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Pocket Build - Unlimited open-world building game

Pocket Build - Unlimited open-world building game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MOONBEAR located at 1 Fore St Ave, London EC2Y 9DT. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great however there are a few things I would like implemented, firstly, being able to turn off collisions so you could put things near each other without them going ontop of the other builds, another thing that I would like, is if you can move objects with arrows so for example, if you hit the left arrow, the object moves 1 to the left, (this would only work with the grid on), also my humans stop collecting resources, is this a bug or intentional? Anyway Keep up the amazing work<3 ^^
really loving this game and it's the best quality for a free mobile game that I've came across. however, I don't know if it's a problem on my end or what, but I keep having an issue where the autosave gets stuck and never saves again even after leaving it in the background for hours so I lost a bunch of progress. I thought that was just a one time glitch but it did it again the next time I played it around the same time it stopped saving previously so I can't finish building my world.
Breathtaking!!! Never seen a game like this before. I love everything about this game. Maybe in the future, the players can go inside the house and add furnitures? That would be cool! 😊 Thank you developers!
This game is AMAZING. I have been playing for a long time and my city is great. The only downfall of this game is that i recently started playing it on my chromebook and wish there were a WASD movement option. I cant move with the joycon because I don't have a touch screen. Overall this game is fun. I'm hoping to see a multiplayer feature for roleplaying. If you do see this, developers, please add a WASD movement. Thank you! EDIT: Hope to see interirors for vehicles and buildings. Signs as well!
Very innovative by the developers, simple and addictive, not just a portable city builder but you get to enjoy your built up town by controlling every npc and walking around sightseeing. 10/10 one of the most rare mobile games available which actually provides fun.
Hi Everything looks good.. The zooming level is limited can you make this to limitless ( 1 ) or make little bit small tile that is 1/9th of the existing 1x1 tile ( 2 ).. ( because of i have making a house plan with this app. I used 1x1 tiles as blocks to make it. i can't even take a second floor in it. So fix any of the ( 1 ) or ( 2 ) bug that will more help to me.) Please fix this ASAP and kindly wait for your replay. Thanks!
Theres not much you cant build without a bit of imagination..and theres not another game like this. Sandbox mode is where it comes to life. If you like creating stuff and even entire worlds...you will fall in love with this game..keep to my previous point though... a tilt/lean/invert option/s would drastically improve ability to create new things. I cant fault the game especially being free on android and all paid items are unlockable 1random free every hour or half hour cant remember
This game is awesome I've hade it for a while now and most of the stuff is free I like how you can tip the people that made the game and that you can make big to small builds in a way it's like minecraft just smaller thank you developers for makeing such a good game and may you plz add it to where there are servers. P.S. plz keep it going
Well made with good graphics, I think I'll show my son this game as he loves mine craft. :) I'm not sure if I like it or not, I'm accustomed to having quests and things to aim for, all this freedom (woo?) is really different! Oh, how to bring back the poor fox that I killed by mistake? Meep!
Not really much of an rpg maker, more of an aesthetic game. No sense of adventure. World randomization and gigantic land mass starting maps would be a great addition. Also, I already found a game breaking glitch. When I spawn a new item, it wants to spawn it below EVERYTHING. This is especially not useful when I want to make a castle on a mountain top, even worse when I can't get it to appear on top. The ability to move along the Y axis would be useful in this sense. I wish there was combat.
A very chill sandbox game without (or with few if unlucky) annoying things are fully under your order & execution. This one has good editing tools & many variants of units & buildings that makes building your own world easy & refreshing. There are still some flaws but it's admittable. Also the dev of this game truly living in promise made by this game's community so you should support them, if you like to.
Tons of customizations! This is a really good game to relax with. Whenever I open it, it's able to hold my concentration. My gameplay isn't strangled by ads and it's been a pretty pleasant experience. I'm only getting started so I'm still unlocking items. All in all it's a pretty great time.
I like it. It's fun, chill something I'd let my daughter play, and I can't wait to see how it develops. My only suggestion would be maybe a way to choose what colour things are (objects and living beings included) so they better match their environment or other objects? For example: a way to make the peasants look Egyptian to match Egyptian housing, or ways to make non-sand buildings look like sand. Anyway keep up he great work, and this is a recommend from me!
This game is very cool, i can build cool things and fairly easy to use controls but i would like to see more improvement by adding more people to choose from, and more game features and better game mechanics.
I reviewed this game back in September of 2020. It's 4 months later and it's still the only game that stays downloaded. Ive had the mobile version for 2 years or so. I've joined the subscription so I get a few extra new pieces when they update (they still do), which is actually exciting and keeps it fun. Download it. Play it. Have a blast.
This game is truly unlike any other. Seriously. My only issue is I just wanna be able to do more in first person, arrange the house, move stuff, have a floor, and stuff like walls and pillars should automatically be able to stack. Just to make it easier
Thank you for responding! I've wanted to know for a while, and also, you should add individual blocks for house building, because it feels slightly limited. Would still recommend this game, though! (You guys get back to people quickly!)
I just started playing and this game is amazing! I hope the developers will make the updates happen very soon! Im so excited about the updates on going inside buildings and war! Well done!
I'm not a huge gamer but this is one of my absolute favourites - it really is open to doing whatever you want, building whatever you like, and creating worlds that you want! It's easy enough to learn and there's a walk through, plus you can visit other example builds and see just how big, small or unique you can make your pocket build! I'd definitely recommend if you want something to while away the hours in lockdown! 10/10, keep improving!
Everything is great, I love the freedom for creativity, although one suggestion I have at the moment, we can go into birds eye view, and position the building camera in many other positions, but it would be nice if we could go all the way down with our camera as if we were in first person with a character. Because at the moment if you try to position the camera evenly, its slanted up a bit, so if anything is possibly, that would be nice!
I really love this game and I have a suggestion. I would like to make the characters the ability to get diseases and injuries. I'm also looking forward to the aquatic update! .
I have had this game for a couple of weeks now, I AM IN LOVE! It is surprisingly easy to learn to use and I highly recomend it! I cant wait for the new features, I think a good feature would being able to make custom characters, although there is a wide variety already, it would be great to have yourself to run around as!
Cool game but I wish you can make a fully creative mode So the camp fires don't cost would in some walls don't cost would stuf. Edit: "sorry for the bad grammar i was a bit younger I just stumbled upon this review and wanted to update it saying thanks"
its pretty fun i just wish there was a way to play as people if there could be different factions of people and if i put them on find food or wood that they would NOT walk away after gathering 1 food/wood. please do that but Over all its a pretty nice game. 4.2.21 Edit: Hey it do be me again! I seem to have received some copyright strikes from music in the game. Is there any way you could change some of the music? I don't know the exact track but I still think the game is awesome!
I've had this game on a few different devices and it's really cool. It would be even cooler if you were able to go into houses, and it would be really great if you could control a character in third person, not just first person. I also realize that this game is focused on lower quality poly style graphics, but it would be nice if they were at least a bit better in first person. Also it would be good if it could support newer phone screens, there is a black bar across the left side of my screen.
Adding intractable furnitures like doors or even intractable houses would be nice. Adding more pathways like roads, highways, skyways and their broken or old versions. I have high hopes for this game. It's very nice that you can explore your world on foot but the camera is nice too, just have it go lower that it can go now. The ability to place furnitures, buildings and et cetera would be awesome, so it'll be much easier to decorate houses that have an interior space. I'll add more soon, 500/500
hmmm maybe it's a good idea to add some Natural powers like fire /ice/water / light/ Earthquakes, storms, volcanoes and demons or angels / and It will become better if you add to it Legendary Creatures like Medusa, Centaurs, and possibly evil ghosts and magic And some realism like blood and physical effect
Beautiful app with a simple interface, does what its meant to and so much more. From what I can see the road map provided in game shows a promising future for development. I recommend donating to the development team, great things are coming and im sticking around for all of it!
I lost my user and password to the game and accidentally uninstalled it. But when I Tried to play it again but i couldn't remember anything. Then i tried to set up another account but it wouldn't use my Gmail so I used my email. It was supposed to send an activation code to my email but it never did.
I was hoping for a more survival oriented CITY building game, this is a freedom oriented WORLD building game, WAY too many options for things i do not care about, i was looking for more of a civ type game without the turns, you know what im talking about, instead im painting a world with thousands of premade assets, dont get me wrong, what this game does it does well and to the extreme, its just not what i was looking for
Add army soldiers, driveable and flyable vehicles, add the kiss band "kiss creatures". Also add the american flag and real world monuments and fix the first person view for that lighting issue
Suggestion: Make a language generator that generates random but coherent looking words for each world and add the ability for NPCs to coverse with eachother using that randomly generated language. Each world will feel more unique.
This game is really fun! I like experimenting with all the different things you can do. Although, I would like to see a wider variety of animals, some more exotic species. With them, I can finally build a proper zoo!:)
Beautiful game with so many features! I love the progress bar so I can see where you guys are at with development! You truly care about this game and it shows! I noticed you have assets for japanese and westerns buildings maybe you could add more characters to fit those motifs? Also cats pls! πŸ˜‹ keep up the great work!!
Good game tbh.. but it would be more epic if you could eat swim or even ride the boats dragons horses and more! And also add block removal in first player and also Creative mode!
All I can say is absolutely 5 star. I like to add a few suggestions, it's gonna be awesome if you add magic power for wizards or an army for elves. Also make soldiers and giants hostile with each other. Except the dwarves I like them.😊
Just amazing execpt some minor things,the camera control is a bit weird and i would like to zoom out more and zoom in,maybe there could be a botton to select a house , then you go inside it then you could decorate it because its kinda hard to do it with limited zoom in.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Only thing id want more of is taller trees, able to hunt and mount animals, enter houses, and rideable boats (might already have some of this, havent really been able to figure it out. Lol)
My bonus items that can be unlocked hourly changed in how many I had.I used to have all of them before Egyptian additions but the app was glitchy so I reinstalled which took my bonus items to Zero. I was so disappointed that I took a break from playing it. Lately I built them back up & was enjoying until I noticed my bonus items going down. Please fix this.. PLEASE give me the bonuses back. You can go into my account/data somehow to see this is true & fix for me. I emailed a week ago🀯.. πŸ˜ͺ..🀨
Awesome game, can't ask for anything better for a free game. I greatly appreciate the fact that the developers allow you to see their progress and future updates, I can't wait for war/battle update. Because right now all I do is factions wars, the game is awesome continue the great work.
Great game, hundreds of objects to combine so it's actually unlimited possibilities. Control is a bit difficult though. For devs: Can you make it so that we can build/add layers/objects under the one that has already been placed and wherever we want? For example, I have build a wooden platform and if I want to place something underneath it, I would have to remove the platform 1st and add the objects from the ground up (one way building), otherwise it would just make the object looks floating.
I really like this game so far, though I would recommend maybe adding larger forest chunks rather than having to place every tree and bush, as it's very time consuming and gets boring pretty fast.
this game is SOOOOOOO COOL! But I have something cool that you should put in the game! Are you ready! 1.Lazer Beam! 2.Turrentsto defend you Villige/Castle or whatever. But trust me:This! Game! Will! BLOW UP on the PlayStore!!!! So PLEASE add this in one of the future updates!!!
Well made with good graphics, I think I'll show my son this game as he loves mine craft. :) I'm not sure if I like it or not, I'm accustomed to having quests and things to aim for, all this freedom (woo?) is really different! Oh, how to bring back the poor fox that I killed by mistake? Meep! Update: Tks very much for replying, I'll do that. :)
Hi there again, yes I have try to uninstall it and reinstall it but it still doesn't work. I also cant get to my worlds as of the black screen, but thank you for your recommendations. Hello again I don't think you understand, after it says pocket build on the loading screen it goes black. So I don't have any worlds to load.
Awesome game. Fun to play. Wish more mobile game developers would actually just create something that people enjoy. Definitely in my top 5 list of perfect mobile games.
I love this game I really didπŸ’–It was my dream game! But I'd like to ask... Why are the street lights are not functioning when I control in the first person?? It doesn't have a light when I'm in night mode.....but it's okay I just want you guyss to fix that bug or something haha but it's still the best game for me!
I love this game and how many possibilities there are to creat your ideal world. The only thing I would change is the terrain building. The process has a learning curve, and once you get the hang of it, it still feels like a chore. It also couldn't hurt to add some more variety for the samurai style items. But if high fantasy is your thing, this is the game for you.
Can't wait for the next massive update, there is no other game near this. I'd love to see some character friendships at some point in the *very* distant future, maybe ages πŸ€” πŸ˜‚anyways, its a great game my opinion hasn't change, much love from here and thank you for making this game! Edit: I just went into the game and would like to suggest perhaps a first person mode but for animals? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ Another edit: who came up with the sexy dance? It's the best thing I've seen in my whole life
Edit 2: So I started playing this again after a faint memory and thought about the rusted vehicles. It would be great if you could add some actually drivable cars to the game. And also it would be cool but a stretch if you could add like military styled people and buildings and if you add cars like I said then maybe you could add tanks and army jeeps/humvees. I know that idea is a bit far fetched but I would appreciate it.
This game is loads of fun! Whether you are feeling creative or adventurous! You can build whatever your hearts desire, then become a person who gets to explore and thrive in your own creation!
I really like this app. but the angle and size is a little hard to adjust, it will be easier to adjust if it is just plus minus button or something like that rather than moving the button to adjust,and also if you can add pathways going up or down not just stairs and maybe like a fight mode for the characters thanks. .I give this 5 star cause I enjoy this.
This is a game I've played for a very long time and every time I come back there's mostly something new I have a suggestion that you could maybe add planes and more modern stuff like dams, Stations, And more realistic maps
The concept is good and this game is still being developed so I cannot give five stars as of now. Definitely something you would like to recommend to your friends. Suggestions: I think it'll be cool if ducks swim on water (other stuff should sink or float too). Also, you can add sea creatures, birds, other mammals, like cats! More variation for humans, elves, goblins, and you can also create dwarves as new race. Houses light up at night. Animals can be source of food too! Also, sand platform.
As an author of an untitled book, world building tends to get troublesome when you can only use your mind as a building tool. With this game, I can build that world somewhat precisely to be used as a reference. The controls are simple and user-friendly while retaining professional functionality. Although the sandbox is boundless, the only limit is either your imagination or your phone's specs. It came to me like a proverb; "With great power comes greater RAM usage". Optimization is advised.
Please add a feature that allow us to rotate objects in any direction, and a feature that can automatically create a video of rotating world that we've created.
Excellent game. It has quite a lack of animals, which if more are created, would be so great! Otherwise, excellent game. 5/5. I would like animals like lions, zebras and other popular animals to be added. Can you also add soldier grouping or garrison? Soldier grouping means directing every knight to a single area. This would be so fun, especially for battle maps like my Siege map where it's goblins vs humans. Can you also add the ability for mobs to be directed to attack other mobs?
I really appreciate all the effort put into this game and it's definitely the best sandbox game I have ever played . Can I make some suggestions to make this game even better. If possible it would cool to add some Military Units like marines and special ops forces. If you could also add Dinosaurs to the game like T Rex and Spinosaurus. If you could add sea monsters like serpents and giant octopi like the kraken monster and Whales. Can you make bigger monsters than just giants too. MORE MONSTERS
This game is super cool! at first i thought it was just a normal game like the others, but it has a lot of stuff to do! make a hometown, make a island full of fansaty stuff, make a whole city, and lots more. im most excited about the Multiplayer update which is coming soon. and it wouldve been amazing if we could've ride dragons in fpp control, it doesnt really matter, the game is just amazing.
Same wish with other reviews, is to zoom out more. And I have difficulties controlling the camera it made me dizzy sometimes. It would be nice if you could adjust the size of walk button when in first person mode. Everything's good other than that. Kudos for the devs who made this game!
Amazing game. At first a little hard to grasp but once you understand it, it is so fun. But you should be able make supports invisible because it would be really useful and also a great use for new players to be able to search. And finally. More uses for humans such as sit or sleep. But overall a great game πŸ™‚.
I love this game a lot but I have been waiting for at least a year now for the new multiplayer and sea creatures update , so could u please try your best to finish it as soon as possible. (This is the reason I gave 4 stars).
It's pretty good but it's still needs zombies, enter houses, furniture and emotions as play a human or not, don't forget babys, toddlers and children (its a age bar) and make sure you add more weapons like bows and guns and melees weapons i hope you see this who made the game
it is a wonderful game, thank you for working on it, and i hope there will still be more updates on it, one of such, hopefully, will make the player able to explore the houses he builds and maybe even put some furniture, it would be lovely, thank you 😊.
This game is really fun. Me and my sister are excited for the multiplayer update. Also I have a suggestion. Can y'all make where when we check how many animals and stuff. If we click on that type of animals, people, or giants. It will show us where they are. Awesome game Moonbear keep up the good work πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ.
Loveeee thiss app soooo much!! I just think maybe you could be able to go into some more houses, but that's just my opinion. But yayyayaya this apps soooooooooo GOOOOD 100# recamend!!!!
Now I am giving this game a 5 stars. But I have some recommendations I think this will make this game more cool. Can you add legendary spartan, roman legionary, archers. And please add more types of animals. It's just a recommendation. Overall the game runs smooth now the graphics is pretty good. Keep going.
I LOVE this game - it definitely has so much good stuff going on. However, two things - for the love of Nimrod, please make it stylus compatible! My fingers are stupid. Also, when placing an object, the screen wiggles, and makes it hard to place things precisely. Look forward to where the game goes, great job guys!
This sandbox game is absolutely amazing! It has lovely graphics, music and lots of content. I just wish the controls is better as it is a bit wonky imo. Which makes it harder to place objects or remove blocks, specially if it's behind another object. Also please allow us to zoom out more to see the overall look of everything. I'm looking forward for more updates :)
This is a fantastic building game. If you enjoy games like minecraft but want to just pick a house and it magically appears, instead of block by block, this is your game. Lots of items to choose from, lots of flexibility and customization. It's clear the developers have worked hard on this game and continue to do so.
All i can say is that i love this game. a have a suggestion 1. add planes 2. add weapons to first person and give to npcs 3. add military tanks and apcs guns/weapons and more 4. add ores and gems as props Thank you for reading this.
The game is good over all but if you could make things more interactable like go in houses, sail on boats, drive cars and ride on animals then the game would be more fun. Sometimes the game has low frame rate when there are too many things so I would like it if you could make the frame rate better.
It's really2 a great game, u can built anythink in your imagination, and it would be nice if the seasons can change too.. oo once again, my animal and dragon always missing because they swim across the ocean to far away, can you fix it please.. thx.
Thank you Moonbear, I like you to add bigger ships and let me be able to ride in the new update. My two brothers keep asking me if they may play the game. I love, keeps me busy the whole day. Also pls add Mines and let people get iron, coal and more from them. And pls add a worker for the blacksmith to make weapons and armour and more for the Knights. Also a horse cart for the horse and l like you to add trading to the game so people go around to different villages and trade. And fishing pls.
This is cool game you can exhibit your imagination. At first i got confused how to use it especially in using camera i suggest that in the first load of the game (p.s i dont know what is he term for that--new world...loading..) Illustrate how will you operate it and oh also how you can demonilish(unblock something like that) the land-dirt?(green too, brown bottom).I suggest also to have multi-player and optional theme?-habitat(tundra,dessert etc.) I have very poor Eng
i think it needs to be more compatable whith crome lap top cant turn camera first person and mabey more options with land could have flat plains hole world grass but water under. but great game so many items really great sometimes frezes and have to relode app.have updatead lots gon to settings still not much diffrent thanks
nice game but unable to add two blocks together, unable to contrl dozen of people at a time, both queen and business man and worker has only same options, need to change the things each one could do according to their power a kig should be able to sit on the throne aknight should be able to use a sword, and should add option to make clothes and change colours of things
I think one suggestion I would have is being able to adjust goblin and animal behavior, as well as some new aggressive life forms (zombies, aliens, skeletons, imps) it has great potential and is such a zen game, it's amazing and has minimal paywall.
Like being able to open doors,barrels,windows,being able to turn on and off lights in first person. If its not much troublesome.(β—•α΄—β—•βœΏ) Your game is amazing by the way! Keep being awesome! These are perfect for the upcoming updates,like being able to go inside buildings. Please dont overwork on this game,there is alot of people that is patient. (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)✧*。(Being able to view maps in first person,shop that sells us new tools that we can use in first person,camera that we can use in first person.)
I really like this game because it is interesting and intriguing. I support the creators and game. I would like more cobble houses with greenery on the top. I really suggest this game to people who are searching for a minecraft like building game! πŸ˜„
Awesome game, I've been playing this for a year and have only just made a review. Anyways, I have a suggestion, though it's probably dumb: A default world with no "floor" a.k.a. default sea and just has an empty void with a grid, where water would just keep flowing down if you place a block. Or if you place NPCs they'll just float (like in space) or fall. At night, you can see stars on the void below. Oh! And also, fixed hitboxes/invisible barriers so that we can finally explore dense forests
It's fun, but you cant enter buildings and you cant interact with any animal other than horses. You can't ride boats and it's difficult to make your own buildings. I suggest more interactive features in 1st person mode, and pre-built castles and things.
Its getting incredible every update :) ... Some buildings had its own stairs and ladder right? Please make it work... :) The holliday building they are permanent right?.. im still creating my world and i kinda needed those hehe... :) I kinda had a bug or something in the rage were giants go destroying things... i dont know how but the time they got stuck (probably) they just stand still while moving... can you put rage in dragons too i love to see them destroying everything hehe... :)
I haven't played long but I sense that there could be a lot more done with this idea. Maybe options to edit structures; color, add/remove items attached, or ways to shape the buildings, since they all look the same. So far the least interesting category is the modern one, I tried to make a city and the colors blended together, all the buildings were exactly the same. I also feel like my more natural creations would look better if it wasnt on a grid, so I wish I could choose to turn that off.
This game has great potential! Zombie mode sounds awesome. I love that you show a progress map for updates in app very rarely done. Maybe add the ability to level up your villagers and let them equip items. You could even level up a basic villager to a chieftain or a blacksmith to run the shop. If I knew how to code I would apply to work with you. Good luck!
This game is extremely incredible. Like you be addicted to it but that's fine because you will not spend a single penny for this. Just hope that you can do something with the controls because my fingers are stupid and too big for the controls. Overall, i really enjoy and enjoying this game.
This game is insane! I cant beleive the amount of freedom you get! And its completly free! (Unless you want to tip the developer, who totaly deserve it) Also, just an idea for a future update, could you add more dragons? Like drakes, wyverns, wyrms, etc, that would make far more than my day! Thanks for even just reading this! This game deserves to be one the top free games on the app store!
I love the game but I have ideas to make it better.. Swimable water blocks! More color/shades building blocks. Different shaped blocks. Smoke and bubbling lava, large fire. More fantasy people. More fantasy creatures. More animals. More female characters! Ability to copy parts of land and paste it. Ability to turn objects and blocks vertical and diagonal. Mountain tops and volcanos. More fantasy items, less real life items. Character able to do other things. Unlimited undo's Windows
Fantastic game!! havnt played COD or gotten on Reddit since i downloaded it. Id love to see more period (especially Viking, Samurai, Native American/Western, Roman/Greek, and Colonial/Napoleonic) specific pieces and characters. Ill be subscribing and tipping soon... hands down my new favorite game! Can't wait to see what new updates yall add!
The game is really good, it does not lag(for me)and i have a old alcatel phone, the controls are good for building and first person, One question can you make the wars update come early because i really want to se some action, and also can you add a new resource that is stone thank you. But overall this game is great, thanks for making a game that kills time and that entertains me keep it up i also tipped about $10 to support you and thats all i really have to say thanks for this awesome game.:)
Its fun and I can't wait to see the new features there adding. But a suggestion I have is make some buildings or decorations reactable like going inside a house or climbing a ladder, though I set to high of a expectation, since that could be hard to implement. Anyway... thanks for the free game!
It would be great for more animals, birds, fish, more elves. There is so many else decor but only lady elf. It would also be great if they had cats and maybe ability to see in person on dragon.
This game is awesome but I wish you could have more choices in first person It would be even nicer if the characters could play with beach balls and sand boxes instead of walking everywhere. Could there be more dogs and chain link fence.
This is a really good game but I do think that it would be better if you could make wars happen for example I built a 2 kingdoms and wanted to make them fight
I've been playing this for a while and I've been absolutely loving it, only lil gripe I have is that I wish you could zoom out more, cause for especially large builds it's hard to see everything. Also, a potential addition for the future could be the ability to make floating islands, that could be fun!
Game is very good. Hard to understand at the start but amazing. However a cool idea would be if people and animals can interact with objects and you can give them props. So you could give a knight a sword and shield or put someone in the stocks
I can't and won't find any word to express my happiness, I always looked a game like this before and I finally found. But I have suggestion plz make the game offline multiplayer too, I know that you're making it but do it online and offline - I mean local multiplayer plzzzzzzzzzzz
Brilliant game! It's my favourite app on the app store! I love seeing all the improvements and additions being made Critiques: I don't like the modern decorations at all. I feel like even just seeing them breaks the immersion of a making fantasy world. Some pieces are way too big and some parts, especially the older models, are way too vivid and bright and basic to the point where they don't mesh well with newer models and lack contrast. There's also too few medieval characters in the game.
Absolutely amazing, and the developers genuinely take time to listen to the players. Game is updated frequently with new features, runs very well even on slower phones. Would love to see customization of the human avatars and a few more animals, especially small wildlife. The only critique I have is that terrain is a little tricky to use, considering the pieces only meld together at certain angles.
Great game, very hopeful for future development, always have been. I would appreciate some way of building in first person to help improve the detail one can put into things such as streets. Mabye a tool suck as a hammer or a similar object or a special mode/character. this could be free to buy to make it more accessible to people wanting to build out of creative and with as detail. Or it could be an unlockable thing for the daily unlocks. Just think it would be cool to see in the game.
I really love this game. It's very relaxing and soothing and definitely my go to game. I wish there were more fantasy people to choose from but I'm loving what the developers have done so far.
It is a great game but please can you make the translucent water tiles available in the 2x2 and 6x6 sizes. It takes a long time filling in a river or lake with just the individual tiles. More animals would also be nice
Super great game! It's a great game to be addicted at or just to have as a past time but either is great! Theres nothing more I can add to it cause it's super great already but one thing, I can't wait for the vehicles and trains! I really hope those work, like move cause it can really add more life to the world. That's all and good luck!
Great game, good graphics and music my son like it very much, but he thinks that you need to add (maybe some dinosaurs like t-rex ,etc) and more on sea life, like fishes sea monsters, like kraken,whales and sharks /megalodon (which also added fishing command to characters) β˜ΊπŸ™
It fun game I think you should add another mode though where you can build and kind of survive and upgrade so that way it has two aspects of the game one just designing or another surviving and making Wars with the other tribes and stuff like that it's just my opinion I think it'd be fun but it might just be me
I really enjoy this game, it allows my creativity flow freely. But I think there is more they can add, like I'm wanting for the builder(you) to edit the settings of all creatures to make them hostile(sorta like the giants rampage) or peace full and weapons would be nice too. I think it would be fun to make battles, or make kingdoms and have them go to war.
Amazing Game Overall, Excellent game , Love all the current updates and excited for the Future , But i have to say It would be nice if you add more features to first person mode and Mabye you should add a new type of resources with new buildings, OR even adding resources like stone, water and metal or Something.But main Thing Im looking for is Variety , Something more for survival sandbox mode and More things to do in First person.
The best game in the whole universe, but you should add tons of more stuff like bigger and more modern ships, and maybe add planes and cars, and maybe you can use vehicles while controlling a person
One last thing to add, it would be a great addition to be able to rotate things in multiple directions, to make tilted houses sinking into the ground, knocked over props, etc
I have nothing to complain. I spend hours after hours building my settlement and its totally free and no grinding. Every item is available right from the beginning. Just let your imagination fly. ❀️
In survival, resources don't stack when you close the game/let it run in background. What's the point if I must open the game only to watch them gathering resources? Once enough spend the resources then idling watch them grinding again? Not idle/survival friendly, only able to play in god mode. Edit: Yes please consider offline collection, as well as object/building layering since it's hard to stack when there's other object around, it will just floats up. Thank you for replying my concern.
Such a fun cool game and wonderful experiences. So fun and it let's you explore your creative side !!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ˜― I would like when you attack a goblin or a person that they fight back . ( in person controls)
This is literally the best app ive ever used ! I enjoy using this so much for so many things ! I love being able to world build it helps with writing stories attached to them Good job guys! I couldnt love this more! + maybe we could get some more items in the game? More fantasy or superhero type stuff woild be really cool
I cannot believe this game is free. So flexible, really very good building UI and great choice of styles. Easily 5 stars. It'd deserve 6 if it had a "view whole map" option.
Awesome game. A bit frustrating with how sizes and placing works sometimes, but it's very good. My suggestion would be for the knights and such to always have their sword equipped. And possibly shield! And when we are playing as a character let us actually battle the goblins.
I love this game but I would recommend it to add maps players can choose like winter spring summer autumn and if they wanna have houses already in it or just a grasland or snowland ect also would love if there was an fairy man because theres only a women a fairy king and queen would be awesome and i would love love love if the magician can have a Spell or sum where it Smokes purple or something else also would highly recommend it 2 let people go trough gates
Great game. Only been playing a few games and there's still a couple little things I can figure out, but I'm so engrossed in the world building it doesn't even matter. I'm addicted.
TLDR; Good sandbox game first person and top view. ; This game is a great sanbox/survival! My favourite part is that once you build your world you can go into first person mode ro explore and do cool things like hunting,gardening, and making details. I would recommend for people 12-27 years old. You dont have to constantly play either because it's a sandbox!
Hi there, I love your game very much, and I thought that at some point you could make a feature where the people could eat, sleep, and sit down, just a thought, love your game, and have a good day.