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PlayTime - Discover and Play for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Zero Emission Ninja located at Berlin, Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It has a lot of ads so far it is pretty good and I am just gonna tipe for the rest .jdjfjcjjdjdjfjnfnfjcjjcjfj jfnji Bob. J jbl nnnkkxnixkxdkfldpodkfkjjjuhb. Gnc f v f f f f f f f kvn. I bbgb ick to do so do to to go go ham go do f go go do go go hjj
I love the game it is amazing but you have to watch a lot of adds to get stuff. Other than that the game is really good
This game is so fun you can unlock games every day!! There are so much fun games!! There are so many games in one it is unblivable. Some games are educational. These games are for all ages and i am so glad because alot of game are not for all ages! I hope that every one tries this game atleast once.😁😁
I love this game, it helps me so much with my anxiety and ptsd and really is a good coping mechanism to deal with stress, it's amazing! :)
It's a really nice game! I only wish you could paint in whatever order you wanted during the painting game....
This Game is Amazing! Well I should be Saying Games it has multiple games. I don't have any but this would be perfect for little kids. The games that I have played are Puzzle games so it would keep their minds going looking for solutions. I haven't Run into many but there are Ads and Truly I think it is worth buying the "No Ads". I have Never bought that For any game that should be Saying Something.
Fantastic. Not only are the games fun, they are all addicting and satisfying. It offers a wide variety as you keep playing. Perfect for passing the time. There is not many ads as well, which is spectacular because usually games like these (simple yet challenging and fun) have WAY too many adds but this is perfect. 10/10!
The app is overall good, and there are a ton of new games on the one app that would usually take up a lot of storage. The one thing i dont like is the avatar editing. 1st, you have to pay for the good-looking items, like makeup and your actual hairstyle. 2nd, on the avatar editing space, it asks you to pick ur hairstyle. I scrolled all the way down and the last and mkst expensive item is bald. Lots of people have lost theirbhair and they cant help it so that was a huge mistake on their part
Surley one of the best games ive seen. The thing i like about is that there are SO MANY GAMES! My daughter got this game and did not stop playing it. And there are almost NEVER any ads. You'd get to play a few rounds before an add. I highley recommend getting this game. And you only have to wait for like an hour until you unlock a new game. Best game ever.
didnt even know what the hell was happening for half of it, because its so laggy. its terrible to move, terrible to see, and terrible to beileve i downloaded this instead of a better game.
Absolutely love this app!! The graphics are awesome, and not a lot of ads. People say that there are a lot, but no not really. I love how you get multiple games in one, so it won't take up a lot of storage. Anyone who thinks they should get it. Don't hesitate. Just look at the reviews and BAM! Your finger just hit "install".
Pretty damn fun so far, the difficulty scaling is steady, the variation is more than what I thought it would be, and it stayed true to the ads
Great game to release the frustrations of seeing these "challenges" falsly advertised in match three games that don't actually feature them, but little else. The puzzles don't really seem tk get any harder despite some ads having potentially different puzzles shown. Guess it's just a new level of false advertisement
I love this game we need to game to give 5 stars now! Im like how did they put more then one game!? But who did this I am going to say that this game is so good i just start and so many ads come up im still going to rate 5 stars
Fun game with variety. It is currently VERY simple but grow with difficulty making me think it will continue to do so. ***Game continued to increase in difficulty. I am stuck on Level 79 of the Tile Game with no solution or help or hint available. How do I get some help to pass it?*** I got it. Revive, watch an ad & it rearranges.
Too many ads the games are not that fun because the games aren't challenging I played this app for an hour because I really thought the games would start getting harder but no also I found this game because of an ad that sponsored this app where everyone couldn't beat it it's the easiest I tried all the tricks to rid of adds including turning off wifi but it still doesn't work this app is already deleted
1. Stolen games- No credit 2. So many ads! Got this to play on the road 3. You have to wait to get a new game 4. Most of the games don't make much sense I really don't recommend it.
Has potential but as usual they force you to watch an ad. I understand; give us the illusion of being given a choice even though you're not giving us one. I think I'd rather ACTUALLY have the choice. When I select no thanks it should mean just that! And if you're still going to force us to watch an ad no matter what we pick (and you probably will) the least you can do is be HONEST about it and put an ad icon next to each option so we know, no matter what we want, we're watching an ad!
very good app! not many adds, and very good for a road trip, im going on a 19 hour drive soon and i think this game will be perfect! so many different games to play, and some of them are hard, some arent, would definitely reccomend!!
I love it! I doesn't need WiFi witch is amazing! The only thing I would change is that new games would appear at least every 12 hours. But still an amazing app. I HIGHLY recommend!!
Completely refuses to work offline, which is the primary reason i download mobile games (long bus rides, flights, etc). Huge disappointment
Very good, it does have all the games it says it does! Just one thing wrong: all these aren't generic versions or re made versions of other apps, but exact copies! All the games are made by Pop Core but they aren't credited anywhere on the app. All this does is compile them into one download file. They didn't even change the loading symbol. Its ok they did this, but the content is stolen! :(
It was nice for playing some of the advertised games one might want to try. However, the games are so easy, it's basically an ad generator. (Every few levels, there's an ad. You also have to watch one for a new "skin," or you'll lose that reward.) There's also no real reward (just skins you can collect or buy), nor a real way to lose. It's a whole lot of nothing.
Visuals could be better, I guess, but overall fun. All the games I wanted in one app. If you get bored with one game just switch it over to another. Great sound effects.
I do recommend getting this game. One thing is there isn't sooo many ads but there are some ads. Second all the games and the game it's self take a while to load up. Also in one of the games there's like just to get something new you need to pay for it like y'all I'm to lazy to actually pay for it and what if I don't have enough!?!? Besides thoose points I do recommend to get.
Everytime I go to play a game the app keeps kicking me out and I really want to play some of the games.
This game is really fun! I dunno why people are complaining about ada because I only got 1 ad from playing like 12 minigames- But it's boring a little because you have to play games to unlock games-.bruh
Very fun, has all the games I don't feel like downloading in one game. But there is an ad every 3 times you win which is slightly annoying. Overall, this game is really fun.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! Too many ads! Instead of the developers trying to come up with good games, they rely on garbage ads to make their money. They don't care about the end user!!!
2 stars bc its's fun and great to have all these games in one space, but they are all 100% popcore brand games. Even down to the loading icon and the things you unlock. And I have a pretty strong feeling that popcore isn't cool with that and that these are all stolen. I'm curious to see how long this game stays on the playstore.
It's a good game, but every single game was stolen from Popcore, and they don't even give them credit. Same music when u finish the level, too. Same loading signal, same everything! 🀬🀬🀬 you've got some explaining to do. 😑😑😑
crashes and freezes constantly, its not just the ads causing it, it does it in the middle of levels, it would be ok if it worked
This is a great app that allows you to try all different kinds of games! I like most of the games on there. There are a lot of ads but most of them can be closed immediately or nearly immediately, so there's not a long wait. Most of the games are very simple and not too challenging, there's also a lot of easy training games at the start which can be a pain. Most of them are best if you want an easy, don't think too hard, help you go to sleep kind of games. I definitely recommend it!
This game is nice, but frankly there aren't as many games as it seems. Aswell as having to watch ads for new ones. Overall the games are fun, I just wish there were more.
Just like the ad it's have a couple of ads in my opinion I love this πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜„ but that might not be your opinion but I don't care what your opinion is.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
I hear everyone saying that this game has too many ads. Turn off your Wi-Fi. Exit the game and turn it back on when you want to check yourself on the leaderboard or change your character
Nice game, many many games but many ads and add to or new games but amazing game, good , nice,intresting, plz remove ads not buy money plz .... Amazing gameπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
I love this app but one problem is that they use different apps and put it into theirs and give no credit I don't think. But other than that good app.
Beautiful game. Love the games and the little challenges that come with them. What I would wish for is maybe more games, but other than that, it was a beautiful experience.
Fun game with variety. It is currently VERY simple but grow with difficulty making me think it will continue to do so.
I absolutely love all the games, and the convenience of having them all in one app. However, the ads are driving me mad. Please either have fewer of them or include an ad-free option for a couple dollars.
Okay like deserves three stars cuz it's really fun but over the past few days it's it's been boring and and I don't really know what to do now but it's it's fun and I really don't like that you have to wait for other games and I really don't like it it's just other versions of games and yeah that's why I think it deserves three stars.
Way too many ads! It starts when there is something special happening, like a challenge level, or an option to pick up more coins. Then it becomes every time you finish a level. The games are fun, but I don't think they are worth sitting through all of the ads.
I really like this app. However, many of the games are ridiculously easy outside of Challenge levels. Also it really needs a facebook backup or account feature; I got a new phone and lost all of my progress!
I can't even play anything on this app cause it would frees and after a few seconds it would crash! FIX THIS CAUSE THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This App is so fun and entertaining! There not as much ads, and there's a bunch of games!! I 100% reccomend this app because its the best ever! Good job to the creators!! :D
This is a great game the reson i give it 4 stars is because unlike most game theres only a cuple of ads once in while but if you turn off your wifi its amazing
Was entertaining for a while, until I got to the literally impossible Match Master levels. I have to watch an ad in order to shuffle an impossible board, and even then that's not a guarantee to finish the level. Poor design.
I liked the game. So, I paid to remove the ads. It took my money, but I still have the ads. It keeps saying error. Thanks for stealing my money
It's really fun and has lots of different games! Level 93 of the pull ring game is a little glitchy but I have had no other problems which is impressive for a game this big! Even the ads are almost not annoying haha
There was nothing wrong with this app and you could change a game anytime you wanted to just in case you get bored. I love this app!!!!!😍
So fun and and there us not a lot of ads btw the game is perfect for car rides well if you like fun stuff this game you want
This game is so fun you can have so many games for the capacity of one and there's like all these cool games you can play it's so much fun
Really fun and addicting, but, way too many ads. It takes the fun out when every puzzle you complete you get an ad.
ZERO STARS. This game only let's you do nothing. It gliched my whole phone and all the other games I had. This game won't let you do anything and it just freezes. ZERO STARS. And you need Wifi to play it. TRIPLE ZERO STARS
I gave this game five stars because it is so fun! I could like never get bored of this I could play this all day! The only flaw is that, there's only a few games it'd be fun if there are more but they're really fun still! I hope my advice is helpful!
There are so many ads . And to you have to watch an ads to unlock a new level. And some games are for 1yearolds. It is a fun game otherwise
I absolutely love this game but like the other 7 people that commented, there is way too many ads. I think that if you took out most of the ads this would be a perfect game. Ever since then I have loved this game and it disappoints me that there is way too many ads.
This game is so cool! It has all of my favorite Popcore games. I had one of the many games and saww the ad for it. Best choice of 2021!
Play time has fun games but I wish there where more games to play but this game is a lot of fun πŸ™‚ 😌
My favorite game is with the colors and shapes that you need to get to 3 in a row. But I cant get past level 108. I would give the game 5 stars but the issue I previously stated.
reducing the ratings.. level 79, 225 are same of Mahjong (am sure many others are repeat) and can be solved only after reviving multiple times.. in general, close to perfect bunch of games.. but what is with that 'finding the toy' game? who invents such good for nothing games, anyways.. but other ones are more than good.. especially, that filling the raea with number of blocks..
Please play the super fun I would totally recommend to play it's such a fun interesting game well technically a bunch of mini games at first you started with two games you play them then you get to unlock more games
I like tthis game so much as there were so many games. And when I don't see this game there were new games like popcore. I will give 5 stars to this game
This app or game is really good if you are trying to build on brain muscle even though it is a little simple and could be more challenging
Great concept to have this variety of minigames in one app, and the amount of ads is surprisingly reasonable. Unfortunately, all of the games/puzzles are WAY too easy. A 4-year-old could breeze through this.
THIS GAME IS SO FUN YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT LIKE ANY GAME YOU WANT TO PLAY IS IN THIS GAME!,but... there's one problem this game has alot of ads I done more watching ads than play the levels
This game has everything! It is so soothing and relaxing. The games don't harass you with adds and are pretty good. I would 100% recommend this to anyone.
I'd give this 5 stars because I love all of these 3 minute puzzle games and this app having all of them saves some storage space on my phone, however, the BEST skins require signing into Instagram to unlock. Even though I have created an account and followed, solely for the purpose of unlocking the cool skins, it still gives me the 'follow to unlock' message every time I go into any of the games. I'd also like to know if there's a level cap.
It is super nice if you don't have much space on your phone but you love these games, my favorite is the one where you have to paint the painting, IT IS SUPER SATISFYING, the game has a lot of ads but it isn't too bad.
It has has some ads it is ok it has so many games it is a great game I love it you should definitely have this game 5 stars
this game was actually very fun. the visuals are clean and i havent seen any glitches, there's a variety of games that are fun to play, and the ads aren't as excessive as other games.
I pick this app because I have another game from your company I like playing. However with one app it refuses to restore my purchase of removal of ads. Annoying please fix this.
I like the parked cars, paper rolls and block painting... my fave is the one where you pull out the sticks to drop the balls but mine has one that u play and even though all the balls r in the basket it won't finish the level.. some games r not as much fun .. But enough r to keep playing
I love this game and it makes me happy and users don't interact and there's a lot games to chose from and there painting games and a lot a of games to have fun with and my ratings is five stars and this the best game ever and everyone should get this game and there's little ads too and the little ads the more time to play with the game that are on there but the thing is that they need to add more game not to be rude but I don't like some of the game that there and they should get better games
This app can be very entertaining and satisfying to play, but the reason I gave it this rating is because there are far too many ads. Whenever I try to progress to another level, 95% of the time an ad pops up. Same when I try to go to another game or try to report back to the home screen, an ad pops up. Also, another problem is that I only got a certain number of games to play on the app, and I've been playing for about a week.
I am in LOVE with this app. 1) 1) it doesn't have many adds 2) it makes new games so you don't get bored 3) the games on here are just like the original And MORE I don't know how to thank this compony this is just a beautiful game oh and 4)ITS FREE!!!!!!!
First off: Way too many ads Second: A LOT of the games have glitches that make that series of games unbeatble. For example, the pin one on lvl 99, it only collects 95% of the balls even though none were lost.
Fun games. Too many ads. Even when you purchase "no ads", you still have to watch ads for new stuff. I am stuck on level 79 of the tile matching game. I wish there were hints.
The game is a good concept. But the games seem as if they were for very little kids. Like 1st grade and under.
App kept crashing. I wasn't able to play any games. I tried multiple times and even came back again the next day to try. It never worked for me. It's a shame because it seemed like it would be a cool game.
This game is great but I had to get rid of one star because you have to wait for more games to come I don't like that because I'm not patient
To me, the ads are not as bad as people say they are and its very relaxing, only thing is maybe not as big of a selection of games but otherwise awesome!
the app keeps crashing every minute, other than that, the app is great, and it doesn't lag one bit (for me)
Multiple puzzles in one that keeps your brain active. Still investigating each type of puzzle game, but so far there are harder levels to unlock within each type of the puzzles that make this much more interesting! Definitely recommend this app.
I love this game and would 100% give it full stars but, the game keeps closing and glitchong during ads. Might be a me problem or a bug. If you could i would love if you could check it out 😊
Any one with chronic pain has different game choices too play, just like a pain level. The how to instruction is very easy to understand, but the best part of the different mini games there are hardly any ads.
Having some trouble with the roller game, colors (red, purple) can be hard to distinguish especially on the small phone screen.
This game is awesome it's super easy and fun to play some levels maybe a bit hard but there are hints and also it has less ads not that I am saying it has no ads it has ads but you can skip it. That's why I gave it 5 star πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Thanks for the update and for the record ok I just got home and saw the lesson for girl scouts and that is why I am sure if you need to get your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing about your time and place and I are going good but the lesson for girl scouts to this email address is not delete the lesson for girl scouts and I will be there at 9 you doing today and how are you doing this morning my favorite song is called an ok from namu aani so I can help I am doing class is ov
The games all appear to be exactly as games I've played by PopCore. Completely the same, including loading symbols and congratulations screens. Might be some theft of intellectual property here. Also, somehow with my phone on silent, some of the ads will still play their music- at FULL VOLUME! Very annoying!
I love playing this. However, in the game involving painting a picture, I got to one picture specifically where I couldn't mix any colors due to the specific colors needed
I just started playing this game and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised! There are ads but they are not overwhelming so. You can also win neat things for games with these ads. And they are short ads and can skip most. The only thing is, and I hope developers are reading these reviews and do take our suggestions, it needs music!! It definitely needs music and I don't think I would have any complaints at all honestly.
This app is amazing for things such as car trips, a fidget app, or just game in general! Instead of having all games donloaded differently taking uo so much storage, you have it all in just a tap. 10/10 would recommend.
Id give this app a 5 star however the reason I don't is because the Twitter add makes you have to close the app. It won't go back to the game if you don't. Also the levels never get harder for some of the games on here. They seem to repeat also. It becomes really repetitive.
Finally a game that is all those annoying ads in one! It's a one stop shop for time killing and it's absolutely amazing!!
This is a really good game but adverts a little too often like do it every 5 to 10 mins other then that its a great game i also found a bug sonetimes if you click home the game you were in reloads and the home button is no longer useable
I love your games here very much!!! I play the 8th game down. The one where you fill in a square or straight strip. An you get 3 choices at the bottom. Now you have 10 different types of shapes. But u have it programed to use same 5 the T, L,ext..can u program it to throw out less T's an more of a mix...l play this game more than most!!!!
I would give it zero Stars cuz it didn't even let me play it it would just give me ads ads ads ads until I was like nope I just hate it I'm just going to delete it if you like it then you're insane you are crazy you are the craziest person on this Earth or to walk on this world so I don't recommend to download it please don't you're going to go cry in your room all day just don't download it
I like it because it has lots of games but I don't like it because I watched 2 ads but I didn't even get the stupid reward.
it looks like it's supposed to be puzzles but i have been playing this for a few days and have yet to play a single thing that requires any critical thinking or solving at all. they're just rote task completion, zero challenge. maybe it kicks up eventually but i can't sink any more time on hoping that happens.
I love this game! But I have one suggestion...I'm 8 years old and I don't really waiting. So can there jest be all the apps on the game and not wait? Because that would make it an even better game. Please can you guys do that? Thank you!
Paid the 3 bucks for the ads to go away and they took my money and encountered an "error" I STILL HAVE FREAKIN ADS! FIX THIS!
I would give this a 5 star rating but my only problem is with most of the games when you click the screen it doesn't respond right away. Its not even a lag it just doesn't respond to the tap. It takes a few taps to get the game moving and there are a lot of random ads in the middle of changing levels. Its a very simple game and time consuming for lazy bored people like me. Amazing game definitely worth 5 stars but it just has a few minor problems. Please fix. I love this. Amazing game selection.
This game is great. I feel like it is exactly as advertised, and I don't feel pressured by ads every 5 seconds.
The games are fun but the app lags so horribly while playing that it's difficult to enjoy any of the games.
level 79 of Mahjong can be solved only after reviving multiple times.. in general, close to perfect bunch of games.. but what is with that 'finding the toy' game? who invents such good for nothing games, anyways.. but other ones are more than good.. especially, that filling the raea with number of blocks..
I love this game!!it is so fun and it is like you don't need any more games and there is like 100 apps in there I think there is nothing wrong with is.
I do like it a lot but on the painting one I don't really like at all how you don't paint it yourself you just click on the color and then you click on it and it paints it for you I would hopefully like you to update it and that's it but other than that it's really good one.
Idek if this is good.... But they didn't credit all those popcore games. It's all stolen! But it's still a good app. If they credit popcore, I would give it 5 stars. Please fix this.
I love this game because it's just has so many games and when I started to play I was just like wow this is fun!
I like the puzzles. The issue is the ads take longer than the puzzles! And there are just so many between levels that I skip all the ones for additional rewards. I'm about 20 levels in now and I've seen at least 15 ads! If I'd done additional ads I'd have watched more ads than done levels!
Amazing game. I am obsessed with one of the mini games in this app because it's soooo fun and I played 100 levels without ANY ad interruptions. Though some games you have to watch a 10‐ish second add every 5 or so levels. I especially like it because I've seen other ads for the games that are in this app, and now I can play all of them in one app!!
Overall a great app! Many game selections! My favorite is the symbol sorting one. I give this 4 stars because my only issues are there isnt much avatar customization, and many ads. A simple fix is turning your wifi off, which can help with the ad problem on any game without an internet connection. I love this app because it doesnt take up a lot of data space, as it would if you downloaded each app individualy. Definitley reccomend! πŸ‘
It's a fun app. But there are way too many ads. In the Mahjong type game, level 81 is impossible. I feel like that was intentional. Its my favorite game in the app and I can't play it anymore. It's an alright app other than that.
I think this is an amazing app because it has so many games that you have to download, but this game just let's you play it by downloading only ONE thing
It's a great app but the second challenge on the car one is hard cause the granny stops and you hit her so it's not our fault we can't pass it's the games fault.
keeps crashing for no reason. every time i open the app, it freezes and crashes. i even uninstalled, and reinstalled to see if that works but no. i can't play anything.
Very cool and fun love I'm GANNA play it everyday and we'll everytime after school and I'm just so happy when I play this it gets new games and fun things so yea I love it GANNA love it forever and never going too delete it or uninstall it just love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I love it soooo much I just can't wait for new games and fun thing love editing my avater sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!
Fun! Literally like after 9 rounds 1 AD ONLY 1 That is amazing so many games to play and you even have a character to customize Keep up the good work!
This game is super fun you should get it it's not hard it is simple very funny indeed you should get it you would really like it it is basically a game inside of a game if this is too hard for you to understand it is basically a game that has more games in it you should try it doesn't cost money very fun and simple!! 🀩🀩
Super fun! I don't get bored because the games switch out. Ads are not an issue because there are few. The only thing is I wish you could change your avatar more :)
This is a fun app. I like the choices of all the different games you can play. The placement of all the ads is ridiculous. I had to uninstall. I spent more time watching ads than actually playing. I understand how these games and ad revenue work, but this was overkill. I would have been more compelled to spend money on this app had I not been bombarded by SO many ads. It is not worth it. I'm sorry.
There is 2 reasons why it didn't get a 5 star review. 1. The amount of time it takes to get the game to start. And 2. The amount of ads. This game is great for people who are lazy like me and have alot of time. There is nothing wrong with this game except for the Ads and the loading process. It gets a bit annoying. There should be a backup way so u don't lose your progress and it would be better. This game isn't challenging at all and it's fun to play. I would highly recommend it. That's all.
It's a fun game but there is wayyyyy too many ads. I like the challenges but the ads keep coming. Drop the ads and this will be a great game.
Kinda wish I could take my ad-free experience from Parking Jam and move it to this instead, but I'll get ad-free for this soon. All it needs is a color sorting game, match-2 game, and a rescue pull-the-pin game and I'd have no need for the other fillers I have.
I absolutely love this app! When you get tired of one game just switch to another and they are all fun! And it just keeps adding new games over time so you never run out of options! Fun time killers!
I love this game! So many games in one game and it's less storage then getting all of these games one by one there is a variety of games and it will keep you busy all day long!
I have only played this game for 4 hours and it is already one ofnif not my favorite gamr on the app store. Very little adds if there is an add you can skip it. 10/10 would install again.
Super fun varieties of games fun coloring games too well I don't know if anyone is going to see this but I love it it's the best thing I ever played it is it is super fun the variety of games from coloring games too puzzles but I love this game and thank you so much for creating it
Very nice game but i saw people writing comments that there are ads too many but when i off the mobile data there is no ads
This is either a game for dummies or for very young children. As simple as it is, the interface is sluggish and unpleasant.
it's a great game! but a lot of ads..And you get ads for GOOD things It has multiple games in one I love this game but u can even get tiny challenges if u want! but in the first time you play it will ask you questions you have to say yes to all of them just so you can play tho... i love the game even though the name is kind of Kiddush it's great! Whoever made this game thank you so much for making this game! I love it everyone in the world should have it! BUT THE NO ADS THING ISN'T TRUE :I
This game is amazing! It has all the games that I've been wanting to try and they even add new games for you to play
I'd rate it 5 stars if there weren't so many ads. Other than that, it's s good game. Might be one of my favorites. Just... Calm down with the ads.. (γ£β—žβ€Έβ—Ÿc)
This game is amazing, you get to play all types of games! plus you get ads every once in a while. Definitely recommend!
This Was a GREAT game, even though there were ALOT of ads, so if your the creator of this app, please fix it and there is a bit of bugs on this app maybe for me? {mom's account}
This game is okay. There are a LOT of ads and not that many games. It's gets pretty boring very quickly PLS add more games put away all the ads and it a bit glitchy. Sometimes it randomly exits me out of the tmr and I have to reload into the just to find out I failed the level for some unknown reason. Fix these glitches PLS then I will give more stars. Again the game it's self it pretty good but the ads and glitches and limited games gets pretty boring and annoying
Sweet game, very fun. Keeps one occupied for hours and it's able to be played offline another great perk!
Its a good game! Barely any ads too! The games all work good as well! But what i don't like is that these guys aren't the creator of the games that are in this app. Other than that great app!
I love this game so much! Instead of getting multiple games you get tons of games in one! Not to mention you don't have a billon ads in the game. I totally love this game. Try it!
No interaction with the developers, I purchased no ads and it took my money but didn't follow through with the no ads. I have contacted everyone that I can think of, emails several people it's been about 3 weeks now and still I've not had any follow through.
I really like this game! I play it a lot and it's fun! But it sucks to wait so long just to get one new game..maybe change 24 hours+ (it was 30 hours for me) to maybe like at least 10 hours? Jeez or maybe even 2 games everytime you get a new one? Idk but anyways it's still good just A TON OF ADS I hate them soooo much so I have to turn my wifi off just so I can enjoy the game but still it's a great game just the waiting and ads are bad :/
Its ASOMEEE!!!!! Whenever I feel weird or stressed, I just play this game and BAM! I'm calm, and ready for whatever hits me. It has a lot games, so many. I think you should definitely try it
Ok so the ppl writing 1 star reviews saying they stole games from popcore are incredibly stupid because the instagram link takes you to the POPCORE instagram page. Also this is super addictive.
I dislike the game,It always freezes and doesn't work,i try to get out of the game but it still doesn't work
The games get trickier the longer you play and the variety of games are great! Reasonable ads that are not intrusive. This one gets a 5 from me! Oh, and the Devs should know that there is a glitch on level 53. Some of the tiles look blended together, half and half. They go back to two solid tiles when you click on one.
Sweet game, kinda addicted lol. Hoping you can make a color sorting one or maybe the life saving pull pin game that everyone uses as an ad play game.
Its nice but the thing is you need to wait a whole day until it gives you new games it would be nice if it did not have ads to many only three star I would love them to have mobile legends please fix this and just have all games I like it though Addy~January 1/2 2021
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I paid to get the ads to go away but they didn't. I emailed them days ago and got no response. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! ITS USELESS! No I have to contact Google and let them know this is an untrustworthy ap!
Well it was super great, but on the painting game after every level (after 30) the ads come after every level. Every few levels is better geez
I only played a levels so I don't know much about the game but it it seem to be very fun and it seemed that it could challenge your mind and I liked it about that and every three levels it would haven't had which in some other games I've tried they would have from three to six and three levels but I think it was very good.
This is a really good game but there you have to wait 24 hours for a new game to come on and only starts with like four games so I I mean it's fun sometimes but it's just kind of hard waiting 24 hours for it and if anybody is reading or running as they should watch Victorious is Victoria Justice in it and she's my favorite actor and singer.
This game is great! There are so many games to play and try. The reason it's not done stars is because whenever I'm doing a challenge, if I watch an ad to get the challenge after I fail, then it doesn't reset it for some reason.
Its good, lots of games, not too many adds. Some of the games take a while to l load. But other than that it runs smoothly. Only had it for a short amount of time, may update this later.
I see no problems with this game, it runs smoothly and its a good app to be entertaining. Just add these things and thats it 1. When Your Done Playing 1 Of The Games, U can Choose to Like the Game, Dislike The Game Or Favorite the game, This will include each game u play 2. Add more games 3. Add The Profile And The Other Locked Stuff When This Is Done (Actually Released) And finally, make this more social, do whatever u want to make it social
Game is alot of fun down to the illustrations to game play, everything runs smoothly. Ads are there but not intrusive, their short and not as frequent, the illustrations are kinda funny and relaxing to me.. This is a great puzzle game to keep your brain 🧠 active.. I will definitely recommend to my friends πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 😁
I found this game because of an ad for this game. It was on Happy Color. Here's why I rated it 4 stars. 1. There are a lot of ads in this game. I understand that free games have ads to make money. 2. All the games in this app are super easy outside challenge levels and hard in challenge levels. Other than that, this game is great.
Finally! A Game That Doesn't Bombard You With Ads. This App Is Very Great Because There Are So Many Games In One Application, Which Saves Lots Of Space! The Amount Of Ads Are Pretty Reasonable, And Is Very Tolerable In My Opinion. I Definitely Reccomend This Game!
I love this game. For a person who is fidgety like myself its very relaxing. The obly rease i didnt hgove it 5 stars is because the paint game freezes. Other than that this game is great.
Absolutely stolen intellectual property. These are all exact copies of other games. Same amount of ads too
I love this app! There are a ton of different games to play and a new one comes each day! Adds are few and far between. It is a great app with a wide variety of really fun games. I highly recommend it! There are also different things you can unlock by winning different levels for every game. This app is so fun!
Not a ton of ads, still about 50 mobile games in one AND like I said they don't spam ads in your face like the other games.
Been stuck on a level in the match 3 game for a few days. Otherwise I find this game to be wonderful. Maybe create a help/hint option for all the games? If you turn off your data, you can avoid all the ads.
This app is a really great app, but in honesty the game keeps crashing on me..I'm not sure if phone or the game but it be fixed.
Good so far, but I think increasing the amount of levels between forced ads from 3 to 5 would be good, as well as a dark mode for the game select page.
I love how much actives the game has and that there like puzzles but there's one problem there are a lot of ads but over all I love it
The game is fun for about 5min. After a bit of time it aslo laggs A LOT! Eventully it gained many gliches and even opening the game shuts down my phone. It also takes a lot of battey power. I would give the game 0 if I could. I dont recommed this game, instead save your battery and phone!
It has like 20 different games in one app so now whenever you see a ad with a game and you wanna play it but don't wanna download it this app allows you to get that game and many others