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Planets Nu

Planets Nu for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Geographical Media Inc.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really fun turn based space strategy, but it would be fun to have a offline mode. 3 stars because it has no offline mode, otherwise its an excellent game
I have been playing this game since 1993 and love it. But I am rating this app 1 star because I get a better experience just going to the planets.nu website with my phone browser. This app puts information screens over the top of each other making it very hard to see. I do not have this problem with the website. Since the website works so well what is the point of this app?
nice concept, but the gameplay is weird, the game crashes all the time, its laggy somehow, it needs internet to start it, and various others problems that makes the game become bad, very bad
This is a great game. The app put together here is pretty well designed. This game isn't just some little time killer, but it is an in depth 4x strategy experience. Give it a chance. Take the time to learn the interface before being too harsh. Altogether, a fun experience that can be enjoyed on android or any device with a decent browser.
Its a great game it really is, i have quite a few of hours into it. And even tho i am quite experienced with strategy games i couldnt pass the levels I belive some tweaks should be made before the game is playable for a larger audience id wish to play thiz game again as its one of the better strategy games ive seen on mobile but there should be a bit more explaining in the game and also the difficulty should be lowered a bit so it could be more enjoyable
It has a poor UI, every icon looks like an X. If this aspect would be improved, I would consider looking again into it.
Can u plzz add multiplayer and infinitely generated universes and i really like the game very very much and in mulyiplayer u should add trading as well as chatting and thsn every bpdy can play battle royale or team death match or pvp or everybody can play and survive together i really like the game and the art style its a fun game but multi player and trading and other stuff that i said will make it better and then will be able to pmay with my sister and my brother(they both really like the game
Fun, turn-based, space scifi war game (modernized version of VGA Planets), but fyi... seems the main way to play this game (*seriously*) is to use a web browser. Mobile app is fine for 1 vs AI games, casual gamers, and generally handy for game stuff on the go, but currently not nearly as fully featured as using a big screen web browser (with addons). The communtiy forums (accessible with the app) are great place to get help as are the in-game info data pages & web "wiki" pages for this game.
This game is VERY promising but needs a lot of love to be recommendable. At the current state is just too crude. A single enemy strong ship can defeat your whole fleet stationed on your capital simply because ships will engage one by one instead of all the same time, and from weakest to the strongest. And planetary defences won't engage untill all ships defending are destroyed. Just to cite one of the major flaws. Since last update was on 2019, I guess extra love investment may not happen at all
Couldn't even create an account to start playing as it won't recognize my gmail address as a valid email address
recovering your password is impossible it says here follow the following link and you cannot click on the link so keep my $3.50 and inprove the game it is a good game and I wish you would convert it over into exploration and Mining app game...
Extremely confusing. Never got the hang of it... The tutorial is pure garbage and why do you have a built-in looking site in the game? Also why do you need an account? This is not competitive multiplayer. Accounts aren't needed in anyway. Also I cannot find a reason for there to be an assistant, it's exactly like the long dead clippy except more annoying and speaking at every action you do. Pure garbage. I'd rather like simple subtitles instead...
Just one thing to say and that's that we need more games like this. great Fun while playing love that each faction have their own playstyle
Needs a lot of work. Switching from portrait to landscape and vice-versa is messing up the interface. Messages i.e. texts are going off-screen.
Controls are clunky. Entering a character name or email doesn't work. I couldn't make the ship got after the stolen ship no matter what I did. Fix it before your game goes down the tubes and yoiur work means nothing
Best version of VGA Planets. Is not a normal game, is the remake of VGA Planetw, an old very conplex game but improved kn graphics and usability. Even if it is still a bit complex to play, I give my 5 stars because I can see the effort behind and the improving slowly with time.
this game makes my phone crash. And even makes my phone unplayable so you have to restart my phone all over again. the game is good but fix the gmae so that i can enjoy playing it.
Best and most indepth strategy game there is out there! Also one of the few mobile games that are not pay2win!
I think its a great game and fun to play in your free time,and i think you sould add more factions abd ships to each faction
The game was designed for a computer, not a phone. But, as a long time player, I can still play using this app, if I have to. My big problem is making the app close after I exit the game. So far, I've had to actually turn off my (android) phone.
The AI reacts perfectly every turn while you can only guess what their move will be, you never successfully intercept unless they happen to continue on their exact course as you can see it from the turn before. It is grossly unfair, and frustration over this will only grow with your territory size, squeezing all the fun out of an otherwise lovely multiplayer game, AI takes over when a player leaves, so you can't avoid it.
Just from the title or the pictures i already loved it my dream game simple yet big and rpg like game keep making more but i hope its offline you know so that you can enjoy it if theres no connection in your place
Very bad Tutorial the whole tutorial is garbage and it doesn't help in anyway so why is it in there? It tells me to click on something to then just leave me there telling me nothing. dont waste your time on this game as of now.
i am connected to my wifi and it still tells me i need to be connected to the internet... I AM CONNECTED CLEARLY
Very innovative and fresh, but still trying to understand how to play it!please improve on the instructions
I remember playing vga planet early 90's.. I even hosted this game back then.. I m glad I can play again.. It may not fit for millenia generation but fit for old person like me. =) good job!
not for everyone, long-term space LOGISTICS game. However, I enjoy it's slow pacing, a nice change from most other games.
Omg, the tutorial is the worst. I tried 3 x New Games to try and learn/figure out what I was doing wrong. The controls are not clear enough, and you better hear the instructions the 1st time. You're only told - detailed instructions - once. I gave my son a try, and he did better, but as much as I wanna play this, I can't nail it down. Please make the tutorial clearer. I know I'll love this.
A web-based game, not for mobile. I have it on web on my mobile, instead of the app. When you get notes, you can't read them because the info gets in the way. Most starbases have max of 7, virtually useless. I think they should all go to ten. Home starbases should start with max points. Almost all the planets produce so much more Tritanium than other two minerals, making the game unbalanced. You should have more planets producing Duranium and Molybdenum. What is the purpose of "Friendly Code"??
Complex game, has interface issues though. Within the races to choose from I found some great ideas, however getting past its turn 2 tutorial aggression proved to much for me and I had to uninstall it. Ill keep watching see if it improves.
your app doesn't recognise all types of Internet connection ( such as strong Wi-Fi ) - it is highly suspicious that your app would only recognise mobile data Internet connections . . .
Sadly with both wi-fi and cellular i can't get past first screen... Tells me that i need internet connection. Once this is fixed for me, i can rate it properly. EDIT: after update i am hanging on load screen without any messsages, i've let it be on for about 5 minutes for both wi-fi and cellular connections.