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PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™ for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co.KG located at Brandstätterstraße 2 - 10 D - 90513 Zirndorf. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
gab: this game is cool it was just like a movie ghost buster is so creepy😨 and scary😱 but is awsome so awsome 😀 i'll rate this game 5 star cuz i love ghost buster 😂😂😂😂 but i.... but i still dozent know what is ghost buster 😅😅😅 but i still rate this game 5 star cuz is cool 😀 not just cool 😉 sab: huh not just cool 😕😕😕😕 what is it then?.... diractor: a few moments later 😂😂😂😂 sab: hey hurry up and say it 😠😠, so slow 😐😑😐😑😐 ugh im out 😡. gab: is awsome to sorry sab😅.
This game is not an game is an monster I love this game so much do you can add the real version of them for free but like the game
I love this game. The music, the increasing challenge, the options. It isn't a game that keeps you tied in for hours. You simply play it until you die and the more you play it the better you get. 238 ghosts and 9 Slimers. Beat that!
I can't express enough, how well Lego has done 2ith their apps/ games/ movies/ etc. I would recommend anything Lego, to anyone! I have thoroughly enjoyed this app as much as my 6 year old!!
playbills ghostbastards is the greatest work of art I have ever experienced in my 2 months of existence I had so much fun that my eyes detached themselves from my body and super glued themselves to my phone I think playbills is actually beating that sugar honey ice tea company lego which is such a ripoff of playmobil that they even made a ripoff of the playmobil movie called the lego movie. also one time I was playing this master piece on my toilet when my dad walked in like omgesus dad
Hidden gem which I only found by accident. No ads. No purchases necessary. Only gripe is it's very short , but great fun. Who you gonna call?
This game is amazing but I'm bored doing it getting even though this is my first time playing it there's nothing but the same freaking levels and you can't really do anything but kill stupid ghosts and I got to earn an A- English game but it's the same levels you can't really go with the whole game of Ghostbusters the movie is great but I wish this game was like the movie together as a team to kill that giant guy but all there is a stupid ghosts nothing but I'm ugly girls it's boring man😪👻🤡😵
It is a great game but honestly it would be better if there was an extension past the first level... a way to trap the purple lady or the marshmallow man... ride the ecto-1... just my 2 cents
I love the gameplay but it's "one dimensional." There's only one level that you play the entire & none of the characters get experience upgrades. The only upgrades you get are when you're actually playing; they're more like "power-ups" to help you get through the level...the ONE & ONLY level.
Super addictive. Pretty much everything you could want from a Ghostbusters side-scroller. Could maybe use some extra environments, but other than that A+
Love this game play every day though is you can please add a story mode or more levels it would make the game so much better
this is pretty and i love ghostbusters because i am watching ghostbuster to my tv and they so many ghost and that i download this game i a happy i have a game ghostbusters game because i love this game i catch ghostses 👍👍👍 and this is good game for me👌👌👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
Nice game,and unlike other apps and games this game has no ads and I have no problem with this game so thats why I gave full 5 stars👍.............
It is fun and worth to play for the fans of this movie franchise made into a game! What I really recommend is to a have online servers, so players around the world can join to catch ghosts in the firehouse, so we won't be alone to catch ourselves and have a great time.
This game is very fun I will always play this game this game keeps me busy this is one of the best game ever played the graphics is very good
Great simple arcade style fun. Run up and down the three floors of the fire station defeating waves of ghosts and upgrading as you go. No ads just a nice Ghostbusters linked playmobil promo game. Great.
This game is awesome I catch thousands of Ghosts when I play this game and just too good at it my sister always wants me to let her have a turn when I die but it always takes a long time to die
Its a fun game. But no goals to achieve or bosses to beat. The game gets repetitive. Add some rewards and challenges then i will re download
It is a good game but there 2 things I hate about it 1 you can not drive the car and 2 the music is not playing when you are playing other than that it is a good game
Very enjoyable game to play, for both me and my son. It should be improved to a level where we could play multiplayer and in different settings. It definitely can and should be improved!
I have this before I was I kid is so fun but I wish they add something more cooler than before like add the ghostray so if gHost come they are dead in one hit hhhhhhhhhhhhh fire and like that but is fun not to bad pretty fun such a good game 😉 and is all about the Ghostbusters 5 stars again all ways five stars yes fun game
it's a little boring because the controls are kind of difficult, there's nothing beyond the first level, it's like all you do is just shoot the ghosts that aren't even that interesting or scary and if they could stop that giant Play-Doh stay puft marshmallow guy running around being distracting. Really looking forward to the day my character can go beyond the fire station and into the streets with whole the team of ghostbusters.
Cute but it loads oddly half the time. Missing stairs and none at all. Would give 5 star if that would stop and more levels were added.
It's a really good Ghostbusters arcade game suitable for killing time. One thing that would make a whole lot better would be the addition of more maps, e.g. outside New York, underground tunnels, Sedgewick Hotel, Spook Central, etc. The controls are also a bit too convoluted, but with enough practice, you can get used to it. Overall, it's a great Ghostbusters game that's worth checking out, whether you're a GB fan or just want to kill time and have fun.
This game is wonderful I have 5 reasons why 1:I like the power ups 2:there is not to much adds 3 I love when you open the game a movie pops up 4:I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that you can make a avatar 5: I love that there is Different ghosts like purple and white and green
Could u add the option to choose between Ghostbusters 2 outfits and The Real Ghostbusters outfits? That would be great! Good game... Needs more levels, upgrades, and abilities. I highly recommend this game is great btw
it is the best game i have ever played to involvoe ghostbusters and the best two parts is one you can upgrade your items then you can actally catch ghost
It is an amazing app! I love the game play and I love how you can make your own ghostbuster! I just hope you guys will add a multiplayer mode where you can teamup with people and catch in a bigger map! Maybe a library, a mall, or even a haunted fun house! I just hope that you guys will add more maps.
The waves are awesome because like they're hard at all but they're awesome cool you just need to act like for upgrades to the proton pack like maybe after you be like a hundred thousand waves you can maybe defeat the Marshmallow Man cuz do you know the Marshmallow Man I wish you could defeat him
Wished there were more levels, wished you could also upgrade packs from the start. Still a pretty good time killer though.
I have played this game for over 5 years now I NEVER get bored. Its just such a nice game. All my friends get addicted to it aswell. Its really nice and it 100% deserves a 5 star (more if u ask me) its just an amazing game people from all ages can have a fun experience with!!! To be honest im not a fan of the movie ghost busters but this game is just AMAZING. Pat on the back of who ever put their time to make this amazing game! Keep up the good work. Oh don't forget to install this game!!!!!!!
this game is the best game ever.first it has no ads.second they give you a lot of free and cool stuff during the game.third the controls are so fast and easy to use and fourth you can create you own character and have free stuff fifth everything is fair in this game and the graphics are amazinggggh i really recommend this game
It always freezes when l play and it doesn't let me play it said not working so please fixed it and mack it work if you don't fit it l want play it again
Wow geobra not that bad your game is so beautiful. It is so awesome but plesse update the controls. But I really like the game your games is so beautiful and so fun I wish you can make new games. I love it geobra it is so unique and awesome. THAT IS WHY I GAVE YOU A 5 STARS I RECCOMEND IT TO ALL OF YOU! Not a waste of time it is so beautiful people you should download this awesome beautiful game. I hope you make more geobra. AWESOME GAME! 🙃🙃🙃😋😉
Boring. Ghosts are not like in the movie or TV series. Difficult for kids. Repetitve game play. Sorry but LEGO games are far much better.
this is a very simple easy game to play and it's very charming to when I first download this game I really didn't have high expectation for this game I thought of just going to be some kind of cheap one step game but I have to download and played it for a good three men so I really enjoyed playing this game in fact I was play this game once a day every day because it's just a charming fun game I want to say kudos to the developer team for this game and hopefully the developed even make more games