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Plumber 3

Plumber 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by App Holdings located at 601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great graphics, control could be sometimes easier, keeps your mind going. Good prequel on an goodie, old game play. Just stayed so don't know how costly the game is.
After a few pevels,the game glitched and allowed me to proceed the next level without meeting the requirements.this has happened once.after i unlocked the newer level,i had decided to unlock the previous one and resulting me in having negative bouns.
I liked playing this game a lot although I confess that I have played this type of game before but this was kind of a new experience. I suggest you guys to try playing Plumber 3 as it can make you pass your time in a smooth way in the midst of the new normal.
Won't let me get past level 75. I've played this one level a hundred times and still can't get past it.
I liked this game on my moto e6, but on the lglml it isn't giving me my rewards like unlocking new skins after watching numerous stupid ads to get them only to find that aren't unlocked is frustrating. Plus I have to hit the pipes sometimes many times before it will rotate them it rotate to much costing me stars or forcing me to start all over. Also, when I watch an ad to extend the level of ends the level after watching the stupid ad! Ughhhh! Fixed,love it?
I have finished all the level. and love this game much. but i have to complate some more. so unlock some more stage, and i will give 5 star.
The game itself is great, I'm enjoying using my brain to solve the puzzles. BUT and its a big but.....adverts after each game are sending me back to sleep. Some are 5 seconds but most are 30 seconds long and I've lost interest in the pipe puzzle I wanted to download!! I appreciate you guys have to earn money, but that amount is way too much. Great game but just way too many adverts. Uninstalling and finding an alternative.
Dope game. Only issue is the gold pick. Not sure what to do with it. And the pipes only going one direction.
I *love* this game but around level 119 it has started locking up. It is very frustrating as I can no longer finish a level without the game locking up / crashing.
I REALLY hate the way scoring works! Having to pay from your "savings" to continue gameplay? Not good. I don't like the point system used here at all. There is no ability to flip pieces around to just see how they fit. Each one must be moved perfectly or you are penalized. Maybe timing based points would work better?
Love this type of game, I've found this challenging & very addictive which is brilliant however their's only 300 levels and I've completed them all. I hope their more levels in the future. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
It a really nice game idea BUT it's very ridiculous & annoying to watch an ad after every level we pass.!!!!
I don't even want to comment the game itself. Forced, unkippable ads between the levels just ruin any game.
Ads are just click bait... Needs sorting. Fed up of constantly being taken to playstore no matter where I click go finish
It's not the most intelligent game in the world, but I enjoy the dam thing. Actually keeps me hooked. A must download! Try it! I was just reading reviews. Some say too many adds. I shut off my network connection and haven't received an add while playing.
Was very adictive until last update, now when you completea level it just freezes, only way to move on is to restart the game & skip the level.
It's addictive and I've actually completed 300 levels and amassed all 900 stars available. Some levels are quite difficult to get three stars. Unfortunately, despite the age of the game, it appears there are only (!) 300 levels, so that's it for me.
It works good when it doesn't show an ad after every game like every other app out there and the ads break the game by completely freezing up the game. To add on, it ask you to sign into your Google Play Games account everytime you start it up, regardless if you have Play Games installed. And if your playing music, this app will go as far as force closing any music app to play an ad. Unplayable.
Awesome game but...you are pretty much on your own. I couldn't really find any type of tutorial to figure out some of the functions. I finally had to spend a couple of bucks to get rid of the freaking ads. Also, I have gone through all 300 levels twice with three stars on all levels and still cannot proceed. Drives me nuts. I am 2 points away and can't seem to go any farther. So I guess I will move on to something else. Sigh.
Very good casual game. challenging but not frustrating. tons of levels. not 5 stars because is about oil, could be more beautiful if connect wires of windmills or solar, or even water.
Quite enjoyable. Well I will have to change my opinion, the game has started to lag and flash back to previous screens. . Any suggestions? Update: Decided to try this game again, will see what transpires.
Tells me I need so many stars to get to next level. Where can I see how many stars I have? Fun game, many of the puzzles are challenging. Are there instructions on how to play though? I couldn't find any and I don't know how to use the pick.
If you love adverts, download this game. The skip add button doesn't work because you still watch the add anyway. One add after every level
Challenging game that keeps you thinking on each new level. It seems impossible in the first few levels of the game, at times, but you start to work it out as you progress.
Lately I've been captured by this plumbing game along with the others. It made me think hard how to get all the pieces in one line to reach the other end, espcially in lvl 126. I'm highly doubtful if it there's really a solution to that.
Nice and soothing game. Should provide account login to save progress. I changed my phone and now all progress is gone. Started the game again from 1st stage๐Ÿ™
I counted 10 adds in just over 8 minutes. There is a very annoying popup, skip, that goes up and down every few seconds.
Very fun game makes you use your head just hate you have to use your coins to unlock levels. Would get more stars but had 21000 in coins then started next levels played 6 and it took all but 2000 coins.
I like the game, the only problem I found is that on some levels you do not get your savings I don't know why?
Well I have reached level 300 with maximum stars and still no new levels plus I've not received any achievements for any of them, but I'm enjoying the game just frustrated that I can't go any further
A Good game totally ruined by too much Ad time around 40% why bother, uninstalled, The Ad promoters have gained nothing but a loathing for their Ads and you have lost yet another potential customer, when are you people going to wake up?
I give you 5star for doing offline app it can apply for plumbing purposed it easy to connect and nice app i really enjoy playing this app its very useful for residential job.get this app now.
The problem solving is fun but the constant ads are very annoying as is the limited in game currency, obviously there only to get purchases
I am absolutely addicted to this game! Some scenes are easy and some are very challenging. I love it!
I couldn't pass level 75 because I didn't have enough points. I replayed from level 1 until I had 3 stars on each level until I had enough points to go past level 75. I only had to replay about 4 levels and I was good to go.
I completed all (300) label with 3star within 2days . That's means this game is 2days playing. it required to update every week. after update no new label comes . Total waste deta
it is osm game in this all the level are difficult and osm in this you play the game so you will play 15,30,1 hr also this is sooooo good๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I love the game and that with play pass there are NO ADS, as well as no ability to buy anything!!, i am at level 300 and I can't get it to move to 301. I have 748 diamond and 2128 in my money bag. So are there more levels?
Not to bad if your fingers can move fast, the timer should be slower though other than that it's a nice game to pass some time
Was loving it until... Can't get past level 75. Just keeps wanting to repeat 75 or I can replay everything up to that point but it won't let me go on to 76 and beyond.
I enjoy the game. It keeps my stradegy sharp. Thats a good thing in life to keep sharp. Keep up the good games.
Excellent game.Keeps you intrigue levels are challenging but not mind boggling.Pure logic and you can solve the levels easily.Love this game.
Just learn to see a thing from different angle not only it thought to solve the games it also thought to solve a lyf problems in different ways
I just played 3 level of this game ๐ŸŽฎ. Till now my experience was good. I find this game as stress booster and when ever i feel free time I used to play this game as a puzzle genre. Jai Hind ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ
I got to level 50 and i can't proceed from there. Have been playing level 50 for the past 3 days. Instead of moving me to 51 so i go on it still sends me back to 50 meanwhile i have completed level 50
This is the best ever game I have ever played..... The background music is so soothing , makes me more happier... And the game is no doubt absolutely awesome and marvellous
It is fun making when you are a plumber on a computer or on mobile phone, when you are actually not one. Thanks for the app, continue to add more fun.
Game has potential but needs fixing at level 1, cant pass this level because the pipe at the end wont turn im tapping everywhere even on the gage and nothing happens. Kindly respond to my comment
Please ad more levels good puzzle game. More than 4200 levels should be added. Now i have to uninstall it temporrarily.
Great game but will go to black screen after a level have to close and restart very fustrating thats way only 4 stars
I'm giving a 3 star because there isn't an exit button in the game and the return key on my phone doesn't exit the game. I always have to minimise or clear from it from memory.
Wow. Gameplay is pretty fun. After each level must sit through 30 second ads. It bothers me that your ads contain falsities. Also the ads are of the same length when you're getting a reward. Not sure if it's worth it. I'll be waiting for your social media dog to square me away. Good day.
I purchased for no ADS to stop it .but still working. more and more ADS I can't play . please fix that or refund my money.
i reach level 25or believing it will get harder but its just too easy should be mark for kids or somethink. maybe at later on levels is harder if yes they make it too fart wasting time to reach normal level not for kids
A simple game but 30 second ads after each level and each time I open the app to play, is why I choose to delete this game.
Actual a good game until you get to some levels where you have to not just solve the puzzle, but guess which solution they expect.
Frustrating. I'm doing great and for whatever reason I've completed #75 5 times and it won't let me move on. I was enjoying this game up to now.
If you want a tough challenge this is it. At first they are easy, then they get hard and harder. You have a chance to skip a level.
Fun game but an update with new levels would be nice i finished all current levels with 3 stars and have none to play.
Update, I uninstalled then reinstalled, works fine now just had to start over. Was at level 84. has been working fine until today, when i complete the puzzle it does nothing. it stops won't go on. HELP! NOBODY will help, and I PAID for it!!!
Everything about this game especially the graphics and how the levels join together like a puzzle are just great. I just keep wondering if it would get any harder? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
It stops too quick. The levels are too short. You should have the water travel a lot further and run the water over grass and streets and kids and people that aren't paying attention to what's going on ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜‰
Game is okay but with each level I would expect it to be more challenging but it's not. The main reason it gets one star because I can't enjoy the game with the flooding of advertising. After each level I have to watch an advert which is sooooo annoying and for this reason I uninstall.
this game is broken. I've attempted bro play 4-5 times today, Everything is glitching and it's hard to do anything
great game really addictive but what's lvl 300 about? just can't progress any further otherwise I was really enjoying playing the game.
About what you would expect for gameplay. It's a fine little time waster. Just had ALL of my coins eaten by a glitch in the game though. I had over 5500. Granted, I'm not using them, but that's still pretty game ruining for me. I was playing one of the gem levels, failed, retried, nearly failed but decided to use coins from my reserve. I completed the puzzle, but the game wouldn't recognize it, so I tried to restart, and... boom, all reserve coins are just gone. 0. I'm out.
Very fun game but needs a hint button badly. I have tried a level ten times and connected the pipes (as far as I can tell) and it was still wrong. Uninstalled it until this issue gets fixed.
Great app. I underestimated it initially but realized it involves critical thinking to provide solutions. Thanks for such wonderful app
I reached level 300, with full stars from every game but game struck at that level showing 898/900, but I don't know where l can get those additional stars.Please help me regarding the issue
Game play is smooth, just need to work, as movement of players, on left and right, It in early phase so no complaint, hats of to the makers for presenting a wonderful game, best of luck for future...... Jai Hind
I love how creative they got with this game. And the option to change the look of the pipes is cool. Lots of choices. It really is a well made and fun game.
Fun game, but the skip button annoyed me so much that I had to write a review to complain about it. The game is fun and I enjoy the later stages where you have to think a bit, but the skip button that keeps popping up makes me feel dumb and like I have to rush the game. Down with the skip button!
I love this app. Excellent game. Thanks to developer. We want it to be updated again because i have completed all its level.
Won't let me get past level 75. I've played this one level a hundred times and still can't get past it. Updated 7/1/21 Love the challenge.
loved it until it ended. having read other users saying the game ended at level 300 i went back through to 3 star all the levels, then checked for the update. i have no update availableand am stuck at level 300. are there any more?
I relied on this the first time i installed it but to my surprise, it doesnt even start, it loads forever, i uninstalled it twice and re installed but it never worked. Im disappointed.
I never received my daily gift. With pay to play it feels like a mo ey grab to me. Smooth movement. It is a thinking game to hone puzzle work (IMO). I enjoy so far, but will stop playing if the daily gifts are consistently withheld. If you want to get sleepy playing, this is the it. Hone and sharpen puzzle solving skills and doing that at speed, deciding which pieces to use, which to turn & how far.
I love this game but I just cant continue from level 300, I past all levels with 3 stars but it just can't continue, is it the end of it or something wrong with my game?
I love this game very addicting and challangeing it keeps you thinking and using you brain which doesn't occur with many games I like the challange and then the gratifying feeling when I've acheived the goal 3 stars
I truly like this game. It is a fun, simple to jump right in, time killing and makes you think the right amount game. One of things I like the most is the levels I have played so far are not time based.
Lots of fun makes you think a lot like chess. I can't get passed level 75 even with correct Pipe layout?
Very nice game but pipes changed colors which is not good for people who are partially color blind. There is no way to change color of the giving pipes.๐Ÿ˜ญ
just started playing the game I just wish that it would tell me what the pick is for and the money bag is a great way to blow time
I'm confused, I purchased the no ads option and I still am able to watch ads as an option for stuff. What did buying the ad free version do for me? It's a fun game but I want this question answered. - Edit: thank for your response and clarification. A few suggestions to make the game better, different background and oil skins in case people want to build water pipes or a fruit juice factory. Another one would be to make the diamond levels replayable but to update reward to coins after first win.
It's a decent plumbing game the controls feel clunky which hurts the gameplay, though, all said, not bad
Very challenging puzzle's.not boring,could use a brief explanation of why direct connections don't make the water flow.
I'm at level 112. Updated the app and now the game crashes everytime i finishes up the design. Please fix the issue and I'll give u the 5 stars that this game deserves.
this a pretty cool game .. it test the brain real well and no issure it .. hope to see more of these... but whats up with it working for several days and then quit comes up and close back out i dont relly want to run thru 200 puzzle to start off where i left
Starts out simple n gets progressively harder. Great challenging game. Keeps the mind off of reality!
I like it, it's challenging. Really could use a tutorial or instructions. What is the pickaxe for? The timer ticks away, and I can't do anything with the pickaxe. What is the toolbox for? What are the diamonds for? I just connect pipe and I'm at level 101 with 2800 in savings without using the unexplained stuff. There are too many adds! Jesus Christ there's too many adds!
Very nice game, but I have finished all the levels, is there a new update with new levels any soon? Its almost two weeks now, I dont seem to get new level or any updates...
I do enjoy the game but it needs some detailed instructions. So many times I think I have it right and its not and I can't figure out why. Also some parts that highlight in red in the blueprint just can't be moved. Sometimes their seems to be no possible link to join pipes. Their are pipes in areas to far right of the screen that just don't move. Are the supposed to move?
Enjoyable. Thanks. Well, I finished all 300 levels n collected all 900 stars. Now WHAT??? Is that all? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
Like the game, but it's pretty overkill to make someone sit through a 30 second ad you can't skip at the end of a level, but then to immediately follow that with a 'watch an ad for more coins?!' And as stated by other reviewers, not enough levels to justify spending money on.
Fun but it doesn't allow you to transfer your progress to another phone. I'm currently at level 256. But when I download it to my newer phone, I have to restart from level 1. Yes, I have Google Play Games on. Can only give 3 stars because of this. Otherwise, it deserves a 5.
So what am I supposed to do now. It only has 300 levels 900/900. I enjoyed playing though I just wish I could keep going . But thanks ...
A challenging and entertaining puzzle/maze game. Quite hard to put down. I keep telling myself, "one more game" and end up playing well into the night.
I played many games with ads. But this plumber 3 game is kinda annoying. Too many ads. I know devs make money from there, but come on!
Everything is going great, but I don't know how to get past 50. Ihad trouble when I got to Ievel 25,seems like every quarter you got to do something in I don't know how to get past level 50, you think you could help me with that. I've played level 50 about 20 times. I love the game, but I'm going to have to erace it. Because I can't figure out how to get past level 50. . Just a little help please
Game was fun until there was a glitch and it took $1000 from me. So disappointed after all that hard work to build up my cash.
I was enjoying the game until I reached level 300; now even though I completed each sublevel & won all the stars I can't move forward because they only recorded 870 stars out of 900. I tried going back & redoing each section but still would not record the stars accurately. I think I'm done with this game.
Was fun until it froze at level 8. Has a glitch or something that won't let me start level 8 or play beyond. Keeps glitches and then shutting down to home screen like it has a virus
Stage no from 276 - 300 i can't redem daily reward...i can't move next level...this is a good game but system not good...
Great little puzzle Made it to level 300 and was confused, but then had a laugh. Hope there is more or catch the next one lol My only complaint is the music doesn't really match the theme of the game and there is no option to turn it off and keep the sound effects which I do like
Starts as a fun game but becomes very repetitive. 3 stars is simply minimal moves, so worst case is discover solution, restart and do solution again. Lots of adds, some of which freeze or cannot be dismissed forcing you to restart the app
Very good game for wasting a few minutes here and there, but definitely lacking content. To easy for how few levels there is. Coupled with the fact you have advertising after every level. For me; drives the review down. Add more levels and I would go back to a 5 star rating! Thanks for the game none the less!
This game every level have advertisements.that all advertisements 30 seconds. Advertisements time your listen music auto off advertisements sounds become. This game over advertisements.game is ok.
If I could give no stars I would. I purchased this game, and was enjoying it, then when I was at level 171, it suddenly crashed. I got the usual rotating elbow, a quick white flash then a black screen. After a few minutes I exited the app and tried to restart it. This time I got the rotating elbow. Left it for 15 minutes or so, then deleted the game cache and data. No change. I re-installed, I lost all progress and rewards. Support responded with a thank you for reporting then nothing at all.
As with all games like this the use up your limited 3g with videos after every level. Otherwise it's a good game
At level 70 something at this time. L1 to L60 gradually got slightly challenging but it jumped back and lost the challenge.
why if you use your savings to move just 2 pipes all of it is gorn over 7 thousand why not get back what you didnt spend
The game is fun and a challenge. The ads after every level are ruining it though. Takes 1 or 2 minutes to beat a level followed by a 30 second ad with no ability to skip. I understand ads make a game "free" but offer an ability to skip or pay to get ad free version.
Very fun game to play, with a lot of variations as you proceed through the levels. That keeps the game interesting as you continue to play. And It definitely helps in keeping your mind sharp.
Way too many adds. After every level. Just a basic version game. Avoid it. It will spam you with adverts.
Actually this game is pretty fun. I like the fact that figuring out the logistics of pipes isnt super simple!
Played it through 300 level. It wants 900 points to continue. Play all until I have 3 stars in them but number 3. It won't let me get more than one star no matter how fast I finish it. Fix this flaw or I will just delete the app.
Very much dissapointing, I had solved level 28 but it was not being considered as solved... Fix this bug right now....
Nice game.. Although its way too much adv after all its teach us to be patient n think smart way. Pity its stuck atau 300..might be continued somehow ๐Ÿ˜
Decent game, visually much better than some of the other pipe games i have played, but way too many ads. I do get it, it's a free game so it will show you a few ads, but 30 sec ads every two levels is a bit much. If you are really interested, I guess there is always the premium version
Unacceptable. When showing an ad and hitting the X to close the ad, it takes this as a request to install the app advertised and opens the app's page on Play Store. This impudent, insolent behavior is unacceptable. In response to your comments, I do blame the companies that release ads that try to trick people into installing and boycott them. Also, the game is locked in a "Groundhog day loop" at level 25 and apparently cannot go any further; it doesn't even suggest I have to pay to go further.
Why the game is not moving of level 300 Hi is stop at level 300 and going on next level What is the essue let me know that why don't lavel up on 300 why it is stop on 300
The game is, OK.. It doesn't have a tutorial though what those diamonds with a timer are for, those levels that show sacks or pick-axes are for, and the last game, level 300, what was that? For all 299 games, there isn't one that lets you proceed without closing all pipes, but at the last level, two pipes are open and that's it. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
pls. try to review the level 126 can't fix the pipe line coz lack of pipes and fiitting.... nice games and puzzle.
Fun game, many of the puzzles are challenging. Are there instructions on how to play though? I couldn't find any and I don't know how to use the pick.
Very, FUN! I like it a lot. See how many moves you can do it in" and stay at 100 pts.๐Ÿ˜? Lol dont make the wrong move ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Way too many long ads. More than most apps. So got to annoying to continue. And that was only to level 40. But an enjoyable game for the duration I played
The benefit on this app, It's is can help make have process for everyone always keep thinking using their brains ...
Why is there nothing past level 300 Very annoying etc get with the updates says it's fixed it's not .....
level 300 have a bug. cannot pass. impossible to clear. but, thank for multiple solution to clear stage.
The game is amazing. It helps u to improve your thinking, to develop your brain in quick problem solving.
Meh. Kinda slow moving. Repetetive. Third round and it's bugging me for a review. I'll prolly uninstall after the next round or two.
This game is amazing this game is like a puzzle amazing game nice awesome thank you so much for making this puzzle type game thank you
i gave five star for this game its not just a game for you fun but its also educational for the young ones how to engineered pipings and lay out for quick and easy flow and how to reduce pipes to be used on .... a great simulation game
A very challenging game keeps your mind active, so far I like this a lot, not worked everything out yet as there is more to this game than just connecting pipes, watch this space ---- later !
Having to watch an ad after every level is just a bit to much... Will be uninstalling... Was fun other than that which is why it got 2 stars
This is very good and amazing game,this game is improving their physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually and maturity is very important for the perfect life of a person because the little they can died and the of the Indian people is very good because he is only enjoying their full time of life but they also misuse of our time by the every person and every people of India because every people of India can not believe in high thinking and simple living they are also not educated
Awesome game to pass the time not as easy as it looks I was reading reviews before I installed it and almost didnt because everybody said they were way 2 many ads but if you subscribe to play pass in the Google Play Store there r no ads or in-app purchases, there is one major problem there r no instructions to play the game there is a pic ax in the toolbox but it doesn't do anything that I can figure u can turn a piece of pipe but it still costs the same amount add instructions for five stars
Great time passing Game... Yes I understand you Guys for the necessity of Ads.. But it s too much.. And I m asking is level 300 the last one?? I can't open any new Level
Good game, bit of fun, Ads are incredibly overkill between the levels it is a bit much so I paid for the full version and kind of annoyed now that there is only 300 levels, seemed like it could easily have more. Specially with the revenue from the adds. Let me know if there is any plans to add more levels.