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Pocket Smash

Pocket Smash for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Cravel Inc. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Language) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the gameplay itself is fun, but its telling me I can capture a pokemon, but when I try it tell me my bag is full but will not let me exit to the main screen to do anything about it. when I close out the game and go back in it wont let me do anything except capture a pokemon so I'm stuck.
awesome game! dope graphics, pokemon interface is dope too. I just don't know how to claim my codes that they say I can claim from the promotional page and from official events. but I don't know how to find any of that.
I loved this game and have even spent a little bit of money on here. as soon as it says to update the game it takes you to a different game to download and now I cant play anymore.... thanks for being sketchy
I don't even know how to rate this. The game is great. But after this server mergers I lost my character and I can't figure out how to contact the customer support....
Just saying guys. This game is not only a scam but it's most likely using your phone to mine. Take a note to what they're asking permission for and the fact that they're trying to make you download another app as a "update". Delete and let it die.
I was just playing the game last night made it all the way to level 70 after months I was on the ponyta server It's nowhere to be found now. And my entire account all the progress I've done is no longer there either that really pisses me off
I just want to say this game and beast warriors are the best game i ever played but i want to ask you. Can you add the pokemon snivy and all of its evolutions in the games please!!!!!????
Love this game, but the login situation is concerning. Every time I log in, its says "welcome" but then reverts back to a login error. it's hit-or-miss being able to login and play. other than that, this game is amazing! Please fix the login situation, and this will become 5 stars easily.
I'm not sure what's going on but I had 3 characters on server 30 something and the server is gone now. I've been playing the game for a while and I loved it but now my characters I worked so hard on are gone!
love the game itself. had fun for a couple of days. however when i tried to buy some crystals that's when things got wierd. when i confirmed the purchase it didn't give my crystals so i checked my bank and it wasn't deducted yet. then comes morning and it got deducted and still no crystals and i tried to contact the dev and no answer. that was $30 down the drain :(
my server(alpha) is the only one not working. it's a bunch of BS. Their Facebook team isnt responding, in fact they haven't read the messages. I'm guessing they lost all of our accounts somehow. straight trash!
absolutely horrible app. it keeps changing names,it has been a major issue logging in after ive spent well over 1000$ on the game, ridiculous. they won't even respond to emails. I guess I'll have 2 give this app a 1 star review EVERY DAY,4 the rest of my life. thanks 4 nothing
Very fun and addicting. Although the VIP aspect is definitely pay to win as you can only get it by using actual money. -Still has bugs, I spent 300 diamonds on an ancient pokeball to get a friggin Pidgy! Not cool. Also the translation is a little sloppy so far but to be expected in this stage. -Purchases are not per account but profile. U can have more than 1. *Catching pokemon is completely by chance. You dont hunt them and catch them. You through a pokeball into grass and cross your fingers.
right when I first entered, I realized I could play this on my switch. And you had to pind your phone witch when I tried, it didn't work or it sent to fast. The worst bit of all was the fact you couldn't change the language of it. it stayed in Japanese the whole time and that really ticked me off 😡💨
very fun but no customer service. The game itself is pretty awesome. I love how you to battle other players as much or as little as you want. Plenty of stuff to do. Also money wise a little can go a long way. I have made a $50 dollar purchase, that has served me well and the game is not forcing me to spend more in order to progress. You can play for free and do rather well. Now the game has glitches, some annoying connection issues. I needed customer service yesterday and there isn't any.
So I have played this game for a couple weeks now and just pulled a yvetal yesterday morning used all my energy and go to log back into game to play it and it says my account name is already taken and that my password is incorrect when I saved my password for the game to put it in automatically. I will not play this game anymore or have it on my phone till my issue is resolved.
updated the app, now it wont let me sign into my account. says I need a code but says it's been verified. still unable to get into my account. I have emailed them, but still no response after several days.
the game constantly crashes. the admins are nowhere to be heard from. go check out their Facebook page under pockie smash. their idea of compensation is inequivalent to the issues. the admins do not care about your experience but only the money they can rape from you before the game is unplayable.
Me and my wife just started playing 2 days ago and have not spent any cash on this game yet but are considering it we have our own guild and will be inviting new players to the game / guild .Awsome game guys keep up the great work .love it
I was on the server 31S Ponyta but just yesterday my server was deleted with everything that I worked for! All gone! It took me a long time because I didn't do P2W! I even wrote a review earlier and it was taken down! Unreal! update: Found my saved data under 28S S28-S35 server! Took me a while but I found it with no help from customer support.
This game is bugged for me now, I've spent alot on this game, Now I cant open anything, Your app keeps disconnecting me and reconnecting me... I cant see anything in the game, If I click on the bag or pokemon or anything, The pikachu logo pops up saying loading.. then says "Disconnected reconnected" then your game crashes.. please fix this
this is just sickening -_- i was just about to play this game until i read the comments lol yeah ill just avoid playing this so i won't get robbed wish I could play if you fixs some things hint hint
worked good for a couple of days. then it deleted my account. i had to start over 3 times now. i made a character last night and got to play for an hour or so and it locked my character. it says i switch characters to often but i have never switched characters at all so now i jabe to start over again.
played 2 days and really enjoyed it. now everytime try to log in. it tells me to download update and tries to make me download a different game app. so 1* for now i can no longer play it and time is wasted
just like the rest of the people mine finally refused to let me login to my account. just goes back to the login as error. didn't spend money on this cause it's in development so nothing lost. fun to play though just dont waste money cause you could lose your account in a week or two.
I gave a 1 star because I was able to play for a few days and today logged in well tried but game keeps saying verify phone number then says it already has when I try to verify you guys are thiefs I gave it a 5 stars because it was working but then I finally was able to log in but now it just sits and loads and loads and loads so now I give it 3 stars
been playing this game for months. i try to log in today and my account is gone. i want a full refund if i don't get my account back. the support team is zero help.
Absolutely loving this game. Having a little issue with Rocket Corps level 2 challenge. Everytime I make it to the 2nd level it freezes and uses my attempt and I miss out on my rewards. Other then that, amazing game
So the update ended up being a totally different game name. disappointed on the update... also u seriously have my favorite Pokemon in the picture and its not even in the game. i love weavile its my favorite along with mew. the game needs more Pokemon. i love the game but ill end up bored of it if more Pokemon dont get added. especially with main characters!!
If I could give less stars I would. I've lost my account, every penny I've spent lost because the games fails to recognize the sign in that I've used since I started. No matter what I've done, I have to create a NEW chatacter/account despite already having one. I even have the username and pw screenshot on my phone. I would appreciate a refund of the copious amounts I've spent here (I was VIP 12, almost 13!!). In game name is Dr4g0
Downloaded this JUST to leave this review this is an exact copy of the game Beast Captain. download this instead. Take my word it's litterally the SAME game. Same intro same log in same load screen and photos. If you want to play do yourself a favor and look for Beast Captain. Better reviews too. Not sure what this is...if it's the same people or someone ripping them off who was ripping iff nintendo lol.(Oh okay i get it they got caught and changed their name cause Beast Captains is gone) sheesh
I loved this game, played it for weeks! until a few days ago when I was locked out of my account, I thought that maybe I just didn't register my account and that was my fault. so I restarted the game, from level 1. this time I made sure to have an account that I remember the username and password for. today the same thing happened, it's telling me I have to start back from level 1. I will refuse to play this game until this is corrected as I was almost to level 50 the first time, and level 30.
The game play is amazing... The Pokemon company needs to take notes as this is what people have been searching for on a mobile phone... there isn't too many Pokemon games out there and exist, suck and are extremely linear or simple... this has PVP, guild battles, good campaign & more to offer it's sad that it might get taken down due to copyright infringement or licensing but you can find it other ways online... More pokemon and removing auto battle unless you beat the level would be nice.
finally. a app that shows Pokemon and its actually a Pokemon game. if you like future fight. then this is for you.
this game is awsome the character in graphics is very very best this is my only pokemon games that i hearted so i recomend in others download this you feel all the greatest pokemon trainer its better to pokemon go,
it was working fine for three days. Now i can't do anything at all. it has to do with today's update. UPDATE my account was erased sweetttt waste of time. i was in level 30 with a few rare pokemon my blastoise, fraligator, raichu all nice pumped.
somehow my review keeps vanishing. this game is heavily p2w. heavily imbalanced. not worth playing. 2 starters are vastly overpowered and vastly superior to the the one starter i came to this game to play. it makes no sense for both squirtle and charmander to be as busted OP as they are while making bulbasaur utterly useless.
game play is fun. but the customer service is horrible. dont ever put any money into this game. they dont care about the players they only want your money. I have been trying to get help for days and they just either ignore me or are completely rude. only given 1 star cause the game isnt bad. but I cant support the donkeys that are running the show.
extremely laggy almost to much to even players. this is one of those i dont wann say pay to win games but the develper truly only want to take your miney then will even delete your character and claim to replace but it not. total rip off pease i promise uou do not waste younlife playing this tras. this is the leader of the strongest guild fyi.!
this is the third time i had to start a new account this is getting annoying because my most recent that i had to make was up to level 50 and now its not letting me log in