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Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Spacetime Studios located at 11000 North Mopac Expressway Suite 400 Austin, TX 78759 . The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not what it used to be. This game is super dependent on elixers now, and if you don't have them, you're not progressing.
Seems the Devs forgot what a game is.This use to be fun but now basically everything has been lock behind pay walls.To the Devs this is a cash maker and nothing more.
It was a nice game..i played it for almost 9 years but sadly its developer lost all the trust to the players cause of too many sacmmers. Now he Destroyed the game by releasing enchantment Option and opening slot will consumes the damn Platinum and making Elite low level trash gears not only destroyed Pvp, also Item value in market...and Gears terrible boost balance Most of events reward also consume platinum for trading them in market. Changing Developer or Company= Pocket legend will survive.
if i could rate this for millions i would rate 5 stars foreveryone just need to update trade system and the scammers and hackers other than that epic game i really appreciate the time and money i spend definitely worth it thank you devs.
used to be a really great game but just got overwhelmed and lost direction, interface is difficult to navigate, would be nice to have a quest tab and auto travel to location. even reasonably priced bundles that make sense for certain classes and doesn't lose value after 5 levels. should be more multiplayer encouragement, not enough of these that aren't autoplay and P2W
the game used to be good 5 years ago, but now because of the inflation by cinco, the way you can be a good player is only with $ and if u dont buy plats you probably wont be given any privilege and ull end up being a stuck up like me
I've been playing since 2012, i stopped playing for a few years after there were no more updates, the game is still amazing and has so much content and so many items to grind for! however, and this is the sad part, the developers don't seem to care about the game anymore, people aren't playing this game anymore, there are no ads being produced and just little updates every now and then of another level cap. If you're in it for the long run of grinding then this game is great but it's dying.
Ioved this game years ago. Maybe make platinum easier to get and weapons and other things needed to beT monsters you need a whole team to beat easier to get. Some of these monsters are undefeatable with a team at times so you know its even harder solo. Since many ppl aren't playing the game anymore. Make it enjoyable for the loyals and maybe you draw alot of the gamers you lost back. Please stop trying to get rich on platinum for evry single high level monster and make better loot drops for us
What the heck is this they completely changed the game? This is not the same game it used to be why would you overwrite a game just make a different one?? I wanted that old game I played 5 years ago bummer
The Game As A Whole Is Great. But My Character Was Taken From Me. I Contacted Spacetime But It Seemed Like They Had No Will To Help. The Poor Help That I Got Ruined The Game For Me So I Quit Spending Money.
Played for years, wasted time, got off for years, jumped back on just to see nothings changed (except they try to make you purchace plat for every little thing)
Thus far the game is not bad comparitably. I will have a better opinion when i actually have had more time to play.
Wont let me sign in with facebook, my character is gone. The game only takes me to start over to create a new character. Please fix this issue soon, very disappointed.
slow updates not much content end game wasted 2 weeks doing an offer never got paid my platinum game is pretty much a money trick see how much you can spend...
5 reviews is like 10% of what this game deserves. i remember playing in 2012, when there were lots of people in townes, but there aren't many now. i miss those days πŸ˜”
Stuck on an impossible level. The only way I am able to kill the people is from people bigger level killing. This game used to be great. What happened
aww i used to like pvp here but now with new op weapons like the blaster there no need for builds.....zz
Love it. So nostalgic when I went and decided to download this when I havent played it in over 8 years. I was so sad that barely anybody played it in 2019. They moved on to Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. Now I am 12. Love you developers. You made my life worth living. 😍
Playing this game since 2012 and now there's no one to play with anymore seriously guys I spent a lot of money on this game!! Do whatever it takes to make it worth playing again.
Love All Of There Games, Just Wish They Would Make A Console Legends Game!! I Love Pocket,Space,Dark, And Arcane Legends Just Wish We Had A Console Legends!
Yall have some real tslents but after you have played arcane and pocket dark the star are just not as good but in this games light this game is really fun and so is arcane please make more games
Game sucks when you get band for no reason or notice, everything i've gained and earned was all taken from me back to square one no thans your games suck
My Facebook not able to sine in It get to the login but there a pop up with zero on it there for not able to log in with my account So ill jest start a new user tell you get that fix
Devs. must be monitoring the players behaviours and other troubles, like scamming, beg spam, and greedy players, this complications can lead to the downfall of this game or loss of players, because playing games is good without troubles and issues :)
Unfortunately was playing 4 several years dropped a few hundreds only to return to a deleted account stay away they will rip u off
would be so much better if not pay to win, and everything is endgame now and all the other levels are disregarded
Great game. I played this game since I was a kid. Although you should do alot of tedious surveys or finish other games to get platinums. Wish they were easier to obtain.
Been playing this for like 5 years and then ended uo being banned perma. For no particular reason. Such a waste of time though. Used to love this game.
Been playing this game since 2011 until now. I love this game, it's a great game and I never got bored with it. Highly recommended πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β€οΈ
Had an account since. 2012. Now they changed the security and wont recognize my new phone. I dont have the old email anymore. The game was great 11yrs ago. But now the number of players on at one time. You can count on one hand. Spacetime grew wayy too money hungery. Dont waist your time. Its not worth the effort to put your time and money into
Smooth gameplay, small file size, fun combat, easy and casual questing. I can get past the graphics. There is a bit of advertising but I wouldn't call it intrusive. There are p2w things but it is hardly a p2w game. Cooperative play is a little too given, I prefer making private parties but that's okay, too. Kudos for a solid game! Waaaaay better than Toram!
Newest Oct 16th update made it so the game is running like it's on battery saver mode; choppy, slow, low framerate. Pls roll back the update or fix. I'm not playing until it gets updated.
Played this game for a couple of years when it first came out. Coming back to it now, and players have just ruined it. The CS is a joke, people wanting millions for low level items, therefore making it impossible for new players to purchase them. Bad sportsmanship. There are a rare few players who aren't greedy, but good luck finding them. Game itself is still fun and it's possible to level w/o p2w if you grind.
I used to love this game so much but I had forgot the name AND I FINALLY FOUND IT and I like games like these and fantasy is my go to game so I live for this stuff
So far so good. The controls took a little getting used to, lol, but it's worth it. p.s.: I'm checking to see if I adjust the controls size. If so, I'll give you 5.
Since it was created it help me to speak very fluently in english feeling blessed but still may toxic person
Use to play this game soo much back in the days, really wish more people would come play again because its sad not seeing anyone anywhere
Probably the first MMO I ever played on mobile and after playing off and on since it was first released I have to say that it's an amazing game. The controls are simple but the mass variety of things you can do are insane. From becoming an item merchant to becoming a PvP/PvE god there's a lot of things to do. I have got countless hours of time invested and still haven't done it all. A must get!
Really? Had to bring back WL and BG sets huh? Way to piss off a lot of players who invested in the sets.
I love this game what else is there to say. I really just wish more people would come back/start playing we need more end game streamers! Youwishen does a great job! Check him out!
VERY disappointed in this game. I was an extremely active player from when the game first came out until the moment I could not login to my account anymore after an update. I had at least 3 accs & 13 different toons & had spent hundreds of dollars by the time I had quit. I did a random update one day & I went to log back into my account it said my acc did not exist. I tried emailing support and had tons of proof to recover my account but they would not help at all. could not believe it. #quit 😞
I really dont know what to say, I can tell the game has very little work done to it or that it's new. The game has broken hit boxes. The axe isnt near me but I take damage. After defeating meathead i discovered how cursed this game is. It says return to towne. TO TOWNE. I have screen shots This game has potential.
It used to be better and more fun, but I feel like the community is small now. As for the game, it's interesting, but after all this time, the controls are still a clunky to use, which takes a lot away from the game.
Game was decent years and years ago, has since went down the drain and I don't recommend playing. Game died a few years ago and player base can be counted on ones hands and toes at any given time throughout the day. Poor customer service which refuses to put work into helping players with technical issues such as myself whom of which has spent thousands on the game throughout the years. Don't waste your time find something new instead. -Oescolhido
Was great in the golden age. Not updated nowadays and such a huge grind. Every monster gives 1 exp, you can't level at lower level dungeons without an elixir(I dont think thats bad tbh), but you literally have to kill thousands of enemies or use a exp elixir, and its quite hard for a f2p player. Also, barely anyone is on anymore. My biggest complaint is the lack of updates and new classes. Why would you make PLA when this game is clearly better?
One of the Coolest little MMOs on moble. I have been lookong for a MMO and this is it. Not overly complex or daunting. Would love to see a follow up game on pc... Maybe... HINT HINT DEV TEAM!!
Cinco took away free plat offers for some players and forcing them to buy plat instead. I rather quit than to put my hard earned money into a dead game. UPDATE: I'm not able to play pl on my phone anymore cause it says authentication failed and to many recent authentication code checks when I try to put in the code from my email.
unfortunately, the game is now dead. There's a small community of players left (mostly toxic) and the dev (cinco) releases game breaking updates regularly that ruin the balance of the game.
Why did the creators add the new "device not authenticated" security patch now??? Most of the pl players seeking to return to the game after a few years of break , don't have or lost thier old email account, I've spent countless hours on this game years ago , and now just because of a lost email , I can't get access to the account ... Seriously?
Ahh i last played this game 8 years ago and it's as good as I left it. One of the best MMO's I've ever played and better than a majority of MMO's I've played on Xbox One which is sad, lol. I was surprised to find that there are 2 new classes and the story is more refined and streamlined than ever.
Wish I knew where to get stuff like recipes it's great if you grind a lot decent graphics easy to understand just takes a lot of time though
Guys need to Remarket and recreate PL and startover. All of us who still play want something new and we want to play with others... not solo everything in 1 hit takes all the fun out... also there are 1000x more mobile gamers than back in 2011 if you did market you would become #1 again because any mobile gamer right now wants what you guys have to offer when it comes to a game they are tired of P2P games that you can only enjoy for a month PL doesnt do that PL is a game you can spend if youWant
πŸ‘‰I like this game allways update to event if you are pro🌟 easy to make rich and allways online to time event ;) This game so fun😁. and dont worry. The admin allways fix and improve the game this game the must old 😁 injoy the game guys this game you can do any map. And no need key or life just use gear to make strongπŸ’ͺSo you have chance to improve the your character bcuz the event longger to the end 2 weeks so verry easy guys😁 If you low level dont worry every event easy make levelup injoy
Pretty fun until you get to the higher level jerks that dodge just about every attack even with decent gear on.
Please Notice This Feed back. i rate it a 2 star because of the exp gain, hard for new players to level up, i just comeback and thinkin to make a main acc by leveling but it was super hard i repeated the dark forest campaign like times and still level 12. please fix this (Plus Make The Elixers cause gold again it was the only way to level up fast)
Predatory game. Out dated and ran by literally ONE dev. The ceo of spacetime studios stepped down over 2 years ago and the entire company went under. Its trash.
I really liked dis game ......I use to play it like 16 hours a day but its startibg to get boring nd things are soo expensive for new players nd events are quite for old players nd hard for new ones but I really liked d game
I think it's time you do a remake, played this a long time ago and would like to see it brought up to date with active development and regular updates
It's a bad game, outdated graphics, barely any updates. greedy/childish developers. every good item is locked behind a pay wall. do not download!!
one of my favorite rpgs that there is for mobile, hard to put down once u get started i highly recommend atleast trying it once especially if u like games like runescape.
I remember playing this as a 10 year old kid back in 2012/13 and spending more money than I would like to admit. Used to be really fun but prob is pretty outdated nowadays
Played this game for a little under a month and got perma banned for no reason. Did enjoy it while it lasted
Create your character and equip it with a ton of different gear and outfits. Battle through hundreds of levels as you fight different and unique enemies for a chance to score elusive loot. I love this game so much that I got my wife and 7 year old son to play it also.
It is a combat heavy game. All the quests so far(I'm not yet level 20) require fighting. The crafting is under developed so badly it is useless! Some things (like rings) can only be bought with real world money. I understand the game developers need to eat but I'm not spending THAT MUCH for a single item. Stand alone PC games used to cost 10 to 40 dollars. I got 75 Platinum for $9.99 and A RING is 150 Platinum! $20 for an item! No... Otherwise the game is ok. Some quests that are puzzles or mazes or just non combat somehow would be better.
love this game. please update for newer phones. this game could be a top game in 2019 too. put some more effort into this game please