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Pocket City Free for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codebrew Games located at Codebrew Games The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West Suite 1800 Toronto ON, M5X 1E3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great but the reason I gave 1 star is the MASSIVE paywall. In the free version, you can only build two cities, dont even have the regions and what is so uneccesary is the fact that you have to pay just to make you city larger. The free version is basically nothing. I feel like this game should be in the "premium" category instead.
The gameplay is fun but... You could've just made one free version of the app! I would want to have more than one city and the other details 🤦‍♀️
I like it but here is why it's bad 1.my in game $ going down. 2. I have to pay 3$ to get everything. and that is why I did 3 star rating.
Fun game, but could be a lot better. Right now, the game is really fun to play, until you've reached the point where there's no space anymore to build. I'd buy the premium version if it featured infinite lands, so you can keep expanding your city with no limits. Or that you can encounter other player's cities and be rivals or work together. The game should also focus more on pollution, where roads and industry increase pollution and trees, parks etc. decrease it.
I like the game but when i made it to level 11-13 i could not even make money i made taxes higher and took a bank loan but when i did the money went down so i had to put more house fast before all the money webt away and now i still have zero dollars i cant make money so yeah not uninstalle
1. Good business model: free version and a pay version separately. 2. Beautiful. 3. Very nice gameplay (although the lategame is pretty much impossible to lose, even on extreme difficulty: you have infinite money and XP at your disposal). 4. Lots of cute funny little details, shop names, people on the street chatting to each other, etc. 5. A few Easter eggs easily recognized by fellow Canadians :)
Great! I got addicted to this game for couples of hours. I like the part that you have to search for kitten and stuff. So cute!! The only reason i give you 4 instead of 5 star is because the bank have a limited amount of money that one bank can store. At least one bank for 1m for the limited amount it can store cuz half of the city i have to build so many bank to store up money. Plz. I would be glad to spend my money on the full version soon if you can fix this. Thanks.
When trying toopht it into landscape mode it glitches and you cannot get into the app. Prior to that tho, great game.
SUCKS! It has constant delays due to its data mining. Works significantly slower with my vpn turned on.
it is similar game to cities skylines. it should need office zones high resenditial an commercial zone
Pretty fun game overall. Though after you reach level 70 ish there really isnt much to do in the game. Cheers!!
Hang up the game it's so fun you can create your own world and you have to find like how to spend your money the people are fun and in the game and the tasks are fun
You don't even have sandbox it sucks and it's easy to lose people in the game so It can get to hard and the real one cost money and I'm not doing that cuz it's dumb but the game is a little fun but I still hate it and what's the point of making the real one cost money I think I know the point of making it cost money is because you can make money more faster than making a free game.👎
I play this game with my dad ALOT, this is actually a really good game and I really like it. There should be more policies though, but that is my only complaint.
This game is amazing! I love it, only if the Pro version was free it would be better, but ya gotta earn money somehow!
I remember the developer posting about this on Reddit ages ago and swore to do it justice, free or paid, and they have! I can pick it up for half an hour, add some stuff and keep my little bitesize city running. Recommended definitely.
This is an excellent way to build a game. The free version has very little and non intrusive ads, while enabling a user to enjoy the game at its fullest. Once you cross a certain level of addiction for the game, it makes sense to buy the full version. The game itself is very well paced, at your own liesure without any obligation to act soon or keep tapping. The gameplay is not complicated at all and can be learnt by novice players as well. More than the city building game, this is an excellent approach to building and monetizing a game.
Absolutely love the concept. And im very happy to see a 'SimCity'-like game available on my mobile devices! One problem, and quite a big one I guess, it seems to get extremely laggy as you progress through the game. (I am running this game on a current generation flagship device too!) On that note, I am pleased that I only went for the free version.
Very good game. Love the endless creative possibilities but there is one problem. I never had enough to build a bank and I eventually ran out of money and couldn't fix it. When I demolished some zones to try to fix it, it just decreased my population until it went from 700 to 470. When I ordered a loan, the money immediately started running low and caused me to lose my money again and my chance to build a bank. Really would appreciate if you fixed this. Thanks!
Very fun and satisfying game. Ads are so rare, and there's no microtransactions/play-to-win, which is so refreshing! I love how there's no pressure to buy the full version, just a friendly invitation if you do end up liking it, which I do. Happy to pay the once-off fee to support you guys because I've thoroughly enjoyed this game so far!
Very good game. I usually am so selective with games. This one got me playing 3 h without watching the time.
A way lot better than citysim or any other simulators, there is no waste of time for waiting hours to claim any reward. Perfect.
I loved it. In a week or so, my whole map was fully expanded, complete with a train system around the perimeter and a bus stop at every possible intersection. But... I can just turn on airplane mode, click the ad a few times until the offer is super high, and get an automatic injection of cash. Now that I'm so upgraded, I spent a good twenty minutes, gaining a level fairly often. There's not much to do, and disaster money tends to overcompensate to the point where I can get more money for a tornado plowing through my town 😩 Overall, it's great for something cute and low-key, but little more than that. Perfect for the casual gamer or just anyone with a little extra time.
Cute graphics, but maybe add some challenging features, such as giving the stores some goods (goods are harvested from farm) so they really operate like real store. The farm also can be a workplace for the citizens. It might sound like cityville but i hope pocket city will do better! Highly anticipating for the update!
Best game to just sit around for hours and play. Closest mobile version of SimCity I've found so far. Definitely worth the $4.59 for more regions, and a Sandbox mode.
Its very nice games and its beautiful but when i start im having some fun but the money is going low! To zero And then said was you need to demolish an zone but when i demolish it why the Cash is still zero now my city is gone in demolishing 😡😡now its worse games in hole world now i will delete this !!! Please don't instal this!!
Automatically one of the best apps period for making ads completely optional. Gameplay is surprisingly indepth and charming. Great game, I plan on grabbing the full version later. Speaking of which this free version stands perfectly fine on its own, which is amazing because demos usually bar most content away.
Great game! You can progress super fast, very addicting! Only draw back is the number of button presses to get to the actions. Takes a little while.
Closest thing to SimCity for PC. Game needs some balancing. That can be achieved by opening up some building items. For example, the farm should be available early to offset the imports a bit. I ran into problems because I was building fast but not leveling up fast enough. The "RCI" meters stayed flat even after I built only sections of residential. Something should have increased. It's hard to see where we pla ed services (police, fire, hospital, etc. Need a view layer for government services. I don't care for the money limitations. I think the map should be open. But to offset that by decreasing the amount of money one can get in taxes, etc. Or increase costs of areas. The first time I played, I was making money too fast.
Really really good love it, but I want the sandbox to be in this version because I'm having a hard time managing the city and getting money
Love the free version, keeps you motivated to push the limits. I'm at level 153 with 61000 people, and still managing to find ways to keep the city growing :D
It is good city building app.It's simple and easy to understand the concept of city building other than the games where it is way more complex to understand.
It is very engaging. Concept is really nice. I have played plenty of city simulators but this surely stands out in my books. It's truly free to play. GG
Sir you should have an event like 1 day free download for full version if you do that i will tell my gamer friend to vlog your game and pls sir fix the lag i send a report feedback to you just pls sir fix the lag. Thank you
at first it's going well but when i keep going build the town suddenly the money is decreased so fast :(
I downloaded the free one first to see if I actually liked it. It's actually quite fun. However, once you've reached a certain level, it gets boring real fast. At that point, all I do is just doing disasters or events like parties/fireworks. Money isn't an issue once you've built the banks. The zooming on stuff quest is pretty annoying in my opinion. I think the game needs some more cool updates so it won't get boring once you reach a certain level because you have even more cool stuff to do.
Realy good, but the natural disaster takes away the fun. Re-building is no fun, at least show which buildings were destroyed by the natural disasters for game improvement. Also, leveling progress is too fast.
I hate to change my review of such a good game that I enjoyed a lot to one star. But this needs to be said. I've purchased the full version and refunded it. For personal reasons. But I am yet to receive my refund. I've tried contacting both Play and the game developers several times but there is still no reply even after a month. I'm very annoyed with this situation. I didn't want to give a low score to this game, but I thought this might finally elicit a response from the developers.
Great game if you're looking for a Cities:Skylines/Sim City mobile game. Free to play without loot boxes and wait times. I paid for the full game and thoroughly enjoyed it.
An unlimited game honestly. Addicting. I played for 2 hours straight after I downloaded it. The game didn't stop, I was the one who needed a rest. Fantastic.
It's really good to play when your bored but after a while u have to wait for something good to happen but other than that great game
Enjoyed it. Nice mobility landscape for architecture and civil planning ideas/projects. A break away from normal things to be creative.
I love this game...it's sort of a no-frills city building game..no micro-transactions, no ads to watch..and if you strategize well enough you can level up and complete all the quests. The only thing i don't like is Larry's dialogue box opening up everytime you buy new lands, it's a bit annoying really. But other than that, it's a really great game. Kudos to the devs!!
This game is interesting at first and can give you a couple of hours of fun. Then you start to feel there is some kind of paywall. Not entirely true it's just the game doesn't have much to offer. It can keep you occupied for a full weekend if you are into city sims. Has some cute features but as the name calls it. It's a pocket game. Don't expect a game that will stay occupying your smartphone/tablet space for year.
Really fun, but a bit easy and fast paced... it just becaomes overwhelming when you get to later levels
Best building game ever. No online friending requirements, no waiting, and you definitely don't need to buy anything to enjoy smooth gameplay for all the levels. In addition, there are great graphics, and fun levels and gameplay. Yes there is ads, but only minimum, not very often and only 5 seconds each. Given all the other games loaded with long ads and needs to pay real money, I can hardly believe this terrific game is free. Thank you for making such a great game!
Great game. Hours of fun and deep enough to try out different playstyles. You can build up to 9 city's in a region so you don't have to unlock everything again when building another city in your region. No microtransactio ns! No wait times! Just play, there should be more games like this on mobile!
Dear developers it is a great game but it freezes and it works for like 20 min then freezes again please fix but thanks for a great game
Sadly going back into the game it doesn't recognise the water or Power stations already built and as a consequence I now have no money or population.
I remember really enjoying Pocket City Free, but to re-download if deleted my old city. Even if I could revive it, it wouldn't go above 4 stars, especially for the free version. Try it yourself, and build your cities simplistic zones with surprising and unexpected events.
Waste of time cant even build more than 2 cities or choose which tile. And on top of everything when you max out the available city space given for that city you have to buy the full version for the other 8 spaces in that region despite what all these 5 star reviews saying "nO mIcRoTraNsaCtiOnS neCEssArY" say.
I really enjoyed building a city. A little disconcerting when late in game you find roads you built no longer connect. Love that I can choose to zone parcels as water, sand and more.
This is an attractive game, but the incessant quests are distracting, annoying, and limiting. They should be able to be switched off so you can play the game in peace instead of hearing from cardboard cut-out characters chiming in with their idiocy, ruining any semblance of control you have outside of a children's educational tool. I'm not in elementary school anymore and don't need to learn to add, substract, spell, or play nice with others. I live in the adult world and want to play a game.
Wow I am taking the time to leave a review for everyone out there looking for a SimCity 2000 lookalike yes remember that era? Awesome remake of SimCity thanks for bringing me back guys whatever happened to maxis lol
This game is great fun, it's free and no stupid wait times or pay to win features that so many mobile games have. Its a simple concept with slightly more complex parts that are simple to understand! Honestly I love this game
It is an excellent game! It is simply fun. You will get more with paid version (sandbox city, larger map, etc), but the free version was satisfying enough. In this game, you don't have to wait for hours for the building to be done (just few seconds!). In my experience, I could build anything seamlessly without running out of money or resources. The phase is not to slow, enjoyable.
Its the best city builder I've ever played on my phone. The art style and gameplay are fantastic. I like the fact that the tutorial tells you the mere basics and then you're on your way. The quests and leveling system are great and addictive. Someone told me about this game on reddit so I installed it and started playing it, next thing I know 2 hours have gone by. great game highly recommend props to the developer
This game is without a doubt the best in it's genre without any intrusive ads. However it is a bit expensive for 3rd world citizens.
Seems like a nice game, but has some graphical glitches (resulting in a white screen sometimes, only option then is to quit & restart). Have these issues on Exynos/Mali hardware, other seem to work fine? Perhaps it's the 32-bit version that is acting up?
Was fun for a few hours. Filled out what was available in the free version and didn't have anything to motivate me to continue or buy the full version.
This game was shaping up to be one of my favorites, I love the graphics, the citizens say the funniest things, and it's so much fun to see your city grow. That being said, there are glitches the time. If I switch between apps and try to come back to the game, it not only freezes up the game, but my phone. My zones burn down all the time because I'll dispatch firefighters and they don't come. Whyyyy???
I love this game, it's so addictive and fun! One complaint though, once i was bored and had progressed very far, so i activated all three disasters at once. After they were done, and i tried to use the "rebuild all" button, the game crashed. After i reloaded, everything was still destroyed with no rebuild all button. I had to re build almost a quarter of my entire city. It's all good now, I've mostly rebuilt, i still love this game, but there are notable problems
Nice and lovely game, on the first days I was so addicted. But after almost 4 days I got bored, because after unlocking all of the areas there's nothing else to do, except for updates and new buildings which need high levels. and one thing else I didn't like is that I suddenly found myself at lvl 20?? the progress was a tad too fast. also sometimes the game was mute even though I didn't mute it. it would be way better if we could ask the assistant for advices, like for when the traffic is high.
Great city building game! Probably the best free one I've come across. There's a premium version you can buy that gives you some extra features, game modes and options, but the free version actually feels like a whole game and not watered down with hardly any of the features in it that make it fun, unless you pay. I'm really happy to see the devs giving players the core of the game, with the extra goodies a paid option. Other games that have both a free and paid version hardly give you anything, unless you fork over cash. You don't really feel like you have a choice between the free and paid version, but rather, you feel forced if you want to have any real fun with the thing. Just that, in addition to it being a really fun and great game, make me want to upgrade to the premium version, which I will probably be doing shortly. -Amazing city builder and great game altogether! 10/10
I loved the way it is without any microtransactions and hope to see it this way in future releases. However, the game is without proper challenges. Please add more challenges, goals and quests in future updates. My suggestion would be to connect with other cities for trade and refugees in the event of any disaster and expanding upon co-ops.
This game was great, until I got around 9000 townspeople, then the game screen would turn white and I couldn't play. Fix it and I'll up my review.
Great game! I absolutely love the fact that there are no microtransactions or wait times! There are some features only available in the full version of the game, but it is completely playable AND enjoyable completely free!
Thus game is do fun I played it so much but I just want some an update like this so it's were people can have deadly deseises and hospitals send ambulances to get them or they get injured from an attack or be able to die.
Really fun, if you like cities skylines or sim city, this is for you. Free game, no microtransactions, and almost no ads. Worth a shot for sure. Now, since it kept me enthraled until 8am, i better get to bed now.
Super experience with super speed .This game i gently and lovely recommend for the city buliding lovers.. Please make some task Like election Parliament Mayor duties Waste management I love this so much...appreciation for developers Good luck
Hello Pocket City, this is a very good game and I really like it. But I think I speak for most users when I say, I don't want to spend money on games, please just make the pocket city that costs money free, i can't do much with the free one and it's annoying, i hope you read this and please consider changing it, thank you.
I like it because it is free,and you can make your own city. But there is not much space to build this city 😬😬😬😬
This game and its mechanics is exactly wanted in a pocket city game! I had so much fun and I couldnt stop playing. Even though I only play the limited version, I think I had a great experience with this game. Keep it up!
I love the game, it's just after creating a new city, you can't go back to your old city. Fix this and i'll give 5 stars.
Seriously, just wow. This is one of the best simulation games I've ever found available completely for free, aside from legitimately OPTIONAL ads. - - - - - My only complaint is that it is EXTREMELY graphically intense. I'm playing on a new Galaxy Note 9 which has never had any issues otherwise, and as soon as I had built a few rows of buildings or so, it started lagging and freezing up like crazy! After continuing on like this for a little longer, it had become virtually unplayable, and this was when I had just started playing! I managed to completely resolve this issue by going into the settings menu and enabling the options for '30 fps limit' and 'reduced effects' and visually found it to be no less satisfying graphically... I don't know why that was a problem to begin with though, this seems to be something that was somehow overlooked.
Absolutely perfect. Ads: the complete opposite of intrusive; you WANT them to appear so you get a bit of a progression. HOWEVER, you are NOT reliant upon the ads and can totally ignore them. They don't trick you with tiny hidden Xs and you aren't forced to watch a single one. IAP: no in app purchases, which i love. Graphics: i had them set to 'ultra' with no '30fps limiting' and my game looked beautiful with no lag whatsoever. Content: enormous amount of enjoyment to be had. The tiny details will make you laugh! The creators are very much aware of current political and social trends and have encorporated effective humour into the characters within the game. Rice: i didnt feel the need to purchase the full version, as the free version gave me hours of enjoyment. Overall: i can't think of any way to improve it.
Tried, didn't like it. I got to level 12. Likes: portrait view availability, quests to keeps you busy, ok graphics and items to build. Dislikes: most of the dialogue boxes cut off the words and you can't scroll down to read more, it just skips to the next dialogue box. Some of the windows, words, and graphics do not fit within the game display. Fire and police should have an option to speed up the rescue process because even in SimCity I never lost that much progress from a fire. 10 blocks? A bit much. Especially considering "help is on the way". I also don't like the level requirements for building certain items. Sorry guys, I'm going to try out another SimCity wannabe. Game is ok, not great.
Very fun! But as the free version, of course there is going to be a limit. Burnt 3 hours of my time, and definitely looking forward to get the full version!
I loved this game! I spent hours playing this game and the best part is, you don't have to wait forever for everything to be built!
first game - lost all my money. So, I'm gonna build a few residential homes with commercial buildings, then have few industrial jobs, then wait until I have at least 10k then expand a timy bit - then repeat earning 10k then expanding a bit. - great game after.
Love this game. I like the idea of not just you're building your own city but it has quests and reward system as well. For me it's really unique for a building game. The game is pretty relaxing as well.
Gameplay: 4 The game is fun at the beginning, but gets boring in the middle, when you're running out of space and have to just sit there waiting for the money. Graphics: 4¼ The silly, cartoony graphics are smooth and not a strain on the eyes. Fun: 4 The game lacks the strategy of fully fledged City building games, but makes up for it with quick, fun gameplay.
Too restrictive to be a true city builder. Even simcity,the og simcity,is not this crippled. You need separate power line and water pipes but its bundle together with the basic road.
A tribute to the developer wow this app is very insane I'm satisfied this is the very best first city building that I ever played the city is cute even the residents they are also cute talkative sometimes which is amazing it feels like you are talking to someone great I appreciate it ♥️
Fun SimCity clone, but the audio gets really annoying before too long. Sometimes the sounds of the city are a little much, and for some inexplicable reason, there's something that sounds like a ghost moaning every 10 seconds that's so annoying I can't play with the sound on. I have to deduct a star just for this short 2 second clip that forces me to play without audio.
Hours of fun in a perfectly pretty game. I love the colourful design, the quests are creative. The thugs chat made me chuckle. * A minor annoyance, some buildings showed no water/power even with the resources/roads right beside them. Upgrade the camera to allow a 360degree view and I'll be thrilled to buy the full Pocket City. Thanks
At the creator , Why can't I import my city from the free version to the paid version. I'm extremely angry 😡 about this. I bought the paid version so I could expand and continue my city not start over. I feel ripped off. The in game adds said you could get a new town hall and other incentives. Help please!
The game is adictive, I have been playing for 6hrs and I already decided to purchased the Full version. The Free version lets you play more unlike in other games that you must purchase to progress. The game is so positive that Advisors, NPC and even the Gang leader is polite. Actually one NPC's first wife was a tree. I saw some reviews says you cannot transfer your City from Free to Full version, maybe for later version, but I purchased my Full version and transfered my city without a problem.
There´s no in app purchases, no invasive ads, no pay to win, no invite to win. It is just a game, a real one. It took me back to the time when games were games instead of social networks with nice graphics. Beautiful game, hands down best city builder and one of the best mobile games. Other developers shold learn from this guys and our world would be a better place.
Nice game and I I'm always finding something new. The paid version allows you to expand beyond the current city build. I completed the main level before buying the paid version, but I think it's worth it.