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PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion

PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co.KG located at Brandstätterstraße 2 - 10 D - 90513 Zirndorf. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi so if you think this game would be good for your kids download it if it doesn't don't download it but I think it would be cool sometimes it'll be a difficult but if you play a lot lately then you probably would get through it like me and my mom
I love this game so much it's just so hard to control the players but when you get the hang of it you make so much money and my tablet was not working so it was a super laggy and it wouldn't turn so yeah I had to like go on my mom's phone it downloaded it and I was on level 4 for only playing one day and I'm like oh my God and I made like $479 so you like games where you could to control people this game is for you and dress up you start off with two players and then you're more players as you go
this is the best game ever and also you have a speed limit for you like for the evening like 2 minutes and you should play it because it is really good for your kids. I looked at the sims 4 and the sims 2 but the sims 2 was for 12 years old and the sims 4 was only for adults so I said NO.😮 so if your kid really wants to play the sims 2 and the sims 4 pls make
NO INSTRUCTIONS NOT WORTHY Game looks like legos but no instructions how to play or advance NOT WORTHY of a download Wish there was 1/2 a star option
it's the worse game i thought it was about making your house bigger andd have kids like sims but no i wish i would put a 0 but i can't but this game is not that great and don't add the timer pls
I love Playmobil I always wanted to have the the toy but I have the game now but I don't really like it but because I'm already 8 and that for me it's kind of too boring but I still love it
I had this on my old tablet so I expected it to work the same but it wasn't. It was way laggier and harder to move them around places. You also don't get enough time to do anything. Other then those cons the game is pretty good.
Boring boring boring!This house has nothing to explore please add more thing to the game.I hope it will be better soon
I love this game,i really really love this Game.When i was 7 years old i play this with my tablet and now i remember this Game in my Phone and i download it, I like it very much it's just like LEGO :) :) Thank u for making this game it's so much fun to play with it
I.Love.This.Game. I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME!!!I PLAYED IT WHEN I WAS LITTLE!And now I downloaded it again.I JUST REMEMBERED THIS GAME.Sometimes I got bored.But I played This Often.Thank You For Childhood😗🙂
Pretty nice. I love the way I can dress the chracters at the start of each day, but I think there should be more cool man clothes and faces. The game itself is amazing!
This game is so cool its like a movie. When you get more coins u get more people its like 🤪 super cool....... But its getting real hard and more nicer. Whatever it is 2 cool
I will rate the rest of the stars after you do three things in this game (1)take away the timer cos I hate it or make it to be you can take it away or have time (2) put two bed instead of a exercise room make a exercise room be down stairs and make a kids and adults room up stairs (3)can you please can to when people come make your amount you want cos to much people come I would love it you can have the amount you want please ok thanks if you can
The only reason I gave this app one star is because none of my people were moving, I followed the directions on how to make the move, drag them to the furniture, or drag them to where you want them to go, and it wasn't working. I tried closing the app and reopening it. I tried uninstalling me up and then reinstall in reinstalling it.although it is a really great game
I really like it but i didn't understand the instructions but i got it i know how to walk like make the people walk all i have to do is hold them and then move my hands to where the people want to go.
This game is good but i gave it 3 stars because it's kind of hard to control and hard to get coins. That's all!!!
I think its fun, I can buy everything before 7 days,pretty much a week. I recommend you get this game.
I've played this when I am only 5 y/o. Now, because of the quarantine, I am now looking for something to do. And this is really GREAT!!! A long time passed but I still remember the game cause IT'S REALLY GOOD. I recommend this to you. The controls, the graphics. ITS JUST GREAT!
I TOTALLY RECAMEND THIS ITS SO FUN! You start with 2 people and raise so many! It's like the sims but almost a lego addition! Its overall a amazing game. Great for boredom!
this is no fun it is so hard to control an move it is so hard to earn money it give me a head ake the one that said that it was a good game nope they lied to me 😡👎:(
It's fun😇 i love it i play it All the time but i have to drag them i dont like it also theres a timer I dont like it!!! so thats why i put only 3 stars🙍 But its still fun😇😉 But a little boring but im stil! Playing it but not rlly so i still like it :D but theres not Alot of clothes😵 im like a dress up person and theres not ALOT of stuff to do and it takes for ever to log in so im done playing it but its still good 😐😃 Its just not for me Sry😩😧 but its good and i think you did your best!
This is so fun! The only problem is that you basically do the same thing over and over again, that`s why I gave it 4 stars. But in my opinion, you should definately download this app.
this is a ugly game cause the steps said trace a path to move the doll but if i trace a path it just srawling up and down!!!!!
I LOVE THIS GAME I USE TO PLAY this but then I deleted it for some reason but I totally regret it U SHOULD TOTALLY DOWNLOAD IT I HAVE SO MUCH FUN as a little kid:) keep up the good work!😙😆
Its acually gkkd. But its always. Glichy, and jt shoes a.big black screen in the middle if me playing. I want this.app to imrove a bit. But i acually really enjoy it besides those things. J really hope.everyone enjohs this game but be aware of glichyness.
It's really boring because all I can get is two people it's like the Sims but the Sims is much more fun and this one is way more boring because I can only get two people but yeah it's a fun game - the one star but overall it's tiny bit fun I want to thank everyone who made this a tiny bit because I am 7 and come on it's a game made from a toy it's called Playmobil so obviously it's supposed to be fun for everyone but for me pretty boring
This game is very good because we get to learn how to listen to others and be able to give them what they want
Great game, but please let it be easier to get coins I downloaded this game 3 days ago, please reduce the amount of the furnitures its kinda boring I paused dreamhouse so I could try this game I want people to come, and I am waiting.
I like the games that are from Playmobil.. I have already played this game.. Coz of insufficient space I had a time to delete this item.. But I am downloading this game again.. Guys this game is a great, awesome, good, super, superb outstanding, excellent. And perfectly designed game
so this app is really fun and addicting! but im wondering when we unlock new characters what if we can change their avatar because it gets kinda boring when they have the same outfit,Otherwise i love the app keep up the great work :)
As a child, I loved this game. It's still extremely fun! I'm now 11, yet I still play! I guess I'm a kid a heart 😂 Although, I hide it on my phone xD! I recommend it for your child! It teaches responsibility!
i've been on and off playing this for many years because i'm hoping they will give an update on the game. it gets boring when you finally got all the stuff. so i hope they will make an update and change my rate to 5. hehe
This game IS SO fun! I recommend this to anyone who is bored in quarantine or maybe just bored. Also, I would suggest that if you are 10 and older, to download this game. But if course any age can download this. This amazing game is SUPER addicting, and I can't stop playing it!! You get 2 characters at first, then you have to bathe them, fee them, etc. Then as you go in with your journey, you unlock new characters and furniture! Download this app if you are bored and looking for a fun game!!
This is so fun! I really like it because you can change the guy's look and im also on level 1 but it was ok.
I have makes my daughter play this and she loved it and I was happy😊😊😊and there were nothing to come plane.
This game is good I like it but you only start with $20 and you need to put furniture in the house that cost over a hundred million bucks but this game is really good I like it and yeah
I love this game so much. It's so fun and exciting. I recommend you to download this game. It doesn't need internet to play this game. I'm addicted to this game, I just started playing yesterday and it is now one of my favourite games . If I were u I would give this 5star. It's basically like sims but much more fun for me. It doesn't need much space and we get the money easily. Hope you enjoy this game too.
good game if your playing on phone or i pad not recomended for if you want to have fun i dellited it straigt away