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Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EtherGaming located at index 65000, Ukraine,area Odeska,city Odesa,street Kordonna . The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Sadly there are 0 multiplayer servers so it gets very boreing alone, maybe add in something to tell how many plays are online so yo can see if you can maybe host a server
With the armor and pet glitches I noticed fixed this game is definitely top notched. Im even finding myself play runs when i already beat the daily quest
Since updating my saves keep messing up it won't let me save local anymore and then it keeps loading an old save state, also game crashes and closes itself (doesn't save the dungeon) I have played many hours without problems and now it is unplayable. Disappointing. I hope this is fixed soon.
There's annoying bug, after use resurrection when against bosses, character can't move at all, after beat bosses tried to reload it, the fight restart from the beginning but all my item that already used won't come back ether
The game is fun if a bit hard, but im using an Elite Xbox controller v2 and the input is beyond messed up, some things are set up to two different things, but you can't have it on more than one and theres no way to get to the way it's meant to be or were it works correctly.
Very fun one of the only games I've ever bought on my phone after playing the normal version I love this game a lot a d if your not sure you want it get the free version and try it for yourself before deciding
Edit: I found it, but this still gets a 3 star, because this game has potential that's not being met. Graphically and mechanically this game could be better.
1* for being a paid game but still co raining microtransactions. The game was designed to get people to want to spend on those mtx instead of just making a good game.
If the animation were a little better and they gave the game just a small bit of story this game could be a 5/5 for now it's a high 4
Easily one of the top 10 video games I've ever played. (For context: I've been playing video games since I was 5.) I've noticed a glitch where I'm not getting the proper boosts from artifacts. I have the monsters blood artifact but I'm not getting the damage boost. I have screen shots if there's a way to show those.
Great game, easy to lose hours in. Bought the Ultimate version on sale and don't regret it. Like the controller support but wish the assigned buttons would match what's on the screen. Not sure if it's just a bug that needs patching.
if you can't pay attention to every detail of the game, skills, weapons, equipment, etc. it's not for you. yes it's a grind type of game, but it keeps you interested all the way through.
I love this game, even though the difficulty curve spikes after only a few playthroughs past the first boss, because he only gets stronger and stronger, which leaves me stuck in the first 6 levels farming for crystals for better starting equipment.
It's a fun game, but somethings need to be fixed and more character depth could be improved. Instead of skill points going to mostly stats, I'd like to see a talent tree that gives you passives and changes abilities. Some bosses have bad animations, the best run I've ever had ended because I was behind a boss and he instantly faced me and hit for 52 damage without any animaton. Crafting and a separate inventory for crafting materials would be cool to see. I hope the game gets updated.
Why i cant load my saved on cloud when i change the device? I am already login to my pocket rogues login & google play at my new device, but can't load cloud.
The game is absolutely amazing. I love the grind, loot, upgrades and everything. The in app purchases isn't really needed much in this version of the game. This is worth buying. Highly recommended for people seeking for a good roguelike games. I just hate the fact that I can't create my account in this game and the multiplayer option is also not working. But it says "beta" so I hope it get fixed soon.
One of the best game i've ever played. Totally worth it to biy the hole game. I can't wait to play with the 4 player mode :o
Lol bone king gets trap i the wall and cant die .... Please fix! Up note lets you afk farm gems?! Kinda odd but id rather just kill the boss and moving on with the game.
One of the best roguelike out, 4 years later and still getting better! Not pay to win, so i was glad to support this game on its merits,and not because i have to. Anyway, demo says it all, fun on fun and frustratingly satisfying to figure out the puzzles and monsters, small footprint, You will be glad you downloaded it :)
Excellently designed and executed. Gameplay is never repetitive and every run is a new experience. Cant wait to see how it evolves and improves in the future. Controls are a little weird sometimes but not unmanageable.
its good, the only downside is the controller buttons its confusing to assign for some reason you can't assign the "Button South" which is annoying, the targeting in contoller centers the camera back to your character every time you attack.
Still buggy, my mana just went to 0/0 and im a wizard 😱, please adhere to all potential bugs like the dead ends
Really good game, somewhat of a slow start but found myself playing for hours, ive put a couple bucks into it 😁
Great game but online coop wont work. It says connection failed when you try and join a room. I love tbe game but can you guys fix the online? Many friends wanna play
Great game, there is a bug when using the ps4 controller, you go into the inventory and back too the game and you can use your normal attack I really hope they fix this asap
Recently went on a gaming spree and downloaded over 40 games. This is the only game that lasted more than a week. Good quality and design.
There's a bug, the dog suddenly stops regenerating health and it is forever stunned, i tried to proceed to the another floor but nothing happened, the dog's health is the same and it is stunned permanently please fix this issue Thanks Developer and more power
Great time killer, no reason not to get ult to support the dev who keeps updating consistantly with new itmes.
Fun roguelike game rather enjoying it all except the raid levels seem empty do people play still or is it just because you have to sit in a lobby and wait? Maybe you guys could make it a que and when your sent to the raid whatever you have is tallied up and added to that run before you enter a raid.
I've gotten more interesting gameplay out of this than any other mobile game so far. It actually has viable controls even though it's an action game on mobile, which is a first for me. I would actually play this on PC as is if I had found it on steam PC first (I don't know if it's on steam or on PC at all). Ie, a game I play sometimes even when my PC is accessible, not just when mobile is the only thing I have access to.
This Ultimate version UTTERLY SUCKS!!! Get the free version, its much better. The map stays put. U don't have to worry about losing AWESOME equipment bc the save & exit is not an option. I lose random items when I reload the game. I can't run in a sweeping arc, it just stops randomly & gets u killed. N why does my daily sign-in keep resetting almost every day? I play everyday but i can't get past Day 4. I want my money back. I'm going back to the free version
Amazing! I remember playing classics like balders gate, delver, dragon quest. Beautiful title! I think a multiplayer mode for both free and ultimate would boost the player base, an infinite co-op mode! Other then that good! Maybe implement skins to add more to buy and a few more classes. But again multiplayer for both free and premium would be perfect! Nicely done guys
Amazing game, one of the very few I've never got bored of! One of 3 go to time killers on my phone highly recommended!
Thourghly addicted to this little game. Have to give credit where ita due and this developer has made quite the fun little game here. Playing with a controller is highly recommended. Overall this probably one the best games I've played on a phone since Rogue Legacy when I still had an iPhone, this game is in fact WAY better the Legacy. Bravo!
I quite like the game. However there are 2 reasons I can't rate more then 3*. Most importantly the followers stop being aggressive. To the point they are an inch away facing a creature and just watch it kill me... resummoning seems to reset their behavior for necros but pets and mercs are just screwed. Until fixed I'd suggest a manual reset button (preferably below critter count i.e. 3/15). 2nd issue. When playing a ranged class I find it incredibly hard to aim in 1 of the 4 cardinal directions.
A really great rogue like. Diverse classes, tons of loot and upgrades. 4 types of controls from mouse and keyboard, to touch screen and xbox. Give it a try, as I don't really like rogue likes but absolutely love this little dungeon crawler. 💙🙏🏻
Brilliant rogue-like game! Feels balanced as you begin, but difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. In-game drops seem more than fair, and no additional out-of-pocket expense is necessary after the initial purchase price. Well worth the money. Job well done, developer(s)!
5/5 such a great game I'm very happy and satisfied with paid version full with fun loved it keep updating thanks developers add more typse of dg and places and a map where all player can connect example Warspear online. Btw I really like your game can't stop playing.
It's a fun game. I like it a lot. Hard to win. I wish there was a bit of a story to it but overall well worth it.
Multiplayer needs fixing. Ok so, all in all its a great time killer, i have recently bought the ultimate version to support the devs, the only thing i could complain about is the multiplayer being very buggy. Although its still in the beta, i really hope it doesnt bring any more problems when its out of the beta.
Very good Rouge-like where progress builds to level up characters & the fortress for easier runs. Controls are practical & the aim assist helps a lot too. That being said this game has a certain level of difficulty. It requires a bit of skill with each class & their different powers. Very rewarding the deeper you go. Well worth the purchase.
I like this, but after the last update the vibration is always on, regardless of the setting. Please fix this. Edit: Fixed, back to 5 stars. Great roguelite game!
I'd rate it a 4.5 now for the overall feel, gameplay, and variety and the steal of a price. Coming back to the game after a year, it has become better and I will update if there are still lags. Anyhow, it was depressing that even if I did cloud save and loaded it, the progress of my campfire's chest (My hard-earned rare items and payment for each additional slot) was gone and was not included in being restored - please look into this developers.
Very nice roguelike game. Too bad you can't play across regions and I'd like more multiplayer oriented material. Game definitely has potential.
Only found out of this game for 30 minutes and man already loving it. Had to buy the Ultimate because it looks to good to go without it. So far loving the rougue like and hack n slash of this game. Absolutely fun gameplay! Love the work put into this game.
A really great rogue like. Diverse classes, tons of loot and upgrades. 4 types of controls from mouse and keyboard, to touch screen and xbox. Give it a try, as I don't really like rogue likes but absolutely love this little dungeon crawler. 💙
Awesome game, after the tutorial paid for Ultimate even tho i usually only pay for games i play half year or so. Weapons are lacking of Variaty, but you can use other classes weapons, which makes up for it. Monstervariation is great, some "epic" enemies can end the run in one hit, which doesn't bother since you always get resources for upgrades. Tutorial/explanations lacking, loadscreen tips are gone too fast for reading, Descriptions oft misleading Coop completely unplayable because of crashes
Great overall, just wish more people played so the co-op feature could be used. You can expect a fun experince as you grow in strength and survive the dungeons. Fast paced, fantasic music, very customizable. It was worth getting ultimate.
One of the best dungeon games. Very fun mechanichs. The support was quite fast. I only wish for more upgrades. Nonetheless a neat dungeon game.
Fun but can never give a mobile game 5 stars that cost money and has micro transactions. Plus kind of weird that I'm forced to leave a review to access an in game menu.
Our hawes th game because I liked it, but didnt realize I couldn't take my other information , including gems, over from the free one. I have wasted a lot time.
4 words to explain = THE BEST OLD SCHOOL , just try u will know, ADMIN NEED MORE IMPROVEMENT LIKE NEW CHARACTER , NEW PERKS , NEW SKILL , AND MAKE PET PERMANENT and improve light of the dungeon :-D
Gameplay is great but controls can be better. kept me occupied for quite some times especially on good runs but it would be great for u to put joysticks for whr u can aim ur attacks since i play the ranger class. its quite annoying to shoot where u are facing with the movement control, esp when it comes to bossing, auto target only goes on when u are close but thats not the point of ranger, not very bright for u to move towards the boss and shoot him right?
Group raids needs to be fixed overall amazing game berserk is crazy if you have the right gear. An update on group raids would be nice
i love this game, and i hope soon the multiplayer mode will be available in main server im so exited keep up the great work.
One of the best time killing game I've found, showing support for the developers and hopefully there will be more levels coming up.
How about a character that I can customize. Like make up my own class. Choose from a variety of skills. I would pay for that.
Awesome game! I'm a big fan of roguelikes and this game is challenging, has so much to offer and it's nice to play. Love the graphics also. Definitely worth 5+ Stars!! (Note: I would have loved to play this game earlier. I avoided it because it's labeled "In App Purchases". Now I've purchased and played and am happy there are no further transactions over the initial price. But it is badly labeled.)
I really want to like this game but the weapon drops are awful. The first item they give you in the tutorial is a weapon but after that they're scarce. After about 5 runs of 3 floors each I got 1 weapon to drop which made the game a VERY slow grind. Also, losing Mana while moving is just making people stop and wait each fight. That's not fun.
Great game overall.. biggest complaint is that after playing for a while I decided that it was worth the purchase of ultimate version. I assumed my data would get transfered over but that wasn't the case and had to restart from tutorial. I'd rate 5 stars if this wast the case
Describe my experience? Absolutely terrible. Necromancer skeletons dont aggro, weapons rarely drop and you're going around punching things 95% of the time, dead on the first or second floor, fortress upgrades dont help or matter. The game is just horribly designed.
The gameplay is fun, but be prepared for a ton of grinding to even make a show against the first boss, nevermind defeating it. Its 3x as fast as you. You cant dodge it. I do wish it wasn't possible to hit trap switches with the wizard fire. You can barely see them in the first place. Theres a ton of quality of life upgrades that are necessary here.
I spent a lot of money on this game gems and gold! Alot of progress was lost because my cloud save wasn't there! It was a really fun and enjoyable game! [email protected]!
i bought this, its ok, still can't figure out how to get mercenaries to spawn at camp, kkind of annoying.
Probably the best mobile game ive bought, very excited for the group raids to finish their beta stage.
The early game is extremely difficult, at least for wizards that is. There are a few general gameplay things that can get to me like how necromancers minions dont take the agro of hostile monsters when they spawn in if they're closer to them than the player. It makes necromancer almost unplayable as he doesnt have the AOE defensive skills to be able to fend off the large amounts of enemies you fight while using all your mana to summon minions which half the time cant even catch up to the mobs!
Game is just a fun time waster. You don't need premium to play/unlock everything, as long as your ok with a grind. I only bought premium to show my support for the game. Combat is fun, visuals are unique, and the levels all seem to have there own unique quirks. I give it a 9/10 is because I don't believe they are done with the game quite yet. It could definitely use more levels, I completed the available levels that aren't infinite in less then 8 hours. More classes would be nice too.
((Review Update)) Not even 24 hours of posting a negative review outlining issues I had with the game the developers contacted me and provided overwhelming superb customer service it is easy to see why the game is as amazing as it is with developers so devoted to the customers. Not only did they take care of my issues they went above and beyond. The most astonishing thing about this was the personalization and speed of the customer survice id rate 6 if I could amazing game and developers 😊
I love the game and i have the ultimate adition bit i think that the multiplayer should only require the host of the server to have premium to be able to host and you can make it private or online so random people don't join (i told 5 people to get the game and that we could play together but once i told them that the only way we could play was if they all spent money they didnt get the game)
It is a fun game, some polishing is needed also more maps, a storyline and multiplayer would be cool. I never spend money on apps but i bought this one, keep up the good work guys hope to see more updates.
Great game, hands off. I love the co-op potential too, can't wait for that to be fully implemented. Good job, worth it.
A thrilling and exciting, strategic and tactical RPG!! Love the HD Graphics, frames, effects, gameplay, controls, and pixelated art style! This is the best Dungeon RPG I have played, past to present, and I guarantee you I'll be playing this as my favourite dungeon game of all time in the future as well. The way the dungeons are automatically formed, from layers of levels upon layers of levels is magnificently made, I say it is amazing!!
Probably the best mobile game. Don't get for multiplayer due to dead servers do get for single player boredom.
Great game. I love the diversity of classes and this version is so worth the money. Yea there are very select few problems but overall its worth it and the free version is nice and all ill give it that but with spare gems to use on things rather than save n buy buildings/heroes is so reassuring.
Worth it (Edit: its been 3 months since the last update and its getting boring going to the same dungeon again and again; i already maxed the fortress . If there's an upcoming update its gotta be big and worth the wait. Also can u put more slots to the chest at the camp plsss 3 stars for now) (Edit 2: Wow I'm late but the update is really gooooddd multi now exist but buggy) [Edit3: I need help with my account I forgot the password my progress is in danger]