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Planet Pilkey

Planet Pilkey for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Scholastic located at 557 Broadway New York, NY 10012. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun but I can't enter some buildings like Petey's lab or talk to some people like 80-HD or Cat Kid.
Really Awsome game but two things is that it says im not connected to the Wifi when I am.. And also i found a Free Xp and Money glitch, You might want to fix both of these. But in all I love it!
I rate this one star because when I installed it It loaded FOREVER. I installed it last week and it is STILL loading. So PLEASE fix that then i'll give a better rating thanks!
It's cool but it's laggy and sometimes it kick me out😒😭 edit apparently I just had a old phone that couldn't function good enough
this game is amazing and I am a big dogman Fan I have 3 books at home,dogman brawl of the wild,tale of two kitties and the first book soon I'll have the whole set of dogman books Oh and I can't wait for the new book to come out oh and p.s when you are done writing all the dogman books like if your gonna write more when your finished writing the new ones are you going to put the whole set in a box when it gets sold? bye πŸ˜€
I give this game 1 because I can't give a 0 that's how bad this game is I hate it because my phone was on 100% but i wait so long so the can load update and when it was loading my phone was on 20% I thought at least it's finely loading and then the dog man stop running and it completely stop so I tried putting my phone off and on 5 time and it didn't work so ya fix it now otherwise I'll be so sad😒😠
Just.. I waited it to upload and pressed play after it. Then it showed whom the ball rolls comic and it said loading and then it just froze. Plus solve this glitch or bug because I can't even experience the app. πŸ˜”
Can anyone ever get this app to work? I've tried on several devices and contacted support. They said it was my device. I got a new phone and it still won't work. My son has been wanting to do this for at least a year and has never been able to!
It would always say that I didn't have internet but my internet was perfect.I couldn't even start playing it would just say that I didn't have internet.I am unimpressed.I would not get the app if I were you.
You can make your own really cool comics & much , much, much more! πŸ˜‡πŸ€— I am really shocked & happy 😊 you can do that!
SOOOO cool!!!!! Captain underpants is my favorite book but it takes FOREVER to load. They should fix that.
This game was great! I will admit the gameplay was really weird and the controls were hard, BUT this was fun and had ton of minigames. Good things: It feels like Planet Pilkey is supposed to. The graphics are spotless. The games are fun. 9/10. Bad things: No real plot and controls are a little hard. Overall, not a terrible app.
Awesome app but i have it on my chromebook and it takes FOREVER to load so please make it load faster and i have it on my phone THATΒ΄S pretty fun but i haven done it on my chromebook cuz it takes FOREVER to load so please make it load faster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a ton of activities and you can custimize your charactor to be perfect the whole game is amazing get it now!!!
It is great for kids who like dog man or Captain Underpants. I will let you on a little secret there's a glitch that if you do a chore that you can get money for. If you spam the button to get your reward it will be in this glitch where you can see in the back that you are getting lots of money. I did this and it got myself a lot of money 7560$ in game cash.
The game is so fun and I love Dave Pilkey books they're really good the reason why I downloaded this game is because I love to read Dogman all day and it's a really fun game.
Really Good but you should make a captain underpants store and make it to where you can share comics other than that it's Really GOOD and I LOVE You books.
The worst of the worst, I've only played the the tutorial and the It keeps on loading or its hung up.
I have experienced lots of issues. The game keeps freezing when it's loading, and I never get to play. 😭
It takes WAY TO LONG to load.i tried to wait at the menu and let it load everything, then press start but it still didn't work!!! Terrible game don't download.
I can't load this app. I can make my avatar, but it NEVER lets me load into the game. I really hope you can fix this.
My son loves the Dogman books, and was really excited to play with this app. Unfortunately, we are having the same issues that I read in other reviews. The app takes forever to load anything, and more often than not, it simply freezes. The book that is advertised during the loading screen features a release date of August 2019, so it seems that this app isn't getting a lot of attention or updates from the developers.
I love planet pilkey and all the dog man books, i really enjoy this app, its really fun! I just wish that i could make bigger books, and had more chracters. If you did that, i would give it 5 stars!
It is good but the only problem is that sometimes it will freeze.one time it did not move at all .so I turned the app off and on and resumed where I was so that's good.
Not much ads and also I dated one star because when I see the dog man for whom the ball rolls book it doesn't load please find a way to make it load🎡
It always says "Your not connected to the internet" even tho I am! That is why I give it 1 star. If you could fix this I would rate this 5 stars.
i really like the features of the game. but i rate it a 1 star because 1. its a bit laggy 2. when i first got the game it took SUPER long to update 3. the game freezes for no reason! 4. sometimes i cant go into my world! May you please fix these game bugs so that i'll rate it a 5 star next time! Thank you !
I love the game it's like your in a comic book world 🌍 you can play with dog man and more characters you can make your own comics πŸ’­ 😍
Every 10 seconds, or less, it goes back to the beginning claiming server issues. We've tried this in multiple locations. It does the same everywhere.
It is cool, but How come you haven't updated yet?? It still says "coming soon dog man :For Whom the ball rolls", when you just came out with Grime and Punishment two weeks ago.
Very laggy, I "suppose". I cant even get in the game Schoolastic! When I press play, It sends me to Whom The Ball Rolls, And then a few seconds later it just freezes! Please fix this schoolastic!
When I open it it takes a little long to load but when I am done picking my avatar and name it freezes
Okay, so I installed this app. I made my name Lizzy. Then I chose my avatar but to be honest it was kind of ugly. It took so much loading time, too! And I wanted my name to be LIZZY, not Booger GerbilChunks. I clicked change, and it said LIZZY on it. I pressed next and Booger GerbilChunks WAS STILL THERE! Why???
I like it but i play this game all the time at home but my connection goes off on the game i did not lose connection when I was playing the game
I really like this game its has stuff from the dog man and Captain Underpants series but can you pls add more characters in the tree house comix maker like Captain Blunderpants and Lil petey or other characters? and pls add captain underpants characters to the mini-games and add the full colored version of tippy Tinkletrousers in the tra-la-libiry pls
This is very very very very very stupid it keeps saying sorry the internet is disconnected and I gave it a 1 star pls fix this
This app is awesome and addicting but sometimes I can't join my world. Its very weird I waited for it to update, and I gave this app a 4-star because I would've given it a 5 star. But this glitch. Please fix this.
Do not download this game. It is just a waste of time. As soon as I go into the game, it says "could not find the server" and makes me retry
It is a little bit leggy and it seems the entire point of the game is to buy costumes, I think you should be able to share comics, and add Fetch-22 content and make a quiz for whom the ball rolls, I think there should be a lot more poses for characters while making comics, ex. You can only have George and Harold be running away from something. I think you should be able to talk to other people rather then just seeing them around. I think it will be cool for like a weekly flip-o-rama story.
This app does not work on my personal Chromebook at home. If it would except zero starts, that would be more appropriate.
Cool but no connection - flickers and says I'm disconnected from the server. Fine, though. I like to at least try to play it. If it connected better I would give it 5/5, but maybe it is just my setting :-)
Tried installing twice. Both times, the app wouldn't load beyond the tutorial and then it turned the screen black and made my phone freeze up. Finally got my phone to respond and was able to uninstall.
I used to play this game and it was fine and now when I play it it shows me a black page and back home I cant get into the game even tho my tablet works fine.For that reason I give it 2.If you could fix it i would give it 5
It's the best!! One problem is that it is a little bit glitchy. It keeps freezing when i play something. All and All, it is really good.
Incredibly Laggy. I gave it a three star because it will always freeze the screen. The app is good, but it freezes randomly. I highly recommend that you should fix this laggy problem so then I will change this to a 5 star. Thanks.
I love the dog man series and even though am 15 it's still nice to revisit my child series of fav books my problem and reason for 4 stars is coz it can get laggy and you could also improve the UI of the game as well as the egornomics(if that's how it's spelt and am not talking about economics) EDIT:one star coz it will never load at all😀you just ruined my dog man experience
The Reason I Gave It A 2 Star Was Because When I Click The Play Button It Goes On The Page Where It Has The Book On It And Dog Man, It Keeps Freezing For Like 10 Mins And 59 Secs. So I Set A Timer For 10 Mins And 59 Secs And When It Froze I Started The Timer And When The Timer Was Done It Was Still Frozen!!!! I Love The Dog Man Books But Can You Fix My Problem?
wish I could give better review but can't I would try playing this game and it would just say waiting for download and I try going on it but It would let me so I left it there in my phone for about a day and if was still saying the same thing I was really looking forward to using this app.
I loved this game but it is really laggy. I got so annoyed I uninstalled it but if you dont care about 2 fps then it's a great game. It also got kinda boring.
All I got to do is create my Avatar then it wouldn't load for the next part it only got to 70% then it froze. So I tried again and it only got 14% then it froze. So I tried again and only got to 7% then it froze. Then I uninstalled the app.
this is so fun u can make comics u can challenge people to rock paper scissors and tic tack toe and more u can do missions
I like this game and it's sutible for kids but my child says it takes a long time to load and she hasent even tried playing it because it takes so long
We had high hopes. It took 50 minutes to "load" the library the first time we turned it on (we are on fast internet and other apps were fast on this device so it's not a connection issue). Finally got to the splash page after hitting Play, and it just freezes. It's been almost two hours of our morning to try and get this app to simply load, and it still hasn't, we're just giving up. Not a great way to start a kid's app introduction. Really disappointed. We'll stick to the books. We love Dav!
This app couldn't load at all. The only time I got to do something was when I played the tutorial. Bad. If the loading problem is fixed, I will download it again.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽVery bad
It was nice to see a game for the dog man series but there are problems. First off its super laggy, second you can only have 3 comic stripes. THREE. I would understand a limit like 10 but 3 is just outragous. The game is just boring. There should be more than minigames and customizing. First there should be maps to books made from dav and there should be more then just customizing. Maybe you could enter certain books like the map idea? This woukd just make it better
I love this game so much but the only problem that the the comics that you make only have to be pages is a maximum I want to make more but I don't know how
The app is very very leggy I can't even get into the game note to the craters if you can please fix it I will give it five stars
Doesn't work well highly unsatisfied. Not worth the wait . Terrible graphics. It was difficult to even give a one star .
Great app but the update of the library and tree house it takes FOREVER TO LOAD ON CHROMEBOOK on my iPad it loads WAY FASTER just please fix this
It is Wonderful for (Dog Man Lovers captain underpants and etc.) it lets you experience the real Dog Man And Captain Underpants World It Inspires And It's a very good App If you can't afford a book you can find the book you want to read and a decorate your own avatar and play games And TONS OF Fun I recommend this app And Don't Forget To Laff While you read πŸ•
Best game I ever played! You can do so much. Make comics, deliver pizzas and newspapers, shoo away pigeons , hot dogs, trash cans and weeds , catch Petey sooooooooo much and I don't have any issues with the loading thing either but sometimes it says you've been disconnected from the server but its the best. Five stars obviously πŸ˜„ β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†.
Took forever to load and install and then load more...... Finally, after all the loading was done, made avatar for my son, hit play. Froze up. Tried several times, junk would just freeze up. My son is crying in anguish as a result of this poor excuse of an application. Merry Christmas, right?
I like this app but when you read a book it is small so you can't really read read them good and people's avatars walk kind of strange.
Oooo, the best game I have ever played. For a long time I searched this type of games and now atlast I got it. I beg please keep up your good work and make more games like this .pleassssssssss.....!!!!
Not even playable. I tried to sign up but I can't even play the game. I love the dog man & captain underpants series but I just want to play the game. Please fix this. πŸ•πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ
This game is SOOOO cool! The mini games are fun, making a comic is soo fun!, i love this, and i also have 8 DOG MAN books!!! And also some times its lag. But thats ok by the way if you press a character...THE CHAT OPENED AND INSIDE IS WHAT THERE SAYING!! :D
Pilkey is my favorite artist I have all of his books and they are HILARIOUS. Recommend this app for everyone cuz it's fun fun-NY! And it contains all the characters from his recent books! But only to things ta fix:make the city bigger and lower the prices on the jewelry and clothing. Thank uπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€£
Hey, I Was wondering if you would put my suggestions for the game in the app, 1.for avatar, can you put in a dogman kind of avatar suggestion so then you can pick from poodle, Dalmatian, boxer and golden retriever. 2.for the comics,can you put in more then 1-3 frames.so then you can have at least 22 or 17 frames.and so you can draw your own thing in the comic and save it for background or characters. Please put this in the game I'm a long fan
When it said it needed to update Library it would not update it because the person who made this app hasn't updated it in Like to years so Thats why I gave It one star And that's why I do not play this game anymore because it will, never update but if it dose work or if the person would update it I will be giving it 4 or 5 stars if I like the game I will Give it 5 stars or if they just update it For the tab A7 witch they not do anytime soon and I love the books.
It is super fun with quests and jobs like Luke & Andrew's Furniture to do. You can make your own comics, talk to book characters (Dog Man, Captain Underpants, etc.), buy clothes for your avatar, and more.
I give a 5 because you get to write your own comic and you get to do some quizzes on books very good game but addictive as well heres some advice it will have to update to write comics and thats why i picked a 5.
I love it but I think you guys should add more characters to tree house comics like lil petey 80-hd and all the supa buddies in their super hero costumes. And make lil peteys head arms legs and tail in the shops.
As much as I love Dav's books, this app is terrible. I waited for 15 minutes, and it didn't load. Super laggy, and super outdated.
Awesome game! You can make comics, play tag with the supa buddies, but it always says this server is having issues.
Loading loading loading loading loading and loading every time your Internet connection is not active blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah sorry to say this it's very bad app I like dog man comics but here is Internet connection problem only this app says that Internet connection lost
This app is literally so cool but I rate it 4 stars because the thing when it says the server time out or something is really annoying
Planet Pilkey is a great app where you can read funny, action packed adventures, play fun games and crack some laughs and... Stuff
Doesn't load. Keep freezing. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but still doesn't work. My son is very disappointed. Can someone fix this please?
I thought I was going to get to read some books because I needed them for school and I wanted something fast to read instead of a 800 page book and I mean that literally but the game is just you do a whole bunch of stuff that is really not fun but I don't like it
Not very good. I haven't really played, because it takes forever to load. I wait. I leave the app open. I went away for 30 minutes, 0 % loaded. Now I dont know what to do. I also had to delete other apps to get this. And actually, I've never played.
I guess its a pretty good game, i really like how they make the comics. Heres the story of Dav Pilkey "Dav pilkey had a ADHD and disruptive in class. The teacher made him sit down at the hall all day, luckily he wrote lots of comics (Captain Underpants, Dogman, Super Diaper Baby, etc.)so he continued and made his first comic. The teacher ripped it up and threw it in the garbage. Dav was a very bad student and doesnt listen."
On the outs do I look at the pictures and it look like a good game until I downloaded it it wouldn't even load so I couldn't even make my own Comics read the comics or do anything this app is drunk and nobody will need it if you are reading this right now this is the most junkiest app I've ever seen in my life
I like it but the "sneak peek" (in tra la library)is only 4 pages. Please make it a chapter or more :(
I like the game, but everytime I start the game, it always stops loading and it keeps on lagging! How do I stop this problem?
I love it and + I read a dav pilkey book almost every day and I make comics on the app and i love it so much and i play every day when i get home from school and i read one at school to or a ricky ricotta book or a captain underpants
I like the books and all but the game NO!! I tried to play it but it always takes forever to load it's really bad from my opinion!
It's cool but it's laggy and sometimes it kick me out😒😭 edit apparently I just had a old phone that couldn't function good enough it also a pretty good game but it kicked me out once but only once