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Pocket Game Developer for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Stray Pixel Games Inc located at 7828 33rd St NE Marysville, WA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the bast app to use to make a game without knowing how to code. I LOVE IT. But there's a bug on my Vivo Y93 where the screen just loops the bottom to the top. And I need to press every button a little bit to the right in order to press it literally.there is also a bug that whenever I tap it'll move the screen downwards. Can you please fix it ( ̄^ ̄).
The screen seems to have two layers. And i have to click slightly to the right of everything. The plus and minus buttons are too small. Can you add an expert setting in the setting menu allowing you to code your own programs in C#? im on a moto g7 play. I like your jokes
This app deserves a rating my dream was to make my game and make characters block npc etc and share it to everyone but this app doesn't have a apk feature so I cannot share my game I know I can share it on discord but I wanna share to websites and other things plz tell me when will you make apk feature I will rate it 5
Lag is sometimes still a issue its uncommon but still happens. Import stuff from the gallery and maybe a mp3 importer or a better and more sounds for music making. Maybe some form of randomization. Saves I want saves since I'm working on a really long game that would not be fun to play in one sitting. More experimentation with monsters would be fun. Water, lava, danger, blocks, custom hit boxes, and light levels, inventories, crafting. All these would help me create my survival game a lot.
Grate app but coud you add whater and the abilaty to add music to the levels that woud be amazing thanks for all the good work 👍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AMAZING app I still use it and I am extremely excited for the next updates to come . I think it woods be cool if you could make 3d games . All that aside I think it's a really nice app and helps succeed in my dreams. ( :
i love this app but i recinty got a chrome book and was hoping to use it i went in and it told me can it collet crsh data i say yes nothing i say no nothing the app does not work on chrombook at all pls fix edit it's working now yay
I haven't dive deeply into the app yet, but from what I can tell, the UI is confusing. It is good and it is updated regularly, unlike Game Creator. They didn't update it again for some reason. Silentworks why...
I would love to be able to go up or down stairs to access different levels or floors or go inside buildings that are small on outside and big on the inside something like that please.
This game is really good, but it's not the best, the rpg mode could use a fix up and maybe some more stuff could be added in
Great app. I have always wanted to make a game. Now I can. On the decoration I can't choose background or foreground. It would be more useful if you can make the decoration like that.
Its the best way to make games! I also have an idea for a future update making things look 2d when you design it and when you play, it will look 3d including monsters, npc, decorations, etc. There could also be a little map camera at the top right showing where your at! Great work creating such a cool app!
I would give it 5 stars, but I have come across something that should be improved: Why can't I export my game to .apk? There shouldnt be a problem with it, so why?
I love your game. I been always trying to find a game like this because I want to create a game one day but theres coding thats kinda hard but anyways the coins are fine, I know you need money but either than that this game is awesome!
Best app ive ever played because i can make my own games like legend of zelda hahahahahaha this app is better than minecraft thank you for making a perfect game creator especially when i love pixelated games thank you so much!!!! Btw pls update it more i want more functions thank you i love this app so much
Okay just to begin this game is awesome 👍 But you should add a few like first person and 3rd person game modes one multiplayer and you can upload easier your games and play other peoples game please add these and add music and crouch plus can you fix that crashing problem it sucks I leave the game I come back and then most of my progress gone can u plz fix it
How am i supposed to play this when i cant even play the app it self the old version works not it sucks i rated this five stars 4 weeks ago now it doesnt even play bruh edit:Sorry i was just disappointed for it not being able to work but thank you for fixing it for others i feel sorry you did good not just fixing the crashes but you improved it too thanks bro.
Right so I have a few things you should change/add 1 A platformer melee Character 2 an Easier way to export/share my games 3 an onion skin for the Sprite creating.
Ruined completely I cant even play bc you made it so annoying to play and make games before it was good but now it's ruined and looking at your responses to people your honestly rude so take a 1 star for ruining this app
I just keep writing and I just keep getting ideas but this is for making locked buttons which means to unlock this button you hqve to do a certain thing like finish a level like I hqve 2 levels and you can already do the second one when you join so... And to do it touch the level end thing
This is amazing and easy to use. Some things u could add could be more preset items, a bigger space for drawing bc it is hard drawing in a small space, and more features in the drawing itself, like the ability to add in game lights and shadows to ur character.
I would given 5 star. It has potential. Easy to understand but doesnt have any buit in tutorial. Just relying on Help button to know the function of every button. The user interface is miss and match. When im trying to push a button it wont work unless i press more to the right off the button. It kinda anoying. Also if you can add import sprite sheet feature, because i make the sprite from another apps. or improve the sprite editor. Make it so you can add inbetween frame and onion skin.
I swear this game is the best game maker app ever and I 100% recommended but even though this game is the best and I gave a 5-star review there are some bad thanks it can get pretty hard to draw a character or anyting really and when you get on the app choose a game and you go to make an object it freezes were little can you please fix and also can you add a shootinggame mode where you shoot paint at the wall and you collect points by shooting star in things or something like that 😁
Sorry to change my review but at first it worked perfectly but then it started to lag sometimes I would die for no reason or I would not be able to move or I cant place a character like I just made a game that worked really well until it started to mess up and You dont make the code in this game so yea
I think that this has a lot of potential, at it's current state it isn't the best but not bad. But if you keep working on the bugs and crash fixes (also some other changes that you would do that I can't think of right now), this could be a too tier game. Keep up the good work!
A really good game and i would give it 5 stars if the loading didn't take as long as it does or if my character would not randomly fall through the floor. It's overall a fun and enjoyable game that helped me make a pokemon lucario runner game that I've wanted to make for a long time. One suggestion if there could be a street fighter style game that would be cool. But since the most recent update its harder to move around to put stuff where I want it. Please fix this.
This is a good well made game maker but the update asked me 3 time to remove some aps and I needed to remove five of my apps only to see that it still crashes
It doesn't work half the time, doesn't have a in game tutorial for people who doesn't have youtube, and you have to create your own game fully by hand, if you see this and you don't have the game, never download this game until it gets better, requests that would possibly make this better: in-game tutorials, easier method to create games, remove the coin currency for game development and make it for extra features for game development, make hitboxes in the sprite editor/creator and less ads.
Very awsome game! only problem is that the tower defense projectiles don't rotate... also chromebooks cant open past the games button. just wont render the click
Ok , maybe i was too harsh on this app , its pretty alright , it has good graphics , and is the better of the ones on the market (besides the glitches) , if you fix the glitches , maybe i will change my review , i know you guys put a lot of heart and soul into it , and not gonna lie , its pretty good
This could be a really good app if there wasn't so much lag. Also ever since the recent update Ive been unable to create NPC's of any kind. I presume this is a bug so if you can fix this soon that would be appreciated.
I would rate more stars, this game is awsome, unlike other games this one lets you create your iwn sprites! but im just halfway through, theres 4 options of templates and each one has different things. And most importantly this is not a bot rate, unlike some... Its so easy that even a kid like me can make a decent game! Please download, try it out, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
It's a good app considering it is in Beta, small bugs, can't program, missing a script area but aside from that it's a real neat app
I am not a developer, but I think would be cool to do advanced thing here, looks like we can do only the essencial... But I am newbie. For example doing a script, or at least some options to automatically change the borders of a tile, usually a tile has 9 different stances: the top-left, top-middle, top-right and then the middle-left [...] and lastly the bottom-right. I think by doing this is a door for glitches but, could be useful to change collision of each sprite in an animation. Good luck!
Apparently when you put background decor it makes your character fall through the floor, making all the sprites I've made completely useless
This game is great! I like the different options for mechanics, but there could be a bit more options. I wish I could access a bigger folder for added mechanics. The game is a bit slow, but it's a good game otherwise.
It not perfect but its WAY better than the rest of the game maker app thingys. Although the jokes are meh its good overall. The thing is that there are alot of bugs but i understand its in beta. The thing i want is more things to add. sorry if i have bad grammer ._.
Thus is the best game making app in the playstore, the only thing that bothers me is that you can't or I sould say I almost inposibal to publish your game, I guess it's only for sharing, I do have a challge for anyone who reads thus, can you make Pokémon in this app?
Okay just to begin this game is awesome 👍 But you should add a few like first person and 3rd person game modes one multiplayer and you can upload easier your games and play other peoples game please add these and add music and crouch
Pocket game maker is a graet game maker but there is a lot of bugs hens the name bata number 1the enless run sometimes looks like rpg exsample and in endless runer it ha alot of bug 1 more bug if you make somethin and go back to fix it it will not spon
This is a good game but there is a few problems 1.Sometimes the game crashes when i try to. open it (25% of the time) Actually,thats it,its a really good game though i wish there was a way to play it on pc i definitely recommend the game though
Pretty good, but would like if you could make a player that can both shoot and dash. Update: The enemies that shoot keep shooting each other and themselves by accident. Please make it so there's an option for bullets to only hurt the player and miss each other. It makes it impossible to place more than one enemy on the screen.
I have to discuss a very bad thing that you (devs) may not know about. There is a bug where the game runs al like 5 fps when you try to play a level, its really bad and made me delete the game. You need to fix this glich or I'll never really be able to play the game anymore.... Plz try to gix this, pgd is one of my favorite games so plz tell me how i can fix this H.S
Bro i gave this app 5 stars cuz i like this alot easy to make games withyour phone but bro can you please add scripting option in this year 2020 and also can add cutscenes option and in app purchases(if cutscenes and purchase possible) anyways i like this app alot and i am waiting eagerly to see scripting option in this years next update😊😊
This app is pretty good it is hard to make decent animations if your not a artist but i dont understand why people are complaining this app is really cool and awesome just one suggestion maybe you can add it where you can animate something from your files like if you drew something cool maybe you can add it where you pick a picture from your gallery and animate it Edit:Thanks so much for listening i hope people realize how much of a epic game this is!
Mistah cows 3 star review is what I'm talking about more specifically your response to his review if you want the game to make money then make it paid for and not pay to win
My dream was to make my own game + be able to make my character, and it has come true with this app! No ads, don't have to sign up but most importantly, NO PAYMENT! Thanks for making this app! Totally recommend to anyone. If you have any trouble, YouTube has loads of tutorials! Again, thanks for making this amazing, app.100% free! 😍 (Edit 2.) Now sometimes it goes out of the app by itself. Please fix this. Other than that. It's Amazing!😄
Its great but you should 1. Make it faster to load and 2. Make it to where u can load a level 2, it might be the fact that im too stupid to figure it out tho... So number 2 is probably nothing.. :/
I really enjoy the overall app, but there are some bugs that are really getting in my way! I created a sprite and I edited the settings so it should move forward and face forward simultaneously, but when I test it, the sprite moves forward but faces backward! *update* it finally synched itself, but now I can't get it to export!!! It downloads as a PGD file and my phone says it can't support it. What do I do??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
It is verry good i have no complaints im having some trouble with making a character but that is compleatly my fault because im not good with making pixal art stuff but the app is verry great
Great game also the money wall thing isn't that bad it gives you a challenge and an end goal to unlock all thing
This is a really good game maker. Just one problem. whenever I make a new character it doesn't show up at all and I can't use it. Other than that this is amazing!
I absolutely adore this app!!! Anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams in making a game should install this app! The only thing is that I wish you could play multiplayer....and import pictures of your already done charecters. Otherwise its awesome!
Man, this app is amazing! (a bit laggy but atleast patience will give a price) ill rate it more than 5 stars if i could tho.
The engine is still good but I hate how everything is blocked behind a wall of coin, but I understand that you have to make money but man this sucks now.
I really like this app it really can make all sorts of game after all but I really have one problem is that about the background music can you pls add that option next time?
Good game id give it 4 stars but sometimes when I'm online ads inturuptl my game sorry for my bad spelling ;-; and can you please add more items
This is the greatest game maker in play store! I would be happy to rate it 5 stars If you add these in the future( or in the next update) 1. An inventory and a crafting system in the top down maker 2. Pls add an option where the mob's name is shown at the top in top down maker 3. In platformer and top down pls add climbable and ridable stuff 4. Add moving blocks pls 5. In platformer add cannons 6. Add levers or buttons in top down that can trigger stuff when pressed that's all tnx for reading :)
What have you done to your app? It was really simple and easy to make games, and before I would have gave it 5 stars. But in the new update, needing to purchase extra slots for games and purchase extra objects with coins is extremely annoying. Why?! Just let us have as much as we want to, like you did before. This is very upsetting.
I would give this app 5 stars, but it can't import audio. As I am quite fond of making sound effects and songs, I found this fact particularly annoying. Otherwise, this app shows quite a lot of promise. Keep up the good work and have a good day! Edit 1: Previously, I had issues with the slowness, which has been reduced greatly. Edit 2: With the release of the music editor, things are getting better. All that's missing is at least some form of either audio or midi importing.
The game is very good but it wouldn't be completed without a rhythm game option to be honest the game you made... I love it
I love this app. It really helped me make games with ease. Though there is a glitch where sometimes when I pick a color it changes my brush size, however this app is all around good
Very solid app, just want a few more things like maybe importing images for sprites and a midi importer for music.
Hey im back... Can u make changes again? I want the ui screen maker much better and others. • Points - Points will be added when you reach the goal, defeat enemies, and coins. • Coins collected - The amount of coins collected by the player • Export images as sprites - This will convert images to 64x64. Use your images as sprites! • Extend player & enemy sprites - Make the Player and enemy sprites much bigger by adding more sprites and mixing them! Pls put the updates on the app. I appreciate it☺
This app is great , but there has been a problem for me recently (especially on UI screens) , whenever I go to pick a song , it doesn't play during gameplay , do you have any idea on how to fix this
I love this app I spend hours on it and I follow you on discord but it would be cool if you could ad a store option for the games we make so that the coins can be useful. And one more thing would be a weapong changer it can be for melee and range. We can animate the switching and it would make our games so much better.
A really good app overall, I really like how simple and easy it is to use, one thing that I would like would definitely be some sort of fighting game for making? Overall a great app
This is the best. But the important thing is why there isn't save/load? I want to make open world game not level game so please make the save/load. Plisss...
not working. it opens but further the cross button is not working. i think it is on my device don't know why it is happening. i think you may work on it.
It never crash my game also add new games like among us fnaf and other games also make custom sound make character verry easy
I really like game development and I enjoy that this is available for mobile. 1. Easy to make containers and or breakable objects that you can have drop other objects or power ups. 2. I have a glitch where the top of my screen mirrors the bottom part, ill send screenshots if you wish bit itd be nice to have that fixed. Lastly there a place i could donate to this project and or help in any way. I dont have much development experience so i dont know if i could help there bjt maybe music art etc.
I'm making a Tower Defense Game, but the only problem is that the pathways sometimes clog up thanks to the enemies walking the opposite way of where your base is supposed to be or two spawners in one pathway, please make them pass through each other, I'm getting more annoyed every time this happens
This is really good, but I do have a suggestion to make. I think It'd be really helpful to be able to import sprites/sprite frames from PNG files, since I make a lot of my artwork with ibisPaint X. This'll help users make sprites with what they already know and make the best versions. But that's the only complaint I have! Really good otherwise!
Has potential but definitely needs some work. UI layout and visually is weird. Needs more features. Maybe custom code behaviors would be nice.
Great app! Im glad to see its still receiving updates, im also gladd to see music implemented (especially as someone who makes music in my free time!) I hope this app gets big, though i do suggest that there should be an ability to move frames in case you wanna add in-betweens and such. Still a good app! Always has been!
Needs more game and item options. Like, master keys and doors, portals for building doors (like Zelda or Pokemon), inventory UI, save states and save/load UI. Also, more ways to use collectables like coins. Maybe a way for the player to spend them?
Not bad of an app but we need better wander monsters also the RPG is broken needs to be fixed. Also we need acceleration animation editor along with deceleration. Also the app is really bugy. Not only that but my game that I worked so hard on is broken and the UI's keep making game screens! Also we need a micanic that allows you to jump on any monster by choice. Also music is hard to do pls fix these things... Also add picture import to the game for background or sprites :p
It's not better than Game creator. I wanted to try a another game maker and i can see why it can be good but the tools are agony The circle tool is bad. Even the demo game creator is better and you duplacate levels It just horrible...
This app is amazing i can do alot here but the problem is that it lags alot its hard to do any thing at all,one time it freezed but this is a good app and very impresive than i tougth. Keep up the good work devs.
Could you also add weather? Ps: whenever i try to create something, it says "max" something WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
The game is not that good it would be better if it add if you could make your own sonic game like the spindash and your own Mario game and more adds
This is alright i guess but it misses many things also not to mention it's very confusing. It has possible potential but not really worth the time to me. Also there's many bugs in this app I experienced. Even tho I haven't used this app for such long it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out. Anyways, I paid for full version of Game Creator & PFS Creator & I recommend using Game Creator & FPS Creator. —MistoryFox
Love it! I would give it five stars but there are a few things I would love to see that can be designed. A few of those are 1) a lift object, this can lift the player and enemys 2) a color wheel for sprites, this would make it easier to get colors 3) bigger spriting options, such as making a player two blocks tall 4) heath bar, a bar in the UI that can display health 5) limited bullets/energy, a shooting player has a limited amount of ammo or energy before they can't shoot anymore.
Ya it's not that I don't like the game, I'm just sayin' that ya need to fix a couple of bugs. Especially this one (look at my 2 star comment plz). But so far, I think ya guys made a masterpiece. If you read the 2 star comment, and if ya fixed the bugs, then thank you and have a wonderful day! ✌✌✌ Peace!
Hey I think, I figured out why it's crashing on some devices. When I had my system language on hungarian it didn't let me in, but I switched it to english and now it works, so idk maybe it's a problem with languages? I've seen you tried to fix it for a long time now, and I hope this helps you a bit and you can fix it soon! :)
is good, but is pretty useless. You can't export the games, there's no point to make a game if you can't export it
Nice and Good app just need few things that are missing.1.Music importer 2.Sprite importer 3.More Space on creating sprites or editing the sprites
You've just ruined your app! it so simple and easy and then the update ruin it. now you have to pay coins or watch ads to boost your experience but if you click "no" you can't make a game what the heck is that choice?! I regret updating my app.
Great creation tool for small games. The controls are easy to learn, the sprite editor is great, and I'd highly recommend to anyone who doesn't want to bother with coding but wants to make a short game.
it is not working. the app is stuck on the loading screen and i dwonloaded this a month ago and still the same problem.please fix this
The game is amazing and deserves more love. A idea I had was buttons and switches and doors out can open and close at any time.
One this that i dislike is that you canot upload sprite sheets from your phone pls add? But overall best game maker for android!
Jumping works now..but can you add a feature that you could have teamates?and also a market where you could buy with coins
Ignore the hate, I am a little disappointed but still, the game is still fun and I know you guys need money, so it is completely understandable.
It seems that to play exported games, you must import the games file back in to PGD to play the game. Not being able to create a stand alone android executable is a let down. I was hoping to create a game for android tv. Other wise I thought it was a good game maker.
It's really good, but I was wondering if there's a way to make an RPG, turn based fight system kind of game. Also the new update, is kinda trash. The app itself is good, but how we need coins for everything isn't fun, I get it's to make money, but maybe you could just have an ad play every time you click the green 'GO' button when you select a game.
Great app, I am able to play and create my own games. Would definitely recommend this to others, but the only problem is the laggy-ness and data corruption of this app. Other than that, i would like to add an apk exporter so my friends could play it. Jokes are pretty funny by the way.
Really good if you dont know how to code and want to make games. But i have a suggestion that would help me alot on a project. I want to make a pokemon like game, but i cant do the encounter part, so i want to suggest if you could make a enemy in the rpg game that sends you to a different level if you hit it. I'll be very happy if you could because it will help me not have to make a gaint complex contraction for it. Other than that its almost perfect with a few other problems.
Nice,Easy and Cool but when i create stuff like block npc spikes and more and its fine but now some bug or problem is when i create and its completed it never show in my creations or inventory i try making more it doesnt show in my creations is it there a limit to make more or its a bug its fine in the first time but bug happens.
Welp if I did have any hope in pocket game developer, it's now gone The new update has destroyed a game I've been putting effort in. I was almost finished until Bam. The update. You need to pay pocket money to make stuff. Now I can't make any more stuff so I can end my game and show my work. One word for pocket game developer is You fkd up my experience. So sorry.
I'm still crashing lol, might just be my device. Try opening for more samsung related devices because all I have is samsung and none are working.
Great app! I love how simple it is. I have suggestion though, add a place to play other peoples games instead of having to go on the discord and download PGD file. Then having to export it. That would make it easier.
i personally love this app....there are quirks here and there about the app, but overall it gets the job done for what it says its suppose to do....one thing id like is have the pixel squares more stable or aligned for when creating a pixel object....its so frustrating making an object/character or whatever when the squares dont have a layout to go by cuz the transparent background square are not same pixel grid as painting grids....(lol if u know what i mean) but keep it up and i will pay 4 it!
I cant make new things anymore then it crashes if I try and I cant go right when making an UI if you fix these I'll make this a 5 star review. Edit: thank you. Now I can move my stuff to the right. But idk if my game is fixed with the I can only make a decoration but the. It crashes
Good but with the top down player it is broken for me it turns into a joystick player and it can only go up and down
This is the best game making app I ever seen but just add an update were you could send your games that you created to other acounts.But other than that this one of the best games
Love this. Easy, simple and fun. But, it has a weird delay of things. And zooming make the moving buttons disappear for some reason. But in other words, this is really good. Just fix those problems in that should be good.
Pretty good for a beta app. It's easy to use, but it's lagging when playing the game. Also it mostly lag at moving the UI component. Please fix this :<
I cant make new things anymore then it crashes if I try and I cant go right when making an UI if you fix these I'll make this a 5 star review
This game is brilliant, but it can get extremely confusing, otherwise, I would recommend this to everyone!👌 I would also love some more bigger character pixel options, if you know what I mean😅
It's really fun to make simple 2d games using this app.. Just want you guys to fix some glitches.. Like on level making part i can't access the right arrow button to move a content cause the screen doesn't fit my screen, i'm not sure if that's the real reason please fix it.. And could u add more layers too? That would be awesome! And lastly for the enemies..could you add more animations for the death? Like flip on the right and left? oh, another one, can't jump right over the movable block too.
this was good until they made it pay to win, remove the coin wall and maybe I'll give it a 5 star. It was easy to make games and stuff but why limit your game behind coins
I would say its a pretty decent game for starters. You dont need to code at all, you are able to create your sprites its very good, but there are alot of bugs and problems, so i hope the developers fix that. But still i would recomend this game maker.
This was a decent app, but now there's a 10 free object limit. they used to be unlimited, and now my older games don't work because of it. I have no problem with making money from an app but this is very unfair to do to developers. Spending money on this app is now mandatory instead of optional. Plus, still waiting for the ability to import sprites from the devices gallery. I and others have lots of pixel art we would love to use in our games.
If your wondering why I'm giving a one star reveiw, its because I cannot actually use the advertied software, when I open up the app it asks if it can collect crash data from my phone, and thats it. I tried clicking all over the screen, but to no avail, it just sits there tauting me. I installed this app internally on my chomebook. I hope you can fix this in the future so I can change my reveiw, this app seems the best for game creation so far
Almost perfect! I love this, it's easy to use once you learn and has so many possibilities. There are a few things I wish it had. Like being able to paint a custom background and custom UI buttons, being able to paint the game icon within the same menu you use to select it, the ability to fill an enclosed space with a certain block, dragging the UI part instead of using a d-pad, a simpler menu to enter a project, when entering a project the option to play through it, a simpler theme Overall A+
This game is Excellent! I wanna request something, the bullet type. Like a bullet that bounces on walls, the bullets that freeze the enemy/player for given seconds. And the bullet when that explode it spawns another bullat that can be more than one. And the bullet the can follow the player/enemy. The bosses will be more challenging with this types. 5 stars ;-)
It's pretty good and fun, it just needs a few more customisation options for the background other than one solid colour and a way to mirror an animated sequence would be great, as oppose to having to copy and paste frames one by one. Let us move frames around too in order to make editing easier. Other than that it seems pretty good
Probably one of the easiest to use game software I've found for Android. The inbuilt animation system is really nice, having a small tutorial pop up really helped. The editor is a bit confusing cause you can't tap to place tiles, you have to drag your finger for some reason? My biggest complaints would be.. there isn't enough options or flexibility with what you can create yet. That, and the way you add buttons to the screen is rather uncomfortable and unwieldy. I like the app, it needs work tho
Is it's very good for making games without a computer and without coding and the simpleness of the app makes it easy to make games and graphics.
I have a problem when I test my game. My character just falls through the block. I don't know why because there both on the same lare. Sorry for bad spelling and how do I fix this?
Actually its kinda good But i will give you some suggestions in how to improve it 1: add a script viewer 2: import custum sprites from your phone 3:add a script editor 4:add some new physicks 5:improve the character design, sprite editor, and a setting were you can decreas your resolution or graphics and now you can export your game 6: make it a update 7:discord server(or maybe you already have one??? ) And give me your official discord server ok And is my riview helpfull???
Whenever I open the app it immediately crashes on me, I can't use it at all! I have a Motorala G6 Play on Android 9 or so (I think that's what it is) and I don't know what's wrong with it, maybe I need to be on the most current android version Icll try that next.
A little glitch: sometimes in platformer when I use the default character it starts using the wrong animation. Please fix this.
I like the game a lot, and it works well. But. The game crashes way to often and your data constantly gets corrupted. You CAN restore it thought. Overall this is a good app. I hope this review was helpful.
Rate: 3-Stars Date Posted: Sept/9/25/2020 Time: 6:53 Coregamer said: this game kept on crashing and i had to wait for minutes,each time you want to change the colors it takes a minute,i still liked the game though :)
I dont know if its because i have a very cheap phone but when i open the app and press GO its not running the game. also the for me the app is a lagger is like im playing a game from the 89s Another (cute) fact is that when i first open the app i let all the permisions to run the app. Thanks
Been messing around with the app, and the touch zone is slightly off to the left. Also we need more tutorials on your channel to fully understand the features in the app, coz right now all I know is editing the blocks and characters. It's got a huge potential tho, just needs more polishing. Also alot of us don't know how to code or even just the basics, so having an app like this is really great 😊
I love this app when theres new update? Yeah so theres png i would make it like horror game (; i love yout game.
Its really good but theres bug that everytime i start to test it out it doeant show the game pad and i cant move and the character is in the idol right possition everytime it happens Can you please fix it Ill give 5 star rating and ill show all of my friends about the app
I love this app, it's probably the best out of millions of crappy tries at the game maker concept. One thing i would suggest is a 5th game option, (like the choices of platformer, endless runner, top down, and tower defense.) My suggestion is a 'turn based rpg mode' Which ive always wanted to find an app for, but currently, there are no good TB RPG makers that I could find. I just think that this would make the app even more useful.