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Pocket Survivor 2

Pocket Survivor 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FlutterBeam Std. located at Екатеринбург Луначарского 74. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It ws GG!!& it needs some improv maybe you can let the chter rest a bit (the character dsnt slep) just like uhh.. you can make a button named rest near the loot button so that it can recover health & energy but lose food & water and also while the chter rest u can increase the chance of stealing an itm or suddenly getting in battle by 1/10% & wen u rch full reputation of any, they ask u to join them to work lik kilin zom in grop etc and in return u get fod,hom etc.PLZ ADD mor craft itm & STORY😆
Fun game only reason for 2 stars is because after you die and then restart a new character you have to close the entire game out each time just to choose english again. I would suggest you add a option menu that allows us to select our language that we want to play the game in that keeps the language permanently. It becomes irritating having to restart the app each time to choose my language. Fix this and I will change my rating to 5 stars. Only reason for my 2 stars, otherwise great work.
i really love the game tho please fix the bugs and make more english words and i really love the music like from radio union i wish i can listen to it always but idk how to download
Mostly good but the languages is a serious problem and I would like to see multiple saves added in the future as gameplay can get a bit boring and repetitive. Overall I would recommend however it is not perfect and there are flaws that need addressing by the developers.
Need to fix the language settings because whenever my character dies the language change from English to the other language and I have no ideas what the job are anymore
Good concept and clearly has alot of potential, problem is there is pretty much no way to regenerate energy, it's hard to find something that treats bleeding, and when you die, it turns into Russian and you can't change it.
When u die the speaking turns to a different speaking and u dont even have unoff money or have unoff food or water ur food and watter goes down way to fast I played this game for like 2 minutes and I already hate it
Its fun i enjoy it but everytime i die and try to choose a new charactee it switches the language and i cant choose a new start
I really want to like this game and enjoy playing when I can but until the bug that switches the english back to russian is fixed it is literally unplayable for me.
Fun but it has an issue when you die it automatically switches to russian but if thats fixed it will become a great game.
Vary good only problem when you die it puts it back into german? Any way it wont let me put it into english without closeing and opening it again but when i do it automaticly starts the game with what ever the characters settings so i have to guess the settings or uninstall and re install to get my one time english settings. Please fix ty.
Fix this bug to get better review.I play in English but when I die and create a new character it goes to Russian this is the most frustrating thing because I can't create a character in English,so until this is fixed I am never playing this game .P.S.Before I died the first time I was enjoying the game so ya ,fix this fast.
Is a fun game, however although I clicked on English some things still appear in Russian, making it difficult to get what to do, if this could be fixed that would be awesome :)
Its Good but every time i die and create new character The Language is not English and if you get an item from the locked chest its confusing
Extremely buggy. Get away from this game. Once you die and start a new game, the language changes to russian and there is no option to change it back. No action except loot loot and loot. No rest action was involved except you have to pay while you won't get any of that much money. More like dying simulator.
The game is fun so fan. Idont like it when your character dies; everything changes from english to russian. How do I switch it back to english?
I like the gameplay style, however when i die i end up having to exit the game and come back because it isnt in english even though my game was selected on that language. Its also extremely difficult to find food/water without having to spend money on the trader and using a ton of money to do things like rest is a bunch of bs to me. Should give an option to set up camp or something instead of spending 400 bucks on resting at a motel when you only receive gear or sellable items every 1-10 turns.
Everything is good except for a glitch that activates when you reset your character and it changes everything to russian. (Eng) Все хорошо, кроме глюка, который срабатывает при сбросе персонажа и меняет все на русский язык. (Rus)
Okay this game has tons of bugs. My progress is not saving, the game kept asking me the language, and sometimes there are languages that mix up with english, and changes randomlt sometimes. And some texts that shows up the codes like stuff like that. Big fan of the game, but I hope you fix the bugs cus it's annoying P.S. the title and icon of the game when downloaded is different.
kinda boring, most of the russian text goes into english without any need to no tutorial very little to do which makes it play more like an idle game until you quickly die from a lack of ability
It is certainly entertaining and time consuming. Although, translations are off, and sometimes instead of saying what you got from looting, it will say what the sprite for the item is supposed to look like.
Really simple and fun, love the radio always bumping them toons, wish there was more tho. I don't know how the common details work, should explain, and It doesn't show how much common details u need to repair. The game just needs some sort of explanation before u get in. Crafting is kinda wack, not that much to craft, and when u demount items u should be able to get common details all the time, not just 0.
The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star and not a 5 star is because the translation acts kinda strange at times
I love this game because of the way the gameplay was and now I know Русский и я считаю его отличным! Спасибо
I like the game it's really good most people won't like it because of the combat concept but it makes sense only problem I have is not everything translate to English and every time that I die I have to close out of the game a log back in but it's already starts up as a new character and when I go to characteristics or about me I can't read the classification because it's not translated that's the only problem I have is this game not everything's translated everything else pretty well done
I really like it but the early game is extremely difficult. I'd love to see like a multiplayer mode later on but now just focus on fìxing the bugs, and the translations aswell. Good luck
It's better than the low ratings describe imo, the only problem I see is some item descriptions have raw code in the and even when you choose english certain things are still in russian, but it by no means males it unplayable. It's pretty much the text adventure version of fallout which I enjoy very much. Keep up the good work
Has potential, but it's too easy to die and everything is too expensive. When I die and try to make a new character, it always defaults back to Russian. It would also be super helpful to have a main menu button, or a settings button to reset language.
I wonder why the f is this game 4.4 everything is broken and its suddenly turns russian lol could be better
Fun game, I enjoy the simple and fast style gameplay. However, whenever I select to play English and then my character dies, it restarts me in a different language every time. I then have to exit out of the app, go back in and select English again. Great game besides that.
Still lots of issues with English translations. Certain effects and popups are in Russian, and when you restart after death it reverts back to Russian.
It's a fun app good for stalker fans however idk if they have the rights to play kino's music and I know for sure they don't have permission to be using stalker artwork in there advertising
I noticed that this game isn't optimized for the English language, and there is no "new game" option. The game is fun but it needs a little more diversity in the gameplay, not just repetitively holding down the loot button. I see a lot of potential in this game, hope to see it grow
This Game Sucks Every Part Of It Like it Just Randomly Kills You For No Reason Even If You Have A Hundred In Every Stat DO NOT GET IT
Needs to desplay the time so we can know when were close to rading time. Could use a sleep or rest thing to restor energy that doesnt involve having to pay.
A great game, only problem is after a game I have to close it then open it again because it goes back to russian
Great game. I beat it in about 2 hours. When i say i beat it. I mean i have all the upgrades and pretty much the best equipment.. There should be more options to customize armor and weapons and ect
Its a wonderful game, a vast improvements from the first one, you get this resource management and trying to manage your character basic needs, hunger, thirst and energy and while it is very simple to play with the only thing you need to do is to push the loot buttons, it is also confusing, i dont get which part am i able to fix for this X items, how many parts i get for dismantling it, the limit for your character level is very underlevel when you get a lot of skill option to invest in.
It's an okay game, but the language keeps switching to russian, and some events randomly show it's coding like "i found [ "salt"]"
Everything is great about this game but the fact that if I die and reset, if you have english selected, it turns automatically to russian.
If you want to create a new character in ENGLISH close the game and re open it.Select english.Until its fixed or updated thats the only way i could make a new character. I think the game resets after you die so it gets stuck in russian. Completely close it and start it again.it works in English again..
Its a nice game but it keeps switching back to russian each time you die and it doesnt really give an explination on how to play the game.
It was all good at first but when i died the language suddenly turned Russian?! I didn't know what any word meant and also it would be better if there was a guide on the app because idk how i can turn on MRI to go into a location there's also another bug where the buffs you chose disappears. PLEASE FIX THESE
It's pretty good. But everytime your character dies the language resets to Russian. The only way to switch it back to English is close the app and reopen so you get the language setting. But you get a character that you couldn't customized. So no extra skills from your chosen occupation.
Its a good concept for a game, just that its so easy to die because the food and health items are expensive, the health hunger and thirst bars are weak at first making it hard to fight even low level enemies. The food and health items are expensive and some dont give much hunger or thirst back, making you spend more money. The starting weapon is decent until you fight higher level enemies then its a joke. And put an option to choose English after death its annoying to exit and go back into it.
Keeps switching back to russian language after death and we cant really understand it. Please improve the performance of the game, then i'll give the appropriate rating for its content.
Pretty good survival game but could use more translations in english otherwise very enjoyable dnd-like game
Slight learning curve, a little bit of a language barrier (which I feel adds to the charm) but overall a great experience :)
A buggy mess with not enough English translation. What happen is I died and can't change to English and when I force stop, can't customize new character ಥ╭╮ಥ
The game is awesome, but i complete all the game in 2 hours, soo i will whait till the new content arived ;)
This is a really bad game. I like the type of the game but they need to add more things. Such as beds or english. When you die. You cant play again wit english text. Its really irritating.
It's a really fun game but when I died and tried to create a new character the language changed on me and I didn't know how to fix it
The game is fun. Until the issues start coming thru, if you can't read Russian. Otherwise the game is fine pretty fun.
The game is amazing but it's just so simple why not add an option search buildings manually in text based style and not just tapping the search button.
The game is dope as hell but you die way too easy because of lack of food and water and the trader prices on food and water is too high
It is a good concept and works relatively well but there are a few bugs I keep coming over like random language changing. Fun game but needs better performance.
Awful game. Concept is good, but everything is super expensive and the game is buggy. You're always guaranteed to start bleeding when you fight and if you dont have a ton of items, you can't make bandages. When you run out of energy, there is no option to sleep or rest pr anything. There is no tutorial. When you die, language switches to russian and there is no option to change that except re-installing the game. Really dissapointed. I don't reccommend this game.
I really like the gameplay, design, and soundtrack. Although, there are bugs where if I die I have to reload the game for English again. I also request the game list its soundtrack and just make the game english friendly. I love it though, keep up the good work! I like that it's less cartoonish and more pixelated and has some realism. I see that this game was inspired by fallout and I think you should work on making this game it's own story compared to the first game. Also update the app icon.
The game is fun but there are still a few untranslated bits, some text is still raw code and when you die and create a new hero, the language defaults to russian
Very good survival game and very beautiful with a good clases of human in old user, Russia now,such a good wapon and nice small game