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Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft

Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Playlabs, LLC located at 34 Obolon Ave, 12, Kyiv, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just found this app and my brother never shares his switch minecraft game and I was chriying to find mine craft but the one I wanted was $7 39 change so this is a good game keep up the good work
This is a really good game. I wish it there were more holiday themed stuff but the game it's self is amazing.
I still want the option too disable pvp for myself but other than all of that this game is still a pretty good copy of minecraft but i hope too see more updates that are in minecraft put into this game but you don't have too its up too you
Heres why the 2 star. I had 17 diamonds, 3 and a half stacks (64 a stack) of iron ore and a stack and a half of gold ore, 63 redstone dust, and 48 lapis lazuli. On my way back to my home i ran past 2 skeletons, then the game "just happend" to disconnect. It reconnected and i was dead AS USUAL, i respawn and go fo fhe exact coordinates that i died at, all of the dropped items were gone, like they were never there. 17 diamonds, all gold 75% iron and a few other valubles GONE.Oh but i have my dirt!
villages with villagers.Please do this and I still love the game.One last thing make it where you can like play on a computer to.with the up and down buttons . THANK YOU Also plsssssss add the nether. The mean things I want is the nether and me to play on the computer. Aso i love dragon so if you can plss add dragon that you can tam
Good game but it would be cool if we could have creative in survival. And make it so that players can't see underground bases I'm stick of people also teleporting to there friends and murdering noobs trying to actually survival. It really kills the survival mod if people could just tp whenever like make it so that you only have 3 tps or longer waiting time.
THIS APP ITS AMAZING I WOULD RECOMAND but the down fall is that if you actcedently tap wrong you may loose items pls fix this and the arowwos are to exspenseve and so is dimond armor and you die easly on survival and i want to set tnt off in creative to that would be cool i also think if you add a survival but with a creative mode twist it would BE SOO AMAZING and also sometime when you do private chat the text desapers but it comes back and i hate it when people mess up you houseincreative
Hey can you seriously remove the inventory protection potion, it's game breaking. If I spend alot of time killing someone I deserve their items and its not fair too me if I risk my life and damage my armor if I can't get an enemy faction's loot if I need it. This potion literally allows people to kill and loot others without little risk. If you die there needs too be a cost people will just drink these when they raid other people and come back again with no loss and just wipe them out. Wow P2W
In the next update add villages with villagers and in their houses there should be chests with items that we can take and also in multiplayer world add beds and I do not like the trees in it because it is so huge and I can't cut it and something that helps us find the way back home .Also if u add the mobs like minecraft that would be so helpful. And the last thing in single world the monsters spawn in daytime and I don't like it cause if I am doing something they come to attack us πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ₯°πŸ₯°βš˜
Its a good game but when the horses came out It was so much better! The only problem with the horses are that they don't appear in creative, I even made a big horse stable but I did not find them enywere please fix this!
This is a pretty solid crafting game. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because I can't find any players in Multiplayer survival. There are about 1000 of them, where are they? All the world's say that there are zero players. I also suggest that you add horses, so it would be easier to get around. And please make it so the Enderman don't randomly attack you. This game is missing some things but overall, it's pretty good.
This is fun but the gameplay is kinda weird like the hand is huge and the characters look weird. But the actual game in single player is kinda fun.
Add the skin edited that you can pick a picture and make it your own skin also add world mods that you can select likw furniture mods also add weapons to creative and add commands and command blocks also add a off hand which is the player left Hand and add a shield it would be very fun and I'll give you 5 stars subcribe and everything else thx also add skin editors and add animal mods that you can have werewolf ears and other animals ears and tails also add a game mode spectator
Hey its good game but there are too much gliches😞but never mind that let's just View. There is the glich that if you don't want a sign then it leaves floating letters, and when u say something like "hey" that player can't see it or what other people say. Also I want you to lower the prices of the Ads I MEAN COME ON 15000 coins! I will never make that happen πŸ˜₯maybe you can just make it 700 instead of 15000. Thank you
I like this game but theres a problem , theres a disconnection in planet craft, but i did have connection what is wrong with this game but theres connected
Yes. Good. The old bad review was because although i had played before, i forgot how to operate inventory. These developers are the best. They took the time to reply to my review and help me understand the problem. :-)
very great game although some of the players have inapropriate usernames for younger people and that needs to be fixed, i will edit my review to until you can fix it.Thank you Playlabs LLC
It's amizing online game I like because it have options that which grafics do you need and it's an online game
Its not that i dont want ads,the ads is way too loud, i can lower the game volume but i cannot lower the ads sound, espacially that ads with coffin dance music,that song with sudden loudness scare the heck out of me
I like the game but I have to say something about people that are asking for beds in multiple mode on the game. You can't add beds in multiple mode because how would that even work because if you go to sleep then everyone have to go to sleep at the same time. But I like this game it is really fun but can you add like enchanting tables and lava and more stuff to survival offline I really appreciate thank you.
I really like this game but... I think it would be nice if you put in sofas and tables and maybe chairs beds when playing with friends and say if you put it to creative and then you want to switch to survival sorry if this is too much too ask
The reason why i am giveing this app a 4 stars is cause i dont like the joystick i cant move sometimes can you fix it its hard to control on a mobie phone and theres no weapons to mine or protect yourself from Monsters or animals. Can you fix that?
Loving this game! Love playing multiplayer survival and building huge villages only issue is creepers wish there was something to deter them they even spawn within walls and fences, there is also alot of trolls on the game but can't be helped haha! - is fortune enchantment going to be working again any time soon???
OMG I love this game and like I play with my friends all the time I play as Miles Morales and Peter Parker something something something. And also please update the water my friends are really really wanting the water be very cool or we might even quit
Hello, can you please add pets to the safe zone because it makes me very upset that people kill my pets. it also makes me feel like i wasted my money Also can you add enchantments and the nether It would make me very happy and can you decrease the amount of difficulty to get a diamond
the second I log on to a large community server it lags me out, I didn't used to have this problem. But when it isnt logging you out it is lagging terribly. I also think that the controls are difficult to use on mobile. If you are looking for game alternatives go check out world of cubes or if you can buy minecraft that's much better. The graphics are kinda messed up. But if not for lagging I might give it 3 stars.
Ok so I love this game I does not have any adds but I you want coins you have to watch a add but that's ok with me. I just wish their was spawn eggs in creative to because I like making farms and I have to collect the animals so that's why I gave it a four star. thank you if you do put spawn eggs.please do!!!!❀️
Dear devs please add some sort or way to stop people with diamond armour unable to attack weaker people they killed me when i was just walking around they're annoying please stop them. and the ad takes up half of the screen making it difficult to play.
This is the worst game i have ever played . When i updated it and didn't played it for some days then i think to play again but all my stuff in the private chest was gone and my friend list was empty and even it was showing that i had zero coins but i had 2000 coins
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ITS PROBABLY THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED IF I COULD GIVE IT A MILLION STARS I WOULD!!!!!! I mean there is some problems with it but I still love it like the elevator glitch that was awesome and the temples and strongholds there awesome I even turned one of the strongholds into a prison! And I love the animals and the new enchantments make it so much easier to do stuff! And I've been able to make some pretty amazing bases on survival and multiplayer! I love this game!!
I've played this on my other tablet and I love it, it's just I really wish the you could play survival in creative it would be easier to roleplay. Other then that it's a really good game to play!
I have had this game for years and I really like it but my game still will randomly stop or glitch for no reason and I have had this game on many different divices. So just saying it still has bugs oh and I also hope they add a make your own skin thing.
I'm still not sure of there are caves in survival offline mode and there are not any caves could you please add caves in survival offline mode.
nice graphics, but too glitchy to even walk! If you could fix the glitches and maybe make the world load faster, I would give it 5 stars. Thanks!
Really fun! Play this game a lot and never gets boring! Only giving 4 stars because I wish there were more materials to build with and that you could switch creative to survival and survival to creative. Other than that, love this game!
It's an alright game honestly it has some bugs and glitches but alot of games these days do. I can firmly say that I have played this game for at least 4 years now. Its definetly hooking but if you could eventually get rid of the glitches and bugs. Sometimes it will say connection lost in the middle of a fight and it sucks because I usually have some decent stuff on me. I also have the problem where my character wants to move on his own and I have died from lava multiple times because of this.
It is really good, a fun match up to minecraft, and it is a bit more realistic, but still good. When I saw it had ads, it mostly had banner ads, which I really don't mind. But very few video ads come up, and if you cannot afford real minecraft, you can easily get a similar version not made by mojang, free! Good game, keep up the good work.
This is a great game you can change your worlds and build great houses and it is great because it is free and minecraft you have to pay for it
Very interesting game just like Minecraft I hate the fact that if they kill my game I lose my valuable resources like my friend teleported to me and killed me after it took me months to finally find diamonds and I finally found it but lost it to him please make it to be that they would not collect your valuable resources after being killed once but it is an interesting game though. I like the recent update it is πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ and very interesting but since I updated it started having bugs pls correct it.
I dont like losing my resources when i die. All my hard work collecting goes to waste and i keep getting disconnected but i do really like the game.
It will lag a little when you enter this game but after some minutes it will be fine. Things I want in this game: 1. I want a leader board of clan and players in this game (of kills) 2. It will be the best if you will give us a option to create clan. Thank you.
This game so good .its like minecraft but this is online game i like this game so much. But this game not have a rail and minecart
I really Love this app! But I would really like if you made it so we could spawn things for free and breed them in creative mode, also would you be so kind to add sea animals like sharks fish and other things?
I LOVE THE GAME,theres one problem in survival when u try to craft it wont let you and its anoying and can you make it posible to able to kick players out your map bc its annoying when peaple come in and starts talking trash about peaple and and the main peaple who built the map and stuff, one more thing pls make it were you can cencor chat and disable it,Oh yeah can you make horses run faster in creative plz,Wait and make it able for you to have spawn eggs, anyways 5 STARS
Nice game! Has everything neat on this game! But custom skins should be added in my opinion but its up to you dev's!
When I open This Game its Become Stoped I have To Open 5 times This game has some bugs also I like this game becuase it is gobal survival multiplayer it is relly good so i give 5star but devloper need to fix some bugs
Very nice game I enjoyed this game a lot. It is full of fun but it should also have bed, sofas, Tables, Chair so I must be became more instrusting. But I have to say that this game is little bit like minecraft.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„ But great job.
The best game but they need to do gold where it is easier to find in like sand places or something pls if you read this please make gold easier to find or lower enchanted apples gold amount
I love this game the free block textures are great and I also like the desighn of the tools and charecters plus its free. Theres a loads of things to do too, both online or solo the only thing I would like to have for the game are weapons and armor texture packs as well as monster and animal texture packs like for the family pack instead of a wooden sword its a baseball bat or cyborg neon zombies for the neon pack other then that it still gets a five star rating
LOVED IT it was amazing i cant get minecraft but with thiss is like minecraft BUT FREE amazing love the characters since i loveeeeeee starwars theres STARWARS CHARACTERS i have darthvader!!!!!!!
I love this game but the sucking part is that theres ads and other stuff but other than that I still like it.
It's great but the chat engine is broken. The issue regarding that is that after a random amount of time has passed, the chat will display two of the same message and I want that fixed as soon as possible.
This game is so fun to play,make friends and many more i would deffinatly suggest this to 8+ children/teens 😊
Decent alternative to the godawful Minecraft pocket edition. The only issue i have (and its a pretty serious issue) is the mess that are the controls. I bought a gamepad overlay app to run on top of planetcraft just to make it playable, as the default touchscreen controls are atrocious. Theyre so bad that even with a gamepad i run into plenty of problems building and mining. I'd happily give a 5 star review if there was gamepad support.
This game is really fun but unfortunately it is very laggy unless you have a strong internet connection and sometimes the game will glitch. Though there are a few bugs that need fixed, if you are unable to get minecraft I think that this game is the best substitute for it.
It's a good game but there's not beds so when it's night time you can't go to sleep and you need beds and I also wish for eggs when you're in creative because sometimes I want to test something out with the animal and I don't have one so I need an egg but this is still a good game no matter what me and my friends play it almost everyday
Planet craft is an AWSOME app and it's really really fun I would like it if we could spawn things in creative mode Also I would like it if we could customise the starting map thing. The Halloween world isn't the same biome as other maps and it seems to not exist. Also a couple of questions: who creates the unknown biome worlds? How can I make a world like that? And HOW I mean HOW did Parkridge highschool get so famous? And where did they find the time?also I would like worlds only made of water
This is so amazing! Its like minecraft.i love to play multiplayer.im not play multiplayer before.but the only problem is some player attack in the safe area too.fix that problem.
I give this a 3 star because this game keeps crashing on me. Also these random weird mob thingies just keep showing up as soon as I like start building my house. And then these random fires just start around my houses so that's why I start building my houses in the air not even on the ground. I'd very much like that you would fix the mobs.
Its a good game but when the horses came out It was so much better! I wish that there will be diffent animals like foxes and fish
It's a very bad game. Don't say that you are original, because it's a free version of Minecraft. The mechanics are also just terrible. And the pumpkin pie in the game was literally copied and pasted into here. My little cousin thought this game was good, but it's not.
The game sucka lots of errors such as you cant enter the same creative game twice survival suck as soon as you try leaving your screen glitches out with a bunch of lines and shapes overall would be a lot of and i would rate 5 starts if they fix these bugs
This Is A Good Game. I Like It A Lot Its Just There are somethings i dont like. That it dose not block out if someone says a bad word. And That you cant tp to a nother person or You cant even leave the game when you are in battle mode. But otherwise i think its a very good game
It's a good game but I wish you could actually have a mission like to beat the game like the Ender Dragon I also wish that you don't have to wait each day to get coins I wish there could be a way so you can get coins
Great game love the concept but you should fix the Echaments. They will sometimes give you the wrong one... I pick fortune 3 I get feather falling 1
Honestly this game is really good almost like minecraft but minecraft needs an account to play multiplayer but this game does not need a account so it is the next game like minecraft thanks for making this game. Keep up the good work. Devs.
This game is a great game , i love it ! But 1 problem...it glitches sometimes and the new uodate with our head is well a square , i'd like y'all to change that pls.
Thank you for pointing out my error and if it is possible, do you mind adding nametags for pets? I tried to get a dog in the game but I don't know how to do that in-game. please let me know. Thank you for putting in the spawn eggs! P.S. Please add a peaceful mode. 🐺
Very good but the reason I put four stars is because there is no beds in survival mode and whan it is night time you die and lose stuff instead of nothing while sleeping, so good game but no beds.
I'm giving this game a one star due to the fact the game keeps kicking me out every time I enter a world. The game lags my phone down quite a bit as well and I notice it takes up most of my data. The second thing are the quality and graphics, from what I have witnessed in the game its just a Minecraft knockoff. I recommend updating graphics. And defenitly update the quality as right now its not that great. It bogs down a lot of phone memory. Use caution, I do not recommend installing this app.
It's very fun I rate it for ages 12+ There are some creeps an stalkers thats why I say this to keep your child safe DON'T FREIND THEM JUST PLAY THE GAME so 4 stars -Sorry to the creators but its not for kidz Have a great day!
It an vary nice game you can customize your character and you can also chat with other people and it just really really so much fun and you can get coins
Once I found a fossil when playing with my sister and once I found a dungeon in the same server and I found minshafts but nothing was in the chests that i foun which made me mad so please add loot to the chest that naturally spawn but ill give it 5 stars and can you make it not do 1 coin after multiple ads you watched to get coins