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Pocket Aquarium “Pockerium"

Pocket Aquarium “Pockerium" for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Basement Apps Inc located at 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-8-8. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Relaxing and engaging and i am enjoying the game very much. Too bad that we only have limited space for the different sizes of fishes and that you cant retain the color of the sea when you upgrade. I dont really like the red color of the sea but i would have wanted to have the tall seaweed in my aquarium. Also you included a fresh water fish in the mix. I dont know if there can be an option for another aquarium
No means no. That includes ads that play even when denied. Forced ads are a danger to our phones. You clearly don't care.
It is the yet best game I hav ever plyd as well as finding lots of different types of fish also it takes a little bit of patience and I am fine with that. 😝😉😁⌚😊
Worst game ever I already close running apps in my task manager but it won't let me enter when tap start if your gonna give us a laggy version of Pocket Aquarium just forgot I'll rate this game one star until the developers of this game do something about it
This game is so cool. Its so fun to see what creature you'll get next. There's different egg types to get better creatures, and u can add accessories to your area, but you can't move them. I believe there is a bug, whereas when I upgrade my fish level, it works. But when I upgrade accessory levels, the money I get per second goes down. I don't know why. Also, since I am far into the game, I get a lot of duplicates. I would like it if there was some way to not get the same fish. Love the game! ❤️
OMG I got a real one I would never expect it there's a lot of cool ones I had this before and it's amazing I just want you to know just make another one like a fish sandbox or like a anything like a fish ocean sandbox way or like experiments to do it just make one I love this this is amazing
Honestly I love the game, I think it's really nice. However the game freezes at times making you loose the progress you made before it froze. And pop up adds are a bit annoying but I'm glad they are skipable. Else I really adore the game, it's relaxing and very calming.
This game is very intiresting and it has very good graphics. it Is very relaxing game, but the problem is there are so many ads and its very disturbing,at least the game is still good congratulations!👍
The game was literally doing so good I had a golden egg coming and a black legendary egg coming but then it said the tank was full how is the tank full the tank is so huge it look like a hundred fishes would able to be there I deleted the dumb game because why would I keep it if I can't even allow any more fish in my tank???
Its a good, calming game. Thus far i only have 2 complaints. First: its difficult to get passed the "click to start" screen. No matter where or how many times i click it will not start, so i have to press the button to uplode previous progress (to which i have none), wait for it to see that i have no progress, then have it push me into my current game. Second: the amount of adds is pretty crazy. There is always one at the bottom of the screen, a random add pops up at any time, and more to play.
I hope there are thousands of fish for this game and can be updated to have more fish at one time on screen, I also want to say it it a true calming game when I'm feeling down, your game helps me feel so much better when I'm feeling down and out, I thank you so much for that
Twas a rather enjoyable game. It may be an abyssrium ripoff, but it is both a little more fun, and less tedious
I love this game, but unfortunately the game glitched whilst I was trying to pay for gems and charged me double the amount and I received nothing but an empty bank account 😢
Paid to remove ads and got an error. Still took my money, and never actually removed the ads. Tried restarting and reinstalling. Nothing fixed it. I contacted support days ago and haven't heard from them. There's no way in-game to restore purchases, and until there is: 2-stars.
Might be fun if the ads didn't cover where i need to tap. So can't even try to fully enjoy the game 🙄 super bummer
Was great....until 5 mins in you are bombarded with FORCED ADS - interrupting the game.....to force ads to play.....is cheap. Build a game - dont build an ad pusher. Uninstalled.
The game is fantastic! Very soothing and it's exciting because you don't know what gish you're going to hatch! The reason I gave it two stars, though is because I HATE being FORCED TO WRITE REVIEWS. Like, it literally took me out of game and automatically opened to the review bar. NOT OKAY.
Super fun!! And one of those games you don't have to wait forever to level up! Just wish it had an option for multiple aquariums. When it gets full you have to replace one of the creatures
I love love love this game, 100x better than tap tap fish abyssrium, I love that you can hatch new fish instead of purchase, the ads are just the right amount not too many of them, I would just like to see a little easier way to receive hearts, like make them randomly pop up sometimes instead of always having to click
Very nice game, although I'd prefer to either not be limited on the amount of fish I can have on the screen, or the ability to have different "seas" or "tanks" so I can showcase more critters. Also, got two rainbow eggs, and it's just my luck they were the same critter (the second critter turns into an extra level up for the first one, so kind of wasted). Consider stopping duplicates on rainbow eggs after all uniques have been obtained. Other than those things, it's really an awesome idle game.
This is the best game ever it does not have a lot of ads and it may seem a little boring in the beginning but it is so fun and satisfying and I think u should give this app a chance(=
Im sorry to say this but this is godawful. When the app opens to the screen tap to start it does nothing and is a waste of time that I could of used playing another game. I apologize for being rude im just very disapointed.
Very good and beautiful game but the ads are popping up and snapping you away from the beautiful parts of the game
This app is grossly overrated. You can just tell it's ripping off Abyssrium, from the story to the models of the creatures. If you are reading this, do not download this app despite how "great" people say it is.
OMG. I LOVE THIS APP! So many different types of sea creatures to hatch! It's extremely satisfying. I love it!!!
It's a really good game lots of fish some even arent fish so far my favriote is the river imp wich reminds me of the Japanese myth known as the kappa that and it offers you purchases but you dont even need to buy stuff
Very relaxing. Fish are beautiful and peacful to watch. Great game. Easy and addicting to play! I play daily!
This game is really calming, and I really enjoy how the gacha is free because it isn't confusing or challenging, I would recommend this game to anyone who has anger issues. 5 stars for sure *****
All the creatures are amazing and we can just get a egg to find out what creature we get but we only have limited space so I'm asking u to allow us to have unlimited space
Really fun! I dont prefer other tap games, but this one is really fun! The fish eggs are time-based but they are free! Which makes the game more relaxing when you dont have to worry about currency. The eggs are also fun because it's always a suprise when it hatches!
Very pretty, i love the style & simplicity. But it has HEAVY lag that makes it nearly impossible to play most of the time, and it causes the app to crash. And the ads that pop up randomly dont help the issue, and they're even ones that I have to watch the entirety of before i can even continue to play, but due to the lag they freeze and i end up having to leave the app. I've almost never had this issue with an app before, this phone is new too. But it really gets in the way of my gameplay...
When I first saw this game I was excited to play. But the ads blocked me from pressing things and I couldn't play.
I really love this game. I open it all the time. Very relaxing and its so fun to collect them. I laugh every time I open it cause the lobster swims backwards 😂😂
It's super cool I have all the sea creatures it is an amazing game I have no words it's just so relaxing and smooth and it's so good to play on a stressing day I very much recommend it
Really amazing app! Though, you may be asking why I have 4 stars rate... It's just because I really wanna get new fishes but I keep on getting the same creature... But if you made in on purpose well done!
This is very fun and relaxing! You can have more than 100+ fishes/or creatures! This is fun, save, and you can play VR without cardboard! (Like in tap tap fish abyssrium.) I like all whales, this game is not too eat much memories, but inside it, it's amazing! I like fishes! I like this game, I want to learn about fishes, and now my dream is come true because this game! I like it soo much! If you can change the VIP fishes with aquamarines, that is more cooler! So, big thanks to this group! 🥰🐋
When I open the at it pulls up a screen that says tap to start, however, I've only gotten it to change screens once. The little bit of the game that I did get to play was fun, but there is no point in dowloading it if it can only be played once.
This game looked so nice, and I was so excited to play it. After struggling with downloading it, it finally downloaded. I was extremely disappointed to see that, on my device, it wouldn't even get past "Tap to Start"! So sad. One star until it gets fixed.
I got this because Abyssrium got annoying and stressful to play. Thus is the same concept (im pretty sure half of it is a blatant rip) with the fish and the aquarium building and stuff but instead you get fiah through gacha wich is way more fun to me! If you get repeat fish it just levels up that fish. Free fish and free leveling up? Yes please.