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Pluto Rim: Storm Commander [Sci-fi Space War]

Pluto Rim: Storm Commander [Sci-fi Space War] for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Valkyrie Games Ltd. located at Tianfu Software Park A3 Hightech Zone Chengdu. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hate this but this game is not a game! Why? Because I spent 20 minutes doing nothing. The game did everything? For it to be a real game I need to be in control not a passive stander by🤔. The base looked good though I was not involved in its construction🤔. The combat scenes were pathetic 🤔 & I had no control again😢. I urge you fellow players too give this attempt at entertainment a miss there is way better. Scoring for this game is -10👎👎👎👎👎
I recently tried it again after about 3 years they didnt get more downloads they didnt update they just keep the same way I lost my main file that was binded to facebook the app doesnt support facebook you cant bind fb?!
Love the aspect. 4 stars, need more events that give better rewards per milestones. The stamina for hitting aliens is super slow. I should be able to keep hitting atleast every 10m no problem. You need more things like that to keep activity up, give me a reason to stay on and work on my account
Paywall for even basic use makes this game a total fail for me. That's before you get into the farming of all new players by the coiners.
Wow..... I like this game very much I told my friends about this game and they playing.. This game with me... Great graphics Thank you..
Good graphics, lots to do, good game. I am only a few hours in but really enjoying it. Base building, fleet management, exploration, skill trees, alliances and more! Cool for free
It feels like I'm in the game the graphics and sound effects are very good. And other then everything looking the same I don't have any complaint. I'd like to see different stuff for the levels you and the aliens look and multiple looks I'm already Tempted to spend money on it I think a kickback game to play I give it a thumbs up.
There are a lot of glitches with the main and alliance controls and buttons . There isn't much animation in the attacks or defences and the game is lacking other control which are a norm in other space or space related games . You can't also view another which is the biggest letdown of the game . This could have been a great game but the developers have done a poor job
Ok game but not much long term fun. You have to have VIP active to do things other games have already. Not enough players to battle with as well as list of other issues and concerns.
Game at the beginning is still amazing as the build process is the main feature as the battle part of it seems like the games I used to play way back then in time when mixit was then in thing where you focused alot on number more then the actual gameplay or visual side of things which is tge only let down for.
Good great so far Exciting battles and i like the cosy feel of the base. Interesting concept and items. The in-game guide is a good idea too . feela like home.
Hands down a great game! U can find it under many titles on playstore since the developer has seemed to renamed it 5 or 6 times. Awesome and fair gameplay with alot of bonuses in the beginning to help you, but I suggest holding on to those goodies for later. Good job Dev.
I enjoyed it until i realized the buildings werent changing their appearance as they level. One of the most pleasing things in these builder base games is visually seeing a difference when you level up. I uninstalled and installed a different game. Until they add this feature ill be gone. Ill come back the moment of if they add that
why does it say "offline", I believe you should be sued for fraud if you say "offline" when it's not.
Sigh... People, it's not that other players are using Bots to control many alts (secondary accounts). It's just that many really pro players are very efficient and good at controlling multiple accounts all on their own without even needing the help of a Bot. And they do it within 30 minutes or so. Sometimes less. I know some of them, so I know, but I'm good enough to keep up with them and more.
Its not a game to down load they tellport to you base and farm u..the level 21 can farm anyone dont waste installing..I dont give it No stars!!
The intro is based off of star trek same as the uniforms and ships and also you should have it so you can find parts during exploration areas so you can customize the armour weapons and optional parts of your ships i hate how it says customize your fleet yet you cant thag is false advertizing and i hate bastards like that
VIP DAILY CREDITS REWARD BUG!! Every time i claim the daily VIP credit reward, it does not add up to my credits. I'm so disappointed. I'm VIP 8 by the way. It just saddened me that the game has such bug and still there's no action has been done. Please fix this bug ASAP. The rest of the game is pretty much close to perfection.
I have not been able to play in a few days. Is the game down? And again the translator went down and now I can't access again.
I really like the detail and the girls in the modeling photographs. I reccomend alliances with other species of alien in the game. Gives a better reality of what is or maybe to be in the future sometime.
Beautiful Graphics a sound. In game chat has auto-translate too ! In-game help is available and very detailed....I've played an hour while cooking....trying to find a perfect game to pass time....I highly recommend trying this ! My only wish is that it was landscape not portrait to fill the screen as it does feel a tiny bit congested but....I think I can get used to it 🖕 A great effort by the devs....I just hope I can willingly buy items to help developers and not forced in later. ❤❤❤
Malpractices of this company is that this game is the same game as nova storm stellar empire. I even got my account back after logging into this game. When i heard that logo and saw the design of the intro i said don't tell me its the same game and i was right. Why publish games that are the same? I also believe that the reviews are fake. Response: Ty for your try It shows just how sleezy this company is. In fact this game company only has one game the rest are duplicates.
Seems okay but one thing got to me, so when you attack another player's base your troops are slow even if its an inch away from your base. I swear I was on my couch and actually dozed off waiting on the attack, but youd think they'd go back to your base somewhat quicker uh nope. You have to pay to get them to move faster hahaha nope not my type of game. If you really want a succesfull game the players need full control of there ships there base and you need a comm chat so they can communicate.
I never give 5 stars cause I dont think ther is the perfect game out there, but I think I found something that changes everything. This game ROCKS, it really challenges every mood you can come up with. I normally dont write reviews but had to make an re-evaluation when I started playing this one. I have logged in over 50 hrs on it and not even tiered. If you want a challage and enjoy yourself, then take the time to check it out, you wount be dissapionted.
Unfortunately I have been unable to log in for a while this seems to be happening more and more often one star for me. If the game works properly I would have given it a better rating.
Really awful gameplay. No stratigic or tactical elements. Primitive graphics doesn't even support landscape mode.
It's an all right game so far it just takes too long to build things so I'm actually losing interest in it fast.
So far so good. Wish you can add more robots for construction as it is a slow grind with only 2. But nice graphics and gameplay L
Good base and better over time! I enjoy it if you do u do I play a lot of strat games it's a on I play everyday so 5 stars!
It's a good game but i not recommend playing this game for more than 1hour per day or it will start to lag .
I have had this game on and off for a long while now. I have installed it and uninstalled it several times now. I like the build parts of it and keep coming back to build up another New account. The space section outside of the base screen isn't the greatest but it's not terrible either! Of course, the game was already available when the "New Era space games" started coming out for phones that look like games for console play, for free! Hope to see you soon....
Gamers beware. There has been in game purchases that I did not receive credits. I followed their instructions when things like this happen and no response. Other players are experiencing the same problem. So far it's been over 4 months and still no response Developers do not respond or fix problems. They take your money but don't give merchandise. Buyer beware. I think this game is not going to be around for much longer. The developers are not in the building.
Haven't been able to log in for over a week. The translation hasn't worked in weeks, and the Russian players have been using hacks that allow for free instant repairs and to join closed alliances and gather intel on player positions before kill event. Almost no support from the game developers when these issues are brought up. It's a fun game when it works but seems like lately, it's been forgotten by the creators. 1 star until something gets fixed, other games in this genre are built better!
This game is not the type of game you be hoping it will be but instead it just one of those games that take too much time just to do one thing. Like if this was my first game for rts and then I found AstroKings,then it would been deleted from day AstroKings have better graphics and even has speed boost to boost your fleet and rally fleet and only takes a second to attack planets that is a inche away,oh and enemy spwans needs work because a level 23 with a level 2 like come on.
Recent update is not allowing us to log back it. It's been 24hrs now. Minus 1 star for requiring VIP level to perform basic search on star map. Minus another star for excessive alliance resources required for rebuilding Alliance HQ that is so easy to destroy that a newbie can do it. Nice graphic and excellent language translate. Good game to play. Paying players dominate the game.
The game takes you by the hand shoves really naff dialogue in your face but other than that it isn't to bad and the graphics are nice.
Build a base, and get it farmed by nearby players, unless you invest real money into base protection. All in sprite graphics. If you want a proper game of this genre with tight farming controls and 3D graphics - try Narcos or Drop Assault.
Very good look and feel! So far, nothing I can see that needs any work or improvements. I will update later when I have better experience with it! Good Job Developers!
It's AWESOME! Muuuch better than I expected it to be. I really have nothing to complain about it, except, the builder robots. I need at least two robots all the time. I see that it's mainly based on StarTrek1 but it's AWESOME. Good job.
This is actually not that difficult kind of game! I expected it to be so hard that I would delete it after a hour Thanks for the game Maybe add some more aliens I like looking at what they have to say Good graphics
Easy to play, only been playing a few hours but game always has something to do - that may change as time goes on. No intrusive ads as yet.
Game was going great until it just quit working without warning. Can't get logged into the game and I do have internet connection by wifi and mobile data and both internet sources are at full signal.
Nice base management+space strategy game. Not my cup of tea though, I don't have a lot of time to micromanage my base and take care of a fleet to fend off other players from destroying my base each time.