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Pocket tower: building game

Pocket tower: building game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Overmobile located at Novosibirsk, Russia 3/1 Ul.Musy Dzhalilya. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game a real challenge and you have to keep up with it but thats where the fun starts and I am quite addicted to it........the only thing is that the timings of the city collection are a bit off....if it stays for five days staight, that will be a real deal atleast for me, if that can be helped otherwise a good one and #supercalifragalisticexpilodicious! #Taeverso #managementisgreat
Very similar to Tiny Tower but also quite different. A couple things are driving me nuts though: 1) I wish they wouldn't automatically move in and hire staff. I have to go track them down and fire/evict. 2) I hate when you're restocking/collecting, it moves to the next floor automatically for you. I like to go in order from the bottom to the top and restock/collect/order each level. Instead, say you're collecting money, it goes to the next level needing collection. I hate that.
I love to play this game but now I am not getting enough time so I am not playing but I really appreciate the developer. They quickly see any email and responses on a time. They don't ignore any email. Your services are very good 🙂
The game is really nice. A little hard to understand some things, but not boring. The reason I am giving 2 stars is because it dosent let me purchase anything, it tells me yo check my network but my network is just fine. I have tried with other wifi networks and still the same problem.
I enjoy playing this game and have had it on multiple phones. Keeps me busy while i wait around. I however have recived messages from people that i would prefer not to get and i cant seem to find a way to report it and let monitors know of the problem.
Too random, not enough choice involved. Rearranging shop floors or choosing outlets themselves would have made this a much better game.
Its a good social game with many ways to earn money and stars etc to upgrade. It also allows interactive with people across the world which is brilliant but theres one problem that hopefully can be sorted some way. The original mayor hasnt been on for 22 days and although im acting mayor when will anyone be able to evict them? Is there a time limit before they can be removed or do they keep there incase they come back weeks from now?
Progress in Pocket Tower heavily relies on players reaching into their own pockets. I reached level 20 after 3 days and found nothing I could spend the in game currency on, deciding it was merely there for decoration, and my own satisfaction to watch it grow. Being held back by the game to watch the premium currency trickle in so I can continue to build a tower is patience I do not have
Really good game, a little repetitive and quite hard to actually do anything when you have to wait for deliveries and the elevator to fill so you basically only end up playing for 30 minutes and then having to wait to do anything more, once you reach over level 25 it takes Forever to level up again and rather annoying that some floors require bux so you basically have to put money into the game to advance, should be an option to use your coins but it taking longer to build or something
Recently had an issue that affected my spot in a competition, and the sad excuse for a dev team refused to provide bux compensation. Also, the individual key competition is completely pay to win, as they even give extra keys for buying bux in the store. Remove that aspect and compensate me for my game issues, and I will change my rating.
This app is amazing . I really love this game . I hope next time this app will help us to make earn real cash . Help us please . 😁
The game just won't start. I've tried to delete and reinstall it multiple times but it still won't play
Now I see why people quit.. the boosts are expensive.. its fun for those who will spend money and those who are higher in level.. game is ok with a lot of patience for f2p..
This game is fun but it takes to long to get a floor once you reach a certain level. They basically want you to pay to play. It's a shame .cause I really wanted to see how many floors it goes, the characters and whatever else this game had to offer., So if u want to pay to play well have fun.
Lost all of my progress today for the nth time. I was at level 60 with 79 floors. This had happened to me before every time I authorize my game. This time I didn't and still lost everything. I've been playing pocket tower for almost a yearand i love it so much. I hope there's a way to recover my tower. This is just heartbreaking.
Everytime I open the game IV lost all my bucks and keys I had 700 keys gone and 350 bucks gone not happy
Love everything about this game which is so much fun moving up in the rankings and trying to bump off the top teams. Also, its great to meet and work with people from all different countries. I really enjoy all of the different looks from the seasons. These are so adorable and 😍 😘 😍 😘 😅😅🤣🤣🙃🙃😉🤗🤗
Great game how many floors does this game go up to I've enjoyed others be4 and they only went to 60 floors but so far so good
My only problem is that if i click a notification it doesnt open the game unless its a "negotiation" notification
Love everything about this game which is so much fun moving up in the rankings and trying to bump off the top teams. Also, its great to meet and work with people from all different countries. I also enjoy all of the different looks from the seasons. These are so adorable and 😍 😘 😍 😘 😅😅🤣🤣🙃🙃😉🤗🤗
It starts out really fun, but as you go along it gets weird, so I only gave it two stars because Im not sure how to advance.
Other than the option of having more than one type of shop (having 2 ice cream shops, 2 laundromats) it's pretty good.
Love everything about this game which is so much fun moving up in the rankings and trying to bump off the top teams. Also, its great to meet and work with peoplefrom all over the world, wish that the time clock for our chest was back on there, hard trying to figure out when our chests(my chest) opens up....whoo hoo🙂🙂🙂🙃🙃🙃😄😄😄😁😁😁😉😉😉Love the winter look
I have played this game before so after 2 years I decided to play again but this time it has many many problems! First of all it always has an error on the screen for network connection. But the major problem is: the game doesn't work anymore! It just shows it's loading but it never opens!
Updating my review. Thank you so much for your comment and help. I was able to fix the problem and I blamed you guys. It was the only change! ❤ I love this game. It is a great time sink that fulfills that itch when I want to play a game. It is money hungry but the deals offered are rewarding enough to make in game purchases to advance. I played originally a long time ago and got bored. Downloaded it again because I like games like this. Kudos to the depth added.
loved the game and was a lot of fun but now it randomly will not connect to the internet even though my internet is fine, tried a bunch of different things to fix it but it wont work so now I'm missing half the game features that made it fun and cant connect fb to back it up to reinstall because it wont connect to the internet. if it was fully working it would be a 5* review.
I usually get bored quickly with games like this. But, I've actually quite enjoyed playing this game for weeks now & it's still fun to me. Thanks to the Developer! #GreatGame
I get bored quickly and seems such a money grabber that it doesn't make me wanna buy anything..when i will get tired of trying to grab bucks so i can buy new floors, i will uninstall. Would be better if city quests could be taken by all members not only by certain players given a rank in that city..its unfair towards new players and not encouraging. Not talking about car prices..
I love the game. Its fun to play. And just hard enough that its not getting boring. All the star events make it fun and a bit differnt each time.
Staying in a city is a pain because with some of them you get kicked for anything from language barriers to being offline for to long. Otherwise good time waster.
Game play is fast and easy to grasp .plenty of mini games and opportunities to win upgrades what I don't lut I'd that I lost my progress after reaching level 11 , although I had signed in with Facebook! Please fix
I have months playing this game. I really like it, and actually was wondering if an update will be available soon. So thanks! ❤️🎉
I have been playing the game for a while and was really enjoying it. I did not mind spending a few bucks here and there to buy bux in the game. However, it will now cost me 20,000 bux to build a new floor and that is simply outrageous! I simply refuse to spend that many of my hard earned bux to build a new floor. Even if I use an in game discount, it will be 10,000 bux. I am highly disappointed and because I am no longer able to advance, I will probably be uninstalling sometime soon.
This game is still the best for me..but I would like if there are few more quests added to the city quest because you know once the quests are open every monday..people fighting in my city to get the quests..in the end I'm left with nothing sadly..and this is the most frustrating one..you have to wait for so long for the quests refreshed..I hope this game developer could take this matters into consideration..thank you in advance.
was doing really well, floor 50. in a great city, went for update and lost all my progress!! got to re download and remember what i was logged in on. crashes a d freezes constantly also. thought it was my other device but obviously not. but i emjoy the game and games like this. fix the crashing bug and you will get more stars from me
I downloaded last week. It kicks me off at least every 5 minutes!! I can message anyone in my city because the box won't open to write. I played the game years ago and it was never this glitchy. It kicks me off then I have to restart everything I was working one. Please help it's so annoying and just want to play the game
I opened the game and it reset my tower. I emailed customer support and they got it back fairly quickly without headache. Amazing customer support!!! This is a very cute idle game with option to pay to grow faster. There are many in game options to take advantage of so you don't really have to pay.
I absolutely love this game and would give it 5 stars but I had this game on my old phone and had spent allot of my own money on it to build it up but when I switched phone the info did not transfer so I had to start all over again. I emailed the creators but they never got back to me. I lost allot in this game and I would continue to put money into it if I had my original building. Please fix this and I will give you 5 stars for sure. Thank you
Lost 15 floors after moving from a city... Fuming as costs a lot of time and coins at times. Fix these faults and your get 5 stars...
I'm having lots of fun building my tower . Prices are still high need the 99 cents purchase otherwise I would give you five stars you get three for that, overall the game is great, not easy to save bucks here
A cute little strategy game with alliance chat. There are even trophies to win. There is no way to pick exact floors hopefully there will be an update soom.
Only way you can really get any where in this game is to buy money.. after so many floors up it cost like 800$ game money to build new floors and it cost money to level floors up.
Pay to play The cost of the game gets pretty absurd with every few levels HAVING to be bux and the amount of bux increasing to absurd amounts quickly. So if you're not prepared to invest money, you're not going to play long without getting very bored.
Pocket Tower logged me out of my linked account, wont let me log back in and wants me start over! I have spent real money in this game, I have lost ALL my progress. This is unacceptable.
I would totally give 5 stars if there was an update that allows you to decide what kind of business you want to open on each floor rather than choosing a color and getting a random business...i HATE that!! also, there should be some sort of city tutorial that explains the different types of tasks and why you should do them prior to becoming a citizen of a city... other than that I'm a daily player and love this game
Every update is reaching a new low. You guys only care about money, you didn't even spare the boosts and uselessly raised its bux prize. Very very pathetic!!!
Less complicated version of Tiny Tower. Main issue is that there is only one server. If you are a new player you cannot catch up to the leader board. Also, to make money you either have to stay on 24-7 or use real money to buy methods to produce revenue offline. There is no true afk/idle feature. The investor game also needs more depth than pushing a button at the right spot when some guy says "Can you do it?" Did they go to Everest University to learn how to negotiate?!?
I love this app! i played this since 2018. but i noticed that the faces of the avatar was terrible now. please get it back.
Been playing this game for a while leveled up the city and wind up in events and we always finish City task before reset time in under a minute. Wear a level 57. Yet level under 50 windup beating us . And points. Defeats the whole purpose of leveling up a city . And we're wasting time doing it and under a minute. We're just wasting bucks and doing it under a minute during reset time when a lower team does it 8 hours later and still winds up beating us zz
The game is excellent except when I get online my progress is lost. I go back a couple of steps back. Please help me recover.
Once I really love this game because in this game i made certain friends. I am playing the game since three years. Due to study in mid i deleted tge game to fucus on study.Now when after long time i reinstall the game they have removed the most interesting and fun option "Public" where we chat with friends. Now there z no public chat room for gamer. I think u ruin the game. Now i really hate this game.
I Love this game I use to play it way back in th days when apps first came out. I love the upgrads and it keeps you busy and wanting to build more!
I got 7 floors built and tried to continue and it kept glitching and saying "loading synchronized account" Edit to add: I uninstalled for well over a month and re-download. It works fine now so far. I even got my progress back.
the game is fun. easy to learn. you should be able to kick people off your task for the city you are helping if they aren't helping for that task that they had joined to help. I had downloaded this game on my ipad but it won't load so I'll continue to play on my phone. there's some glitches in the game. it will kick me off. the one task I had finish went away and I couldn't collect the reward.
I do enjoy this game, whiles away a few minutes here and there. Only problem is trying to get my tower onto my new phone, tried to log into facebook with it but it said there was no game saved and started a new one. I don't want to lose my two years of progress, if I cant get this sorted I'll have to quit the game as there's no way I'm starting all over again!
Great game to pass time with.Keep the good games coming,and I'll be sure to download them when I'm board and have nothing to do!!!And another thing......Please Stay Safe and God Bless!!!!!!
I actually liked this game and has been playing for a year and a half now. However, I am very disappointed with the new update of having the piggy bank. It slows me down of saving bux for floor upgrading and everything. Hope it went back as before where all the bux obtained is fully under player's control and can be used without having to purchase to break the piggy bank.
Used to love it however it made me reconnect to my account and lost all my progress, I've messaged support but if they can't fix it I'm uninstalling, as easy as it is to mindlessly while away the hours, I'm not starting back at the beginning again!
It's pretty relaxing, they need to add more. Make it where you can but multiple building like a small city, and when you built all you could there and check on it daily for income , supplies, and upgrades, you can be starting a new city building with the income you make from your other cities you have built, but you still have do a kept up on the buildings so the ppl will still want to come to the stores and hotel and etc. While you building in the the other cities. Just a suggestion .
I love this pocket tower, but would prefer the cash for the work I have put into it. That would be perfect.
the game has different role play, and you don't need too much time to handle. just playing once or two time a day, because you're working with friends on a group city and working together to finish the tasks. they're not put irritating pop up ads, but if you want to get the bonus, you can open the box ads. fair enough.
Overall good, nice items to make, good floors, but, one major problem is that I cannot turn off the sound or music.
It's not Mall Tower, closest game I can find for now. If it improved over the last 2yrs and with the latest update then I will upgrade your rating. I will be back 👋
What has happened to negotiations it increasingly more difficult! It states the difference between normal and hard is 5mins Vs 3mins We can complete normal in under 3 Minutes but between us we have been playing this game for years building up floors and revenue but can't even do hard? It's getting boring we just can't seem to get any better or build anything up , I used to be able to do hard on my own and now even with top players we can't do it
very good app I just love it firstly my sister was saying that this app is very bad but today I said to her that download this app and she download it and from the morning she is playing it happily and continuously this is very very good app
It was good game until today I lost my tower and all my bucks. It started me back at level 1. So disappointinted
I love the game but Abuse of power by substitute Mayor/mayor, I've been playing the game for a couple month and moved up the rank to advisor, but I've just bee put back to citizen, which seem cruel and un kind I'm in it everyday doing task. The only reason I can see why I was demoted was because I was doing the city task, and they didn't get a chance to do them, it cruel the power they have, what the point in playing if the kick you out/do something like this
Every time I try to chat, the game shrink to half and it can't be fix. I have to shut down the game and restart again. What's wrong?
I LOVE this game!!😊 I,ve been playing for a bit, and i'm actually enjoying everything about it. I wish there was a way we could keep our progress when switching phones instead of having to use fb. Would highly reccommend!😊