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Pocket Ninjas

Pocket Ninjas for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by The Paper Robot located at 1601 Carriage Way Rochester Michigan 48307. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A super sweet twist off of fruit ninja. Very fun, but also very laggy. If the lag was fixed, game would be perfect.
Thought it was great until I bought some upgrades to try and get through the first arcade mode. The game completely bugged, preventing any progress past the arcade unless I save up a couple hundred coins.
Fun game, I like how they just leave the option to rate it rather than giving you a pop up begging for ratings. Very similar to fruit ninja, but it has its obvious differences. Very fun and addictive.
This game is so satisfying i love how the ninja is so small on the outside but under his mask he kicks but! Just 1 thing the game is a bit laggy
The game is nice but you don't earn enough coins to purchase weapons outfits etc and the reaction to attacks is slow
I absolutely love this game on Apple products and was super pleased when I seen it's made its way over to Android. But I don't like the ads that pop up when you start the game. And it's buggy. I try to swipe to start something and it doesn't work. Once it gets fixed I'll gladly play it. And also I think an option to remove the ads for a set amount of money would be nice . It works when you close it down and reopen it.
there are a few minor bugs. The thunder axe sucks if you have on screen controls on the bottom (like on a tablet) because you end up hitting those buttons to do the slam to the floor to activate its special ability. Occasionally, if you task switch, the controls become unresponsive and you have to shut the application down and restart it.
Nice game but lags especially In Dark Forest. Plus bought the infinite sword and that lags it on its own. Please fix. Sony Experia Z1S running android 4.3
Nice throw away game but some of the power ups are hard to tell from the stuff that costs you lives! Very hit and miss!
I really like the game but alot of times it doesn't register any swipes resulting in losing the game. If they could fix this small glitch worth 5 stars
Just wish the abilities worked a lil better for the gear. Like when you slow time the enemies dont go across the screen they stay at the edge making it harder to avoid losing points or hitting bombs without one of them slipping past you or like the helmets that are suppose to deflect but sometimes don't and lttle things like that.. but otherwise really fun game
fun as heck easy to get money and buy upgrades ive been playing for years on alot of different phones and its compatible with most phones they did real good with this one
Unless i'm missing something the hit detection seems alittle crappy, also the amount of stuff thrown on the screen is crazy the difficulty spike is massive +Bad hit detection makes it so hard to progress. Also unrelated the loading is really jarring since it just looks like it's crashed since their is no indication of anything. Fix any for an additional start fix all for full five stars since i think everything else in this is awesome.
A great way to workout your frustrations in a (mostly) harmless way. Also good for training hand eye coordination
The most coolest games I have played in a long long time. But I must ask if can,lower the price for weapons or at least get a coin for each kill that would be great. ;-) Other wise flatly the game it's a keeper
This game blows it needs a lot of work. Like if the person to slide your finger across actually gets killed this game would be awesome. But instead it happens like 70%. And when there are a lot of stuff flying on the screen at once then it is really messed up and only reads 50%. Sooooooooo put in the work to perfect this game and it will make you money. And lots of people happy.
Love this game, plenty of upgradeables etc, with a largely inoffensive iap system. On my galaxy ace 2 it seems to force crash often and the fat men fly off the top of the screen (doesn't happen on my s2). Please fix the ace 2 problems for a five star review.
First of all, how about some powerups to go with all the powerdowns you throw out. Honestly I feel no incentive to try to slicing anything but the baddies. Random women that subtract, random fruit, bombs and stars. All of which come out more often than the bad guys ususlly hiding behind. Secondly 25% of my screen is totally unused. The enemys are jumping inbetween my top left and right corner, leaving the center of the screen unused and enemies impossible to hit.
I first heard about it from my brother, after I played it I knew I had to have it, only problem was he had an apple. About time it came to android. ;-)
Big fan of the games, in general, was hoping I wouldn't experience such issues as this, would have otherwise rated 5. When this is fixed, I could be coerced with shiny things to change my opinion and game rating.
Fun and addicting, but it's annoying for straw hat enemies to instantly go halfway off the top of the screen, cuz it's impossible to get them
Simple concept, but a lot more fun and customizable than similar games. Great to kill a few minutes to a couple of hours.
I've tried to swipe on the menu page for hours on end and I still can't get it to work. I have an LG phone. Please fix it cause the ratings for the game give away the greatness of the game.
It is laggy bad response at slashes sometimes even buggy im just a floating head. And a green line on the bottom.of the screen on my brothers s advance. It could have been a great game
Looks adorable and fun but I can't really play it because every time I start the first level it lags so bad that I loose in about 15 seconds, then it crashes when I try and redo the level.
Love this little murderous ninja. Love that you can change appearances and weapons. Hate the gashias. I'm always hitting them. Lol Fun, fast, excellent game!!
The game is good i know, but its a little laggy, and i cant understand the description of the words the font is to small, improve the graphics,the loading time is to slow, and then make this game movable to sd card.. plss fix and ill rate you 5 stars. For now only 3stars
This is a very fun game but it seem after it gets to round 4 & 5 that it begins to bug up and im not able to slice anything and I have the same issues with the fat men when they reach the top of the screen they disappear and on occasions I wouldnt have the chance to hit them before they reach one of the sides please fix and ill be.more then happy to give a 5
This game works great on my iPhone but when I play it on my tablet it slows down and gets glitchy after about round four. Please find a way to fix!!! I'm so very addicted to this game but I am stuck playing it on my iPhone.
I would like it if u make some new armors and special events, cause u need to play 6384 hours to make 1000 of gold,its fun, but sometimes it becames a little bit annoying.., i would like a madara's uchiha armor too hahaha
I am trying to enjoy your game. It would be nice if I could play. Your glitches are great and need to be fixed. I would rate the game higher later if I can play.
The game is fun and has decent gameplay progression but some of the abilities are just stupid. The slow motion ability hardly allows anything to make it on screen. The lasers don't really hit anything. On occasion my strikes will suddenly stop having any affect which is annoying. This game would be awesome if a little more work was put into it.
The game uses quite a bit of memory, love it, almost better than fruit ninja. But due to the memory usage it can be laggy, thus making it hard to advance....
Seems fun, but runs way too slow. Response time for swipes makes it almost painful, and the transitionary screen freeze when you go to start the game almost scares me, makes me feel like its about to force close on me.
It's a fun game to play. But it's a bit laggy on my Galaxy S3 and the side weapons don't respond right away, and u end up wasting them because all of a sudden they all get used at once