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Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game

Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Saber Interactive Mobile LTD located at 37 Engelsa St. Saint-Petersburg 194156 Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Был очень доволен в начале, дошел до 94 уровня, звёздная лига. И тут разработчики начали подкручивать противников, они начали двигаться быстрее чем я. Что за бред я в 2 раза меньше противника не могу от него убежать и он с лёгкостью меня догоняет, ну это уже совсем бред, последним обновлением испортили все дополнительные умения. На старте игра была прекрасной, но разработчики ее испортили, думают что если будут подкручивать противников и перед каждым запуском игры втюхивают мне донат.
It's ok it's just an sat or be eaten, by the next big amoebas to get bigger than the last guy, little strategy involved but mostly kill or be killed
I thought this game is boring then it's came intrusting gys game is more enjoyable don't see pictures to install it's so enjoyable fun instead of pictures isay thank you ! To devloper is very good and add like vip (biggerstart )(double points without ads )THANKS FOR THE GAME ANYWAY😊
Fantastic battle royal game. Ads are entirely optional but they give bonuses. Pay-to-win is minimal. You can purchase some advantages, but none of them are game breaking and you still have to play and level up before a lot of those advantages are even available. I think this one will keep me entertained for quite a while!
Pretty good... except for one thing, with the graphical strength this game possess, and the EXCELLENT leveling/progression, I was hoping they wouldn't cram a tutorial down your throat, just give me the controls and a "?" icon for the harder stuff, remove the unnecessary tutorial and you'll get a perfect 5*... btw, to the people that are ripping on them for not having the same modes as others.... IT'S NOT A CLONE, it is it's own game, if you want those features, play the others
Nice game better then snake.io games its just funner oh yeah ummm i would like a game mode that starts you off in a zone with a lot of dots after 30 seconds your put up with diffrent people or ai bots with diffrent mass its ganna depend on how much you collect
отличная игра, захватывает, очень быстро пролетает время с ней
Excellent game, only thing I wish was different is that I'd like the option to play an endless game like with snake.io and the game restarted on me for some reason and erased all of my progress
Wow I used to love this game but this most recent update is garbage. It actually lowered the graphics on the collectible orbs and completely got rid of catalyst drops in the chests just to try and get more money from players. They completely changed the game from being a relaxing time waster to just another money grabber. I'll be deleting for sure what a freaking shame.
My only gripes gameplay wise with this game is that there is no 2v2v2v2v2v2 (team) matches and no chat system. If you guys add both, along with a friend list with the prior, then I'll give 5 stars. As far as system problems, the game uses too draws to much power from all of my devices, and as such it tends to cause the device to heat up with any kind of extended play.
You have so little in this game you Have predecessors that have so many more players so many more modes way bigger arenas 10 times your size an so much more customized stuff yall have an extremely long road ahead for yall to even compete with games in this type genres an for god sakes get rid of the battle royale in the name. False advertising an a measly 15 players with half being bots is lame as well as its over in less than 3 minutes. Yall have work to do an alot of it.
Well I've been playing this game for about 4 days now, they had me hooked but after awile you start to understand the bots movements and it really takes away from the game.
- Все: У нас есть батл рояли и .io игры для нынешних школьников, что же ещё выдумать? - Saber Interactive: подержи моё пиво
Pretty good game, well balanced. The only thing that annoys me is the constant popup after every match to buy a pack, which are very over priced. The best cell you can buy costs 100$.
Super fun game! I was obsessed with it at first but now we have a healthy relationship. It's better than the other io games because it has a time limit and shrinking space to make the matches short and interesting. It's also not rage inducing when you die. Just, "Aw dang- next match!!" There's also no lives meter like you have 5 lives and have to wait until they fill? None of that. That alone deserves 5 stars! I don't regret giving them my money. Even if I stop playing.
I had 3/4 of a guy and another guy 1/4 when his shield dropped the other was able to eat him and me when he didn't even have enough of the other guy covered to eat him
I enjoy the game but it lost two stars for a couple of reasons. First of all, if feels like half the time I'm playing against AIs, because most if not all cells sure as hell don't act like players would. Second, the popups at the end of each match asking me to spend money is getting annoying. Lastly, the limited number of game modes is starting to bore me.
Great game and addicting. I love the fact that we can change name and cells as we wish. Love the game
Wouldn't start up just got stuck at user authorization, the few times it did get to a point past that it would get to 99% loaded then crash. Not gotten it to completely load up even one time.
The game is very, very, very glitchy. After the tutorial, the game wouldnt work at all and I tried twice. A lot of people have already say this but the developers doesnt seem to wanna fix it. If yall dont wanna fix it then just delete the game from the play store cause youre just wasting people's time. Dont reply to my comment till yall fix this problem. Game uninstalled.