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Pocket City for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codebrew Games located at Codebrew Games The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West Suite 1800 Toronto ON, M5X 1E3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoyable game for when you want something quiet. Personally, I prefer paid games because I hate paying for upgrade each time, I would rather pay up front. I wish they have an option to build without restriction, so we can build our ideal city.
You'll definitely be chained to your creativity on how addicting this game is. I just got into the whole sandbox simulator building type games. I got to say, as soon as I have an idea. you give me tools and items that give me even more ideas and keep me going. With no in app shadiness, this game is a win.
This is the mobile Sim City I've been waiting for. It has all the key elements for a good City building/management game that I love. In an easy to use mobile format. I love that the paid version exists and offers everything up front. No microtransactions, no wait times to entice in game purchases. Just a solid game that's fun to play. Wish more devs offered this. Easily worth a couple bucks.
I love it. The developer have created a great city builder that resembles pc games experience as much as it can. Just bought it after playing it daily for a week. I hope buying it can support the developer to add more mechanics/variety to the game coz the base is solid and there's room for great expansion.
I've bought this app twice now... when I open It it says cant access then it sends le to google play but when i have my internet and data off i can play it just fine.. when I first bought it I played it for a while then it wouldn't let me play it so I uninstalled it and it made me buy it twice.. now Its doing the same thing but I'm not trying to buy it again..
I found a bug, but don't know where to report it. For the quest, "A mountain to climb", I am supposed to have a road connect a mountain to the city, but when I do this the quest does not complete. Just a heads up to the devs.
Amazing until you deleted my saves. I'd spent the last 8 hours building up that city just to have it deleted. I'm deleting the app and never picking it up again. This game was so much fun, I've been addicted to it from the day I downloaded it. But sadly it's unplayable because you can't guarantee it's even saved. (It wasn't the free version either!) I payed for something I can't use. Oh and the same thing happened to my partners city! How can you charge for an app like this?
It is so simple and great. I Just want to give a suggestion. Please add feature to pause/play. Sometimes I feel the pace is too intense. I just need a break, wandering the city and planning to build it more.
Great game , only game that feels like old school Sim city. Feels complete and well worth the price and the some, I've bought it on two different accounts.
So I purchased the full version, it's showing as a transaction on my Google store, I received the email receipt, but my game has yet to upgrade and when I go to the full version instead of the free version, I have the option to purchase again.
This is an absolutely great city building game. It's like SimCity, but without having to constantly wait for your cash reserves to build up. You can play/build continuously (not always a good thing - it's addictive). The graphics are crisp and cute. The ads are minimal and unintrusive. For under $3, you can greatly expand your city map and have no ads. Well done!
One of my favorite app games ever (and I play a lot of games!) It's so much fun and such a great time passer! I've usually never been much into city building sim games but I decided to give this app a try & I'm so happy I did! The game is definitely worth buying, I'm surprised it didn't cost more actually. My absolute favorite thing about the game is that there aren't any micro transactions included in the game and you don't have to wait actual time to build stuff like a lot of app games do.
A cute combination of a clicker and SimCity. Deleting because the building sizes are too random and the upkeep costs of buildings is unclear. Would reinstall if they fixed a few things like that
It is a fun game, but I find it hard to progress with no offline rewards. I find myself staring at my money count go up 2 per second for an hour just to build a couple of trees..
Was really loving this game, and the only reason I withheld a 5th star is because I ran out of $ for my city. I took out a loan, but I still lost all my $. Not sure what I did wrong 😕
This was at first really fun and addicting. But after a day or two I finished the game and it did not have any new content. I think it needs more content like chaning building styles to types in history or more unlocable building types. Also, more terrian types or fantasy cities, like Atlantis or something.
At first I did think the game wasent worth the money but now, it is one of my ALL time favourite games, if you zoom in on people they are having conversations, and doing daily things, and there are no glitches or bugs I have found in the game yet. Would 100% RECOMMEND to buy this game.
I bought this at a discount, but i'd gladly pay full price. I never realized how fun town builders can be when these apps aren't all about waiting and Micro transactions. It's fun, has highly customizable terrain, special buildings can be unlocked by bumping up the difficulty, and you can max out/recover/reset or start in a new region if you'd like as much as you'd like. Only knit pick I could come up with is the inability to rotate the buildings. But aside from that 5 stars
Best sandbox builder bought 3x for 3 different people devices the premium is sooo worth the price of hours of calm decoration hope you update with few packs new stuff can buy to add would be nice
This is a really great game for its value however I think it should contain an online mode where me and my friends could connect together and say have our own region so we could transfer each other money or other things like that
So much fun playing. Such a time killer. And in the same time, manages to show potential to always grow into something more. A perfect experience, buy it, play it.
Great game , only game that feels like old school Sim city. Feels complete and well worth the price and then some, I've bought it on two different accounts.
Love the game! Just wish menu was set up so things like access to dynamite, bus stops & upgrade arent buried in submenus. Also would like to be able to demolish larger mountains, relocate buildings w/out having to demolish them. More building shapes other than only 1 or 4 squares, & ability to rotate! Leveling up higher than 2 would be nice too. Dirt rds/paths for farms,campgrnds, beach resorts would be better than roads..love the monologues but theres not as many in the paid one ☹
Game is amazeing! Great time killer, I just request a day/night cycle, and a weather cycle, like foggy, sprinkly, rainy, stormy, and thunderstorm disaster is already there, other than thos recommendations, please add more ways of gaining money, anyway, cant complain about the game, the game is great
Ver reaource intensive game for such a simple game. It drains battery worse than any other app I have even with the settings set to low everything. This app uses more resources and battery than constant bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS usage combined at the same time. In addition to the resource drain, it continually has serious delays in graphics and game play as a whole. If it waant for these issues, I would give it a 5 star rating without question.
Game maybe be playing on Chrome OS but have too many bugs. I tried to play on my HP Chromebox G2 with 4K display but the game in that resolution totally useless because system mouse pointer far away from in game mouse pointer. This coordinate miscalculation reduce with window size to FullHD where the game may be playable. The most annoing that the game can not zoom in/out with mouse wheel (only "I"/"O" keys help). Just make the game fully compatible for Chromebox devices with really big screens.
This app is so much fun!! But I have one problem. The more you build in your city more money starts dropping and now I am at $0 and I have no way of earning all my money back. I would 98% recommend this game.
This is a great little sim game. So simple and fun to play. A few issues I have noticed are the only reason for 4 stars and those are some graphical glitches when zooming (objects like people are hidden under buildings or buildings behind tracks). Also there seems to be a bug with upgrading commercial areas as the jobs do not increase as the do with industrial or residential areas. This throws off the balance and you need a lot of commercial area. Other than that love it.
Love it! Its worth buying for countless reasons! I will tell 2 1. Its a city builder! If you dont like city building than you live under a rock! 2. Sandbox is great! You can build anything!
A gem of a game that takes me back to the original sim city, repayable, entertaining and enjoyable. A small learning ramp as you move from beginner to expert maps, but once you have the fundamentals down it's a steady relaxing build until you start your next region. For the most part its taken the best bit of the original Sim City, added some nice extras and wrapped it up in a mostly bug free game. The only thing I'd add is a Town Planner policy in expert mode to force 1x2 or 2x2 buildings.
Good, could be better. Money not accumulated outside of app, meaningless goals to achieve, doesn't feel like you're accomplishing much when you add to the city, nor can you really customise what the houses look like. Also the townspeople say some weird things, one of them yelled out how it was a simulation and to "wake up, sheeple!". Strange, good for time wasting, bought it to rid of ads, but no extra features to my knowledge.
Lots of fun. If u like simulation games and predictable goals, graphics, achievements, with creativity behind it u will like it. Kids 9 and up could figure it out and practice left brain skills, but there is a criminal who mugs the people, not violent but he holds a knife and the criminals say things like "yo boi". Just so you know. The controls are clearly labelled and each stage of difficulty is more interesting.
This is a seriously fun game if you like sims - all but impossible to repeat a session. Like SimCity, but without the tedious details. A couple of weak spots, but nothing serious. EASILY worth the money!
Really wonderful game. Only complaint: the game needs to give WAY better banks eventually. I have had to fill entire plots of land with nothing but level 2 banks, and even that doesn't last very long.
I love this game so much and I always have, I love that they added policies and regions. I just wish there were more options for aesthetics, like dirt roads for farms and camps and different trees and parks. Id also like to see the zone tool to be easier to use, like painting maybe. It would be a lot easier to be able to switch between soil, water, sand, and be able to paint outside of a square or rectangle shape. Other than that the game is lovely and addictive, its a really good buy.
It is a great game, worth the money if you're into city builder games/simulations. I wish there was more to do, as once you hit a certain point there's nothing to do as far as progression.
It has potential. Money doesn't collect unless the app is open. Also, my town's happiness took a fast nosedive and I couldn't figure out how to change that.
Great game. But 2 issues: 1) If you have max money and open a chest, you lose the money in the chest. 2) There's no more money boosts for watching videos, compared to the free version. The ad in the free version makes it sound like you get money boosts without watching videos in the paid version. I've played over 3hrs and have not seen a single money boost icon.
Great game I bought the proper version as I enjoy games like this would be nice to be able to turn the map to get different views of the cities I build would be awesome to have a bigger map to make full use of highways it's a great time passer 🙂
Seriously??!! This game is fun at first. Then you go broke quickly. Its got some flaws. Like no police or anything for so many levels. One minute you have money the next broke. I've tried the trick like commercial to make money. Not helpful. Wanted a fun game
I absolutely love this game. I Ionly have one complaint. I can't read all of the quests when I get and complete them because they're cut off at the bottom of the screen. Or the paragraphs continue outside of the text boxes. I think you should add a next button to continue reading or a scroll box.
So, I just finished my first play through. This is really good. I do wish there was more to do in the "end game" stages. More variety of events and disasters. More extended and perhaps even secret policies unlocked as you continue to level past 201 (the last stage needed to unlock all current policies). I am very glad I bought this though, it is highly engrossing. I almost wish there was a PC version! My only other complain is that I wish that stereotypes werent relied on to create the baddies.
This game has me hooked! For people who like to create, I suggest this game. It's fun, easy, and I've been playing it NONSTOP! I really love this game, and hope if you get it, you'll love it as mach as I do. 😁♥️🏙️
Game was ok but could be better. Future update suggestion: 1. Add more road options. (one-way road, roundabout etc.) 2. Make the map more bigger.
Good game! Policy's do break the game a bit. I got .5 money because if cheaper Residencial zones. Or you can get infinite money with rocket launch event with 5 rockets and the no wait time policy. This game also should have more content for late game, after you get past level 100.
Very playable sim city builder, lots of variety challenges and events to keep you engaged for eons. Runs perfectly looks neat and has all the qualities of any great sim! Definitely great value for what you pay.
Good game overall, nice graphics and mechanics. But I felt saturated after not even 2h of gameplay. I felt like I did everything that I could and the only thing I could de was to wait for more XP. Also, leveling up happens too fast and you don't even have the time to witness what you just got, you already leveled up again. I would see it being a great solution if there was difficulty levels.
Cool little time waster. It moves quickly which is something i appreciate. Doesn't take hours to build structures. Played it for a few days and got pretty far.
Nice easy relaxing. Great job. Excellent city builder. Has quest that are fun and simple as you grow city. Rebuilding is super fun after you learn the layout of the land. More variety could be nice, to have districts and zones such as Residential (then Apt vs High Rise vs Townhouse). New challenges like a residential focused map vs having to do so many goods to cover cost. They have sandbox which I haven't tried but probably is super fun. The regular is so fun didn't need to sandbox immediately.
Good: I absolutely love this game! It really simulates what it's like to be mayor of the a town! The controls are simple, the graphics are perfect, and the experience is spectacular! Before I got my hands on this game I thought it was going to be really advanced(its not). Overall this game is absolutely the best city game. Edit 1: Can you add the polish language? (Czy możesz dodać język polski?) Edit 2: Can you make an update with mabey a theme park that mabey has customisable roller coasters?
10 hour tutorial; I was expecting something I could idle in and build a city piece by piece, but it needs a lot of active management. Even like 20 hours in I'm still getting annoying mechanical unlocks I'd expect at the start and "find tiny pixel on map" quests. Additionally there isn't really a fail state, so you could randomly put stuff everywhere and be fine, no planning required. It feels like a 20 hour tutorial which I would've refund. I'm sure this is a game for someone, but just not me.
It's a good game, though I must say pretty basic. Why isn't it linked on line, why can't I put a rail/road/chanel to the border and there actually being someone on the other side to receive it. Why can't we trade for resources with real people? Why is the space limited so much, the city grows so fast and before you know it the map is full and there's no where else to grow. Any way, lots of room for improvement.
Excellent game. Does not load more than once in a row after only having it for 3 days. Even then to get it to open again I have to clear cache and storage. Apologies. Will revisit if fixed Google pixel 4
Had to look online to figure out how to progress at certain points, but otherwise it is a great game. (Suggestion: since city demolition is a thing, why isn't a full city delete a thing, as well? I'd much rather delete a city and start over than to create a new city.) Enjoying the game a great deal, however, because there's nothing remotely comparable.
Awesome game! Some small annoyances (variables involved in certain building mechanics not really explained: for instance, it's not really clear what the output of a recreational building is, so how many you need per housing, building mechanics are sometimes a little annoying) but overall a very elaborate, well-made game that is very enjoyable! Spent around 20 hours on it already and plan to spend a lot more on it
After the first city you basically get infinite money, and you have 8 more after that which can boost your income? I already have more money than I can store or know what to do with, so why? What's the point of sandbox mode when the game becomes sandbox mode in like an hour. Would be better if they focused more on minimalism and gameplay.
No ads, no micro-transactions - a breath of fresh air! All I need is a simple, basic graphics game to play when I have a few minutes. Unlike most games that's exactly what Pocket City delivers. And it's a lot of fun too!
A solid city building sim game with an addictive play cycle. A variety of cosmetic and sunstantive options can help make your cities unique with their own personalities and specialties. An excellent offering in the genre!
Great game! I like how you can do a lot of saves if you want to, but the part of the game that gets all the stars from me is Sandbox mode. I just can't get enough of terraforming as I see fit!!
I've left a review before but it's not here. There's zero advertisements as you'd expect from a paid game. Runs very smooth. Game plays as fast as you would want or slow. No bad surprises here, great game.
Its fun but there are 2 issues that came up for me. First is that I can't scroll on quest conversations and when I click on some of the policies they extend beyond my screen and i can't exit them which forces me to restart the game.
An awesome game. Am really enjoying it. A one off cost. No adds, no prompting you to buy more stuff. I am really impressed. Well done creators.
Very fun city building game. Easy to understand thanks to an intuitive user interface, and full of little details and surprises. I even just spend time browsing the city with my kids.
I paid for it... And installed it played it it's very good. Wake up next morning Boop it's gone please fix this or give a refund please.
It is a cool game. Can we please have the ability to build unpaved roads or make locations accessible without a necessity for a road?
I've finally found a building game that is keeping me entertained! It's full of quests and natural disasters, keeping me riveted. There are no in-game purchases, and has more lands to build on. I fully recommend this game if you enjoy building a city out of nothing 😃 .
No big update in decade. I been playing this game and bought the premium. Time goes by and i feel like there is no massive update so i deleted it. Momths has past by and there is no update in this game. Very wasteful this game is very nice to play. Not like worldbox when i downloaded it for jsut 4 month and saw 3 or 4 updates.
One of my favorite builder games of all time! Easy to use, and fairly simple to pick up. One of my very few issues is the quests are either extremely narrow in what needs to be accomplished, or they are completely ambiguous. A lot of later upgrades and policies can make it extremely difficult to complete some of the quests. It is still quite the enjoyable game, and it is one of the best ones that is also multi-ligual! Спасибо!
A fun app to waste time with..Its nice to have an app that you dont have to keep spending money to progress faster. Start with the easy regions and then try the harder levels.
Very fun and addicting. I don't like these type of games because they get incredibly hard to maintain. This game is quite easy and everything runs smoothly. I recommend this game 100%.
Really fun for what it is, nice casual game to kill time with. I just wish there were more options for customization to make your city look unique.
Love it, so simple yet so addictive. MASSIVE time killer. It's really refreshing not to have to spend real money to upgrade things. (Using play pass). Would definitely recommend great for all ages
A lot of fun, but once you burn through a city or region, there's nothing to bring you back. I wish there were more frequent updates or a considerably larger map option. Is this abandoned? Hasn't had an update in almost a year.
It's missing a challenge. Played for several hours and different difficulties, once you get your city started you only progress, fairly quick as you play. Something is missing. It's not an action game but it could have something to make it more challenging and difficult. The gameplay is really nice in general, if you like simulation, no ads and a good variety that's your game. Still behind other games.
I like it. It's a fun game for a long time. Does get boring after a while. I'm not sure if any of the zones upgrade or downgrade (residential small, medium, large - for example) based on changes you make like adding recreation or improving the environment or not. I also haven't figured out the best optimization for zones to roads ratios lol. Overall lots of fun and I'm glad I bought this game. And there are no extra microtransactions or ads in the game after you purchase the full version!
Super fun but sort of shallow. Honestly my only complaint is that there isn't more of this because this is a really fun city builder. Its simplistic and really scratches that simcity itch without all the p2p garbage that is out there. Definitely worth the 3 bucks, and a steal for a buck. My verdict, buy this now you wont be disappointed.
love that one city has 9 different regions to unlock. not only that, but you can create 40 different cities! it was a little difficult getting used to the controls at first, especially because you have to demolish any zones you built if you want to move them. but once I figured out how to play the game it was pretty simple, especially on normal mode. expert mode significantly more difficult, but not to the point where it's unplayable. really thorough game, I don't regret spending money on it
I think this game is awesome reminds me of SimCity from when I was a kid. The only part about it that's kind of lame is when the storms do happen. they kind of just happen and then you have to pay some money and everything rebuilds. I guess it would be cooler if it was like a real life storm or closer to... And you had to rebuild yourself but you had hazard pay. I'll be honest I'm playing this game way more than I should so if you could add some things it could probably be 10 times better.
This game is fantastic. The best feature: you don't have to collect every resources to build more, it does automatic, excellent.
The game is just great, but the demand is always greater than supply, my city is full of commercial zone but still need more, even with high tax
Funny and easy. One tip for improvement, scrolling when placing zones, and roads is a pain as it tries to place the item there and then you have to drag to move it. Instead, allow touch and drag to move around the screen and then tap and hold to start the placement of an item.
Throwback to SIM City 3000 with a gentle learning curve. Bargain at the price and works well + looks great on tablet. Pop-up interactions can be a bit annoying ... But they do give quests/hints to guide you into growing a sustainable city. Control are generally good .. few minor quibbles on moving the camera around (rotate would be good). Highly recommend!
Superb game and great value for money. What SimCity was and should still be. Lack of IAPs and ade is a winner. Would be great to see some more features added or a V2 rather than IAPs as I feel like I've completed it a couple of times now.
Good: I absolutely love this game! It really simulates what it's like to be mayor of the a town! The controls are simple, the graphics are perfect, and the experience is spectacular! Before I got my hands on this game I thought it was going to be really advanced. Now that I bought this I love it! Bad: 1) On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) it can glitch out of the game. 2) The zones could be more pricey. 3) Bridges should be be more cheap. Overall this game is absolutely the best city game!
Superb. This is probably the best android game that I have played. If you've ever wanted to build a city, or cities, then look no further. There are no in app purchases or adds - it's pretty much perfect.
No Microtransactions! This is a big deal for games like Pocket City; for example, Simcity is a largely pay to win game. This game is so fun but so simple. I am happy to have played and keep playing it.
This is a great builder game. I like that I can play in different modes. The graphics are well enough for the game. All items move easily and I have never experienced glitches or crashes. If you like builder games, this should keep you happy.
This is a pretty fun game the first time and then it goes "now do the same thing two more times in slightly more difficult modes," where "more difficult" really just means... slower. It's not bad! But it isn't like... engaging past the first day or two, either.
Fun and easy to play. Not as complex as other city building games. Graphics look great and it does get updated. It just got an update this year. If unsure try the free version.
This is only city-builder on mobile, as far as I'm concerned. It's an extremely competent take on the genre and, though more simplistic than it's PC predecessors, plenty detailed and a lot of fun. My only complaint is that I wish the scale of the cities could be larger, but I understand that this might be due to constraints of the platform/usability. Regardless, it's well worth the price of admission. Highly recommended to fans of city builder games.
Pocket City is a fun city building game, the style is very nice and straightforward. That said there are a couple of issues.There really needs to be an option to choose what size building you want. On harder difficulties you need to have most every zone plot 2x2 because for more homes/jobs per square and overall the upkeep seems less than similar size 1x1s. Because you need nothing but 2x2 everything becomes very samey. Allow picking building size and equalize home/job between build sizes
So far it is a great city builder. Not in real time so you can play it at your leisure with no ads or transactions. It's a nice refreshing game compared to a lot nowadays, so far I like it I'd suggest trying out.
I don't usually rate a game because I can easily get bored after sometime, but this one is an exception. The game play suits all ages. Upon playing the free version for a couple of hours, I knew exactly I needed an upgrade to the full version. And everything was great! Even my sister downloaded this game and she likes it very much. We can spend so many hours playing this non-stop. For just $3 dollars, it was definitely a plus! I'm waiting for the next big update. Great work, devs. 👍
Definitely a great city builder game, and its fast pace compared to other city building games in the app store. Reminds me of sim city before the franchise went south. EA should take notes.
I really love this game. However, I don't see how to play on hard or expert level. How don't change the play level? Game keeps crashing. Expert level is impossible no matter what way it's played. What has been fun to play now has become annoying.
Boring fast. Very basic game that quickly loses it's shine. I spent the $2.99 for removing ads and find the game lacking inspiration. Mostly annoyed with the amount of battery this app drains. It's like running Snapchat and Spotify together, yet uses little data!? How/Why does it suck the battery like a FPS? Could use a rotation control for buildings like Ferris Wheel and Aquarium. Has potential. 🙄 Smartmap builder sometimes makes large buildings capable of shared power, sometimes won't. 🤷‍♂
It's really nice and easy to play, the size of maps are huge. I just wish, and I would pay, to have more stuff to put down. More building types or themes, more fun stuff, maybe a railroad, just needs more.
Great game! Over a year after I first discovered this wonderful game and I still love it.. there's nothing better than a game with staying power. It takes a lot for a game to be good enough to entertain one long-term however this game will do that. The quests will keep you entertained, the gameplay is simple while you learn, then more difficult as you get better.. plus the updates just make the game better all the time. Try it, it's worth it!
Bought it two years ago ,played it for some time. Now installed it again, I thought it would be the same, but it went a big way. It's nice on smartphone and tablet, portred and landscape view. Nice
I love this game. This is probably the second mobile game I truly love after GameDev Story. I've been longing for a simple yet rich city building game that can be enjoyed by casuals like me. I finally found it in Pocket City! Can't wait for the sequel!
Plus: I like it. Game play is cool. Graphics and UI are clear. It is easy to learn but hard to master (as it should be), especially the first few hundred people are a challange. Minus: Additional cities in a region are not as exciting as the first. There is more than enough money right from the start and the quests are exactly the same. Also I think disasters would be more interesting if not 100% of the damage would be refunded.
Great little city sim. I have to give 4 stars because it is not nearly as complex as other city builders, and because the UI is a bit clunky. It is frustrating having to back out of building/road placement and start at the beginning of the menu tree just because moving objects is so difficult. But overall a great game, made even better because there are no ads!
There's a lot to like and it can be complex with the stats etc, but equally you can just ignore all that and randomly build roads and buildings. It's good for adults and children. Personally, I'd like more control over which buildings pop up, especially in commercial zones. I'd like more variety of buildings, like leisure facilities (swimming, bowling, restaurants, bars and clubs). A single square carpark would be useful and footpaths instead of roads to link things like beaches would be great!
Super addicting game. Didn't expect to be this hooked as I normally can't stick with games like this. I haven't even learned all of its systems yet and have only built 2 cities so far, but aside from the initial tutorial which teaches you the basics through gameplay, the game takes its time with introducing/teaching you the other more complex systems which makes them easier to digest instead of throwing everything at you at once. Spacing out the lessons is a great way to teach game mechanics. 👍
This game so reminds me of Sim City 2000 and 3000 and at the price it's a steal. No ads is a big bonus. Yes I personally can recommend Pocket City, so much fun on a mobile phone.
It's a suuuper forgiving Sim City on easy mode, but it works as a mobile game you kinda poke occasionally and only half pay attention to. It won't burn down if you turn your attention away. At least, usually...
The game is really great and enjoyable but i would say there aren't enough buildings/landmarks or other usable modifications. It just needs more variety! Keep up the good work.
Really enjoyed the game. Building cities, implementing policies, balancing happiness and taxes, completing quests, controlling congestion. Would be nice if there was a link to different regions through water, road or rail.
I love city building games, and this game is the best on mobile, hands down! It's additive, fun and perfect if you're looking for a city building game on mobile. 😄
For three dollars and no microtransactions, this game is a great deal. I would compare this to the original Sim City crossed with Sim City 2000. Love it!
Can't build a city in sandbox without it randomly catching fire. Refund button is gone after just minutes of playtime. Don't recommend.
Great to play this game was set for me by my son And I love it. you can make city after city. I love that they give you more option to make more in other option board games..love it
I do enjoy the game but I will say it is a bummer having to level up so much to unlock the special buildings for sandbox. Can you please un-do this for the sake of me and the other people that play the game? If you do this, many more people will enjoy the game even more. Thank you.
Genuinely, this game rules. Extremely absorbing and as far as city builders go, has a much more intuitive and accessible control structure. Some of the side quests/mini games, in particular the ones where you have to zoom in to find a specific kind of NPC, can get tiresome, but these quests are not required and you can easily let them rot in your quest list until you get bored enough to go hunting.
Perfect! It reminds me of sim city, just not as complicated. Well worth the money I paid for it Really satisfying building the cities and getting the stats up!
This is a very good game. It's like the sims. I'm not really into simulation games but this one got me interested in the genre. I recommend for any of those considering buying the Premium version. It's just a good casual experience
Purchased the full version to use offline while traveling. Works great, super stable. Enjoy the sandbox modes and the new Regions so you can share resources. A great city simulator with a lot of replayability. Over on reddit is small but great group of users if you ever have questions. Interface is great, controls are intuitive and easy to use.
Good game.. But please add more building, more transportation,more choice, sandbox Mode without hidden tools (all unlocked), and larger maps (or map editing for more freedom).. Thanks..
It was a great game on launch. No micro transactions or ads was great. On launch though. Since then, Dev has seemingly abandoned the game. No new game or updates to this game. I would have hoped that Dev will probably add more to the game as gameplay was barebones at launch. But nothing came. I guess Dev didn't earn enough from this game to continue working. Probably says more about play store's quality if decent games get less attention than idle clickers and lootbox games.
Awesome game without being nickel and dime to tears, or smoothed in ads. I spend hours enjoying playing this game, can't ask much more of a city you carry in your pocket.
Great game! Worth every penny! There are no waiting times like wait an hour to build a Theatre etc. Graphics are nice and simple and controls are very easy. Nice missions to keep things interesting and good leveling system. Best city building game on Android!
This is an amazingly good portable city builder. I originally opened it to just check it out for five min before playing something else I'd planned to. It's three hours later and I haven't touched the other game; this one keeps making me go 'just five more minutes'. Definitely for you if you have a city builder itch to scratch!
Kept me entertained during an entire 6hr flight and then some. It's like a slightly simpler version of sim city 2000.
Love this game but ever since I've updated or something happened, Everytime I open it the screen switches back and forth from landscape view to portrait really fast and it won't load. Almost like my phone is having a seizure or something! Pls fix :(
Great Game! Didn't have to struggle through purchasing a bunch of add ons to complete challenges. I agree with other reviewers that I wish there was more!
Fun city builder. I hate apps that put time limits on progress, so I'm happy I found this. Super easy to use, the quests are fun and the building interface is easy to use. Brilliant game, I've put many more hours into it than I thought I would.
Update. Came back to this game after a year. It was making my old phone too hot. On expert difficulty, the game is kind of frustrating. I have to just keep the program open and let it run to idle up enough money to make a move. It won't run in the background, nor does it prevent the phone from sleeping, so the only way to make money is to move around the map for an hour to save up cash.
Yeah, it's pretty good. It's exactly what it says on the tin. You buy it and it's no ads, micropayments, or gambling boxes, full stop. Major props. So, how's the game? Well, it's no Cities: Skylines, but considering it's on a touchscreen, it handles things well. Most complaints I have aren't the game's fault, but the interaction interface's fault. Basically, the only complaint I have is at level 75+, you run out of things to do and it's a bit of a grind. I paid, I enjoyed my time, and I'm done.
Enjoying this way more than I thought I would!! Its a great time waster / mind distraction and its not grindy, its not asking for money....ever within the game. If you like city builders, give this a try ^_^
Was enjoyable until I reached level 39 and Volcanoes destroyed my city twice within 5 minutes, on casual setting. The game feels rushed, even on casual setting. I would suggest slowing it down a tad on the disasters. Twice in 5-10 mins is a little too much for casual play. No other complaints! Great game!Thanks for letting me try it out!
Love this game. Love designing new cities. Mostly for artistic purposes, but also functionality. I wish there was more to do. I have beaten this game on expert mode. Ive completed all missions... Wishing there was more to do? Or a way to do bigger, much larger map sizes? Along with new building types and zones? And upgrades? Obsessed with this game. Very chill amd very calming. 5 stars from me. This is the first game i have purchased on my phone. Usually dont pay, but this game is worth it!
Love it! I got this through my Play Pass subscription and I'm happy I can finally play a game in this style without that whole pay-to-win stuff from other games.
The overall gameplay is very good! High quality city builder with not that much of micromanagement. I only have two nitpicks: 1) the game is too fast, speed cannot be set like in SC or CS. 2) I can't make it to spend money fast enough because of 1). I earn more than I am able to spend on building new zones etc. The game is quite easy.
Theres been less updates recently, which is understandeable. I have some suggestions: Adding wider highways to make it different from normal roads. (To have some constraints to encourage better planning instead of a better alternative to roads) Adding larger buildings(3x3) Adding more upgrades for zones to increase efficiency per zone. QOL: being able to visualise "healthcare/crime safety/fire safety" standards similar to environment.
Great game but highway traffic only turning right is annoying, maybe add an option to turn that off? Like some kind of "right turn only" that you can turn on and off. Another suggestion is: overpasses (for both road and highway.) Combined with the other suggestion, think of the possibilities! Other than that I can't think of many other ways to improve, besides more bugfixes.
Decent game. It could use more buildings and other items to keep the game going as it can get a bit boring and repetitive with little replay value.
Nice game basically a rip-off of as city. There should be a way to skip the tutorial it's a pretty self explanatory game I don't red you to walk me through a game I've been playing for years
Great little game. Takes me back to when Sim City wasn't trying to be so clever. There are some bugs to iron out here (zoomed out is pointless without Ultra detail; Street Race earns XP even if it wasn't run because of Fireworks or Street Party), and the difficulty curve goes down instead of up; but that's fine. I bought it to play, not to cheat. No ads, no in-game purchases. First game in a long time I've enjoyed!
2 hours... Consistently. I thought this game repairs inevitably get deleted, but it had me in it. For hours. Constantly just saying "just one more thing, let me just level this out" I had to stop playing, it was causing marital problems.