the quests, they leave you on a cliffhanger, and they don't continue past Hotel Elysium. Hopefully they actually do continue it, otherwise this stays at a 4 star because quests get cut off. (I mean, you could've at least ended it..) Also, why is it ending? you have a successful app, a successful community, why? (I'm sorry if it seems rude, but I'd like to know why, at least...)..why?
i love this game, i really do. but what was the point in all of the time and effort that was put into it if its being erased essentially. what about all the money that we have put into it only to have it all taken away? if anyone knew that it would all be a waste, no one would have spent a dime. literally went from 5 stars to 0 overnight. not sure what to say...
its an amazing game if your a Pokémon fanboy/girl its really easy to get different Pokémon and you will be surprised how powerful the ultra rare ones are i have an exerkertree and it does 113 damage and it also does 103 damage.
I really enjoy this game however it is missing something. a trading system. may one where you can put one or more pokemon down and show what you want, if people have it they can trade it back. plus there can be a live trade where you can chat with real people and negotiate say several C for a UC or several UC for a R or several R for a EX or several EX for a UX. Also im ready for the next quests. (Update) WHY ARE YOU GETTING RID OF POKEMON DUEL THIS IS MY FAVOURITE POKEMON GAME SO FAR!!! WHY!!!!!
great game and great concept but over half the time the game gets stuck on the loading screen with pikachu and the text above it, but i can still make the white particle trail with my finger, is there a way to fix this?
inward some of the most important thing is dollars . how we can get dollar. because some of the Indians who play this game
it's simply beautiful. but there is one problem which is why i gave this game three stars instead five. i got mega salemace and mega herakross BUT I DON'T SEE IT IN MY DECK!! PLEASE fix this problem. not only i but many have this problem of disappearing Pokemon
I would have given 10 stars but that option is not there but I would rate 10/10 .very awesome easy to play and good for all pokemon fans.
This is the best game ever!Its way better than Brawl Stars.I hope one day Pokémon Duel will become an offical board game!Every time I play this game, I feel very alive to play duels with real world people\players.Totally recommended!😆
Amazing free to play game. I love everything about this game. There is no wait time to play duels and you don't need to buy anything to win. The game is very addicting and I find it exciting to see what figure I get from the chests Only thing that would make this game perfect is updating or changing the game transfer from one phone to another. I didn't note down my transfer ID on my old phone and had to start again. It is my fault that I lost it but would help if it was a little more accessible
I haven't got to play it yet, SINCE IT NEEDS MOST OF MY PHONE STORAGE. I've played it before, great game, just lower the storage needed to play, Its supremely annoying when I delete 1/5 of my whole storage, and it still needs storage.
Another old player coming back to pokemon, and hoping to find some decent phone apps, but could not even get the game past the initial installing screen, spent 30 minutes waiting for the game to load to no avail, then tried again today for an hour, unfortunate this game seems to be over and unplayable. i enjoyed the aspect of this game, only reason i just got back was old phone broke with my progress and couldnt get it back on this one, guess i waited too late
I used to love this game, but now I can't even load the app. It keeps saying that I don't have enough storage, even though I deleted 4 apps and even transferred it to my micro sd card which still has 45 gigabytes free. Please fix this, as it is very annoying.
This update is horrible , you guys are just focus on getting money . First we could get random figures from the 10 booster packs but now game just feel like a paid version. It was fun to collect gems but now gems are waste. It would be better if the boosters could be brought back.
Why are you discontinuing this great game! This game is the chess of pokemon it is a perfect game! if you didn't discontinue this game I would rate this game 5 stars! this is a disgrace to the pokemon company! I hope your happy killing one of the best games on mobile!
the game is good, very fun! I would give it 4 or even 5 stars but everytime i take a break, when I come back my game resets and I have to start over. In total I've spent over $200 on it across my 2 restarts and it just happened again to me. This is insane I want to play but I'm not restarting.
I really enjoyed playing this game. The overall gameplay was strategic and fun, and it was still possible to win even if the opponent had ridiculously overpowered packs and cards. The microtransactions were easy to avoid and not really that intrusive or needed for gameplay. I'm sad to hear this will be discontinued in October. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars if it were still going on.
the lag in this game is something to fear. often I have to tap something 4 or 5 times to even get a response. if you dont mind the slow interface it's a very fun take on checkers with a few more pokemon twists
The game was great, I like the idea of it. Kinda like chess but Pokémon ver. But for the quests, they leave you on a cliffhanger, and they don't continue past Hotel Elysium. Hopefully they actually do continue it, otherwise this stays at a 4 star because quests get cut off. (I mean, you could've at least ended it..) ive heard rumors that youre trying to replace it with masters, but what about the people who can't play masters? what are you gonna do then?
what does it mean that "the services will be terminated on some day" (i really tried to pay attension to the date) but this one question really makes me nervous, is pokemon duel going to be deleted? PLS TELL ME NO!!!!!
I like this game; I just got it so I'm not a master but it is fun and time consuming. I am very upset that this game has no pokemon logic. I had my Geodude against an electric type and the electric won, in real pokemon electric isn't effective on rock.
Very great game! frustrating too... basicly like a board game of some-sort. I rlly hope I get a marshadow soon/someday. Marshadow is OP and has AMAZING stats when you IV & EV one. Pokemon duel also takes a long time too boot up. Worth it though.
As i promised, i will gonna give a proper review now since i was able to play the game and it was amazing. But sometimes i DO miss the boosters that you can buy so can you please bring them back cuz it would make game as well as getting different boosters when deafeting someone instead of getting the same booster eveeytime e.g the begginer booster. Also mabye make the EX and UX harder to get cuz at the start of the game i had 3 EX and 1 UX. So can u make them harder so it isnt that common. Thanks
Since the game is going to be discontinue you know what's very sad.....a lot of players been spending so MUCH MONEY ON THE GAME YEARS AND NOW IT'S JUST GOING TO SHUT DOWN UGH I am getting rid of Pokemon Duel >:(
plz add back gem boosters. I mean seriously I like the game but the one thing i hate about the last few updates is that you took out most of the gem crates (sextuple crate, quadruple crate, X crate) I mean I used to love these and I'm sure some others did to so could u plz add it back?
surprisingly this game requires a lot of thinking and smart decisions/uses for each Pokemon, and this gives plenty of room for different strategies and outside of the box thinking.
Even if it's hard to get stuff I realize years after that it needs work for the best. I just want to let you guys no that this game filled up a very important role for me as a pokemon fan. Even if you leave, I will never forget this game and the fun times i've had in it. Please dont go, we need you.♡♡♡
A wonderful game, never before and probably never again now its closing will a mobile game capture my imagination like this one. A true shame its ending, i can only assume terrible advertising is to blame.
I can't play the game at all. Every time I open it it says, "Free up space." I have deleted over 100 images and uninstalled apps that I don't use. I have freed up plenty of space for this game. Please help.
the game overall is good but after the last 2 updates im unable to play the game... it says downloading after the update but nothing downloads and i wait for like 10 minutes and nothings happens... i dont want to delete the game because its really fun and ive spemt many years playing it... i hope that problem can get fixed
this game is so pay to win! the figures started out balanced, and now they are so unfair ans totally untrue to pokemon. Why on earth is poipole the most op pokemon in the game? Also things like Meganiums shouldnt have 160 attacks based off ita stats in the actual game. Also Latias only has 150 attacks. The new figures are op and ruin the perfectly fine game it was. Maybe thats why this game is closing down.
The interface is very slow often requiring double taps just to register your actions. It's constantly trying to connect with it's server causing even more lag. I noticed through gameplay in the training mode it greatly favors your opponent. I would do a "surround" move which knocks off the opponents Pokemon and it would not happen only to let the opponent have a turn resulting in a move stronger than mine, every time, knocking out my own Pokemon. Has potential but needs a full overhaul.
why are u guys terminating the service if Pokemon duel why its because about pokemon masters i've watched it and it sucks pokemon duel is the most amazing board game in my intire life and you guys just blew it did you guys even realize how many people spend their time on this game just to get some rare figures and pay more attention to the game and for those people their out who spend their money just to buy op figures has just gone to a waste i want you guys to Max revive this game immediately
Ive played this before and its a mint game, but re downloading it, its not opening the mail page and thus stopping the game, i will keep it a bit in the hope that it will fix, but i do hope this will be fixed
amazing game. I always play it, but the problem is that I bought a primal groudon for gems and I lost my gems and didn't get the figure. How can I get it back?
this makes 3 pokemon games that dont load do to "no internet connection". had no problems downloading the app... have no problems downloading and playing your competitors games. pokemon company, YOU SUCK! update: finally loaded. its alright i guess. all about chance. u could have an amazing strategy but loose because of unlucky spin. which seems to happen more often the higher ur lvl. +2 stars.
The worst game which I have ever played. It update too much and need a huge amount of storage for the app which I dislike. If I get a chance, I will kill not only the app but also the company. I want that this problem should be improved in time otherwise I will delete it.
I love this game. absolutely deserves 5 stars. but just after a few days of play I updated the app and go a notice the game is ending service in October. that is simply disappointing. it was completely unexpected. I hope something in between now and then changes so this great app can continue.
I can't do anything. I did the tutorial but after it said I had a message. When I pressed it had nothing I I couldn't leave. Even after closing the game I still got glitch. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and skipped the tutorial I still got glitch in the same spot. The reason I gave this 3 stars is that the 1 battle in the tutorial got me hooked on the game but I couldn't play it. Can you please fix this issue. Thanks
F you pokemon company! that's why i would never spend and cash on your games. you release a cash grab them get rid of the game. haha... so funny. i love this game and so many others do. i feel bad for those who have spent 16.99 per month expecting to collect all figures. screw you!
i really love this game but i cant seem to get through the tutorial for some reason. when they tell me to press something it doesnt let me do so. i hope you fix this problem.
This game is really good, the only downside is that it is super slow sometimes, and is also slow for loading and why is it that if you skip the tutorial the game freezes?
I used to play Pokémon Duel a lot back when it was relevant and popular. It used to be a lot of fun and great for strategic plays. But now, I can say without a doubt that this game is literally unplayable. Loading takes forever now, it sometimes crashes, and everything is behind a pay-wall. It's also pretty unfair now, not only because it is now purely based on luck, but the new figures are ridiculously OP. Now that this game will be shutting down soon, good riddance. Rest in Peace 2016-2019
I really enjoy this game however it is missing something. a trading system. may one where you can put one or more pokemon down and show what you want, if people have it they can trade it back. plus there can be a live trade where you can chat with real people and negotiate say several C for a UC or several UC for a R or several R for a EX or several EX for a UX. Also im ready for the next quests. (Update) WHY ARE YOU GETTING RID OF POKEMON DUEL THIS IS MY FAVOURITE POKEMON GAME SO FAR!!! WHY!!!!
Has potential but with the constant 15 second load timers just to navigate a single menu item is absurd. Unacceptable. Efficiency needs to be a priority, which it clearly isn't. Pass.
This is by far one of my favorite games. However, I have logged in four times just for it to go back to the title screen. I'm not sure whats going on with this game but it needs fixed ASAP. I can't enjoy the game if I can't play. The title screen isn't amusement enough. Sorry.
one of the best game i have played. Absolutely brilliant..it is by far the best android/ios pokemon. Truly heart broken to hear the game is shutting down. I hope the developers will understand the value of the game and continue it.
When I start playing it, it was exactly how they described it. When they say they fix a bug, I don't even know what they are talking about. Please add tag teams. They already started in the TCG ans i hope they start appearing here here as well!! One more feature I hope you add is a Time Booster better than a Rainbow Booster. It will be called the Cyber Booster as it can only have UX or higher. Then 2 Rare or higher figures, 2 Ingots, 2 Rare Metal and also 1000 material! Really rare with 5% chance
I hate my life. I'm sad that has to go. this game was my and now it's going to be gone. hope it returns soon. Goodbye Pokemon duel. I had so much fun with you and though it had a few problems, it was still the best game I ever played. I love Pokeduel.
I just downloaded the game and i cant even play!It comes up with a sign saying that i dont have enough storage when i have alot. I have stable wifi and my location.
A great game that stays faithful to the Pokemon TFG, it just has some major, major balancing issues. The air balloon gives any Pokemon +2 movespeed and allows it to hop over any tiles and Pokemon. This leads to nearly any Pokemon being able traverse the entire board and win the game within two turns. I would list more but I'm only allowed to write 500 letters.
Great fun game I only have two problems with it, one is as with any multi-player game people who pay money have a MASSIVE advantage over free-bees like me. my other complaint is that it takes a long time to load, but really the wait is worth it.
i can give a five star but i have a complain: latios is my favourite pokemon and i am happy cause i have it,but when buy its mega evolve figure,i cant fond anything to make it mega evolve at duel or battle,give me a soloution and i will give five star
I would give this game a better rating, but the game shuts down on me almost every time I load it. I purchased the "Player Pass" and it pronised me 10 figures of my choice, but it only let me choose 6 figures. I am not happy with this at all. I wasted $17 on on this game this month and it wont let me get a refund. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR MONEY STOLEN FROM YOU.
the perfect game for young pokemon fans as it will help them learn more about these pocket monsters . I would suggest that you try to remember as much of what you have learnt as it will expand your knowledge.
the in game download engine sucks, it close it self during the downloading, and previous download progress are also restarted. just put the whole game on playstore, at least they have better download engine.
the game is amazing. I love the game board aspect of it and using strategic moves to win over your opponent. Only problem I have is that some figures pictures will not load at all in my screen.
pretty good. but some annoying things having to do with lag. and there should be a easier way to find things out like a hell button or something. but otherwise a good pokemon game.
I loved this game! It was pretty solid aside from the space problem. As a f2p player, I worked really hard and long for so many EX figures and a high ranking. All was good untill the player pass was introduced and the removal of the boosters. For around 20$ a month you can purchase the player pass which alows for the person to get like 10 figures of their choice (and I think monthly point boosters). This makes the game much more difficult for f2p people for obvious reasons. The meta is broken.
Sad to see it being terminated. Not because it's particular amazing, but it did have more content than other Pokemon mobile game.. without making you go outside.
great game but can you bring back boosters and allow a free trial period of the player pass please. I will give 5 stars when this issue is fixed
It's a great game, with great mechanics, and a very complete list of the Pokemon, but some time ago, it became almost completely for the players who can pay, and now after two years, in which I lost many accounts and created others (almost 8) they say from nothing without a reason that the game is over, and give a ridiculous boost of 50 Pokemon for whoever that paid, making the actual game almost unplayable for the newcomers. Wrong move, pals
Best game for the phone that exists that I have seen. There is a lot of strategy with luck also in this game which makes it interesting and hard to get bored of. They add new Pokémon every month which changes up the meta and keeps the game from being repetitive. I would recommend everyone to try this game.
This game is very fun but it gets unfair when you get to great, everything got hard all the sudden because the players get too overpowered mostly because of paying. Sometimes it also unables you to move a pokemon when you play quests. But I still like it and it has a lot of fun parts.
I do love playing and watching pokémon. But with this app, i don't recommend it. After clicking the gift button, it always crashed and bring me to the title screen. Please fix this.
the last Pokemon game I would play,practice is my least favorite part about this game cuz you can't use the Pokemon you spent days on working to get,tell this company to notify me when it's fixed cuz I still can't win in number 10 practice becuz my stuff keeps kicking me whenever I play it,not cuz my internet connection. make sure I can use my own Pokemon, and not by giving me the duel chips so I can play, o know this company is too smart SOMETIMES,it notas itseemsbyalmostgivingyourselfabruise
i rate this game a 5, for too many reasons..the mechanics of fighting are unique, this games stayed in its fresh feeling state for so long. Also, i love hearing babies cry about how this is "pay to win" ok, how....? yeah, its not. Just because rng hates you doesnt mean the games anything short of amazing. balance in this game, is incredible. if youre good, you are able to handle any enemy team. you cant always win though, OH NO!
it's simply beautiful.i have one suggestion of adding a gifting system in this game so that we can gift some items to our friends or relatives. but there is one problem which is why i gave this game 4 stars instead 5. i got mega salemace and mega herakross BUT I DON'T SEE IT IN MY DECK!! PLEASE fix this problem. not only i but many have this problem of disappearing Pokemon.
this app is great but the LAG ABSULOTY SUCKS I have deleted this game beacsue when I want to play it takes forever literally it never loads so you basically cant play and if you're thinking its wifi problems it's not I say right next to a strong wifi and being connected so dont bother downloading it because you wouldn't even get the chance to play it. I love pokemon soooooooo much and it would be lovely to play but sadly it doesnt work so this is a huge disappointment
I can't load the game all of a sudden. I keep getting a message saying 'unexpected error occurred' and I'm forced back to the loading screen just for it to do it again. Please fix this, I love this game
Game was okay, Yet somehow a thing was missing. Can you guys make a Delete Progress Button? For Players who are bored with their current Game Experience and want to start over. I tried Uninstalling it again and again. But just wouldn't work. So Please, Make my Wish Come true.
The most complex app to switch from device to a newer device. When you get a new phone, not everyone thinks to use the transfer process to switch the app to a new device (at least I haven't), because every other game app has a simple link like google, or an email, etc. This makes it complicated when you lose a phone or a phone is damaged... how about you just make this an email password app instead? Or link it to google? It would make things so much easier.
I used to love this game, I used to play it everyday, but lately ur making certain figures OP which ruins the entire game, and people who pay have an advantage because of the unfairly OP figures, like the ultra beasts, certain megas, alot of UX figures are op so stop this and make them fair!!!!!!
Why on earth would you discontinue the game??? My son and I play this together all of the time! This is total bollocks.
this game needs very high net seed how can people get so speed net every where ilost many matches due to sudden lost connection this is a bad bug hey create a new game which is exactly like a real Pokémon world ,we can catch ,train,and battle with others
I love this game to bits, its a tragity that it's going away. I have no idea what I'll play after this. its definately one of kind! I wish I could make it stay.
The Loading When I Load Data Is Unreal 4 Hours And It Havent Finished Yet Im Using Wifi And 4G For Backup
i just realized the game is shutting down, it was a fun engaging pokemon game, unlike the brainless ones coming out recently. shame..
when i opened the app, it started saying "downloading" for no reason at all and after the loading screen, I can't do anything, i tapped my time boosters but nothing and it wasn't even fully loaded, there was nothing that i can do anymore
I love you guys it keeps getting better and better the update the free tickets to up your points so you can reach the monthly point is the best keep it up guys i love this game.but still I want a charizard but i cant get one by opening some rainbow chest i hope you guys make a giveaway charizard so i can use my reserved mega charizard X on the battle field hahahaha.ty for creating pokemon duel keep up the good work:)
love this game I've been playing it religiously for 4 months now, but the last few days have had a lot of connection problems which I normally wouldn't mind except I used my boost tickets yesterday and now I can't get on ... please fix this
Trash a** game the balancing to these losers is making you land impossible misses so you can't win against there paying players all these reviews about being a great game haven't played it long I played it for about 2 years don't believe the stupidity its pay to win and when you think they gave you cool EXs there actually trash compared to the over powered ones that are unbeatable that others pay for it just keeps getting worse and one day you'll win get your points up next day you'll lose them
4 stars because the game is addicting and fun, I've been playing it for almost a year now and share great experiences with it. Not worth 5 stars however, because you are allowed to have a full team of megas. I really do not understand who thought that this was a good idea. I personally refuse to use any megas out of spite. It breaks the game and makes it incredibly frustrating, whether you have megas on your own team or not. One or both players in a match will be very OP and it is not fun.
This game was pretty amazing until it became a pay to win game... It resembled chess but with added benefits that made the strategy game interesting. I would still highly recommend this game to any pokemon fan who has not played it regardless of my 3 star rating. I will still keep this game on my phone just in case the servers are relaunched 😉
This game is unplayable the monetization model is terrible the booster pack system is long gone removing one of the most fun and accessible ways for players to get lucky and obtain good figures. If you are staring over or wanting to play for the first time move along this game is a waste of your time and a huge shame seeing how this game was really fun at one point where as now it's a rotting corpse of what it once was.
I hope the storyline is going to be complete soon. I understand you want to complete the figure collections to include all Pokemon, but please also update the storyline. It has great potential and is quite deep, and it would be a waste to leave it on a cliffhanger.
best game ever, it my most favorite game I've been playing for 2 years so far and love that you can do something amazing with every update, this is the best game so far in my book. thank you for the amazing game
I love this very much just started and I'm Eilet less the a week but only two problems bother me; 1. every time I have chit-chat in story I need to reast the app because I can't move my figures 2. The description ability of the Pokémon is confusing as I don't really get maybe make short videos for their ability?
amzing, but i wish there was a game that you could download that was like the other pokemon games. Such as pokemon sun and moon. Also if you had the crates that cost gems, so you could get pokemon that you cant get while getting the packs that cost 600 gems.
Really sorry the game is going to an end. Love this game so much even sometimes it's hard to win when opponents have much better pokemons than yours, however using better strategy could also defeat them. Wonder why the service is discontinue.. We'll remember you Pokemon Duel :)
hello Nintendo I have 2 requests 1.could you bring back boosters? 2. please remove the forfeit feature it ruins the game if people forfeit. thanks in advance.
the first time in my opinion, so that we can get the most important to you by the time of day, I will be able, but it was a good day, and we will need to be a good time to do it for the first time in my head and the kids, but I am not a big fan of the time to do with the new York city and state of California at least a few minutes
Its a good game all in all but the battle i just finished didnt really seem fair.Now your probably asking yourself "Well what happened?" well it wouldn't let me mobe my Dialga up the left flank it was perfectly fine before but i just thought I'd let you know.
I'm rather dissapointed, I used to love it. Ever since UX figures came out I was pretty excited too. But there came the Player Pass and the game became basically pay to win. Multiple Mega Evolutions on single deck is also pretty outrageous, and having them Mega Evolve multiple times. It just doesn't feel like Pokémon anymore. Where did the Sextuple and Quadruple boosters go anyway? That's the only way to get EX figures by in game effort. It was fun for everyone, now it's just pay to win.
Pretty great, battling system is cool and unique, loved most of it but nothings perfect. Some things i didnt like were that for 1, things take a long time to register as you clicking them so when i click the store icon, it sometimes takes upwards of 10 seconds to get into it. However, im not ruling out that being my internet. Secondly, in battle theres a timer that if it runs out you lose, this keeps ticking even in battle animations for your turn which has cost me to lose many times where cudwin
best game ever.. it's a shame its gotta be so fun and lots of real money spent just for them to terminate the app soon. and for the developers, pokemon duel is 100× better then pokemon rumble rush and pokemon go.. its a shame too see it go..
I'm dissapointed, I used to love it. Ever since UX figures came out I was pretty excited too. But there came the Player Pass and the game became basically pay to win. Multiple Mega Evolutions on single deck is also pretty outrageous, and having them Mega Evolve multiple times. It just doesn't feel like Pokémon anymore. Where did the Sextuple and Quadruple boosters go anyway? That's the only way to get EX figures by in game effort. It was fun for everyone, now it's just pay to win.
The game was great, I like the idea of it. Kinda like chess but Pokémon ver. But for the quests, they leave you on a cliffhanger, and they don't continue past Hotel Elysium. Hopefully they actually do continue it, otherwise this stays at a 4 star because quests get cut off. (I mean, you could've at least ended it..)
Easily my favorite game on the play store. I've had to restart it about 5 times and it was always a joy. Im still shocked and in disbelief that it will be terminted. Really hope that changes!
So unbalanced right now. UX Menactric & Mega Menactric are way too OP. This game is frequently toxic with 1 OP deck until a hard counter is introduced. Until the game is balanced again their is no point in playing unless you have the best current meta deck.
This game was the greatest mobile game I've ever played. The game mechanics and the design behind it were a masterpiece. Comaster has always been unique, but it is truly a game that does much better on either handheld, computer or console. Seeing this game go... Man... TPC is a bunch of lunatics. They never gave this game much support and I wish they did. There were always issues with optimization and such, but a bit more support from TPC could have remedied this. And more importantly. PR. Getting the game out there. Almost no one knew this game existed. It's so stupid. There is no game like this out there. This is a unique game. It also has PvP, and a potential to create a great community. We proved that on the reddit. People getting together, strategizing, giving tips and supporting eachother. Pokemon Masters on the other hand is just a reworked Skylanders. It's boring. Grindy. A waste of my time. How did that game take priority over this one... PoDuel will be sorely missed. Truly.
Iam not able to transfer the game data to another phone at all . It shows that the id had already been used when the game id was not user at all. Pls fix it.
I love this game and I would always give it five stars. I am very sad to see it go and I still can't figure out why it is getting taken off the app store. I am going to miss pokemon duel but it was very fun while it lasted.
this is the best game i've ever played,even though i lost 3 accounts already I'm still playing it without rage,getting better each time! I love the game! please don't end this game :(
glitches at first message can't even get past tutorial. I tried with data and wifi plus my phone is the s10 so my phone isn't the problem the game is. will change rating if gets better. concept of game looks great so far. wish I could play it.
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I loved the game, but I am really sad that it is going to be gone forever. (maybe it will come back) I'll miss my EX Greninja and my Marshadow :(((
the graphics were as expected from a Pokemon game. like any other it gave the feeling of saying hey this a Pokemon game even without looking at the title. the gameplay was fun the idea was an interesting one and very neat concept. the controls were unresponsive even when i was in an area with good Wi-Fi connection and/or 4G. This game shows alot of potential but it mostly deals with the controls and the lack of actually playing it when you have to turn the game off and turn it back on