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Pluck It: hairs and emotions

Pluck It: hairs and emotions for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Feeling Game Company located at KLN, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I honestly don't know what I really expected from this game, but it is actually quite..adorable? I really love the energy put into this. The hairs aren't realistic enough to be gross, but the pulling and sounds, etc are still quite satisfying. And! I learned the name trichotillomania from the other comments which, wow, I've suffered severely from for 20 years and never knew the name for. I saved this to try for a moment when I was struggling to stop myself, and it seems to have worked. Lol
I like the voice a lot and the levels, but I don't like the sound effects. Compared to the voice, they are really loud. I wish I could disable the sound effects EXCEPT for the calming voice. Otherwise, a very good app.
I personally love this app! It's so relaxing, but sometimes it gets frustrating because I can't get the hairs to fall.. But if you ignore that, then I definitely recommend this app to everyone! It's so cute, and it's actually pretty funny too. Especially the bird level lmao.
Fun! Interesting! The payment option was kind of jarring, but I understand that it be like that for indie game.
As someone with Trichotellomania, I assumed this game would be a little offensive or harmful-- its the exact opposite. Whenever I feel the urge to pluck, I pull up the game, and its soothing graphics and narrator help me to overcome the feeling in a very safe way. Plus, as a compulsive puller, Im really good at it! Its the exact mix of anxiety and struggle and frustration, and finally satisfaction as the real thing, without actually plucking πŸ’• Thanks guys
Simply doesn't work. I can't get past the first level as the controls are clunky and impossible to use. It's a shame, because from the reviews it looks like such a promising game :(
Fun and interesting game. I was confused at first about the whole point of the game but then as I go through the plucking journey.. I came to enjoy and just go through all the emotions and creative ways of plucking hairs! Hahaha
It's kinda weird you pull out hairs and it's about emotions. The graphic is terrible but that adds to the feeling of this app and the voice is so endearing. This whole app is endearing. It feels like your pure friend trying to cheer you up with cheesy remarks and jokes. Sorry I can't give you guys any money but keep it up. Also, no ads at all.
This is the weirdest game I've ever played. and that's a good thing. I finished it in one sitting. The best part about it is that there werent any unbearable ads. Ads in games are what makes me not want to play them very often. As I played it, I did find myself feeling some of the emotions. It had a weird overall message, I don't think that it needed to be conveyed, but it was still nice. When you're bored at home during quarantine, this is a nice way to spend less than an hour of your time.
Relaxing environment to explore necessary emotions in short, controlled activities. With positive affirmations. I learned to recognize the emotions i was feeling. Short game lets me play through daily to further work on my emotions. Priceless experience. I highly recommend donating to the creators as well. No ads, well designed content. Priceless benefits.
Sweet game, very unique, very entertaining, not overwhelming at all, with great messages! Was a little tricky at first getting the hang of the grab, Just tricky enough to not be boring! Thanks to the game makers for making this one! :)
Kinda weird when I started. But they said they had put lots of love into this. To make it absolutely free. Without any annoying advertisements. So I melted. And it's true, you won't find any ads here. Loved the concept. You must give it a try.
Awesome! I thought itd be really silly, but its so sweet and cute! The levels can be hard to figure out at times, infact I just finished the love stage myself, but overall its very entertaining to play. And yes I agree, your voice is very beautiful I'm glad I turned my volume up. :-)
This game is really relaxing and definetely worth to play. I finished in less than an hour and it was one of the most calming experiences. As someone that feels stressed a lot, this game helped me get my mind off some things and made me realize things about my emotions. Highly Recommended :))
5 stars in my opinion Pros to me is no ads, a little entertaining, and realistic Cons to me is that it can take a bit time to pluck and I had difficulty on many of them and you can't move on to the next until you are done plucking so yea I no longer have the app but it was fun to play to pass time and to get me out my feelings when I felt a little sad It's not the worst game but I find it very cute and fun 😊❀️
Interesting game. Unique way to pass time. Definitely worth trying it out. Not that I didn't like the game but I personally would be wasting my money to buy the whole version but that's just me. There are others out there that may like the whole version.
I really dont see a point to this game. Its very boring nothing besides plucking hair.....bout it. I can see where they were going with this but went left. Would be nice they had based on the way you pluck the hair (soft, medium, or hard) it determines what emotional state your in in that moment and give advice on how to deal with certain emotions in the healthiest way possible. This is just a suggestion.
It was very cool, and very interactive. Also, a lot of it was so clever. Like, for example, the ???? emotion and the procrastination emotion. Really impressive! My only struggle was that I had a difficult time with the game mechanic. It's just hard to pinch on a smart screen. Other than that, honestly really amazing game
It's a sweet game with cute graphics and lovely intentions. Sadly, the hairs can be hard to pull,which hurts the bone disease I have in my spine and arm,so I probably won't be able to play for long.
I love the game but after the "love" emotion it asked for a donation with is fine but I got stuck on the screen. I couldn't Tap the no button or any of the donate buttons. I love the game and I hope this glitch will be fixed that way I can continue playing it!πŸ˜„
This game is phenomenal. I played this because I was having a rough night. Each of the levels taught me I have these emotions and they are a part of me. I feel so much more whole as a person. What really cheered me up was the end. Thank you for having this game accessible to everyone. If your having a bad night, play this game, its soothes your soul for the short and long term.
This app was cute. I respect and appreciate the lack of ads & it can be a good exercise in self-awareness. I enjoyed it. I don't have cash to give, but I hope my review helps others see the app and use it. Btw, to anyone having trouble: use two fingers to pinch. They are puzzles so they won't all be straightforward. It takes a bit of problem-solving, so don't give up! Procrastination was the hardest for me.. you have to go SUPER slow as you pull the hair out bit by bit. Good luck!
ugly, annoying, took me very long to figure out the clunky controls, you have to use 2 fingers which didn't make sense to me because that isn't a usual mobile game control thing
This game is strange, but fun. Being someone who likes weird games, this is perfect. Not laggy at all, literally no adverts, and the people who made it seem nice. I highly recommend this game.
I thought this was one of the games with little to no effort. But dude, I was wrong. It's relaxing, except for the first part. For you who are reading this and haven't played it yet, here's a tip. Use the thumb of each of your hands to pluck to hair. There's also no ads. Anyways, this was more than I expected. Never thought it to be this good, even though it's a bit short and fast (yet unforgettable). Would like to try again and recommend it to others. Even you! Thank you..
A great game but i have a small request. After plucking the hair wroting what made you feel like that would be cool. For example inspiration, what inspires you? And you write what inspires you it woudl be a great way to remember memories.
This is a thing. It's also an enjoyable thing. Somehow, plucking hairs can be made to convey many emotions (or at least thirty of them), and every single representation is accurate. So, if you want something to play with for about five minutes, why not? It's free, and there's no dumb ads.
This game helped me relax with no ads or nonesense and I feel like they really do care about you, even if you don't play it. It was a tad hard to pluck the hair but it made it a lot more fun. I'd recommend this game if you like relaxing stuff, unless you hate plucking hairs. The arm and hair is fine but everything else has a bit of black on it though if i had to knock it on anything it would be that. Thank you for reading this!
This is a game. I think. I'm pretty sure I downloaded this, opened it, and somehow played it. Jokes aside (I think I'm joking... Not sure), this is a well made game. Controls are clearly explained, and the base gameplay is odd, if unique. Levels have far more variety than you'd expect, which is good. Humor is offbeat, and definitely caught me off guard for a laugh a few times. Overall, this is a well made "game"??? Would recommend if looking for something different.
I love this game, went back to download this again because it's kind of relaxing, cute and lets your mind to escape reality for a bit. However, it is a bit too short for my liking! Hoping the developers make more games alike this.
It shows you through all of your emotions with positive messages. It was very relaxing to play, and I felt satisfied at the end. No ads, optional purchases, lovely game.
this game is genius! each level is a feeling that you have to overcome and it's designed to show you, in such a simple yet genius way, the experience of that feeling and how to overcome it. The way the feeling is demonstrated is exactly how that feeling is. I especially liked.... procrastination, anger, heartbreak, bored, distracted, and kind :).
This is the cutest game ever. I saw it on an ad and thought that it sounded interesting and I DO NOT REGRET THIS. It's so relaxing and simple. I love playing after work, instant dopamine with the sweet and kind words and simple and cute graphics. 1000/10 would download again. πŸ™ŒπŸ’―πŸ₯°πŸ’•
It's fun, but some of the levels are extremely difficult. I can't get past the listen level due to a mix of the iffy controls and the nature of the level itself (looks blank at first, touch it and you can see the hair and it makes a sound)
Amazing. Weird. Delightful. However, I cannot figure out how to clear the "Determined" level. I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong or there's a bug
A truly mesmerizing experience For something that sounded so off an like a weird game, it was fun, it was so interesting. Every experience of emotion along the way just made this even more then regular games you see on the market today, truly loving πŸ’–
I was having a full blown panic attack and this app gave me so much joy. I didn't think breathing right or laughing was even possible until i opened this app for the first time. It put a massive smile on my face and made me burst out into laughter (many parts but the chick part killed me πŸ˜‚). Thank you for making this app and allowing me to truly smile although I have been going through a tremendous amount of trauma, pain, depression and anxiety. Thank you so much!
Unable to get past the first level. The instructions say "slowly, center, down" so I'm assuming my problem is that I cannot make the hair stay in the center of the screen. As soon as I touch it, the hair moves a little to the side. The game looks very fun though and I will change my review if this issue is fixed.
Good game but when I got to the love part since I don't have a money I can't actually purchase I've tried pinching on the no and that didn't work and for some reason great love had no price and I tried clicking on that and that didn't work so I tried pinching them both and that didn't work I am now stuck on this part and can't see the rest of the game.
Is the game entertaining? Yes. Is it strange ? Absolutely. But I just dont understand what the game is For. Is it supposed to help me realize my feelings ? I feel like im the only one who is annoyed while playing it bc i just dont get the purpose of it ? Lol. Everyone says what an awesome game this is and that it tells a beautiful story..maybe im just so damaged that i dont get it ? Lol
Strange game, frustrating at times, but ultimately a rewarding journey. I particularly liked 'procrastination' and the one before 'passion'. Thank you for the experience.
Helped me with my anxiety and thoughts. Thank you for making this game.πŸ’ It's also a great alternative for people that suffer from plucking hair ( Trichotillomania or dermatillomania disorder )when they are stressed. Instead of hurting your skin, love yourself. At first plucking can feel satisfying but you realise (in this game) there is much more to it behind the reason why you have those tendencies. Which is : you must learn to feel your feelings and accept and love yourself for it.🌱
To everyone saying the game is trash because the controls makes you frustrating: personally I think that's the point in the beginning. You have to find a way to control it. Once you understood how to pluck the hair it's pretty relaxing and the frustration just goes away yk. I also read that some of you don't like the voice and the accent : bro just turn off the volume. Don't spread hate man, this game is amazing and made with love - you can feel it every time you pluck a hair.
I give it a 4 stars because I can't make it past the Love level, it just keeps me on the screen and I can't leave it, other than that it's a great game to Exscape for no ads and kinda simple
I thoroughly enjoyed this, especially obsession since I have struggled obsessing over things I cannot control, so it showed me to let it go n leave things alone. It was a fun calming experience and I hope they add more things or make another.
this is the first app i've ever left a rating on because i love it so much!!!!! not only is it a fun concept but it's a fun concept done really well!! the whole game is so cute and i recommend playing it without any distractions or anything, this is a game to be experienced! i wish nothing but the best for the developers on all their future projects, this is a fantastic app πŸ’žπŸ’ž
I wasnt sure I was going to like this game at all after having so many issues with just the first part but suprisingly it was calming and relaxing. Thanks to whoever made this game and if you arent sure if you should play it. Just give it a try irs really nice.
Got to the love section and could not pass for several days. Pressed every option and would get stuck, finally shutting app. Today I got through. Cool idea, but should work first.
Oddly fun, i thought it would be one of those stupid games where all the levels are the same and theres an add after one. But no this has no adds, no stupid levels, its simple, sweet and has an amazing message. I love it :D
the emotions should all be "annoyance" because that's exactly how it made me feel. the game is clunky, it constantly wants you to share ugly screen grabs of its gameplay, and the message is so shallow i can hear lady gaga howling.
This game is simply brilliant. It really forced me to think out of the box! And it really was an emotional journey! I have never felt more loved then when I am playing this game! I was so engulfed with this game it almost made me forget about my divorce completely😹 (I just saw a cowboy) thank you
I wish I had money to support this, but sadly I don't. I've been bored lately and I've been trying to find some games to keep me entertained. I found this weird little game, and I absolutely love it! The narration is beautiful, and the game itself is beautiful and weird. It's very relaxing. It takes a few tries to get the hair, I figured it out. Because I don't have any money, the least I can do is give a five star rating, which is what this game deserves anyway.
This is one of the strangest games I've ever played but part of me truly enjoys it. It's unique and happy the way it is and its absurdity makes me laugh. The controls are a little awkward for me but otherwise this is a fun game. There are no other games like this one!
The games english isnt the best and sometimes the controls are difficult with the hairs and how to get them down. But the relaxation and joy you get from the game make up for it. This game has just helped me though a really tough time and I feel so relaxed playing this game I would recommend it to so many of my friends for their emotions. The game makes yku feel loved. The way the emotions are expressed can make you laugh. Occasional ads but the app is great.
It is not one of my greatest discoveries in games. Its not also a bad game. The reason i was able to rate it 5 stars is basically how it put a smile in my face and lighten up the weights in my heart. I cannot say i can recommend it to those avid players, but i can surely say that, its one of my treasured discovered game. ❀️
Oh my goodness. This is the best app ever! I have had it for 5 minutes and I love it. It is so creative. The storyline is good. It is a very unique app that seems weird but is very much enjoyable. I love it. And with each level there is something new achieved and never boring or repetitive.
Makes you think about your own emotions and urges you to take care of them and cherish them. Intriguing, fun, and beautiful game. Made with lots of love. If youre considering getting it, please do. Take your time with it and really think while you play.
I absolutely love this game! I like how simplistic but entertaining it is. It is a great way to use up some spare time and unwind. It was very calming to me. It makes you stop and think about how to complete the level. The listen level was difficult, but in a good way. These developers made something absolutly phenominal. I love you and your work, devs! Please continue to make beautiful games like this!β™₯
Not really for adhd or anger issue people. As someone who gets frustrated easily i kept throwing my phone out of pure anger. It's so hard to get it out. It's very satisfying and makes me happy when I get it but I don't think my phone can take any more anger. By all means give it ago, its rather funny, but just warning you it gets frustrating
this game is really fun and relaxing. there's no ads, and there's. nothing to buy in the game which makes in nice because they aren't insisting you spend your real money on pointless things.
To be honest it's a really weird game but at the same time nice. if you have phobias of plucking hairs maybe not try this game. but this is a really cute game I like it alot, the dialogue is nice and the graphics are nice too and no ANNOYING ADS! Honestly it's just nice to relax with it. 10/10 would play again.
Okay, honestly, I only rate this well and 5 stars because of how original and honest this game is. It's unique in a way. It's not exactly "fun" or "addictive" but, it's endearing instead. Give the game a try to see if this will be endearing for yourselves! Note: I love the voices, the accent, the effects and such. It's both cute and weird! Hehehe!
The game is sweet, if a little phoney feeling, and I'm sure he's trying his best, but the voice actor isn't that great. Its not hard and there are no ads ( if you enjoy the game, please donate to them) so thats nice
This is the first real free to play game I have played--no annoying ads, that's a big plus! I also love the narration, it gives so much personality to the game, and makes it a more personal experience than just plucking some hair. Just one constructive criticism, please fix some grammatical errors, which are very obvious in stages like Emotion. Other than that, kudos to the team for creating this game!
This app tells a nice story about feelings in the simple language of just plucking a hair. Its simplicity is its most charming trait, and i believe its more deserving of recognition than the cheap games that were probably made by some dude living in his moms basement. Overall, its a relatively simple game that has a heartfelt story: and really, thats the best mechanism to it.
For some reason I can't seem to get the hand to pluck the hair. Also, can't even get the hand to appear at all in just the second level. So, I guess it did make me feel emotion-COMPLETE FRUSTRATION! Thanks anyway, was worth a try, but I already have enough frustration in my life; don't need a game to increase it! 🀯
A short, simple and sweet game about coming to terms with your emotions. Every level is a new emotion to solve and face. The controls are a little wonky at times but not hard to use, the English is a little off sometimes but easy to understand. Overall a great art piece and a good puzzle game!
I thought this game was very creative and calming to play, it was a short game, but a very enjoyable game, and i loved the voice it was very funny to hear and helped to convey what they were saying!!! I also love how there were no ads, except for maybe twice the entire game to ask me to donate, so they can continue with no ads!!! So thus game is definitely amazing!!!
It isn't entertaining but it is at the same time. I can't describe the game but there is one word I can think of: unique. It is different and fun to play. The game is soothing and makes you relax in an instant. At first, it was confusing but I soon started to understand it. Great job, guys!
The voice in this game is rather entertaining, although this game isn't groundbreaking or revolutionary, it is quite amusing. The game doesn't control very well and has a few design flaws, the narrator makes me smile and I like games that make me smile :)
This is a very simple, cute, and above all, strange little game. I kind of love it? It won't take much of your time, and it doesn't have any ads. The English isn't perfect, but it almost adds to the charm. Maybe just try it yourself and see?
Great game. It's just this type of creativity that I like, and the quality and thought put in each of the levels really shows howuch love and care they have put in making this. Really great and appreciable experience. Thank you for making such a great game for us
It was super fun but after the love level a support us box came up, which I'm super okay with I think people should support creators, but I couldnt click any of the boxes. Every single box even the no option didn't do anything and I was just stuck on this screen. I tried restarting the game and going back but it just wouldn't work.
Creatively Simple Distraction PRO: Creative: most bizarre yet simple concept I've ever seen Distraction: β€’ takes some focus β€’ bizarreness makes it unpredictable β€’ bit of puzzle quality as you progress Visualization Aid: β€’ see worries or people getting under your skin as ingrown hairs β€’ "let go" by plucking them CON: Tactile Control: inconsistent Too Simple: bored too soon to relax FINAL NOTE: Add 1 star for each if false for you β€’ need one strong focus to relax β€’ cold fingers, < touch control
It's absolutely beautifully weird & amazing. It's an experience. It's an experience that I would want people to know & feel about. I didn't know what I was expecting from this game but it didn't disappointed me. I would like to Thank the Devlopers for making this game free and If you can donation to them , please do! I would like to have more games from you guys! You're doing a great Job!!
This game is nice, but after I reach love, the support thing won't go away! I even tried clicking extreme love, but nothing happens. I don't know what's going on, since all the other levels worked just fine.
Although the games english isn't the best (probably just poor translation, but it's still understandable) and sometimes the controls can be a bit fidgety, I loved this game. I would say its more of a journey than a game, and it gives very healthy and positive views of emotions and how to deal with them. It really doesn't take that long to play and finish. I would recommend you to just play it for a little bit and you would still get something out of it. A great game.
Not bad. You gotta pinch the hair. Not just touch it. It's awkward at times but I think the devs did good. They didn't put ads and just relied on us hopefully donating to them. I didn't have any money so I rated this game. It's good.
I think its a short and sweet game. For players who have a hard time with this game, I figured that you could use 2 fingers to try and pinch the hair out.
Amazing game........ It lightens my mood in a blink... And it is super fun to play... You can't even guess the levels and that what would happen next and you seriously feel a lot of emotions during each level and it is free too...... Go for it....
A bit frustrating at times (the controls are iffy when it comes to controlling the hair) however other than that I'm truly and utterly surprised at how much I really like this game! The levels are short enough to make it seem like you're making lightning fast progress and the gameplay is challenging enough to work your brain making this a double trouble combo for for any age. You KNOW you want to get this game, I guarantee it!!
A very strange but lovely little game that made me smile. The mechanics can be confusing or frustrating at times but overall a silly, fun, and even touching short experience.
This is beautiful. A friend recommended this app for me as I'm going through an incredibly tough time right now, especially with processing certain emotions. This has put a smile on my face, and I think it's really cool to hear someone's voice while playing! Very comforting. Overall this is very cute, and i appreciate the fact that it is free. Definitely will be supporting the creator(s)!
The concept was okay but the grammatical errors were so bad it made me angry by the end. I was confused and hoping more might come from the game later on but was overall unimpressed by the creativity. I hope I used enough emotion to express that this game need some work.
This is one of my favorite games of all times. It is so silly, weird, sweet and profound all at once. I have no problem playing this over and over again. It is a fun journey 😊
Its a really good game! I like how it's like you're playing a story and it's a good boredom buster, thanks for this! There is also no ads which is really nice. Thank you!
I love this game!! It's so adorable and entertaining. It's definitely worth it!! The voiceovers are fun and not annoying. I appreciate the fact that they did not put ads in this app. I wish I have money to support this app. I would like to thank the creators of this app. Thank you sooo much!!πŸ’•πŸ’• This really cured my boredom.
Since the game needs some focus and problem solving, it shifts the focus from your problems to the game, which is good. Also, the animations and colours are fun and cute so it's aesthetically pleasing as well. However I feel like some people might find some levels annoying because of how tricky they are. But overall pretty good game. And it has no annoying ads!
Don't really get the point. I'm going to continue playing longer. I read a lot of reviews and people really liked this game so I'm going to continue to give it a chance but I just don't get the point. Also get rid of the whole save your image thing, it takes too much time and name people don't like that part. VERY hard to pull too me forever to finally get it. Thank you for making the game free with no advertisments!
You have done what I have always looked for in a game. You gave people the choice to support you or not, and didn't shove ads down everyones throat. Although I feel you could maybe add an option to turn on or disable an ad that would only play once when you launch the game. You'd have the choice to turn it off, but you can also have it on so that people who can't pay to support you have another way of doing it as I believe you deserve it. Great game by the way love it!
Please support the devs if possible, it's a simple but very thoughtful process. The love and care put into it can be seen very clearly.
This game is great for a breather, to disconnect with others for a moment, and connect more with yourself, it made me reflect on myself 😌 I appreciate this game, it's simple but meaningful, and fun levels too! Thanks for this πŸ’• I'd recommend this with my friends -it's weird in a good way! πŸ˜† Stay safe everybody~πŸ’–
This game is very fun, and I like how it works and all, but why two stars? THE CONTROLS ARE IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I can't get a hair to move to the center of the screen without it taking FIVE MINUTES!!!!! PLEASE JUST MAKE IT A TAP AND GRAB, CAUSE PINCHING THE SCREEN IS IMPOSSIBLE AND REALLY FRUSTRATING!!
Absolutely a fun few minutes. I really enjoyed it. I ran through it quickly but you can play it again. It is helpful with hints too. I wanted to rate it 5 stars. It tugged on my heart strings, no ads... Just love.
To be honest this app is cool, like firstly the good thing is that there are no annoying advertisements and stuff, but the main thing is that the thinking of the creators, like this is actually a very nice application i enjoyed it, well I'd say Great Job Developers keep up the good work :)
Surprisingly relaxing and cute! So the first time the app asked me to support and rate it part way through (only once) and I was not convinced and ready to give up (having issues plucking the hair), but I stuck through and it was well worth it! Take the moments each emotion gives you and reflect on it, even just for a moment. It made my morning! App is easy to use and the narrator is funny! 4 stars and not 5 because the pinching motion of the hair didn't want to cooperate. Loved this game.
Thank you so much for making this! I have been feeling a lot of anxiety ever since COVID but this game has made me feel a lot better! This game is so cute and the levels are wholesome. There are no boring and annoying ads which makes the game 100% relaxing! The voice acting helps me relax! I love this game so much! I highly recommend it! πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’—
This is a great game to both relax and get irritated at the same time. However, I think the developer should really look again at the interface to match with all devices. I get to experience choppy game and the game's interface exceed my phone's size so sometimes it's impossible to swipe from the side of the phone or from bottom up.
I wish people would understand that this game is about more than just pulling hair. This game is very nice when it comes to the emotion aspect, there should be more levels tho. I really love the simplistic style as well it's calming and just generally really nice. Good job to the game creators, you guys are really good!β™‘
I have found to really enjoy this game. With the simplistic style, good narration, and the concept of plucking feelings! I'd reccomend this game for casual play or if you're simply trying to relax.
Cute game, interesting game mechanics, the graphics are simple, it's a good game. Nice that there aren't Any Ads At All.
I have an irl problem where I pluck my hair and it's very bad and I have had to shave my hair so I wouldn't cause permanent damage to my follicles and my hair just came back and this has helped alot with not pulling my hair I absolutely love this game and if the dev is reading this I want you to know that I am so thankful to you❀️❀️❀️❀️
This app is, simply put, art. It makes you think and reminds you how important simply *feeling* is. Although short, it spreads a wonderful message. It wasn't even made to make money, as there are absolutely 0 ads. You can contribute money on your own free will, and I am proud to have done so. Thank you developer. There are some things in here that I feel like many people need to hear today. 5 stars all the way, I wish I could give more.
This game was nice and well made, the voice in the background was sweet. The simplicity of it made me calm. I am going to donate to the company/creator when I can :)
The voiceover has a really thick asian accent and the grammar is really bad sometimes. Its a weird game and kind of corny but somehow very addictive. I was going to uninstall it but i couldnt close the app because i was intrigued. Its just overall a weird game and idek youd just have to play it idrk
I have trichotillomania so I find this app incredible, I've tried so many other things but I just found this app today and I'm so glad. It relives me of my compulsions and stress. I'll play this over and over again. The sound when pulling the hair is on point. Thank u so much this app u made is really gonna change my life and it's starting to now for the better.
This game has no right to be this beautiful. I've never felt so many emotions at once, and this was so calming. It almost brought me to tears, and I've watched Titanic without crying. So beautiful, so simple. No ads. Just... peace. Though pinching is kinda annoying sometimes.
Very interesting way to teach emotions! They do say patience is a virtue! I'm a 33 year old woman with bipolar disorder 1 and ADD. This app helped to calm my manic anxiety, by helping me focus on something other than the intrusive negative thoughts that I suffer from and the fact that you need to play the game slowly really succeeded in making me more present and grounded. Thanks
I've played this game twice now and it's still good the second time around. It's very simple in game play but it explains/demonstrates emotions which are a very complex thing in an interactive and simple manner. I really enjoyed playing this and would definitely play similar games!
Really amazing game. It's unbelievable that it is free without ads. Totally out my time. Really memorable game.
This game has a strange yet intriguing art style. It shows weird was to explain emotions but it makes sense. It has a beautiful message. And no ads! Would definitely recommend
I think it's a really awesome game and it's worth the download, I love the voice actor. He sounds so kind, and it's easy to understand where he's coming. Great work! : D
I found this game so amazing! It shows emotions and they aren't some game maker wanting you to buy add blockers to play more all they want you to do is enjoy it and have fun.
Sometimes what ur meant to do isnt the clearest, but in a game abt emotions i think that might be expected lol. V short, v calming, reminds me A LOT of tofuchan on youtube; just this caring, healing type vibe that i rlly enjoy. Linework is occasionally a little weird, sort of a doubled effect? nd sometimes the captures the 'share' thing caps arent very...focused on the action? My cap for listen was blank lol. LOVE how they portrated emotions nd the accepting vibe they used
This is amazing and I would give you all my money if I could!!! The creators are so amazing and wholesome and care so much!! I don't care about the ads as much but it's a plus πŸ˜‰ The controls do get a LITTLE annoying and glitchy though
Overall, this app is amazing to get in touch with your emotions. I felt them all...especially "???" and joy. I love the app. At first, the hairs are difficult to pluck out, but you need to pinch and pull the hairs slower than you think. They're all different and effective in their own ways.
Hi I just want to say this app is amazing!! I would love it if you make more games like this!! Sometimes I just struggle a lot on the 'Love' level but it's really great!
This app is so cute and relaxing. I love how it lets you experience each emotion in cute little ways. I really love it. Theres no ad's at all. Literally no words, i love it.
I forgot I downloaded this, so I opened it tonight on a whim. Completed it in a sitting, and it was mellow and relaxing. Graphics are basic, but nothing seems out of place. I am also pleased that I chose to play with the volume up, as I did really enjoy the narration! Also (it may very well not be a bug) but in the initial playthrough, the curiosity level was completely skipped over. I went back after completion and did it. All in all, definitely worth a bit of my time. Good for all ages.
You know those ads that day "HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!" And stuff? This game (if it had/has ads for it) would not be lying. I've been having a great time playing this game and I love it :D
Idk if I'm doing something wrong or if the game just won't work but I can't even get pass the first level, the hair won't pluck I've uninstalled then reinstalled the game and it still won't work plz fix, this game seems really fun :(
It was cool, wish there was a free play where you could just pluck the hairs. Other than that. It was an interesting concept and I love how the voice said i love you at the end. Very kind
This game personally is extremely fun I'm not sure about others but when I was feeling stressed I played it, some of the levels may be difficult, but overall 4 out of 5 stars
For me its hard to find games like this and i love games that are different for popular games and games that most people know about. But this game is super cool i know it might seem like you just plucking hair but its actually a really nice game so i hope you guys enjoy it as much ad i do.
Is this game utterly bizarre and nearly unsettling at points? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Do I wish it was longer anyway? Very much so. This is very short and sweet, strange but in this kind, loving way that guides you through it and makes you not want to leave. The jank and lack of polish is the charm of it. It certainly earned the money I could spare and a five star rating. I enjoyed it very much.
Overall, it was a very sweet game! I wish the plucking mechanic was possible with one finger instead of two (it could be a bit tricky getting it to respond to two fingers), but overall very nice and enjoyable!
I like this game a lot :) I like how the titles show you what emotion you're gonna get when plucking the hairs. It's original and engaging. The only issue is the controls when plucking the hairs, because the hairs are really weird and slide everywhere, but I don't mind it it's really fun :)))
I absolutely LOVE the game!! it was so much fun and relaxing that I finished it in just 2 days!! It had so much relaxation. Recently, the files I've been working on for almost 3 years just got hacked and corrupted. I was so depressed after that but this game saved my life. I was getting sucidal thoughts and stuff but this game helped me calm down!! I even showed some generous support and I'm rating the game too. Thank you so much.
A simple yet amazing game, it's quite fun but it's pretty short. The fact that it's free and has no advertisements + a really good gameplay is just *chefs kiss* I do recommend giving it a try. To be honest I wish more games were like this.
Edit: I was playing this game when I was on the lonely stage when I was about to slide the remote thingy but it doesn't work if there's a bug or anything please fix this I don't know if there's a bug or idk but it's really hard to slide the music remote thingy I love this game
This game is unique on it's own way, you can really feel the efford that the creator had on making it pulling all of his emotions which ends up building a player connection. I'd really like helping out the game creator with some kind of donation, however since im not able to im writing this review in order to help promoving It. Thanks Man and good luck, the world need more people like you
Unusual, unexpected, yet oddly riveting... No neon colors flashing, no cutesy wide-eyed cartoon mascot, no carrot & stick reward system. Just some basic graphics, a library-quiet narrator, a variety of hairs & emotions! Part brainteaser (how to pluck this hair?), & part emotional awareness/recognition/mediation....? Kinda lol. It's that unique & beyond description. Truly gotta try it for yourself! There's literally(!) no downside in giving it a go, it'll at least make you smile at its silliness
This game is so cute! It sounds like a strange concept, plucking hairs for emotions, but the visuals and the narrator's voice are super smooth and satisfying to go through. The game is both calming and hilarious, I had so much fun going through it! I wish I could have donated more; kudos to the wonderful devs for making such a wonderful game, and I look forward to their future endeavors! :)
Honestly. Its not a great game. But it seriously does give some feels and sets out to do what you'd think it would. Sure maybe some of the emotions don't make you feel that way or are bizarre as to how theu could demonstrate said emotion. But it's a genuine game and though short. Is a good time killer and even though the plucking is difficult at times. I recommend this to anyone who's ended up looking for games and found this. All it takes is 20 minutes and the end will make you glad you got it.
I honestly almost deleted this game out of frustration, but I took a deep breath, tried again, and succeeded. I'm glad I did, because this game is actually really good. No ads. Simple enough gameplay. And it genuinely makes you feel the intended emotions. For joy, I was upset when I started, but I plucked the hair and the animation was so silly that I found myself smiling at it. Same type of thing with the other emotions.
It's a strange concept for sure--plucking hair and emotions? But the devs managed to pull it off, with some clever, amusing tricks. The graphics aren't the best, and the controls are janky--I had a hard time plucking the hair, and my screen got cut off because its longer. But it's not that repetitive despite the entire thing revolving around hair-plucking. The accented English is charming, and the message was clear despite the errors. Overall a cute little game worth your time to check out.
This is a really cute, beautiful game! Its fun to explore your emotions, and the voice is very soothing! The mechanics can be frustrating at times, but you can obviously tell a small team put a lot of work into this! Thank you for making it available to play 😊
It's an oddly calming yet confusing game. I'm still not entirely sure of the story behind the game, but I do know I am enjoying it. Though, the "great love" option on the payment list doesn't actually state a price for me.
Updated review. The game works perfectly as intended, it must have just been a problem with loading or something. But it's incredibly fun
This game is absolutely gorgeous! It truly is a work of art. I love this game, and I highly recommend it! It captures emotions beautifully. So why only four stars? Well first it is very hard to get five stars out of me, but secondly the controls are very hard, sometimes even frustrating. The game is also kind of short. Other than that, this game is one of my favorites! No annoying advertisements, and the game is also pretty funny too! Again, I recommend it to anyone!
Literally so destressing and cute! I honestly used to hate games like these untill I played this one! I'm currently going thru quite alot in my life at the moment and let me tell you this has helped tremendously with it and I'm feeling alot better! The money you donate is definitely going towards a good cause, keep up the amazing work! :)